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  1. @SC2019i agree Dr. Yuhan's acting is on point and i like his character both in and out of the hospital. He looks great too and his chemistry with Keyao is good as well. Btw, is it just me, but i think Shu Wenbo looks a bit like Ethan Ruan?
  2. Im happy with the development of our main and 3rd couples' relationship. SKL is really trying his best to give this relationship a chance even with the help of his alarm clock lolz! I love how their dates have specific times and cant be adjusted like a SWAT training per Wenbo hahahaha While Dr. Yuhan is very much open to Keyao looks like he is trying to make up for something in the past. This couple looks very professional on the outside, i cant imagine how theyll like sweet in the upcoming episodes ♡♡♡ Wenbo is just sooooooo frustrating until ep 24 i think
  3. Happy to have found this thread! Im currently studying mandarin on my own and was looking for a new drama to watch then i saw that there were a lot of episodes for this drama that has been uploaded and subbed but never thought that i will be hooked. I love the storyline, at first you will have that DOTS feeling but as i watch the rest i also felt like im watching Emergency Couple and Romantic Dr. Kim all together, which is awesome! Im more into the 2nd and 3rd couple cause their story still seemed to have surprises compaired to the main couple. Too bad that there were
  4. Ive been a silent lurker here and always happy to read all your observations ♡♡♡ But after reading some comments about waiting for Taemin to turn 30 and stuff, I just cant help but wish that this couple will be like Joanne Tseng and Calvin Chen who never admitted their relationship in public and got married at the right age.
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