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  1. When DJ was taking selfies with KingKang This drama ended in the best way possible. I really liked it because there were so many emotions that the characters went through, from romantic to devastated to just straight up corny. There were some scenes so cheesy you could make a pizza, and others so cringey I felt like a turtle Definitely one of the best dramas this year. Lee Min Ki wasn't doing it for me at the beginning because of his straight expression but seeing his character loosen up and find happiness towards the end was really great. I don't want to spoil the final ep too much for the people that haven't seen it. But I will say one thing, if you guys are fans of Secretary Kim, you'll like it; there are lots of very... cozy moments. Anyways, it was fun talking to y'all about this drama on here I'm looking forward to reading all the reactions!
  2. I am happy with the ending. Also I have said this before and will say it again, Esom is an amazing actress. She portrayed her character perfectly from the sad moments to the happy ones. A lot of people look over her because she does not have the "perfect" look according to korean standards (I think she's beautiful), but this drama showed me that I should watch any future dramas that have her in them. Whenever she cried, I felt like crying with her, and when she was happy I felt better too. Of course, the rest of the cast was amazing as well. I know many people are not satisfied with this ending because it is not the normal lovey-dovey ending or even better, a marriage. However, I think this is what makes the drama more about actual life. There are these people who are dealing with real-life issues that really do cause emotional and physical distress. This drama is about how they find their escape to these issues. I too like dramas about falling at first sight or fate, but I think that the realistic component of this drama kept me watching until the end. This is the first one in a long time where I felt a real connection to the characters (a lot of drama characters and storylines are exaggerated or too good to be true, making them difficult to relate to). Anyways, thank you to everyone who made this drama possible and it was nice talking to y'all on this forum! :)
  3. I have to say I'm jealous of her in a way, it would be so nice if I could start my day over just by telling someone to die this drama is a good break from all the sad ones like TTC. I like it
  4. I almost cried when SG said "We can never be happy together as one, since I already ruined your past and future. So let's break up. Please throw me away". Later DJ said, "Look me in the eyes and say you hate me." SG could not. DJ: "See. You love me, so why are you being this way? I'm saying it's okay." SG (after a pause): "I hate you. I've hated you since the moment we met." SG then walked away, already in tears... She will push herself away as much as possible...
  5. OH MY GOD. So there was a huge twist at the end of this episode. So the two mains are sitting on the couch together, and it seems like a romantic scene at first. However, DJ starts telling SG the story of how he got into the accident. The flashback from the accident plays as he tells the story, and essentially he was hit by a car because he tried to save an elderly woman from getting hit (she was frozen in the middle of the road like a deer in headlights). The woman was still injured (a few scratches) but he hit his head on the windshield, causing him to have to get surgery, and then since then he couldn't recognize faces. When he told this story of the grandma, SG suddenly got up and left hurriedly. He told her to call when she got home, to be careful, etc., but she ran out oddly fast without saying much. She was bawling in her car on the way home. When she got home, she started ripping all the frames with her faces on them off of the walls in a frenzy. DJ calls, and asks if she got home okay. SG said, through her tears: "listen to me well. You are the way you are now because of me". and then the ep ends. Basically, DJ got into the accident saving the grandma from the speeding car. That grandma must have been SG in her changed form. So essentially, he can't recognize faces anymore because he saved SG from getting killed. Wow
  6. So yes, YJ did have a child as all of you guys predicted, however I think it is the surgeon's child, not JY's. This is a relief to me that at least JY was stripped of the experience to be a father. It seems like YJ and her husband were happy together until the child died. There was a long flashback showing that they were a happy family until the accident... She went through so many traumatic experiences The scene replaying YJ's child's death was really hard for me to watch. YJ was working as the hair stylist for models in Lisbon, and all of the models knew and were nice to YJ's daughter. But anyway, YJ was buying a cake at a cake shop when her daughter looked out the window of the store. One of the models had just given her the cat doll we saw in the previous ep, and the daughter happened to see a real cat wandering in the street. At first, she just laughed and waved at the cat to say hi. The scene then cuts to YJ, who is talking to the owner of the store, who gives her a few egg tarts that her daughter loves. When he turns around, though, her daughter is gone. YJ exits the store, calling "Chae So Ri!!!"(the daughter)'s name. She walks a few blocks while calling her name (still calmly) when she sees a crowd gathered around something. She goes over to see what happened as well... and that's when she found out her daughter had been hit by a car the poor child must have followed the cat around town... The scene after shows the funeral. I have to say, I am not a crier especially when watching dramas, but this scene made me tear up. Esom portrays this character's pain so well. I really hope YJ ends this drama with happiness, whoever she ends up with.
  7. This drama seems like it will be really funny, I think the main girl will end up in situations where she has to save him and eventually they'll fall in love... We'll see how it goes but I like it so far!
  8. Just watched with subs... I think it will be good, guys! I'll keep the spoilers low though...
  9. I know this is so off topic but since everyone is torn and speculating about the plot... I wanted to lighten the mood by mentioning that the latest part of the drama ost (part 6) came out in the last ep and I really like it. The title is “When it Rains” by Soyou and Mad clown, and love the combo of her calming voice and his rap. You guys should give it a listen! Here is the link:
  10. I agree with you, it wouldn't be right of her to hide the child from JY (if it is actually his). Around episodes 7-8, I was honestly getting frustrated with this drama since the main two were being horrible for each other for the lamest reasons. I almost gave up watching it because I thought it would be a situation where they'd stay immature and jealous till the end where they "magically" get rid of their problems and become inseparable or whatnot. However, the last 2 episodes have really pulled me back into the drama, and I actually think that it could be amazing depending on where they take this storyline from here. I love esom and I think she plays this mature character so well, her story feels so much more realistic to me than some other actresses. I feel her pain and joy in the scenes... I will definitely watch more of her in the future.
  11. I thought of that as well. It would be a huge twist if the kid was actually JY’s. However, that could be the factor that brings them together for the third time. I guess we’ll find out next week...
  12. 1. No, I think she was just defending him because of a traumatic experience she had before (the flashback with the cat). In that scene, she was carrying a cake and dropped it, so it could have been someone’s birthday or a special occasion. I have a feeling the cake symbolizes something but I have no idea what it is yet... 2. We only know that they had an unhappy marriage from the drinking scene, and the fact that they broke up so emotionlessly. It could have just been a bad relationship, or maybe something that had to do with a child. The cat incident has to be part of it, but there is no way for us to know the full story yet. There was no official mention of them even having a child though, so that reason for breakup is really only a speculation. the story is getting more and more confusing, so I’m going to have my eagle eyes out for signs now lol
  13. I agree. If she finds out about SG's illness, it will really be a problem... I am hoping she is just too naive to figure it out. Also, I'll translate the key points of the ep here in the morning before subs come out!
  14. I agree. JY is definitely still not completely detached from YJ, and I think he's having second thoughts. One thing is for sure, if you proposed to a girl and are already thinking about someone else within 24 hours, your marriage won't work out
  15. Hmmm... Ho chul and Young Jae are already divorcing, so all it takes for YJ, JY to be together is if cop girl gets heartbroken, and I think that's the direction this is going who knows until it happens, though... I just don't think the writers will find a new character for YJ to be happy with within 4 eps. One way or another, even if it takes time, I think YJ and JY will end up together (as much as I don't think they match).
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