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  1. I prefer her on screen hero rather den her real life bf. I don't think they fit together due to their professional calibre . I alway felt she would marry someone like gong yoo or Hyun bin. More mature person who can take care of her
  2. i was watching pinocchio drama and saw lee jong suk never directly confessed to psh so how did she know he likes her?
  3. i am curious to see park shin hye pairing with gong yoo or song joong ki . all three can be in one drama together too since song joong ki needs to do romance genre.
  4. i wish she could pair up with strong male leads like william chan and johnny huang as dey hv hot n sweet chemistry .her current drama male leads are not gud enough opp her or upto the mark.
  5. i wish lee min ho and park shin hye come together in heirs 2 or remake of boss and me or just any drama y
  6. They shud make a drama of true beauty webtoon with park shin Hye , Kim woo bin as seojun , won bin as suho. Park shin Hye can absolutely nail character of otaku and princess
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