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  1. Ugh! All American cast? Mark Ruffalo?... Sounds like the only thing that would be remotely like "Parasite" would be the word in the title. "Parasite" is such a truly Korean movie, it'll lose everything by being Americanized. I wonder why Bong even agreed to that. He's never been motivated by money, and all his movies, "Parasite" included, criticized hyper-materialism and soulless capitalism. I guess we'll have to wait and see, but if it's truly all American actors, I don't anticipate wanting to see it. If there is to be a sequel, or a prequel, it should be the original Korean actors, with PSJ as Min Hyuk.
  2. I really hope this is a joke. Anyhow, HBO can't make such a movie without Bong Joon-ho's permission since he owns the copyrights to the characters he created and to anything related to "Parasite." This kind of story isn't the kind of stuff he writes, and I don't see him jumping the shark and selling rights for such a movie to HBO....Unless, of course, HE will be the one writing the script and directing it. THEN it would be interesting!
  3. Boy, did these Astrology ladies get PSJ wrong! He's very cerebral. If they listened to his interviews, they'd hear how cerebral he is. He analyzes and intellectually breaks down every tiny detail.
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