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[Drama 2018] The Third Charm, 제3의 매력


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1 hour ago, blue_izce8 said:

I love the variety of ideas/comments that ive read today. However, i have some questions:


1. In the scene that was shown where YJ is holding a child, was that hers and HC's kid?

2. Did she really marry HC and only divorced him coz she cant survive the loss of their/her kid which leads to an unhappy marriage?


PS. i havent seen the subbed ep. 


1. No, I think she was just defending him because of a traumatic experience she had before (the flashback with the cat). 


In that scene, she was carrying a cake and dropped it, so it could have been someone’s birthday or a special occasion. I have a feeling the cake symbolizes something but I have no idea what it is yet...


2. We only know that they had an unhappy marriage from the drinking scene, and the fact that they broke up so emotionlessly. It could have just been a bad relationship, or maybe something that had to do with a child. The cat incident has to be part of it, but there is no way for us to know the full story yet. There was no official mention of them even having a child though, so that reason for breakup is really only a speculation.


the story is getting more and more confusing, so I’m going to have my eagle eyes out for signs now lol

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@mushforbrains thanks for mentioning the cat doll scene. It made sense now. I think her daugther died in a car accident on i think her birthday thats why she or they went out to buy a cake. Which fell from her hands when she saw the accident. 


It made me feel more sad for YJ. She could have had a happy married life if she did lose her kid from an accident.


Im not aure how to phrase this but i think she is the one who requested for the divorce since she thinks that she is no longer capable of being a good wife to her husband. 

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2 hours ago, blue_izce8 said:

I love the variety of ideas/comments that ive read today. However, i have some questions:


1. In the scene that was shown where YJ is holding a child, was that hers and HC's kid?

2. Did she really marry HC and only divorced him coz she cant survive the loss of their/her kid which leads to an unhappy marriage?


PS. i havent seen the subbed ep. 


Yes, I believe that is what happened. It's not explicit, but I think based on what we saw:


- She married Ho-Chul, they moved to Lisbon, and they had a child.

- That child died in Lisbon from a car accident.

- Young-Jae was tremendously depressed and drank her days away.

- She couldn't recover and asked Ho-Chul for a divorce. A lot of marriages do not survive a traumatic incident like a child's death, so I guess that is what happened.


Gosh, I'm kind of shell-shocked. I don't really know how to feel.


I thought this was a cute romance, so that was quite the emotional curveball.


No matter what you think about the story, or Young-Jae as a character, Esom is knocking it out of the park as far as being an actress. So much pain in written on her face. She's completely devastated and barely breathing, and you can see that.


I still have mixed feelings about her marrying Ho-Chul. I really thought he was not a factor, but it turns out that he was. Handsome, rich, and really into you, I guess no girl can say no to that, not even Young-Jae.


I don't have any other thoughts but that Se-Eun is in for a world of pain, too. Imagine being devoted to a long-distance relationship for 4 years, he finally proposes, you're on Cloud 9, and then... yeah. Yikes.


Ri-Won, ever the wise one tells Se-Eun that she actually does not know Joon-Young very well, so marriage is dangerous. Once again, Ri-Won has a point.


I guess my last thought is just that I hope Joo-Ran isn't ill or something. (K-Drama trips to the hospital are always ominous!)

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It was just now that i thought of this, but i think since YJ and JY met, JY was always left unaware of YJ's sorrows or challenges in life. He is always the lasr to know about the heartaches that she went through. Not sure why it was always like that though...i just hope that somehow in their 3rd meeting, JY will be YJ's source of power. 


Also, why didnt PD-nim shared any happy moments of HC & YJ. I believe that he really loves her. 

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9 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

Please dont tell me that child was his she looks at 3 or 4,that would make this all the more sadder 


Did she get marry because she did not want to be a single mother? All of this is speculation of course.

I thought of that as well. It would be a huge twist if the kid was actually JY’s. However, that could be the factor that brings them together for the third time. I guess we’ll find out next week...

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If it turns out to be JY's kid, thats even more cruel to JY. Not to know his child, to be the father, and to lost the child even before he ever see it. Gosh. Thats so cruel of YJ. Instead of making me sympathise with YJ, it'll make me dislike her character more, bcos thats just too cruel of her to have robbed JY of the chance to be a father. Its not romantic at all.. please dont turn this into a makjang drama.. :crazy:

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8 hours ago, jbying7 said:

Hmmm...it’s interesting. I guess it all depends on whose perspective a person chooses to look at. From what I see, right from the beginning, YJ has already expressed to the doc she was not interested.


Perhaps, very briefly she was moved (he called her out, sang to her in public), now whether she had sorted out her own feelings/love for JY then, the drama was still unpacking that. But the doc persisted and decided to pursue her despite her consistent stance of not feeling that way for him. If anything, it was a comfortable friendship and nothing more.


The doc has his own baggage. From his own relationship issues to divorce and his always-nice demeanor that’s good for his plastic surgery business (he said it himself and even his friends when they were playing tennis, acknowledged it). But I digress, the drama is not about Ho Chul/doc. 


And YJ, the first few episodes already showed, her early life shaped her. She was forced to grow up fast and be the responsible adult supporting her and her wheelchair-bound older brother. She’s the “giver” a good part of her life. And of course, she meets JY, Mr Nice-Guy/Mr Considerate, to everyone. It will be one of her life-long skills to learn to give outside of the only family she has ever known and it will be her flaw in relationships. 


Also in previous episodes, her inner thoughts reflected her trying to understand JY’s stoic and sometimes OCD ways and also showed her pondering on how to love JY. But like JY (both have this trait, in terms of communication), she kept it to herself and never really talked about it. 


Anyway, we’ll see how the writer/PD wraps up all these “character flaws” in the next episodes and still allow us to celebrate an ordinary love, in a non-chaebol/conglomerate way and without a life & death premise. 


Until next episode, have a blessed week ahead! :)

Let me clarify.  She's a "giver" with her brother, and she's open with her best friend, but she's neither with either of her romantic partners. It's an interesting dichotomy. She kept a large part of herself closed off to both JY and HC,  and she doesn't seem able to learn that being that way will damage the relationship. Or she's not willing to open up. That suggests, too, that she doesn't really fully trust either man with her feelings and thoughts, or to show them her vulnerability. Unless she's finally willing to open up and to trust, even if she and JY reunite, it'll be doomed eventually. 

1 hour ago, blackberrypie said:

If it turns out to be JY's kid, thats even more cruel to JY. Not to know his child, to be the father, and to lost the child even before he ever see it. Gosh. Thats so cruel of YJ. Instead of making me sympathise with YJ, it'll make me dislike her character more, bcos thats just too cruel of her to have robbed JY of the chance to be a father. Its not romantic at all.. please dont turn this into a makjang drama.. :crazy:

I agree. I hope it's not that way.

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21 minutes ago, pattsue said:

One thing i want to know is, why YJ chose to marry HC?

Maybe the thing that none of us wants to see happen, ie. the child is JY's, and YJ found out she is pregnant soon after he left, and HC helped by marrying her so she wouldn't be a single mother....?? I don't know, just a wild guess....


I wonder though, if YJ hasn't just gotten divorced, would JY's heart waver? But I do agree that he would not be the one breaking the engagement. Or even if he's already married and YJ still single when they meet, would he waver too? The writer is really good.. really good, to make them meet again while they are single. One having come out of divorce and another just about going into marriage. 

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2 hours ago, pattsue said:

One thing i want to know is, why YJ chose to marry HC?


I wondered about this too!   Because we know she turned him down and was rather clear about her feelings. 

I think although we see more of what JY went through after they broke up.  YJ would have suffered too when losing him and felt lost because sometimes you think a person will always be there for you until they aren't.  Even more sometimes you believe the grass is greener on the other side until you find out it's not. The doctor was always ready and willing to be with her and if it isn't YJ's child which to be honest I hope it's not.  Then I have to believe it was pure loneliness or a one night of desperation that led her to him and I think that their daughter was the bridge between them were she placed all that love she couldn't give him.  Losing her daughter or any child is devastating beyond imagination and I doubt unless you have experienced it.  Anyone is able to fully understand.   The way he chased her I truly believe he would have been satisfied with half her heart in just being happy to be near her.  Even their last supper his eyes said he still loved her and was thankful for her.  Yet she said the divorce was difficult and yet EASY because she never loved him the way he loved her and they both knew it...


2 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

I wonder though, if YJ hasn't just gotten divorced, would JY's heart waver? 


I think his heart wavered before he even knew, the moment his eyes saw her walk through that door as they started to glisten and fill up with tears that spoke more loudly than his words ever could.  It must have taken everything he had to hold all that he was feeling in that moment and while cooking from pouring out.  While grabbing his jacket and leaving it felt as if he couldn't get out of there fast enough...


I guess this is why I mentioned about how all to often people settle for a love that seems good instead of great.  It's the difference in having comfort & warmth instead of passion & Heat.  I think even when thinking of YJ and his fiance sometimes it's the natural order of things moving to the next step because you believe it's what's expected within your mind.  Only to find out like JY did, that love can't be forced and living in a marriage without complete love can't produce happiness.  In fact it only produces more loneliness. 

For once you have experienced the kind of love and shared years of memories like she and YJ created.

Even with their problems and imperfections one would always yearn in hopes for that. 



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Hi everyone !
This drama bumps me more and more, in the episode 10 not once JY does not let burst his sorrow, it contains everything, causing pain physically, giving himself new goals, discovering his way, but not once he can not let go to the immeasurable sorrow of his breakup, this is the first thing I found strange in this episode, I would have found much healthier that it explodes once and then he does all that he did in episode 10.

In episode 10 always something else strange, when YJ goes to the toilet to cry (after seeing the spicy octopus) his image in the mirror is blurry ... I always wondered why????  especially in the drama or crying is always well highlighted ... maybe they wanted to hide a gesture of YJ? to touch your stomach or something else?

And that's where wacky theories originated in my mind ...

In episode 11 when I learned about this child and this marriage with the doctor, I thought:

What if YJ had learned about being pregnant with JY but that he had already gone to Portugal?
Why was she in Portugal exactly? Was she looking for JY to tell him?


being European, I know Portugal is a beautiful country, but for a hairdresser stylist who has ambition I don't understand too much this choice of Portugal? ... that's what makes me think that YJ was not there by chance (but I can be wrong of course)


The doc (after the accident of the child) looks sad and worries for YJ but he doesn't look devastated.

(I mean as if a dad  just lost a child)

Maybe the doc and YJ got married after this event? we know that the doc was always there for her, to help her, to support her, and above all to woo her, in a way it was the right moment for him to have what he wanted and on the other hand not surprising that this marriage didn't work ...


Finally when we see the little girl with YJ she is not more than 4 or 5 years old ...

Would that mean that once the YJ / JY relationship was over, would YJ have had sex with the doc? allow me to doubt it .... (or for me it would be terrible and yet I like YJ as much as JY)

Unfortunately, in the end I come to the same conclusion as some others here ...

the child would be that of YJ and JY .. what tragedy but at the same time it opportunity for the authors to pick up the pieces between them no?

Sorry, I told you that my theory would be far-fetched.


And sorry for my English :ph34r:


Looking forward to reading you.:)




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Chingus, I hope the child is not JY cuz that would be too much damage done. I prefer if YJ moved on and married HC. That sounds realistic and besides no offence but I don't think HC is the sacrificing type to raise another man's child with the woman he loves. And if he did it for real, then I have no words to express. However, In the flashbacks, he did look like he was grieving on that scene where he was going to work and he sees YJ and hugs her. I guess different people grieve their loved ones different ways. I won't be surprised if he got himself together due to YJ state of mind. YJ grieve is worse due to the fact she was probably on the site when her daughter died:tears:. No parent can deal with the death of a child and for those who have dealt with it and moved on are truly amazing people.YJ looks really depressed and she really needs to talk to somebody cuz she will explode hiding her feelings like that every time something happens in her life. It's not healthy. At this point, I don't care what their relationship at the end will be. I hope at the end, both are happy with themselves first. 

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I’m at mid-episode 11, stopping by to say it is one touchingly beautiful episode.  The timeskip trope works well here!  


There are several thematic elements from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Timing of love and living life embracing everything.


Be back to read everyone’s comments once I am done.

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Woah, I am loving this drama despite the whiplash it is giving me.  I have just finished ep 11 with sub.  I think the title of the episode should be LOVE AND EFFORT.  It is from JY's point of view of YJ's lack of effort.  There are many scenes in this episode that can be paralleled with the first and second charm between YJ and JY.  How refreshing it must have been when the girl came out to tell him exactly how she felt.  That she missed him and she came all the way to see him.  It was like he was being found.  YJ could have told him that she called him to the police station because she missed him but no, because it was left unsaid, it looked like she was using him to get out of problem free.  
When JY was running after the girlfriend for proposal.  It looks like the scene where YJ ran after JY's car.  She should have ran till he stopped. But then again, he should have stopped just like Officer Min when he saw YJ in the rear screen mirror.  It makes you wonder.  What if YJ has put more effort to allaying JY's jealousy and insecurities?  What if JY has made more effort in understand why YJ is behaving like she did?  Would their relationship have survived?  Though JY feels sorry for Officer Min (because she seems to love him more that he loves her), he was willing to put in the effort for happiness.  What about YJ?  She was feeling sorry for JY but she wasn't willing to put in any more effort for happiness.  It is difficult not to root for JY and Officer Min's relationship because they are both putting an effort in the relationship.  I think YJ and HC's relationship would be quite toxic because both characters are unwilling to put in any more effort than necessary in a relationship.  YJ's story came out a little in ep 12 I know but I am looking forward to more explanation from ep 13 and 14.  

JY also mentioned to SH to that effect, that there's no reason why you would love someone.  You just do and you can't help it.  Ri Won somehow likes a no-good bum like SH and SH somehow likes Ri Won for her selfishness etc but is love enough for happiness?  No, look at  SH now!  Although it is very much comic relief for us but it is clear in the drama, there are issues for him.  On the flip side, JY also had said, not everything can be solved with effort.  Looking at SJ and the hairdresser boss for example.  She puts in so much effort hoping for some happiness for marriage but it is still not happening.  

Officer Min appears nothing less than a sweetie right now.  I wonder if they will make her a manipulative person like they said in the character profile.  She lacked courage in the beginning but she put in a lot of effort to obtain her happiness.  Really it seems me still that JY is better off with her and YJ should patch up her broken marriage with HC.  But then again, I am not the drama writer.  

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I don't root at all the relationship between JY and the Officer Min ... it's a relationship that seems to be only a dressing for the heart of JY (see his reactions when he sees YJ:tears:) It's sad to say but I don't feel the love of JY for Officer Min, tenderness and respect yes, but love ... not at all ... And the drama goes in this direction, no kiss between them was shown, I think that if Officer Min was the future of JY they would have done!

On the other hand, I didn't like that the history of the white peaches is not the fruit of the destiny ... one can hate a lot of thing with YJ but not to pretend or to lie about herself , she's whole with JY, she doesn't adapt her tastes and her personality according to him and I want to say that,  I find it healthier than someone who will say "amen" to everything you say when you are in a relationship with.

(it's so bored) :wacko:


@lu09 : I wanted to add that, I'm totally ok with you about YJ and the fact that she too much internalizes her feelingss and wounds, at this point she appears clearly depressed and could sink into a much deeper depression. It's time for her to open up.

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Wow, great two episodes this week... brought out all the great response and comments here.  I love E11/12. Excellent.


@chickfactor if you don’t mind, I was wondering.  Are the scriptwriters Park Eun-Young and Park Hee-Kwon husband/wife duo or siblings?  This is their third drama penning together... such good balance between light/funny and deep reflective moments.  The things we get to hear and see in this drama often only come from years spending time together.  I also like PD Pyo’s visuals/directing and Esom’s acting in telling Young Jae’s heartbreaking story.  

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Hi everyone, thank you for the analysis and comments, I went through the past few pages and really loved the discussion going on in this thread.


Firstly, can anyone explain to me why Young Jae decided to break up with Joon Young? 

a. She feels suffocated because her dream is to become a successful hairstylist with lots of money, but Joon Young is more interested in a quiet married life, not caring about their jobs and careers.

b. She heard his suggestion that they can live in a small village and just grow old together and she is afraid, because that is not what she wants.

c. He is insecure and she just can't deal with it.


I'm not convinced that a single point of a, b, or c will make Young Jae break up with Joon Young.  I feel that she understands him very well and loves how meticulous he is. If any of you has clarity on this point, please share your view with me.


I have just watched ep 11 and 12. 


Ep 11 was so realistic. Everything Joon Young went through. Leaving everyone behind, quitting his job, roaming with no aim... that's what you will go through if you had a traumatic experience. I especially loved all the little touches, such as how he decided not to brush his teeth when he went on the double-deck bed before falling asleep. Nerd Joon Young will never allow that. I feel that he really found himself when he lived overseas.


Ep 12, when Young Jae walked in, I knew there would be so much more story behind the time leap. She looked totally dead inside, her eyes are a tell tale sign. She is in a place that is not what she signed up for. 


At first, I thought HC tried to trick Joon Young, they were not even married and yet he called up saying that it was their marriage anniversary, maybe he found out JY is back and opening a new restaurant. This was HC's way to stamp his ownership on YJ again. Luckily, the plot didn't turn out this way, or I would have cursed throughout the ep.


I find it so sad that now that she is in her 30s, she is so far away from her dream of working hard and being rich. Girl, isn't that why you broke up with JY, prioritizing your career? She would never choose marriage to HC over her work. She even broke up with love of her life, JY, so that she can choose life and her work. Why are you (YJ) now a housewife, with dead eyes, married to a man you don't love, looking like you have no emotion?


My analysis is that the child is JY and YJ's. Here is my guess:

- JY quietly went back to look at YJ in the salon.

- YJ chased his car, but both of them, being so angry with each other, never stopped or completed the chase. This moment will be a regret to both of them when they look back.

- YJ finds out she is pregnant.

- YJ has dinner with her boss and brother, upon seeing the octopus, she breaks down completely in washroom. This is unlike her headstrong character, where even if she wants to cry, she will hide far away to cry alone. She must have received some news that she cannot hold it back anymore.

- YJ tries to get information about where JY is, so that she can go to tell him... 

- YJ goes to Lisbon. It's impossible that she "ended up there" without knowing he is there. They never professed a love for Portugal in the earlier eps. She must have gone there with JY in mind. 

- She did not explain to her brother or boss that she is pregnant. There are some tell-tale signs of this when the boss and her brother had a video call with her, saying they don't know why she suddenly left.

- In Lisbon, she sees him in public, looking very happy and well-adjusted. She decided (again) to keep mum about her problems and not be a burden to him, so that he can move on and live a good life without her. 

- HC finds out somehow that she is pregnant. 

- HC offers to "take care" of her, the child, etc. After all, Korea is not a good place in terms of law or community gossip for single mothers. 

- She marries him because she is semi-dead inside, now that she can't continue with her work and she has to take care of the kid.

- Her kid, the only reason for her marriage to HC, dies. 

- She can't live anymore. Her work is kaput, her marriage is fake, her child with JY is no longer alive. 

- Nothing matters anymore, leaving us with zombie Young Jae whom we see in ep 12. 


In real life, usually lovers can't reconcile if they are at the stage of ep 12. As a woman in my 30s, I can't wait to see them opening up to each other and reconciling. It's like... an alternate universe, away from life in general, where dreams do come true. 

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