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  1. Poor you guys dont get to see kim jae wook from close. I just want to know if in real life also without makeup is he annoyingly god like handsome
  2. why does no one follows kim jae wook instagram handle. is he not popular or hot enough for all the fangirls of k drama. it should have crossed 1 million foolowers already if anyone has seen his one million dollar crooked smile
  3. wow i have already started being sad there will be no more kim jae wook in rom com scenes anymore after this series ends. cant they make it a long run drama. there is no one swoon worthy or fangirling types hero currently in k drama for me after seeing ryan gold . there should be petition for him to do only rom com , romantic melodrama, and only romantic dramas or movies from now on
  4. same here why what was the point of editing this scene out of all other scenes
  5. why are there no more mature long steamy kisses even though their short kisses are satisfying too. luv ryan x duk mi couple. so perfect , they look like dating in real so comfy with each other.
  6. luv kim jae wook . kim jae wook and park min young or kim jae wook and park shin hye . both will look so good together
  7. wow i just cant stop thinking about kim jae wook who is manly ,cute and handsome, pretty etc. deokmi was right he wants everything for himself. cant even put this guy under one category. please do kim eun sook drama with lee min ho and park shin hye -- dream team. or just simply do rom com every month as dose for anti depression. i am getting cured just by looking at his face
  8. everyone follow kim jae wook on instagram and contribute to 1 million followers if your true fan of him like deok mi
  9. i keep on replaying this drama episodes over and over again. kim jae wook / ryan gold looks so freaking handsome and cute in all scenes from all angles, in any clothes or makeup or place. plz increase the ratings. he looks like model/ hero jumped out of manga/ manhwa. he even fits the character of ' ceo in what's wrong with secretary kim. even actress looks comfortable with him more. do more drama please as main lead in rom com.
  10. Can kim jae wook do rom com with park shin Hye . Dey will be like God made match. He has surpassed Hyun bin bcoz he is cute and handsome both . Loving Kim jar wook in all ways
  11. kim jae wook should be doing more lead roles in romantic drama. please soop mng get him a new drama / movie already. how can a manga like hero be hidden.
  12. i hope psh and lee min ho are together in new drama of kim eun sook. lee min ho is most compatible with her , since last drama was downer
  13. kim jae wook looks so hot. i can just keep fangirling for him only . park shin hye and he will look so awesome together.
  14. plz do drama with lee min ho since hyun bin is doing with someone else. korean version of boss and me will be awesome with two cast
  15. psh shud do rom com with kim jae wook since both are visually beautiful n can show really gud chemistry as they are gud in acting serious and funny roles plzzżzzz,.............................this year june
  16. wow awesome . kjw shud do more rom com, he looks like a hero from webtoon/ manga- perfect in all ways. he will luk so gud with park shin hye .plz do another rom com with park shin hye
  17. kim jae wook should have been hero in 'whats wrong with secretary kim' bcoz he looks exactly like comic character .
  18. plz do another drama with hyun bin romantic one asap. look perfect together and previous one was a missed chance with no otp scenes
  19. psh should do another drama in spring this year to compensate for the loss of romantic scenes in recent drama.
  20. should not people start signing a petition just to make the two stars(psh and hyun bin) act in new drama again since i can't even dare to watch this drama again due to its ending and being so cruel not use their awesome chemistry
  21. they should do season2 with same leads to rectify there sin of not using best couple on tv properly .i would rather see them old boring romantic story than this bogus storyline just to not waste talent in future.
  22. wow why even bother to get such awesome couple if there are no scenes together .if hyun bin n park shin hye like action so much they should have made remake of mr and mrs smith spy english movie
  23. PSH SHUD DO ANOTHER DRama with kim woo bin or hyun bin asap to recuperate from the loss of showing her true potential like her other dramas were hit bcoz of her screen time and romance n comedy between handsome leads
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