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  1. @ck1Oz @angelwingssf have mercy! 10 hours is a long time to wait when all you need is 10 mins of sub. I am only watching mainly the MR-TJ parts and whatever bits that is relevant to them. I trawl around the instagram trying to figure out what went on and all I see is them yabbering on in Korean, which makes me wish I know Korean. When I finally watch with subs, the only movement I see in the story is when MH flaps like a giddy school girl which I would then fast forward. This is a tough watch but like @larus, I am doomed. I keep watching to see a good outcome for MR. Thank you for your post @maribella. They should hire you as the writer. You are more entertaining. Anyway, I guess I understand why they say, weekend dramas are good for actors to hone their acting skills. They keep practising the same behaviour for 108 episodes. After this drama there's never any doubt SJ can yell, Chairman can throw things, IS can pull a drunken sullen face, TJ can act deaf, JB can be pathetic and MH can flap and shake like a bird.
  2. This drama has all the usual cliches but they move so slowly with it. Looks like IS' second husband was hit by a truck (truck of doom?). Was he murdered? Although I haven't watched the latest episode with subs, I am a little disappointed with TJ's reaction over the whole thing. I can't help but remember he was the one who so desperately want to marry MR even though she said no. He also didn't bother to find out what was the thing bothering her so that's also his fair share of blame. The relationship is a little one sided now I feel with MR taking care of all the stuff that is thrown at her. And the romance between WJ and MH .. I still can't stop rolling my eyes at MH's behaviour. Why do I feel like they are so childish? Anyway, it sucks following a drama which subs only come out the next day and no one providing any translations to the long conversations they have back and forth.
  3. Will miss your post @larus! Have a safe trip. The IS storyline should have happened earlier instead of dragging out the plot. I find it a more compelling watch now ... it is getting exciting like a cat and mouse game. Except when the mouse is cornered it might turn into a tiger. I think Chairman is a cowardly bully. Why do I say that? He shouts at people but when they push back, he is a little scaredy cat. Maybe his conscience is pricking him. Anyway, I love it that TJ got to the truth first. Now I think it might turn into a noble idiocy thing but I hope not. TJ is in a tight spot now. If he stays with MR, the mother-daughter relationship can never reconcile because of his father's disapproval. Let's see what he will do next.
  4. Finally, this drama is showing some progress. I find it intriguing that the chairman told the wife to shut up and that she doesn't know what she is talking about when she asked why wouldn't he let IS go? He was quite adamant to keep her. It looks almost like a noble reason and when the wife talked about the daughter IS has, his facial expression did not show any negative emotion but an empathetic one. It is very poor writing in two characters just to make Chairman and IS sympathetic now but oh well, I will take it. The cute scenes of MR and TJ is keeping me interested for now. I am really disappointed with the WJ and MH storyline. I wish MH would experience a one sided love just like JB. Right now my only problem is a Park Tae Ri problem. I can't stand looking at the Na brother. Ewwwww ....what a scumbag.
  5. I do think actors and actress can request not to have kiss scenes. Happy Home was a family drama too but the kisses were HOT. I agree. Miri has a cause for worry. When TJ tried to assert himself in front of father to get IS to be "mom" at the wedding, we see how he failed miserably. My point was, they both have hands and feet to find work elsewhere. Hey, they could live a simple life instead of life of a chaebol heir so i don't think the "sacrifice" is necessary ... but then, we won't have a drama.
  6. Alright, I saw the episode with subs. It gives me a little glimmer of hope although this drama is doomed to be a "soap opera". I totally get KMR's point of view. HTJ has no one and she wants to be there for him. She believes that the secret will come out eventually so she wants to make sure he can stand on firm ground as far as the company is concern when that happens. Her biological mother is hopeless and she recognises that. But seriously girl, a guy who can't stand on his own two feet without his father's inheritance is no man at all, just sayin'. IS is finally showing some redeeming qualities of wanting to disappear after the wedding but my bet is that something will stop her because y'know, the dead horse is not quite done yet. SJ and MS' over-reaction - that's called emotional blackmail. Something that happens in real life. The marketing team wished they were at the wedding. I think they will eventually, at a happier wedding. KMR will be promoted after her wedding, I am afraid that Park Tae Ri might have to work with the brother in law after all. They should have cast Lee Sang Woo for the role of TJ because darn it, the chaste display of affection makes the romance anti-climatic.
  7. Wooahhh ... that's such a weird trajectory halfway through the drama. I think the problem with this show is the under developed plot and characters. The drama is just being carried by amazing actors and actresses. I am mainly watching it for TJ and Miri but I think I almost want to slap TJ in the head today and ask him why he doesn't realise his bride was so sad. Such an insensitive bloke. I had a thought today seeing that MH called JB when in the moment of crisis. She didn't call WJ, possibly because she is not there relationally with him yet. But it is kinda sad if you think about it how that parallel with MS' in laws. They are married but yet the person they confide their inner most desires is not their spouse but someone else. MO with the con man and the husband with the pharmacist. I think it is stupid and ridiculous to hang a whole drama on a birth secret plot. This drama felt like it had been a 200 episode drama condensed into 100 episode or it perhaps it was a 25 episode drama but lengthen to 100 episodes. Just crazy but as long as they give me some happy TJ and MR scene, I will hang in there and see what happened to them in the end.
  8. It is actually shoddy writing to bring in a couple of "worse" characters just to make us sympathise with the "bad" characters of this drama. I do like how TJ has to grow some balls now to protect IS because he thinks that his family's behaviour is the reason why Miri didn't want to marry him. He is imagining MR in IS' shoes and he wouldn't want that. I think IS's character is a little schizophrenic and inconsistently written though. She is really the worst mother in the drama. I can understand why she is unwilling to give up her position though. She is secretly helping so many others: her own siblings, Director Park's daughter etc ... too many people are "depending" on her. Even so, to think that she'd abandon her own daughter is unfathomable for me whatever the noble reason is. Also, it is grating on my nerves how manipulative she is. I am sorry to say but isn't MH behaving like JB to WJ? I fast forward most of their scenes because their drama is just OTT. I am only staying to watch MR and TJ's scenes. The rest are really rather boring except for the part where the two moms fought. Oooh, the acting was top notch there. These veteran actors really know how to flex their acting muscles!
  9. What a way to kill the ratings ... have an episode with very few scenes between the OTP. I agree that this they cannot be together thing is getting boring. If this carries on, they might have to shrink the episodes with the lack of viewership. So ridiculous.
  10. Wow! Your detailed post is impressive. I agree that I think the chairman knows more than he is letting on. There were glimpses of his intention when he said to IS something to this effect: he thinks she is rather capable but disloyal and power hungry. So he doesn't trust her. Which man would trust a woman who abandon her daughter? I also agree that he loves playing chess using people as his chess pieces. I think what the chairman wants is loyalty before he can trust a person. He is checking on his wife in the US. He doesn't mind her buying a branded bag for her mother so money is not the issue here. He chastises IS for pairing up TJ with the daughter of the other group. He is upset about her greed and that she did not consider what the other group's chairman has done to him. BTW, I think he was prosecuted because they other chairman implicate him falsely but that's just my hunch. As we know, for these big bosses, their reputation is the utmost important. I have no doubt that he is toying with IS. Imagine when IS finally finds out that chairman knows and he doesn't even care because MR proved loyal to him. How would IS feel that she has tortured her daughter all this while because of her poor irrational assumptions? It is true the chairman is bigoted, derogatory and chauvinistic but I don't see him as evil, as in a person out to get another person. I see him as a person who would protect himself, covering all bases from greedy people and will do whatever it takes if they betray him. I can't shake off the idea that IS is on some sort of mission but the way she is doing it is probably all wrong. And it is shocking even to the chairman that she is so quick to kneel down to curry favour with the chairman. She often use people as a means to an end (something the chairman hates even if he does it himself), constantly networking with other conglomerate, playing politics instead of using her brain at work. The chairman definitely like Miri better cause Miri got to the top through her own capability and not through being a socialite. The chairman has always treated women as objects but he is now fascinated about Miri and have no qualms in putting her through the acid test of his little games.
  11. I reserve my judgement on IS because from what I see, she is trying to push Miri away because she doesn't want her to be within a ten foot pole of the Han family. IS herself is in too deep. Sometimes I feel that her fears and judgment of the chairman is a bit irrational. Other than the fact he is a male chauvinist pig, I don't see him as evil. I love what you said. Men don't like to see their women cry! I am hoping for more swoony scenes of the couple.
  12. Don't hold your breath for a passionate kiss. It is a family drama after all and I am sure with KSY newly married, they'd respect that enough to give her only if it is a must-have. I must have rewatched the hug kiss a hundred times. The only conclusion I can come up with is that TJ realises that he couldn't suppress his feelings anymore and wanted to be there to protect her when she's hurt. This drama tells us about the pressure women face in their battle against societal norms. MS' mom looked mean and self centred at first but all she wanted was to do things for herself after sacrificing most of her life serving her husband and her child. She was such a good mom and wife, she spoilt them. The dad appears to be such a gentleman to MS but he actually expects his wife to cook and look after her grandchild the way SJ does. IS is probably the most misunderstood in the drama. She looks crazy at the moment but my gut feels says there must be a story in there about how she suffered. When she said that it was her money that helped SJ and family, it was not entirely wrong. Though SJ returned the money, she did dip into it at some point when she needed to pay for something. So yes, money is a huge thing for IS as she battle to make a living after the death of her husband. Nevertheless I admire SJ's courage for not letting go of her adopted daughter even when the going gets tough. With IS and SJ, their husbands left them with a huge financial burden. It is not easy for a widow to have to be the breadwinner in a man's world and take care of their children as well. The men never had any responsibility as far as child rearing is concerned. MS' husband probably takes after his dad, taking time off to pursue his own hobbies and assume that child rearing is a woman's job. TJ's dad is outright the most male chauvinist. Women have to guard themselves against rumours at work even if they dating a subordinate. If they are dating a superior, it would be even worse. She would probably be labelled as a gold digger. I hope it won't happen to Miri. I would think that it is sexual harassment if I didn't know that Miri still likes TJ. It is going to be fun to watch yet I don't think things will go down too well if rumours go swirling around. We have seen how it is mostly male in the top positions and how they treat the females.
  13. Annyeong! Catching up with all the MR and TJ parts of the drama. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I am worried that MR will become more and more like IS with her need for revenge. I can see that IS is trying to protect MR, warped as she may seem. I standby my hunch that she is on a revenge bend. She doesn't seem to care that much about TJ. Plus the drama mentioned about some prosecution case that the chairman went through. There is some dirt to dig around. The chairman is not evil. He is just distrusting and he doesn't easily forgive those who has wronged him. TJ is the chairman's son after all and he does take after the Chairman somewhat. I think he underestimated Miri's pride. Who does he think he is to be the one to get Miri back? Miri earned her place through her own merit. She is more qualified than him. He is upset with the deal between Miri and the Chairman but isn't Miri back to her place as he wishes? It seems that he wanted things on his terms too. It is a toxic environment and I wish Miri would go away from it all. It may be a good thing for TJ though to be caught in the middle of the two women. They may veer off on an emotional tangent so TJ will have to make sound mature decisions in the company's interest. That will man him up and prepare him for his position in Hansung Group.
  14. Thanks for filling me in about MS' MIL. I have not watched those parts yet and didn't know the details. I agree that she is rather self-centred. She's definitely not the sacrificial giving type like SJ. I am looking forward to posts about tonight's episode. More MR and TJ please! They are a cute couple. It does seem childish the way they behave with each other but it is implying their closeness to each other.
  15. Thank you @larus for your welcome and reply. I look forward to your updates of the drama. Regarding MS' FIL. That's my point. We like him now because we see him emphatise with MS. But I get this feeling that his wife has been through more hardship than the show has let on. When she recited the poem she wrote, it seems ironic and laughable but I think she wrote it from experience. JS is the way he is because the mom did too much for him. It is the same way MS is the way she is because SJ is always her life line. @lebeaucouple I don't think Miri is the kind who would take revenge. If you remember the scene where she was advising Mi Hye, Miri is the sort who would run away. That is why when her problems with IS arose, she wanted to study abroad. It is her protective mechanism. In Sook is by far the most mysterious one. If revenge is not on her mind, what would possess a woman to leave behind her daughter? She wanted to give her daughter a better life but what extenuating circumstance would justify her actions? And with that thought, I want to wish every mother here, Happy Mother's Day!
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