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  1. I binged watched both eps of SKY Castle this week. And, I abandoned Memories of Alhambra and Encounter... this show is just too addictive! Thank you @icemaid for the English song lyrics. "People cheat each other, right?" What a song for this social commentary. Even though I'm not Korean, I think the education focus is so apt. It's the same in every Asian country, especially the mother's attitude. I think in ep 11 and 12, Jin Jin really shone. Many years ago, I watched an American vampire sitcom (could be Buffy, I forgot), where the characters had a curse. One of the main characters could "hear" what the other characters were thinking in their heads, and also match it to what they said. Everyone said something different to their thought, except the school bimbo, who did not filter any line and said exactly what she thought. Jin Jin is this character in Sky Castle. It is refreshing to watch Jin Jin's character in this manipulative drama. I find that I can perfectly understand these highly-debated-by-netizen characters: Han Suh Jin, Ye Suh, Hye Na, Kim Joo Young. Each of them have clearly defined characters and motivations and intentions. Sure, maybe we're not too sure what Hye Na wants to do. But, she has been forced by Han Suh Jin to drop her desired choice, which is to run for school president. Why should Hye Na give up for the sake of Ye Suh? She clearly got the popular vote. Just so that Ye Suh can be elected, the only way is for the opponent to drop out, because Ye Suh is just so unpopular. Maybe her mom is just goody-goody and doesn't want to burden her Professor father Dr. Kang, but Hye Na has the right to inform her father that he has an additional child. What is ironic is, Hye Na is what arrogant Dr. Kang expects of himself. Little aid, no additional curriculum or volunteer work, but still gets top in class. Hye Na is living the 'ideal child' path of Dr. Kang's imagination. Something interesting is from netizen's comments, I think Professor Cha is really popular! Everyone wants him to be happy. That really tickles me. Urgh, the scriptwriter is killing this drama and I am so hooked. How can we last for the next 8 episodes?! There is so much air-time and already in ep 12 there were 3 bombs dropped. I keep clutching my heart and wondering how the Kang family will turn out?! How are they going to end this show?!
  2. @leeminhosny Yes, eps are extended to 20. Even more eps for us to obsess over, good news Many Korean netizens are having backlash to Soo Im's decision to 'out' Han Seo Jin. Initially, I rationalized it that in Korean culture, perhaps there is emphasis on reputation and name. To me, it's natural to 'out' Han Seo Jin. Soo Im would not have done it, except Seo Jin had twice bullied her in recent eps, and even more times in the overall plot. Recently, first it was the dinner party at her place. And second, to collect signatures. Seo Jin also manipulated the signature-collection situation to make it seem like it wasn't Seo Jin's doing, but she was the puppet master all along. By lying and creating a fake background, Seo Jin is trying to 'richify' her life, even in front of her children. In doing so, she's sort of denying everything she had to do with her real background, including her friend Soo Im. If you recall, Soo Im was pretty happy to see Kwak Mi Hyang in a new environment (Sky Castle) when Soo Im first moved there. So I'm pretty surprised to see many people against Soo Im outing Han Seo Jin. After all, that was the only bullet left in Soo Im's hand. There are so many characters in this show with different personalities and objectives that international drama comments and K-netizens can pick and choose who to support or hate. This is an excellent drama that is bound to create heated debates. I'm also curious about Hye Na. What is going to happen next?! It's so thrilling. Moving into their home, what does Hye Na want to achieve?!
  3. I'm so hooked on this drama, I caught up all eps within this week and just read the post above (thank you @sljj) that it has extended to 20 eps. Sometimes story extensions may end up draggy so fingers crossed that this will not be the case. I also read some analysis that the story about Hye Na's birth secret may become makjang in nature, with the plot following her. I hope not. Lastly, I did some research and seems like the writer did not have any work from 2014 till now. She must have been working hard on this script, and that's why it is so good.
  4. After 6 eps, I'm still hooked on this drama. I have to say though, I need to be well-rested and alert when I watch a new ep. The AR game scenes are surprisingly tense and I get scared when I hear the guitar song softly playing in the background. I'm also not really a horror genre fan, so I had to be determined to watch every scene (to support Hyun Bin...). PSH is a good actress but I think she is very "under-the-radar" in her acting. She allows the male lead to shine more, and doesn't steal the scene so much, as compared to Song Hye Kyo, for example. PSH is consistent, beautiful and strong, but more mellow in her presence. It's relatively new for me, as I don't actively watch her drama, and my preference is for dramas with dominant actresses. I agree with the comments that HB has grown since his last drama, he is indeed worldly and charismatic for MOA, after his many lead roles in movies. I'm also surprised by his action scenes. I gave him a lot of attention in his early career but dropped his drama (particularly because I didn't like Secret Garden...) The show was advertised as overseas love romance in Spain, hostel owner and hardworking girl falling in love with CEO of IT. When it turned into AR sci-fi drama, I was intrigued. I was also interested in the missing youth programmer. When it started to go into horror, I continued watching because of the good acting. My only gripe with the plot so far is... give me more romance scenes. Right now, they are like a wounded Sherlock Holmes and Watson team, companions on a computer quest (even though PSH doesn't really consciously know about it). It will be great if there was a strong romance thread to sustain the plot through the episodes. Also, personal secretary role seems suspicious. Personal Secretary should know all about CEO, but most of the time he disappears and also doesn't communicate with HB at all. It's almost like the plot just has a hole there, so that PSH can conveniently "nurse" HB from the lack of information between personal secretary and HB. Teenage angsty girl has the best chemistry with HB. What a surprise. HB's character also isn't so guarded towards little girl, so their scenes are surprisingly lovely to watch. Overall, I'm still committed to watch it, but a little uncomfortably due to the scary aspect of the game scenes.
  5. Thank you for the information and this article! I'm so touched that you remembered.
  6. Thank you for informing me, I'm so grateful to you. And in my country it will sell out for sure. I had better go to buy it fast!
  7. Good day to everyone! I've completed episode 4, oh my... Bogummy's character is not simple. The ending scene of ep 4, my reaction was... that's right, she should live as a normal human being, with equal rights as everyone in the lobby. I also wanna thank everyone who sent me messages about the lipstick, seems like the big reveal appeared All her lipstick shades are probably from Sulwhasoo... I should quickly go to their store next week to get some for myself.
  8. Thank you! I watched ep 4 and seems like the lipstick that will be famous is the Sulwhasoo range... I'll go to their shop to try the shades soon. Ahhhhh, so excited.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm looking for information about her lipstick choices in Encounter. If you have any information, please post here Can't wait to buy them for myself lol I know it may be from Sulwhasoo but I have not seen any information about it so far.
  10. @bedifferent hi drama-friend! I'm so happy that we're watching the same show again hopefully this one will keep us all happy this time! @kokodus I'll watch out for mysterious Mr. A today, oh yes he DOES look like the male lead of prison playbook now that you have mentioned it. That's an interesting addition to the cast!
  11. I watched ep 1, signing on for the whole series. What am I going to do, I've already decided to watch Encounter/Boyfriend and now this. By the way, Mr. A the private investigator... he looks like the main lead of Terius Behind Me, So Ji Sub. So which actor is he? I searched but I can't find him on the cast list.
  12. Hi everyone, same like most of you, I have watched ep 2 already. Bo Gum with his priest-monk-like aura has unleashed his full power in ep 2! So, being adorable is his secret weapon talent huh! I've only watched a full drama of his in reply 1988 but I was on team Ryu Jun-yeol. Read many comments above that he doesn't drink... so he has to practice a lot for this role... if I'm the director, I would just ask him to drink some wine and then no acting is needed since he would be easily intoxicated. Watching their ramyun scene, Bogum makes me want to slurp noodles too. He makes it look so delicious. I can't generate feelings for him but being in my 30s close to SHK's age, I kind of watch him like a kindly godmother or elderly senior, wishing that my son can smile brightly like him too. He is indeed like his name, a precious sword of Korea. SHK's dead face in ep 1 and 2 are on purpose, she is dead inside. She hates the media attention but wants to fulfill her family's direction as a politician family. Even her marriage was a duty for her. I can understand how she can't trust anyone. Meeting Bogum must be the best thing that happened to her. He doesn't know who she is and she must appreciate that deeply. The saddest thing (and I may get the dreaded second lead syndrome for this) is, I read in the character summary that her ex-husband loves her so much and decided to divorce her because he was the only one who could make this decision, so that she can be happy again. I don't think there was any third party. He loves her, he married her but everyday seeing her dead face, he knows it is not the end solution. What a great man. I hope she eventually finds out about his true intentions and feelings. Maybe his mother (her mother-in-law) is evil, but he sacrificed his reputation to give her an exit. Lastly, I'm really curious about SHK's lipstick shades. All of them. I want to go out and give them my money right now, just to get all colours. How does she get it so correct for her face? Muted pink, bright luscious pink, gentle sweet pink... it's all a little different and yet so beautiful in each scene. I'll be looking out for articles or information on her makeup as there is bound to be.
  13. I'm also very interested in her lipstick colours, especially the one she is wearing with the red dress. Waiting for some information to drop about it...
  14. Watched ep 1! Somehow I think Bogum looks so pure and beautiful, it's difficult to find someone who can match his charisma. He always looks so positive, I'm looking forward to him performing sad scenes. His aura is like a monk. Or a priest. SHK is so beautiful as always. She is older than me, but always looks younger. While I'm ageing everyday. I'm so angry at myself but still love her so much
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