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[Drama 2018] The Third Charm, 제3의 매력


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On 10/28/2018 at 2:59 AM, darr said:

@tali58, that guy didn't hate himself. He is simply insecure and she knew it. What is a relationship without sacrifice?  Help ur partner discover himself/herself any way you can.

His love was too intense,explosive that she can't handle it and see it as boring and exploitative or boxed in a corner. 

Honestly speaking, had she known how to handle such kind of man e.g., helping him get more confidence in himself, if she ask him to lay his life for her, he will do that.

Explosive love tends to be possessive in nature.

He just need to shed off the insecurities he had while growing up as anti social and one the society don't want. That's his only problem. He is still smart


She also asked him if he had loved her all those times she hasn't been up front with her. One after the other and he kept on saying yes. Why did she ask? Cos she want reassurance too.


in relationships we often ask those irrelevant questions. 

His best wasn't enough as he said.

She will become very successful as she want but there will be a hole in her life only him can fill.

She is an extrovert, he is introverted.

She is actually the proud type. He is the sacrificial type.  Did you watch the drama" introverted boss"

U will see that the two guys have almost the same qualities . The only difference here is that the leading lady in introverted boss helped the guy rediscover himself. She helped him boast his ego and he took it from there. He was worst than this guy in the beginning but the lady tried even when she failed to make him become secure and fight for himself.

What has she given as a sacrifice? 

What did he do wrong in the first break up? Nothing, except that he loved her wholeheartedly. Instead of leaning on him even if it didn't make sense when her brother had an accident,

Rather,she first finished him with her sassy mouth and then expect him to be ok cos they happened to get back together. Even at that, he was trying to fit it into her world. Didn't see her ask for forgiveness for what she did. Rather he was the one who asked for forgiveness.

Even when he was drunk before her after bailing her from the police station, he asked those agonising questions, I expected her to give an honest answer and apologise but she didn't. She only said is he was sorry later. Sorry for what? She wrecked an already insecure man with her bad mouth. Look at the way it affected his life. He thought he did something bad. 


I hope she discovers her wrong before they meet again and do the right thing this time around. Starting from the day she talked down on him.


And I also hope that she will be ok seeing him friend zoning a babe that she knew has interest in him as a man. Let's see how she can take it.


She didn't wreck him or ruin him. He's just not ready for a mature relationship. Inside,  he's still the geeky college sophomore he was 10 years ago. She's right when she says that their relationship would have continued on with her always explaining and justifying,  and him always trying to understand her,  which would constantly make her feel like she needs to apologize to him. That's not a healthy relationship. 

It's not her responsibility to make him a happy, whole person. He needs to love himself first. She was always,  repeatedly, telling him he's the only man for her.  She's always asked him to spend more time together, to call her. Partner/ lovers who are so insecure they always need validation are what we call in Psychology "emotional vampires" becase they are so dependent on another person constantly replenishing them and feeding their emotions, that they suck the life and energy from their loved ones. They're not satisfied or made confident by the sacrifices of their partners,  at least not for long. Out of fear and insecurity,  they soon need another sacrifice. Because she's the first girl who liked him,  and loved him, his insecurity made him really clingy and unreasonable needy. That's why she wasn't able to deal with him emotionally when she herself was young and insecure, when her brother suffered his accident. Yes, he would have wanted to help and carry some of her burden, but she didn't want to have to constantly apologize. 

It became clear in their second chance that very little had changed in him emotionally and psychologically. She can't fix him. That's his task.  She shouldn't sacrifice her dreams.  He should encourage her dreams.  Too much sacrifice on her part wouldn't have helped,  and is unfair to her  It's actually enabling his neuroses. It would have led to him needing and requiring more, and her constant need to apologize to appease his fragile emotions and ego would have made them both resent each other eventually. She was already there, and in all fairness, rightfully so. 


There's no question that they both love each other,  but it's not a healthy love,  nor one where both people grow together. He needs to find himself, and he needs to find happiness inside himself. He also needs to discover what makes him confident *apart from her,* before he can be emotionally an equal partner to her. The separation is needed for both of them. 

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4 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

Wow... :wub: who would have thought... and he can whistle so well too.... and dance. First time seeing him so totally don't know anything about him.

He's good! Lee Sang Yi an up-and- coming actor. He was in "Manhole," "Prison Playbook" (I hear he played a despicable prison guard. Lol), "Suits," and a few other dramas in 2017-2018.  This role here is probably his biggest one so far. I really hope he gets more great roles from now on. 


Btw, everyone knows that older brother is a famous rapper, right? These days he also sings, and was debating recently how he would be received if he sang a Trot song. So another famous singer in this drama :).  Like Min Woo Hyuk, he's also on "Immortal Songs - Singing the Legends" quite a bit.  But I can't remember if he and Min Woo Hyuk were ever on the show at the same time. 

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On 11/1/2018 at 2:45 AM, chickfactor said:

But he was super-good in "Are You Human, Too?" The show itself got boring near the end, and I don't really recommend it, but his dual-performance as a chaebol heir and a robot that looks identical to him is SO GOOD. They don't look different at all, but in every scene, you never doubt which character you're looking at. That should really put an end to any speculation about his acting skills.

He did good on AYHT. I followed it as was showing . But it really is this drama that he has stolen my heart . 

More stills @bedifferent. Can’t wait for a new chapter 




I really the potential of this pairing


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All to often we overthink, worry and believe we know what people think or feel instead of understanding first and listening to them through their actions as well as their words. 

Even those they don't say but you know are there because of the history that you share...


I love how this drama opens up all those ways and fears two people who love each other go through.  It's like peeling a relationship one layer at a time.  Not only in allowing them to each follow different paths or dreams seeming to let go or set free more than once.  Yet continuing to show that love is stronger than we know.  That it isn't that easy for even when one moves on it doesn't mean your memories or that lingering ache in your heart can be silenced...


For even in finding a better understanding of oneself or in attaining your dreams.  Still while continuing to grow there are those moments of loneliness when your heart takes you back and reminds you of what you once had yet didn't appreciate or fully realize just how amazing it truly was and within your memories still is...




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Ep.11 Text Preview - translated:


경찰직을 그만둔 준영(서강준 분)은 홀로 여행을 떠난다. 포르투갈에서 새 삶을 시작하는 준영에게 낯익은 방문객이 찾아오고. 한편, 서울에 혼자 남은 영재(이솜 분)는 이별의 후폭풍을 혼자 견뎌내는데. 서른둘의 준영과 영재는 어떤 모습일까.


After quitting his police job, Joon-Young leaves on a solo trip. While living his new life in Portugal, a familiar guest visits him.


Young-Jae, left alone in Seoul endures the "after-blast" of the farewell alone.


What do Joon-Young and Young-Jae look like at age 32?

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Jtbc has not up uploaded the cuts tonight but I have been watching some cuts on IG. After the break up , JY goes to Europe to backpack & learns some culinary skills / dishes. From what I gathered he stayed there for a while .




Meanwhile YJ was missing him. Her bro & bestie seems to have hit it off. 


In the meantime, JY & girl cop kept in touch . I think they became close & I Guess develop feelings for each other & got together 




 I’m not sure what the time lines are but I know when he came back he opened up a restaurant together with his bestie . 



I think by then the sis & bestie are already married & have a kid . This is easily 3 or 4 years later



Anyway the relationship btwn him & girl cop goes smoothly & he proposes to her 

YJ & doc walks into his restaurant one day. Omo ! The feelings are still there . And YJ bro & her boss are either married / together. This is the end of the eps with preview 


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I haven't watched the episode yet .. just screened through the JTBC video.  From what I gather, he went away but the officer kept in touch with him.  Even made him a jumper and all.  How sweet.  I am a little shocked at the turning point but can't say that I am unhappy.  The girl really look like she'll be good to JY.  Plus he brought her home and also proposed to her.  Ottokke for YJ?  Cause the JY we know is fiercely loyal and committed.  He has principles.  I don't think he and the officer will break up easily.  Not to be mean, I feel that YJ had it coming.  She didn't even look happy going to eat with the doctor.  She was not smiling.  She was checking out the restaurant with such intense curiosity.  JY's smile dropped when he saw them together.  Oh gosh it is almost as if, and it does look like she broke up with him for the doc.  Why is it a part of me wants YJ to suffer for taking JY for granted?  I want her to really regret it.  But I know JY will be suffering just the same.  And then he will start to feel sorry to Officer Min for being shaken again.  Oh, this is too heart wrenching.  

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24 minutes ago, darr said:

This is serious.

Thanks all for the summary.


Until I watch, I will never know fully well what happened.

True. I'll wait for Saturday episode and watch it together. I can't believe what I read but I'm starting to feel sorry for the female officer :tears:. She will get hurt badly for sure. 

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2 hours ago, dramaninja said:

Whew thats quite alot for one episode I am glad he did just sit around feeling sorry for himself.I have no idea where they will go from here though some hearts are going to be broken.


Hlz8.gif   Mine....


@triplem  what do you mean he got close to that girl cop??  Proposed?  What the heck is happening?

  I knew he shouldn't have eaten that peach or was it a pear I can't even think straight.   :bawling:

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After watching the episode without subs, I take it that it was a necessary growth arc for Joon Yong. We breezed through it in one episode (!) - the roughing it out in Portugal, the journey of his passion with cooking, enrolling in culinary school, graduating from it and going back to Korea, running his own eatery AND including a proposal to the cop gf at the end of the episode...:o


But somehow I wasn’t affected, I am really enjoying SKJ’s genuine acting that comes with a lot more intensity and emotions in this drama and his character more fleshed out that his relationship with the cop gf was almost cookie cutter bleh...Because there was no sparks, no intensity...almost a matter-of-fact, routine...even the sister and his bestie had more sparks in their courtship and now parents to a cute girl. Heh. 


I’m only curious how the writer/PD is going to stretch their love story into the Third Charm.

I’m guessing he will show YJ’s growth arc/her side of the journey tomorrow? I’m also curious will JY actually marry the cop gf and divorce her and then get together with YJ again, and vice verse for YJ & the doc....? To show both of them coming full circle, back to their true love for each other. I don’t know if I want to see that...but it’s possible and kinda refreshing for a kdrama love story I guess.


Because for once a kdrama is not making the audience take sides or fall for the SLS (credit to @triplem ^_^)...Although I don’t really care about the doc or the cop gf...hahaha


I still enjoy the OTP and the pacing of their relationship, plus a bit of humor from their family members’ shenaigans...but I know I definitely have to be patient. -_-


I really love the pairing of SJK & Esom and the characters they play...no villainess-like behavior or the need to wish that their characters’ suffer more like some makjang drama...


So let’s continue to enjoy this beautiful love story, be further moved by SKJ or Esom’s wonderful acting (tonight, I teared along with her when she ate a spicy dish her boss Joo Ran cooked, even though I don’t know what was said, but I understood why...) and let’s wait for how the writer/PD is going to show the transition into Third Charm? Or into the Third Charm already? in the next few episodes! Hwaiting! :wub:


PS Lisbon/Portugal looked lovely, I think I just added it to my bucket list...:)


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In just reading peoples opinions and how much they hate YJ and are cheering for JY's fiance on other sites it kind of makes me sad & wonder.  When most of those opinions are from women, how hard we are on our own sex.  I didn't see perfection in JY or YJ  then or even now and felt there were problems created by both of them in their relationship that covers a span of many years...


Still no matter what we know or even believe, the truth was in JY's eyes as they started to tear up upon seeing YJ and you could feel those emotions come right to the surface. To be honest I happen to like the female cop she seems sweet and kind it's true.  But I also remember the many sweet moments as well as the heart breaking ones those imperfections between YJ & JY that I can't help in cheering for a love that survives all of that because it was true...


Maybe even that one can love another more be hurt and even feel betrayed. 

One can even give up, feel as if there must be another way.

Tried to move on but couldn't quite make it because of a his heart that continues to sway.

In just one look everything he believed seemed to crumble around him for he knew that it was true she was still a part of him and he was still a part of her and they felt and knew it too...


Mind you this girl has to dream in hopes that my wishes come true.

  It sure beats crying, wearing round glasses and being a character called Sadness that's BLUE...





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I don't like where the drama is heading.

That beautiful cop heart should not be broken for anything.

She is very encouraging and courageous too and a good girlfriend.

I wouldn't want her to get hurt.

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Quick and dirty recap for those who are watching this raw:




Joon-Young quits his job, his mother is upset with him for quitting without even a plan. Father is a bit more understanding because he knows that Joon-Young is not a careless person.


Joon-Young goes backpacking to Portugal. He walks and walks and walks. He is so exhausted that he doesn't change his socks (!) and falls asleep without brushing his teeth (!!) He goes to a restaurant starving but not knowing how to order, and the server brings him their "best dish." It is so delicious that he wolfs it down and the server (owner?) smiles and brings him another plate. He was supposed to return to Korea, and his mother is cooking for him, happy to see him - and then he calls and tells them he's not coming home because he has a plan now.


He enrolls in culinary school in Portugal. At first he struggles, and is constantly late. He has an especially bummer time on Valentine's Day when everyone has dates and he is alone. The next day at school, he's having a bad day, but he gets a package from Se-Eun with a hand-knit scarf which makes him smile.


He writes her back a polite note of thanks with a gift, but doesn't acknowledge her feelings.


She shows up in Portugal, saying that she was in Spain to see a soccer match and just happened to swing by? Somehow he believes this? They have a nice evening together catching up and she's off to the airport in the morning. He comes to see her at the airport to bring her egg tarts that he made, but again, doesn't sound like he's interested in her - says, "Bring your boyfriend next time." So she screws up her courage to confess to him, that she likes him, and came all this way to see him.


And their relationship begins. We don't see much of it, but it seems serious. He stays in Portugal for 4 more years - 5 years total - and it's long-distance between them but it looks like she comes to visit him. As he's back-hugging her, she asks him why he likes her, and he says that they fit together well, and that is comfortable. She's disappointed by his answer, but he says that it is such a precious blessing when people fit well, and it's so much better than trying too hard when people don't fit together.


After graduation, he works at a restaurant and is offered a sous-chef position at a new branch. He turns that down and returns to Korea.


In Korea, he opens a small restaurant called "Only One Table" - it's a reservation-only restaurant where he makes one great meal a night. As he's getting to open his restaurant, Sang-Hyun whines that the Ohn siblings are stubborn and always do exactly what they want.


It looks like the restaurant is doing well, and Joon-Young is happy. Se-Eun is doing well as a policewoman too, and making lunch for him every day. He was going to propose to her, but was interrupted, and she drives away. He runs after her car to propose to her. She cries as he puts the ring on her.


That night, his dinner guests walk in and they are: Young-Jae and Ho-Chul.




I love her. The casual way she announced her pregnancy was dae-bak:


- Ri-Won and Sang-Hyun are eating with her parents (after Joon-Young told them he's not coming home).

- Ri-Won: "When one person leaves, another enters, that is how life is."

- Sang-Hyun, looking thrilled. "So marriage? With me?"

- The parents are happy and tell her she made the right decision.

- Ri-Won: "Actually, I'm pregnant."

- Sang-Hyun spits out his food.


She never marries Sang-Hyun but they raise their daughter together.


After she has the baby, they video-chat with Joon-Young from the hospital. Ri-Won while holding the baby says, "It was no big deal." Sang-Hyun is bawling. His mother says, "I will remove you from our family register!" (for staying abroad too long and not coming home), and his father cheers him on.


When Joon-Young returns to Korea, Ri-Won is the CEO of a successful real estate company or something? She helps Joon-Young find his restaurant space. He specifies that he doesn't want it to be in Gangnam, probably because that was where Young-Jae's salon was/is.


Sang-Hyun is constantly whining that Ri-Won won't marry him. He dotes on their daughter and even does her hair! He asks for a kiss and his daughter pushes him away. She's a mini Ri-Won!




Soo-Jae's screenplay that won the contest also became a big hit movie. (Joon-Young watches the movie on DVD with his roommates in Portugal.) The movie's title is: "I will be the one to kill you." Ha ha, hilarious.


So he's livin' large, and Joo-Ran is still his pal. He refuses to say she's his girlfriend in public which makes her grumble. She still gets drunk on the regular, and asks Soo-Jae, "Why won't you marry me, aren't I pretty?" To which he replies, "Have you looked in the mirror?"


Why is beautiful Lee Yoon-Ji playing a desperate and lonely old maid? I don't know.


Soo-Jae looks great out of the scruffy wig, and dressed very natty.




She cries when she eats the spicy dish that Joo-Ran cooked, remembering the birthday meal that Joon-Young cooked for her. She stifles her sobs in the bathroom just like when Soo-Jae broke up with Jung-In many years ago.


Other than that, we don't see her in this entire episode until the very last scene. Soo-Jae and Joo-Ran video-chat her and mention that she went away and doesn't call them often, and Joo-Ran cusses her out, as per usual. We don't see her face, and we don't know where she went.




12 Video Preview - translated:


Young-Jae: It feels like not a lot of time has passed, but also like so much time has passed.


Joon-Young? Ho-Chul?: So you (we?) meet again, like this.


Young-Jae: What about Unni?


Soo-Jae: Joo-Ran? Of course she's pretty. And cute, too.


Joo-Ran: (drunken sleep, cussing, Soo-Jae laughs)


Young-Jae: It was nice to see you. ... Both of us, we both struggled a lot.




12 Text Preview - translated:


예상치 못한 곳에서 재회한 준영(서강준 분)과 영재(이솜 분), 그리고 호철(민우혁 분). 준영은 결혼기념일 손님이 영재와 호철이란 사실에 멍해지는데. 준비없는 재회에 당황하긴 영재도 마찬가진데. 다시 만난 준영과 영재, 서른 둘의 가을과 겨울은 어떤 모습일까.


A reunion at an unexpected place for Joon-Young, Young-Jae and Ho-Chul.


Joon-Young is in a daze when he realizes the couple who made the reservation for their wedding anniversary was Young-Jae and Ho-Chul.


Joon-Young and Young-Jae, after meeting again, what will their 32nd autumn and winter look like?

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Soyou and Mad Clown will reunite with an OST collaboration for JTBC drama 'The Third Charm' Release today, 6pm KST






[The Third Charm] Ep 11 spoilers, Seo Kang Joon & Esom



Article: Naver 'The Third Charm' Kim Yoon Hye confesses to Seo Kang Joon, "I like you"... they begin dating 


On Joon Young (Seo Kang Joon) goes to Portugal to start his new life. He attends culinary school there.

  • Min Se Eun (Kim Yoon Hye) meets On Joon Young at Portugal and confesses to him. They begin dating. 
  • Joon Young comes back to Korea and opens his own restaurant with only one dining table. He proposes to Se Eun. 
  • Lee Young Jae (Esom) and Choi Ho Chul (Min Woo Hyuk) came as his customers. 

1. [+369,-18]
The two match each other so well... So I'm worried about the story in the upcoming episodes. 

2. [+243,-17]
No matter how I look, Esom's character is cancerous.. Seo Kang Joon is really a saint, except for his cowardice. He is a devoted lover. Esom's character is self-centered. Even when her boyfriend says he dislikes it, she still continue to meet that guy. This won't happen in real life. 

3. [+204,-4]
Joon Young looks so happy now. If only his heart doesn't waver when Young Jae appears... Will Young Jae appear as a customer? 

4. [+155,-4]
That's right, Joon Young, just date someone who likes you. 

5. [+102,-13]
Scriptwriter, I'd like to hit you in the face. What are you doing now? Are you trying to show off that you've studied culinary? Other than dating that policewoman, what else did you show us? An episode is gone just like that. If they broke up, they must've had gone through a hard time during that period, you should show that. It looks like Young Jae just went on a holiday. That's why the ratings are falling. 

6. [+47,-3]
Wowww. I was speechless at the end. ㅋㅋ Just let Joon Young marry Se Eun. Who cares if that cancerous character continues to date the doctor or not.. If Joon Young's heart waver now, he's really a pushover. 

7. [+42,-0]
You're not letting him get together with Young Jae after this, right.....? You've gone too far to do that. ㅜㅜ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Especially the last scene, it was a makjang..... This is Young Jae's 
wedding anniversary, and Joon Young has proposed to his girlfriend.... Are they going to meet as divorced singles for their 3rd meeting....? Shocking. 

Article: Naver 'The Third Charm' Seo Kang Joon turns into a chef.. Begins dating Kim Yoon Hye

1. [+636,-9]
What are they trying to do.. If he ditches the innocent girl he had proposed to, he's just a bad guy.. This isn't right. 

2. [+553,-5]
Are you kidding me? Why would Min Woo Hyuk and Young Jae get married.. If Joon Young and Young Jae start dating again now, it feels strange. Just let him marry Kim Yoon Hye and end this. 

3. [+438,-11]
Policewoman Min should be like in the drama 'Something Happened in Bali', and shoot everyone. What's this? 

4. [+348,-16]
To think that Joon Young's eyes when he looks at policewoman Min is different from how he looks at Young Jae! Actor Seo should get an acting daesang. He's outstanding in every aspect. Actor Seo has to be given an award. 

5. [+206,-2]
I don't want to see Joon Young getting cursed at because he proposed to her and then break up with her. It's better to stay this way and have Joon Young and Young Jae live their own lives happily. This is the first time I hoped the leads don't end up together. 

6. [+182,-14]
The two match each other so well, can't the two be together.. 

7. [+80,-0]
It felt like I was watching the second half of 'Pretty Noona who Buys Me Food'. 

8. [+44,-5]
It was Ho Chul's wedding anniversary with his ex-wife, so he celebrates that every year. Young Jae just went there to eat together with him, isn't that it? It can't be.. that the two got married and this is their anniversary, right? Even if time passes, Young Jae and Ho Chul are still cool friends, of course, Ho Chul likes Young Jae in his heart. And Joon Young is just comfortable with policewoman Min, they don't have problems, so he felt sorry and thought it was reasonable to propose to her... But I think she's not the person who makes his heart throb... Seo Kang Joon's eyes looked that way. 

9. [+70,-0]
This is crazy.. If this happens, and they start dating each other again, the scriptwriter is crazy. I'm crazy for being a first broadcast killer for this drama.. 



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