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  1. Really happy to see him in a new project finally! I can't wait to know the actress who will share this drama with him!
  2. @cherkell Anyway, I still don't understand why this question in the middle of the moment of the discharge of the army of JCW? ... it was inappropriate and I think that above all, many fans don't care at all (which is my case) In addition, the boy was in a moment of exhilaration and intense joy, taking him back this way is just disrespectful. Public life is the public life, the private life and the fantasies of the fans, it's something else! Excuse me this small difference of subject but I had the same problem with an actress that I like very much (PBY) after the diffusion of SWDBS, the difference is that PBY had the reflex to denied everything to avoid that the media doesn't continue insinuations, otherwise it would never have been silent. In the case of JCW it's even more irritating if you have not really joined the pair in SP (which is also my case lol!) Anyway, I mean I'm interested in JCW's future work and projects, but the rest doesn't interest me, I want to keep that mystery part that when I'm going to see it in a film, a drama or whatever, it will carry me in his character and I will believe it. I like to see him play, sing, interact with his fans or whatever, but it stops there! Otherwise, I have a question? do you think a topic will be created soon for his new drama? thank you ^^
  3. Thanks for the news @cherkell in a Romcom ? I want to say: Finally !!!! I'm impatient now! On another note, I would really like to see JCW in a heavy melo someday ("Secret" style melo for example), I'm really curious to see that.
  4. You can count me among you for this wish ... I'm sorry to cut your text but that's exactly my feeling! I'm a fan of Wookie and I was happy to celebrate his day! I thought I was the only one to become angry and frustrated with these misplaced questions ... To believe that JCW is not even a single person who represents himself, who has his own fans and certainly doesn't need someone for his fans be interested by him and his work . This situation become really penible... Anyway, Can I add that this nervousness so visible made him even more cute?
  5. @rittoo , @annie1234 I think for a second, but then they remember their promises then ... I wanted to add, in addition to the wrist bandage of HS, that the last promise of SW to HS is never to attempt suicide again, we know the character of the queen and we know his love for HS. In addition, for HS, a promise is very important and SW knows it! I doubt that she committed suicide ... I think she will prefer to wait until her natural death or murder, but she will not break her promise to HS!
  6. @circulate9oo I had to sacrifice myself. I had to investigate and find arguments to enjoy this beautiful finale!
  7. Have you noticed? at the end, when HS and SW end up in the field? HS has a bandage on his right hand ... So, if he was "dead", not only does he change clothes in the afterlife, but he also hurts himself? (so strange ...) it would be more likely, that his healing is longer than expected and he stays away for a moment not to put the life of SW in danger (with supporters of DM) no? ... Just my point ...
  8. I just watch VOSTA on Viki, (even if my language is French, I always understand English better than Korean ...) Several elements make me think that the end they offer us is reality and not a dream or the hereafter ... The body of HS has never been found DR and GS the clowns are the HS family and they are happy (only after 2 years) and praise the qualities of the former king (HS) this goblin story often expressed by HS, SW finally tested it, it was if we can say it his last hope to see him again ... And he appears ... it's a very poetic way to meet and it fits well with the story of HS and SW (can be a tribute of the writer for their love story?) The only thing that puzzles me is what HS responds when SW asks him why it took so long to get back to her, HS's answers are pretty vague ... but he tells her that is not a dream! finally, the subject of the promise, we know how important the promise is for HS, so I doubt that SW breaks the promise not to commit suicide, she promise to HS. In short, I'm puzzled ...
  9. I'm so sad because this drama is over .... First, I went through twitter, I saw spoilers and HS being (fatally?) Wounded ... I started to feel very bad ... Then I saw other spoilers with the meeting of HS and SW, there I was delighted !!! But after that, I saw a lot of comments from people who say that the end is "open", the meeting of HS and SW is a metaphor ... In fact, HS would be dead and SW joins him in the 'beyond... because of that I can't watch the last episode ... I am clueless ... I don't understand this story of end "open" .... it doesn't suit me at all ... so, I can't even watch the episode ... Why did I read these comments? !!! And please @Yeo Jingoo, stop dying in your dramas! Edit : Ratings 20190304 TVN : The Crowned Clown : 10.9% and these greats notes !!!
  10. welcome @Drama king I would like a twin brother story, but maybe It's to short now ? Anyway, I would be satisfied with the end hoping not to see still die my favorite characters ...
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