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  1. I'm actually enjoying it, but I agree that something is missing -- story development and a stronger chemistry. I *think* the conclusion is supposed to be how fangirling turns into a healthy, devoted love to a real man when the fangirl meets the real man she truly loves, as well a his acceptance of her hidden side. We've reached that, basically. But otherwise the story is very predictable. I had figured out Ryan's relation to the mysterious artist, as well as his connection to the young idol. The actor playing the idol is very sweet, btw, and doing a great job). I also like the "Cindy" growth story as well. But all the other side stories and characters are not fleshed-out, even though there's a lot of potential there. That's a shame, really. I'm enjoying the romance, but while there's a playful, and tender chemistry, what's missing is the sizzling chemistry that there was with PPC that was very evident even even they weren't acting a love scene. This is the first time I've seen KJW, and I definitely am a fan of his looks, his voice, and his acting, but I'm always aware that he and PMY are acting. With PMY and PSJ, it feels like they're being. Does that make sense?
  2. I totally love and agree that PSJ belongs on the "Most Handsome" list. He gets better looking each year. But where is Jisung, who is in his 40s and still hotter than the rest here? How about the other guys from Hwarang?.... etc..
  3. Have you seen "Midnight Runners" (also titled "Young Cops")? He's REALLY in amazing shape in that movie, including his armpit.
  4. Some actors have the power to suggest or insist on script changes if they don't think the story or the characters are working well, but otherwise, in most cases, it's up to the scriptwriters and the director. PSJ, for example, is known to ad-lib and improviser quite a bit and to suggest changes that benefit both him and his co-stars. Since his suggestions, improvisations, and ad-libs are known to be really good, the writers and the directors listen to him. Same with Jisung, as another examples. However, not all actors have that confidence, the skills nor the professional power to do that.
  5. Yeah, there's notable energy flowing between them that's just different and sizzling, like it's being held in check. She is definitely more feminine and softer, yet with a certain confidence, when she's with him, and he is even more masculine (which is saying something, since PSJ is definitely manly) and intense when he's with her, and his teasing and joking with her is flirtatious rather than buddy- like or brotherly. I didn't see nor sense that from him with his previous co-stars. As I'm watching HPL, I can't help noticing that while PMY is playful and feminine, and at times very girlish, I always sense the actors acting the romance, and their energy is more like they like each other and are comfortable together, but not "into each other" in a romantic way off camera. I don't sense a shift in him and in his energy, nor hers, when they're together.
  6. Absolutely 100% spot on. Where I live, there's a huge Korean population. There are PSJ CF's posters EVERYWHERE -- the big supermarket, the small convenience stores, many shops in large shopping center, juice bars, some restaurants, and of course, the movie theater. Some of these retail places even have life- size cardboard "PSJs". It was already like this before FFMW. Since then, there are even more. Not too much of any other actor or actresses. When "Midnight Runners" aka, "Young Cops" opened at the Korean movie theater here at the big Korean mall, it sold out all showings for a few weeks in a row. So it actually ran for a number of months, longer than most movies. I like PMY a lot, although I didn't know much about her before WWWSK, even though I'd seen her in a couple of historical dramas. I really enjoy her work now, and support her. However, PSJ was the reason my Korean friends and I waited excitedly for, and watched, both FFMY and WWWSK. PMY was a a wonderful surprise and discovery for a number of us, to be honest. But we're definitely fans now! She's fun to watch, a very good actress, and obviously their chemistry together was off the charts, but I'd make an educated guess based on articles, interviews, the crowds at the theater, etc., comments I've heard all over, that, at first, a larger number of viewers started watching WWWSK because of PSJ, rather than because of PMY. On a funny note, all the teachers at the Korean Center here, where they offer classes in Korean, know who PSJ is, but not all knew who PMY was, or they'd recognize her picture in a role, but didn't know her name before WWWSK. In every conversation that comes up about favorite Korean actors, PSJ's name comes up a lot, and every time he's mentioned, every teacher (they're all Koreans, not originally Korean-Americans) I know sighs, "Ohhhh, yesss..." Lol. There's no question that WWWSK was a PSJ vehicle, and it was seen and marketed that way, and few actors have the chops he has, to be able to make the VP so believable and loveable, and multi dimensional. But it's clear that PMY was the right actress for Secretary Kim, and their collaboration, and their PPC hotness also made the story and the drama far better than its script.
  7. Can you get Viki? It's available on Viki What country are you in? In California (U.S.) it is available on Netflix. I see it listed. It's also available on Hulu.
  8. I just noticed that his pajamas match the bedding. It makes it looks like she's completely surrounded and wrapped protectively by him. Clever story-telling through imagery What drama is OMV? Oh, wait! Never mind! Lol.
  9. Thank you! Pharrell seems to be pretty popular among Korean celebrities, and he seems to be a fan in return. Black Pink, BTS, now PSJ was also at the show... Of course, PSJ is known in the international modeling world, so it's not surprising to see him at a prestigious fashion show.
  10. How can you be a real fan of PMY and think what you wrote? PMY isn't a toy or a possession of any kind to be "snapped." She is clearly a strong, independent woman who is perfectly capable of choosing the man she wants. Actors have private lives. You seem to assume an awful lot and jump to some major, weird conclusions about PMY, PSJ, and KJW without knowing them, their private lives, and their on-set behavior except for a few bts clips. Even if it's true that KJW wants to get married, it makes no sense to say that he can just "snap" PMY from another man, let alone PSJ in particular. Not to mention that you are disrespecting both PMY and KJW by implying that he'd pursue a woman already in a relationship, and she would go along with that. If you are truly a fan of PMY, you wouldn't think of her in any of these ways.
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