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  1. Wow! I love the hand kiss too so sexy hehehe I cant wait to see ep 9...i want to know how XiaLin's tears affected him.
  2. Finally! Im so happy to have found this thread a place to spazz on this new drama and OTP hehehe not to mention those hot guys! I came here coz of the lead guy and the assistant hehehe ive seen them in moon river and dragon day youre dead. Too bad back then they were only supporting cast but now im happy that they have bigger roles. Im really loving the OTP. They have good chemistry and the acting is just enough not too overly done. Ive watched all 8 eps in a day! I cant get enough of them hehehe..i like the premise of the story and though id have to say that the development of their love story is i think a bit rushed hehehe but im not complaining. The ending of ep8 was really sad for me. It was really harsh to send her out of the house in the middle of the night wearing only that but i think there is something about her tears that will help the lead guy to recall the past... i wish for more jealous moments while he cant seem to believe that she is his wife and that he love her hehehe
  3. Could the child be the from the MT of the salon with HC's team? I cant remember that they slept together in the past aside fromt this event.
  4. It was just now that i thought of this, but i think since YJ and JY met, JY was always left unaware of YJ's sorrows or challenges in life. He is always the lasr to know about the heartaches that she went through. Not sure why it was always like that though...i just hope that somehow in their 3rd meeting, JY will be YJ's source of power. Also, why didnt PD-nim shared any happy moments of HC & YJ. I believe that he really loves her.
  5. @mushforbrains thanks for mentioning the cat doll scene. It made sense now. I think her daugther died in a car accident on i think her birthday thats why she or they went out to buy a cake. Which fell from her hands when she saw the accident. It made me feel more sad for YJ. She could have had a happy married life if she did lose her kid from an accident. Im not aure how to phrase this but i think she is the one who requested for the divorce since she thinks that she is no longer capable of being a good wife to her husband.
  6. I love the variety of ideas/comments that ive read today. However, i have some questions: 1. In the scene that was shown where YJ is holding a child, was that hers and HC's kid? 2. Did she really marry HC and only divorced him coz she cant survive the loss of their/her kid which leads to an unhappy marriage? PS. i havent seen the subbed ep.
  7. I felt bad and sad for YJ...she tried to move on but failed and now that they meet again, he is happy, but i love how she tried to smile and be happy for his marriage. That must be hard for her. The police station scene reminds me of how she reached out to him before but i think she doesnt want to have any connections with him anymore now thats why she didnt call. I hope they can still support each other as friends and live a happy life.
  8. Had a time to screen last night's episode and it looks like at least to me that JY is trying to find himself and while doing so the policewoman came along so i think JY thinks that this is maybe the best for him. Doing what he likes and being with the person who shares the same likes as him. He is just comfortable with the situation and thinks that its the best. But he was not over his feelings for YJ. The shock in his face was obvious when YJ & HC came. As for YJ i think she tried to excel in her field as well. Focused on developing herself as a stylist. But like some of you guys think, i believe that YJ & HC isnt together. They are just friends. I'd feel sad for the policewoman cause she was so inlove with JY. I think JY's character dislikes being in a stressful situation. He'd rather have a laid back type of relationship where everything falls in to place quickly. Just like how he planned it to be.
  9. Id like more from the third couple though i know that there's no line connecting them...but i find them cute too I still dont know where they are currently filming huhuhu
  10. I had a chance to catch some parts and i love those scenes that looked like the remaining of the 1 week that HSG is a different person. SDJ keeps on preparing something for her...i find it sooo sweet As for the kiss that was posted by @dramaninjai think he is also falling inlove already but is afraid to admit it. On the other hand i love how HSG let herself kiss him because that is what she truly feels at the moment... LOVE!
  11. OMG! cant get enough of this 2 (giggles) why do we have to wait for 24 hrs before we get to watch them again..anyway, im cool with how LMK handles this pretend dating thing ..i bet he is enjoying it while SHJ is still being careful with everything bcoz of her condition and if LMK will be serious abt their relationship. PS: Hey guys...im flying to korea this weekend and i hope to see these guys even for a short while and even from a very very far location hahahaha would you know where they are filming? I really want to have glimpse of SHJ this is my first time that ill be there while she has an ongoing drama.
  12. Been reading comments about ep 6 and i know not everyone would agree with me but just to share, i love what JY's sister said, calling first is more on the personality of the person and that its bcoz of his pride that he cant call her first. Thats just true with the way he is acting. And YJ's statement at the end of the ep about him not trusting her, it kinda hurts a lot. I understand that he is jealous and doesnt want to be the first to concede, but we also have to give YJ the credit when she called him after he left without a word the other night and for visiting him at home to bring food for his family, especially when her last encounter with his parents wasnt that pleasant at all. Also we have to consider that compared to JY who cooked for her bday bcoz the situation calls for it and not bcoz he planned it, YJ went to his house because she wanted to and not bcoz of an opportunity created by another person. While the drive home could have been an opportunity to settle things between them due to JY's insecurities it made matters worst. As for taking the Dr. at the restaurant where they made a reservation, i also think its a bit off, but then its her bday and id rather see her have a good dinner instead of just sulking at home. Tbh, this drama is way too close to reality. I remember reading a comment about their kisses hehehe, im also enjoying all of them
  13. I love watching SHJ act ...she can really express the emotions and seems to have good chemistry with all her male leads... Im happy with the devt of their relationship though i have to admit that i would want to see a more expressive LMK but nonetheless im enjoying his chatacter right now. Im giggling watching them hahaha wasnt able to sleep waiting for the subbed ep4 to be out. Downloaded it first thing in the morning and started my day filled with these lovebirds' sweetness
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