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  1. It seems that the Korean justice system is finally taking the matter seriously, sending a message that malicious posts is a punishable crime. My guess is that there will probably be more convictions for anyone posting malicious rumors and for cyberbullies. There's a growing petition signed by thousands of fans being sent to the Blue House to pass a law for serious sentences for cyberbullies and those spreading malicious, false rumors. The petition calls for a "Sulli's Law" to be created and passed, after Sulli's suicide a couple weeks ago. Malicious, hate-filled, false rumors and cyber-bullying comments are finally being taken seriously after Sulli's suicide at just 25 years old shook the entire entertainment industry and the country. It's quite likely that the years of nasty, malicious cyberbullying by anti-fans directed at her constantly were either the cause or the contributing factor for her depression and suicide. Her agency should have protected her more, and more rigorously. Now anti-fans are even targeting her ex-bf, the rapper, Choiza, and also sending malicious comments to other young celebrities telling them they should kill themselves next. Some artists have strong support of their agencies, and in those cases, the agencies and the celebrity sue, and have sued, for malicious defamation. Son Hye Kyo and her agency are currently suing 2 of the 4 people who posted a malicious rumor that the Song-Song couple divorced because she had a "sponsor" in China... The agency and the police were able to trace two of the accounts' IP addresses to catch two of the people who posted these ugly "rumors." The other two accounts were deleted right after posting the malicious comments, so could not be traced. So with PPC, as long as the posts aren't malicious, hate- filled, or cyberbullying, PPC's and their agencies' tactic seems to be to make a small comment after the drama, then just not respond, since the comments aren't damaging to their reputations, aren't threatening, and aren't bullying. After all, being rumored to be dating PSJ, or PMY is probably a rumor many wish would be made about them. So as long as the comments and social media posts aren't malicious, aren't threatening, and aren't trying to ruin PPC's careers or good names and reputations, or adversely affect their private or professional lives, they'll have no reason to sue.
  2. Just saw "Parasite." PSJ's cameo is well-done, and he looks great! Choi Woo-Shik is amazing! The Uga Uga brotherhood has much to celebrate and be proud of.
  3. He's already got jobs booked till two years from now so far, his new drama and a movie, and who knows how many commercials and modeling assignments, so that's probably why he talks about two years from now. One really gets to see what a careful, analytical thinker he is.
  4. Knowing Korean culture, it's not something one does to a friend of the opposite gender, even a close friend.
  5. Cakes for dogs aren't cakes made for humans, so they may not be many shops where one can buy a cake made for a dog's appropriate diet. A good dog parent wouldn't give their dog a regular for- humans cake. So it makes sense that many celebs would patronize the same dog-food bakery.
  6. PSJ says that he thought the same thing. So what's actually noticeable for me here is how in sync they are in the planning of this scene, as well as her letting him know she's all in making this sensual scene as they both envisioned it. She knows he's a master in kissing, of course, so her suggestions and their exchange shows a real sense of way familiarity with each other, and that she's all in.
  7. Sorry in advance for the long post! I loved the movie! So did my friends, both Koreans and non- Koreans. I actually saw it twice already with different friends who wanted to see it. We all didn't think that the plot dragged at all. So I have top disagree with those who say that it dragged in the beginning. The story was very well-developed and the movie felt shorter than the 2+ hours. The character development was great, and so was the story arc. Two of us are writers and Literature/ film professors (I being one of them), and we thought the story was very well done, as it really allowed the audience to understand what motivated each character. I also discovered more special and interesting elements the second time I saw it, both plot- related and in the symbolism. There are some fun cameos and inside jokes. There are quite a few funny moments throughout the movie and they are cleverly and organically done, and totally in the right places in the story -- a tribute to the scriptwriter, the director, and especially to the actors, PSJ in particular, since the ad-libs were created or suggested by him, according to what the actors and director said in interviews. PSJ is EXCELLENT throughout. His facial expressions, as usual, speak volumes even when he says nothing. He's very strong in the serious parts, and his comedic timing in the funny parts is, as always, spot on. The action scenes were VERY well done. All of us, guys and women, are unanimous on that. We didn't have any problem with the CGI. Even my friend who is a professional CGI guy liked the CGI in the movie. As for PSJ's abs -- gorgeous as ever, just not enough scenes showing them. I don't like horror stories or movies, but this movie really isn't a "horror" movie at all. It's more accurately a supernatural action thriller. The demonic or possessed scenes were well- done, but I didn't think the demons/possessed parts were too scary, nor did any of my friends. They were, however, thought-provoking (as to why each individual became possessed), very interesting in execution, makeup, and in how each responded to the exorcisms. They all had different reactions, but I don't want to give away any spoilers. They are dangerous, though, for sure. PSJ said in an interview that the story "isn't really just a fight between Good versus Evil," and he's 100% right. There's more to the story. Like most Korean movies, it's about choices we make, how much light or darkness we choose to allow into us, or how we respond to difficult times and adversities. All the actors are very VERY good. Excellent, in fact. An Sung-ki is a veteran character of several decades, and he's sooo good as the exorcist priest, and his fatherly chemistry with PSJ is one of the best parts of the movie. The play off each other brilliantly. Woo Do-Hwan is also very very. I've always loved his acting and his ability to use his physical beauty to make it appear as either innocent or seductively dangerous, or straight up evil with just how he smiles or in how looks sideways. I would have loved to the movie to have had more scenes with him and PSJ together. If there is a place in the movie I would have liked to change it would be having more scenes of them together. However, within the story, their encounter makes total sense. Choi Woo-sik is great, and we had fun wondering afterwards how many takes it might have taken PSJ and CWS to shoot their serious scene together without laughing. PSJ is, of course, strong as always. The man has such great instincts, depth, skills, and talent, not to mention the ability to chose great scripts, that he's riveting to watch. He's SO manly and tough, and totally believable, as a MMA fighter, a man who is good but tough, and then also in his vulnerable scenes. One thing that physically stood out to all of us, apart from his acting and looks, is just how big he is! No one was complaining.... He's seriously HOT in every second of the movie. All black and leather are definitely his look. There was a group of older ajumas seated in front of us, and they actually fanned themselves and commented on how handsome and manly he looks loudly enough for us to hear. It was hilarious, but who can blame them? Lol. I'll probably end up seeing the movie for the third time because friends from my Korean class also want to go as a group, and I'm totally looking forward to it!! Btw: There are several cameos by very familiar faces from K-dramas, so it's fun seeing them unexpectedly. One in particular that people will recognize from HPL is brief but hilarious. ALERT: If you're going to see it, don't leave when the credits start. As is common with Korean movies, there's an important scene right in the middle of the final credits that you don't want to miss!
  8. Interesting, because the show men really really drunk in k-dramas all the time, and sometimes women as well. I wish I could see this scene, and the others everyone is discussing, but I wasn't able to buy the video from the U.S.
  9. There are also Korean government rules and censorship of scenes deemed too steamy for TV shows, which every K-drama has to pass.
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