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  1. Lol. This thread irks me. I'm sure if PSJ were the leading man of HPL, all of you here would be swooning over how brilliant HPL is. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind this is true. Everyone here is supportive only of PMY in the context of how good she looks beside PSJ. Skimming over most of this thread, it's mostly a PSJ worshipping ground, with PMY treated as some sort of side trophy who happens to fit perfectly with PSJ. I'm already predicting this: and will go back to check this thread in about a year's time when PMY has a new project (assuming both PSJ and PMY are still single). If PMY's next leading man shows immense chemistry with her, greater than PSJ-PMY, this thread will trash the drama, hate it. If PMY's next leading man shows good chemistry, but not as great as PSJ-PMY, the drama will praised by this thread, so people here can pretend to be "happy" for PMY. BTW, before anyone accuses me of being against this ship, if all the so-called proof about PSJ and PMY dating are true, I'd be one of the first to be happy about them, because PMY deserves all the love she gets and more. And if PSJ is the man for her, then that would be awesome. All the best for them! I just can't resist speaking out against shippers threatened over their bias getting (sorry for inventing the next word) out-chemistried by "some wannabe lead actor" that they have to trash PMY's subsequent dramas.
  2. You know a drama is good when it inspires so many beautiful fan-art. Too bad I can only make crappy haikus (got the idea from reddit, lmao): I love only One But he untangled my hair Now I love Jae Wook
  3. @NaYouSabi?Someone else reuploaded it, this was it. Basically PMY liked a comment admiring the LaBit couple and shipping them, lol:
  4. @mmac80That got deleted fast, lol. The IG post is also gone, though I did manage to read what it said earlier. Understandable, stuff like this leads to unsubstantiated rumors, as much as we like to ship them.
  5. @luvcrabbieshinhwaThank you! I've become weird and spending my days of HPL withdrawal by rewatching and trying to see how many scenes of mistranslations and lost in translation moments I can find, lmao. The Annyeong part actually taught me that Koreans use the same word for Hello and Goodbye, and took me on a rabbit hole of Korean language lessons. Lol. Funnily enough my job requires studying up on a lot of stuff much like a college student would, and here I am reading up on "useless" topics like Hangul.
  6. I need help again from any bilingual fans here. What exactly does Deok Mi tell Ryan in Nho Seok's cabin when she said "I know you mistook my relationship with Seon Joo" from episode 5? The sub translates the line after this as "You suggested this fake relationship because you were worried about word getting out". However, if you listen to what Deok Mi says, she mentions Cha Shi An's name, when Shi An wasn't even mentioned in the translation. What has been lost in translation here?
  7. @cenching @mellinadear@Ohhhh. Crap. Yeah that makes sense. Been wracking my head over what exactly happened there, if he switched his shoes or placed padding/socks. Lmao. Thank you!
  8. BTW, I've got a question that's been bothering me a bit. In the first ep, right after Eun GI karate chops Si An placard's neck off, he did something to Deok Mi's shoes. I don't get it. What exactly did he do?
  9. Thank you everyone who posted PMY's BTS pics. I don't know how else to describe how I'm feeling, she's so gorgeous it literally pișses me off. Like, how is that even possible. #@&!?@ I'm actually trying to stay away from rewatching HPL, so I can re-watch better in a few days lol. Anyone have any recommendations for a "in the meantime" drama? Lol
  10. @OndineI was the same way. On re-watch, knowing how the characters would all turn out, it was hilarious watching everything unfold to the way we know it will end. But I remember watching the 1st 2 eps when it aired thinking to myself, "This drama is ending up more like a farcical and physical comedy than a rom-com". Of course, I would've stuck with watching it either way (because PMY), but the shift in tone and narrative is apparent from the first 2 episodes, to the rest of the show. So many hijinks from Deok Mi in those, all the fantasy segments were gold: Glitzy Art Director Deok Mi, Deok-zilla, Confession Deok Mi, and SAIML Curator Deok Mi. And yeah, most everyone has forgotten how big of an aśs Ryan was in the beginning: "Do you want it?" the first time around (though with the way she was staring at him, she was asking for it lol), the cold way he stared at her when she fell from the ladder, how he told her "I like people who follow orders and have no initiative", the way he pulled off Deok Mi's ID when firing her. Of course, he more than made up for it the rest of the way. Lmao.
  11. @lightheartedyou forgot to troll her. I count at least 3 times he trolls Deok Mi: 1. "The night sky is beautiful... And the women beside me... has no license" 2. Troll kiss when they exchanged beverages in their favorite place. 3. "You are incredibly.... dirty" while picking her booger.
  12. @luvcrabbieshinhwaThanks for the translations, I really I appreciate it! I have another favor though, I'm getting confused over what Deok Mi says in the proposal, right after she says "I'm a fangirl, so I will answer in a way that befits me". In most subs, she replies: "Yes. I will be your greatest love. Will you be my greatest love as well?" But I'm sure she doesn't say "Yes." in the first sentence. It sounds like joahaeyo, so I'm guessing she says "I like you"? I'm sensing another mistranslated part here. @SGahjummaI get what you mean. If we're being objective (about as objective one can get with viewing shows), Healer is perhaps the better drama. It has a meatier plot, more action, higher stakes, gripping mystery, etc. HPL is just some story about how 2 adults fall in love, and what other stuff the people around them do. That's it. If we're talking food, Healer might be some amazing roast beef made by the finest chef in the world, while HPL is the most delicious candy ever. No one will ever say the candy is better food than the roast beef. And yet everyone can eat and will eat candy (unless you hate sweets). You won't always have the appeitie for a heavy gourmet dinner. But we can always use a little candy in our lives.
  13. @luvcrabbieshinhwaFor the Tazza one, I actually got that on my own, lol. There's a movie called Tazza that's pretty popular in Korea I think, it's about high-stakes Hwatu. For the ultimate bias point, yeah I get that now, thanks. It's opposite in meaning, Deok Mi is declaring herself to becoming Ryan's ultimate bias, while also asking Ryan if he could be hers. Unfortunately I don't think there's anything else that can be done translation-wise lol, the closest on meaning is probably "number 1 idol", but even then it's a bit too different. I guess I'll stick with ultimate/greatest love then, lol. For point #4, thank you! Been wracking my head trying to figure out what they were talking about. I guess I'm gonna re-watch again and ask you gals here if I missed any references again, lmao.
  14. Oooh nice. I love seeing stuff like this. I often notice that I lose much in translation when the subs don't coincide with the actors' expressions, or when their tone connotes a hidden meaning or inside joke. I actually want to make a compilation of all the missed Korean references that were lost in translation, because I'm editing my personal copy of my subs to include them. Just a few off the top of my head: 1. The one mentioned before about I-Seon-Hwa (already chosen seat) and I-Seon-Joo, the joke/pun Ryan told. 2. The card shark/Hwatu movie, when Deok Mi called him "Tazza Ryan". 3. The time when Deok Mi gave Ryan a sarcastic reply about how he won't get drunk on Makgeolli again, which Ryan countered by giving her the exact Korean phrase when she told him she looks good in yellow. 4. Anything that has to do with fangirling I feel has loss in meaning. I still don't know what Deok Mi and Ryan meant when she was almost caught by Shi An in SAIML attire in the elevator. She asks Ryan "why were you startled", Ryan said "I studied because my GF is a fangirl". 5. The "ultimate bias" in the proposal, since I dunno how to translate that directly to English, I just opted to do it "I'll be your ultimate fangirl, will you be my ultimate fanboy?" I'm hoping some of our bilingual friends here can help, if there are other "lost in translation" conversations or phrases in the show. Since I'm getting HPL withdrawals, this has been what's been keeping me busy lmao.
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