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  1. Wow! Your detailed post is impressive. I agree that I think the chairman knows more than he is letting on. There were glimpses of his intention when he said to IS something to this effect: he thinks she is rather capable but disloyal and power hungry. So he doesn't trust her. Which man would trust a woman who abandon her daughter? I also agree that he loves playing chess using people as his chess pieces. I think what the chairman wants is loyalty before he can trust a person. He is checking on his wife in the US. He doesn't mind her buying a branded bag for her mother so money is not the issue here. He chastises IS for pairing up TJ with the daughter of the other group. He is upset about her greed and that she did not consider what the other group's chairman has done to him. BTW, I think he was prosecuted because they other chairman implicate him falsely but that's just my hunch. As we know, for these big bosses, their reputation is the utmost important. I have no doubt that he is toying with IS. Imagine when IS finally finds out that chairman knows and he doesn't even care because MR proved loyal to him. How would IS feel that she has tortured her daughter all this while because of her poor irrational assumptions? It is true the chairman is bigoted, derogatory and chauvinistic but I don't see him as evil, as in a person out to get another person. I see him as a person who would protect himself, covering all bases from greedy people and will do whatever it takes if they betray him. I can't shake off the idea that IS is on some sort of mission but the way she is doing it is probably all wrong. And it is shocking even to the chairman that she is so quick to kneel down to curry favour with the chairman. She often use people as a means to an end (something the chairman hates even if he does it himself), constantly networking with other conglomerate, playing politics instead of using her brain at work. The chairman definitely like Miri better cause Miri got to the top through her own capability and not through being a socialite. The chairman has always treated women as objects but he is now fascinated about Miri and have no qualms in putting her through the acid test of his little games.
  2. I reserve my judgement on IS because from what I see, she is trying to push Miri away because she doesn't want her to be within a ten foot pole of the Han family. IS herself is in too deep. Sometimes I feel that her fears and judgment of the chairman is a bit irrational. Other than the fact he is a male chauvinist pig, I don't see him as evil. I love what you said. Men don't like to see their women cry! I am hoping for more swoony scenes of the couple.
  3. Don't hold your breath for a passionate kiss. It is a family drama after all and I am sure with KSY newly married, they'd respect that enough to give her only if it is a must-have. I must have rewatched the hug kiss a hundred times. The only conclusion I can come up with is that TJ realises that he couldn't suppress his feelings anymore and wanted to be there to protect her when she's hurt. This drama tells us about the pressure women face in their battle against societal norms. MS' mom looked mean and self centred at first but all she wanted was to do things for herself after sacrificing most of her life serving her husband and her child. She was such a good mom and wife, she spoilt them. The dad appears to be such a gentleman to MS but he actually expects his wife to cook and look after her grandchild the way SJ does. IS is probably the most misunderstood in the drama. She looks crazy at the moment but my gut feels says there must be a story in there about how she suffered. When she said that it was her money that helped SJ and family, it was not entirely wrong. Though SJ returned the money, she did dip into it at some point when she needed to pay for something. So yes, money is a huge thing for IS as she battle to make a living after the death of her husband. Nevertheless I admire SJ's courage for not letting go of her adopted daughter even when the going gets tough. With IS and SJ, their husbands left them with a huge financial burden. It is not easy for a widow to have to be the breadwinner in a man's world and take care of their children as well. The men never had any responsibility as far as child rearing is concerned. MS' husband probably takes after his dad, taking time off to pursue his own hobbies and assume that child rearing is a woman's job. TJ's dad is outright the most male chauvinist. Women have to guard themselves against rumours at work even if they dating a subordinate. If they are dating a superior, it would be even worse. She would probably be labelled as a gold digger. I hope it won't happen to Miri. I would think that it is sexual harassment if I didn't know that Miri still likes TJ. It is going to be fun to watch yet I don't think things will go down too well if rumours go swirling around. We have seen how it is mostly male in the top positions and how they treat the females.
  4. Annyeong! Catching up with all the MR and TJ parts of the drama. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I am worried that MR will become more and more like IS with her need for revenge. I can see that IS is trying to protect MR, warped as she may seem. I standby my hunch that she is on a revenge bend. She doesn't seem to care that much about TJ. Plus the drama mentioned about some prosecution case that the chairman went through. There is some dirt to dig around. The chairman is not evil. He is just distrusting and he doesn't easily forgive those who has wronged him. TJ is the chairman's son after all and he does take after the Chairman somewhat. I think he underestimated Miri's pride. Who does he think he is to be the one to get Miri back? Miri earned her place through her own merit. She is more qualified than him. He is upset with the deal between Miri and the Chairman but isn't Miri back to her place as he wishes? It seems that he wanted things on his terms too. It is a toxic environment and I wish Miri would go away from it all. It may be a good thing for TJ though to be caught in the middle of the two women. They may veer off on an emotional tangent so TJ will have to make sound mature decisions in the company's interest. That will man him up and prepare him for his position in Hansung Group.
  5. Thanks for filling me in about MS' MIL. I have not watched those parts yet and didn't know the details. I agree that she is rather self-centred. She's definitely not the sacrificial giving type like SJ. I am looking forward to posts about tonight's episode. More MR and TJ please! They are a cute couple. It does seem childish the way they behave with each other but it is implying their closeness to each other.
  6. Thank you @larus for your welcome and reply. I look forward to your updates of the drama. Regarding MS' FIL. That's my point. We like him now because we see him emphatise with MS. But I get this feeling that his wife has been through more hardship than the show has let on. When she recited the poem she wrote, it seems ironic and laughable but I think she wrote it from experience. JS is the way he is because the mom did too much for him. It is the same way MS is the way she is because SJ is always her life line. @lebeaucouple I don't think Miri is the kind who would take revenge. If you remember the scene where she was advising Mi Hye, Miri is the sort who would run away. That is why when her problems with IS arose, she wanted to study abroad. It is her protective mechanism. In Sook is by far the most mysterious one. If revenge is not on her mind, what would possess a woman to leave behind her daughter? She wanted to give her daughter a better life but what extenuating circumstance would justify her actions? And with that thought, I want to wish every mother here, Happy Mother's Day!
  7. Annyeong! Decided to pop in and comment. I don't usually watch long family dramas but I like Kim So Yeon so thought i'd check it out. Wonder if anyone feels about me with my views: The sympathy votes seems to be going Miri's way right now but somehow I have a feeling that the drama is going to flip and turn it on Tae Joo instead. We have seen that this drama is not so slow paced.. Things move quickly. I have this feeling that IS abandoned Miri because she is on a dangerous mission to take revenge on the Hans. I don't know what the deal is. There are a few things I am still pondering over .. just theories: The name of the restaurant is Han Cheon ... it could be as it is a Korean word to mean regret or whatever it would mean in Korean but Han is also the surname of Han Tae Joo so I wonder if there is a relationship. If IS is bent on revenge, she would want to shield Miri from being involved. So when she tried to get rid of her the first time it was because Miri is hindering her plans of entrench herself to the Han corporation. Now it is because she knows Miri is her daughter. I think we are fooled into thinking that she likes TJ so much because she is kind to him, make him all the shirts etc. But when I watch their interaction, it seems like IS just wants to keep TJ close because he is her weapon for revenge. She doesn't fail to tighten the noose each time she speaks to him making sure he is 100% on her side. Why did TJ who rebelled and went to the Navy, work part time jobs etc suddenly would come back to the company. I am sure it took a lot of IS's convincing. She'll only feel secure if TJ takes over the company - why? She is using him. I think in the end it will be TJ who would hurt most and it would be Miri to console him. Anyway, I do not think they will make the chairman an evil chairman because after all, this is a family drama and in the end TJ and Miri will end up together so everyone must forgive one another. I know everyone don't really like MS' mother in law but I actually feel sorry for her. I think she has been living a life sacrificing for her family that she never had a chance to enjoy herself. That's why it seems like she's behaving so selfishly now. Her son is selfish because she has spoilt him. And now as an adult, he and his wife are still needing help even though from the point of view of the mother in law, she should be able to enjoy her sunset years as a grandma. Yes, why can't MS juggled just like she did? Why must MS demand for equality when in the past, the mother in law proved that she had survived? MS's MIL just serves to show the generation gap. In fact, I think the FIL is a hypocrite if he is siding with MS now when he did not stand up to his mother in the treatment of his wife last time. The husband expects all kinds of fish but seriously, why can't he cook it himself? I find this show really quite interesting in their portrayal as mothers, the different kinds of mothers, in how they express love. And the role of women in society. How women treat and judge other women and how they all handled the adversity that came their way.
  8. I have to say, I am satisfied with the ending. It would be a little strange for them to jump back straight into a relationship after so many failed attempts before. It is more realistic for them to be cautious and moving with trepidation than to be embracing each other (although I really miss those romantic, heart fluttering moments and of course the kisses). It is only right the writer didn't give us a convenient time jump to make them a couple who suddenly live happily ever after. That'd would have given us a whiplash after many episodes of misery. You can see from their smiles that they are genuinely happy and contented, uri OTP. That's good enough for me. Fantastic performance by all the cast. Thank you all especially @bedifferent, @tali58, @chickfactor for your insightful comments on this thread. It has been thought provoking.
  9. One of the take away points I get from ep 14 is that there are people who are hurting too when you are hurting. When Joo Ran called YJ to tell her about her cancer, she only thought of how SJ must have suffered but she didn't think of how YJ had suffered while SJ suffered and how YJ is suffering now when JR wants to keep this "secret" from SJ. I guess this is what they mean when they say love is blind.
  10. @tali58 What you said is interesting! There are many gaps in YJ's arc that is still a mystery. HC is one of them. It could be interpreted that HC was the one who initiated the divorce. Many of us assume it is YJ because of the way she left JY. Could it be HC is the serial divorcee? Yes, he expressed regret that he couldn't fulfil his ex-wife's happiness but other than that it doesn't seem like he was too brokenhearted in the way he chased YJ. Yes he was heartbroken when he lost his daughter, who wouldn't and he did try to comfort YJ but we really did not get too much back story aside from those scenes. He continued to work (I am not saying he shouldn't) while YJ wallowed in depression. When they parted, he said that he has tried so hard to make it work with YJ whereas for his first wife he said he wished he had tried harder. It just kind of makes me feel that if he should meet a third woman, he may say the same thing to her about YJ. That he wished he tried harder. That he felt helpless when their daughter died and YJ fell into depression. Is that part and parcel of life, an excuse or just a lamentation of deep regret? When SE talked about lack of courage and how YJ lamented that you do need courage to get a hold of the one you love. She's probably referring to either JY or herself as cowardly. Most likely herself because it is uncharacteristic of her to be judgmental. I am also wondering about the bitter tea and bitter fruit. YJ said she has come to like the bitter tea from HC's mother and JY's dad had grown bitter persimmons all these years. Could the writers be insinuating that in spite all all the bitterness in life, people could find happiness in life? It doesn't have to be with the "love of your life" like other kDramas. It is about the willingness to make something work inspite of.... perhaps the drama is addressing the question: for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, till death do us part. Right now at this juncture of the drama, all I know is that JY should go to YJ because she needs help. It is the humane thing to do. He will carry her just like he did Soo Jae and the old lady who needed the hair cut. We know that YJ can't call her bestie or her brother for help because she probably feels they are not in the position to help her having their own problems. Why would YJ call JY and not HC in times of crisis? Because HC left her? Because he is overseas and could not be reached? It seems like things were looking up after her warm meal with JY and that she was going to snap out of it and get her life in order, only to have the shocking news of JR coming at her. I think in reflecting at her own mortality, she probably is terrified that she will end up alone and JY seems like only person who constantly bounce back to her life. It probably took a lot of courage on her part to hold on to a life buoy in JY. Looking at HC and JY's characters, SE and YJ's characters and contrasting it, my question would be: when should a person give up? How much should a person suffer before they should consider giving up?
  11. @tali58 I was one of those people who thought it was a marriage of convenience. Of course now as the story unfolds, I don't think so anymore. I agree that she wanted a divorce because she feels too sorry and too responsible for the death of the daughter. Again, this is one aspect of JY I do not like - running away when the going gets tough. Till death do us part doesn't exist in her vocabulary. I understand that she's in pain and in the process of self loathing at the moment but still, I hope this part of her attitude will change. When she sees JY with SE. She sees him smiling and thus she is happy that he is happy. But notice that she was not happy at all otherwise. When she was looking at JY smile, she had a pensive smile. Almost like she is happy that he is smiling. When she caught their eyes, she smiled at them but after that while walking towards them, her expression was sad. The reason was not clear - whether it is one of regret or just her being in pain. I also find it bizarre that SJ never mention his niece. Perhaps YJ is very much like SJ - in that household, no one mentions anything that's negative. Avoidance of negative is actually a false positive. Just because you don't tackle negative things doesn't make everything beneath the surface looks right. While I do think that YJ loved HC, I don't have this feeling that they share the same passion as twenty something JY and YJ. Perhaps that's the writer's intention too, to illustrate mature love versus young love. And though there were many moments of YJ's happy life as a family with HC, somehow I think the one who sealed that relationship was their love for Sori. It makes one question too how a child can affect the equation of marriage - whether it is the birth of a child or a death of the child.
  12. This scene also mirrors the one when YJ got out of the car when she was having a fight with JY. So I guess perhaps JY will start understanding why YJ got off and perhaps even felt the same feelings she was feeling then?
  13. @bedifferent I still haven't watch ep 13 and 14 subbed yet. I am waiting for a fully subbed version so I won't miss anything. With only two episodes left, based on the pace of the show, I don't think this drama will have a happily after ending like other kdramas. It will probably be left quite open ... just like how life is supposed to be ... This show is absorbing though. I simply love how it is thought provoking and it makes us think about deep issues. I don't like pain but this drama hurts so good. YJ has been very cryptic in her words but yet I think the little she has spoken gave us a hint of what she may be feeling. I can't make out a full picture yet because YJ is very mysterious but please indulge in trying to put some of my thoughts here: She said JY makes her feel special. Some of us think that YJ is depressed due to the death of her little girl. I am inclined to think she has been depressed for longer than that. Her tough exterior, cool image and reluctance to confront emotional issues are masking all that sad feelings that has been a well deep inside her. From young since the death of her parents, she is unable to express her true emotions. When JY comes along, she felt special. She felt significant. She felt alive. YJ told HC that she was swayed but NOT by him. What is she swayed by? Her ambition? Her desire to make her mark of significance out there in the world of hairdressing? So I too wonder why she married HC. And she had a child with him. The child must have brought her a sense of significance and purpose. Every child would mean a world to the parent and every parent to the child. But when the child died that was the straw that broke the camel's back. I think her world came crashing. Now, she is so lost, she is at the point of suicide. JY comes along once again and help her pick up the pieces. He is giving her strength to carry on. The whole scene from teaching her how to cook to her actually cooking illustrates this. From eating instant noodles, she now bothers to cook for herself. It is like giving her a fresh start. A reason to live again. I believe that JY has no ulterior motive or intention of getting back together with YJ. He just wanted to help her with no strings attached. Just like the time he was angry with her but he helped her recover her lost file. That's true selfless love, caring for someone and not expecting anything else in return. When YJ agreed to date the cop at SE's request, she was doing it for JY. She's doing her bit to allay the SE's fear for JY's benefit. This is the only way I can see it because it is not in YJ's personality to comply to such things. This shows maturity on her part compared to her 20 something year old self. That call at the end is a desperate S.0.S call from YJ at the lowest point of her life. She has lost everything and JY seems to be the only lifeline she is holding onto. She didn't mean to insert herself in the middle of JY relationship with SE. She was just desperate. I am sure JY will go running to her rescue. I would be disappointed if he didn't. He will run to her not because he is still in love with her (even if that is true), he will run to her because it is the right thing to do, just like he did when SJ called numerous times. As an aside, we saw how JY bailed SJ out so many times. Even when SJ tried to repay his debt to JY, JY always ended up paying for him. I think the siblings will never be able to repay the debt they owe JY. Also, SJ unlike SE's brothers likes JY for who he is and not what he can do for his sister. I feel sorry for HC and SE because in a sense, JY and YJ 's heart is together even when they are not together that it is very difficult for HC or SE to insert themselves in between. After two charms, by now the third charm, even if YJ and JY don't end up together, you know and you know that they love each other deeply at the expense of themselves. So if I am HC or SE, I don't think I'd even want to try. So to answer that question: what did YJ lose and she found again? A big piece of herself. JY has always found a big piece of herself and JY is a also another big piece of herself. Sorry just to add: (this is my habit - editing after publishing to waffle on more!) Compared to the 1st charm, this time when YJ's world comes crashing on her, she didn't push JY away with brusque comments and carry the burden by herself. This time in the third charm she is finally showing her vulnerability to JY. How could JY not run to her? Go JY go!
  14. JR is spot on about SJ. He is totally self-centred. I remember after JY broke up with YJ and SJ called him up to thank him for helping him proof read his script for the competition. He didn't even try to console JY but went on about himself.
  15. I am beginning to wonder: When SE went into JY's room, did she see JY's memories of YJ? Is she pretending and testing when she was asking YJ about her boyfriend? JY still loves YJ so much and can't bear to see her live like this. YJ probably thinks he is happy. I know they still love each other but I can't help but think that YJ has to stop running away from her problems. You'd think from her brother's experience she would have learnt. Life throws us curved balls. We can't just quit whenever we like. What happens to "till death do us part?" I am getting a little impatient with so much misery.
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