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  1. Im actually here for the 3rd couple ( doctor/asst. Sec.) Bcoz the doctor looks like Im Seulong ♡
  2. I agree. He supports her and tries to enjoy the things she likes. The professor is so cool. Its very seldom to see this character in school related dramas.
  3. Thank god theres a thread for this drama. Im totally loving it. ♡♡♡ I like how ML is trying his best to express his love either by words or action while the FL seems to still be a little lost hahaha Though i felt bad for the ML during their "bus" date in ep14. The FL keeps on ignoring his presence and was sooo focused in writing her novel. She even failed to acknowledge/thanked the ML for buying and feeding her while she was so busy. Maybe its just me, but as of the moment even if they are together it looks like its still a one sided love affair hehehe
  4. I was surprised that Dr.Kim knows how to make drugs specially something that can cure Dr. Cha's illness. Im glad that he was able to help her coz it seems like she really wants to be a doctor for her mom. I also love the mom-daughter conversation. She was so happy to share her OR story with her mom she sounds like a kid bragging about her accomplishments, sweet. And Dr. Bones wanting to have some drink with her, I hope this wont go unnoticed by Dr. Seo.
  5. Hi everyone.. After watching the first 3 eps im now hooked! Im happy they decided to make season 2. Lots of things can be learned in this series. Scenarios are close to reality too. As for the storyline, i find both characters strong and competitive. It looks like both studied medicine for their parents and none wanted this profession for themselves but i can see theyre both striving. I hope both will help each other to face their fears. I was touched that AHY became concern of LSK's issues inside the OR and is looking after her now.