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  1. I've been holding up from watching the last 4 episodes and just reading the recap..... I probably wont watch the last 4 episodes knowing the ending...I hate an open ending
  2. i like this theory.It is very plausible..And i want to add something to this theory The three that died( marco,hyeonsuk,secreatary seo) in Granada were not killed by the game.They were killed by Director Park/his minions outside of the game..
  3. i hope Emma going to have a significant screen time..i'm waiting for emma since episode 3
  4. Is an "interrupted quest" can be considered as a "failed quest" ? If yes, it will have a significant impact to JW's effort to find Seju .... It was mentioned twice in the game( on the train and at the dungeon's entrance) that the quest is for "one time try" only..
  5. Okay..I just finished watching the 10th episode.. - it was very intense that i felt like watching the finale episode... - the interaction with Emma was just mehh..too little..I expect more since i've been waiting from Emma since episode 3...So far she is doing nothing..Her character has been oversold and over promoted..Even the pirates have more a significant function.. - The reappearance of City Hunter in the dungeon pulled at your heartstrings
  6. Tomorrow,JW is going to meet Emma and they going to talk,finally..And JW going to go into somekind of dungeon
  7. Referring to this scene, is this guy some one that we know ? or merely just a non-important NPC?
  8. I think Marco was on the train with Seju in episode 1..Look at the shirt wore by Marco..I think at that time he is already killed and became an NPC in the game..
  9. One thing that i really really want since Ep 3 is, Zinu interaction with Emma... Let them talk/interact with each other..So far it is just a tease here and a tease there..
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