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  1. @ktcjdrama -What I like about Joon Ha is her sense of fairness and composure. I will take it back, she gets these traits from her dad so maybe she is her father’s daughter after all. Both Soon Ho and Joon Ha are the better versions of their parents, thus, our hopes for a better future. - Me too, was hard for me to watch In Ha, a little over the top; seems like the PD wanted to contrast her against Moo Jin who held his emotions in check. She reminds me of a friend who is transparent. If she is mad at someone, you will know. If she loves someone, she would dearly shows it too. In a way, her direct and forthcoming personality lets me know she is who she seems to be, the real deal. No pretension. That is not to say In Ha is perfect but you know she is sincere in her actions and feelings. I do not like the fact she tends to lash out at Moo Jin, her sister and even her mother - her personality is meant to contrast against the other mothers at the academy whose manners are more calculated. -Yes, I did see that he gave her the book. It’s Sun Ho’s way of telling her that he will be her protector? He who sees children like Joon Seok who once was his best friend growing to be a person who uses violence against others due to jealousy and misuse of power. Did you also notice that Dong Hee was reading The Little Prince in class when the first altercation between the boys occurred? In that story, the Prince encountered different types of people in his visits to other planets. There, he learned of how narrow minded, selfish and irrational adults can be whereas children like him, are more open minded, sensitive and awared of others. Dong Hee herself is an invisible person who longed to escape to the world outside the small place shared with her brother on the rooftop. Holding this dream of her against the reality and prejudice other kids placed on her. - I don’t know what to make of the security guard. Honestly, I feel that he was sympathizing with Sun Hoo’s parents in the beginning. He dislikes Eun Joo due to her crime but moreso of the fact that she can hide the truth with money. He hates her for it but cannot reject her offer of money. I feel like he hates himself for allowing people with social status to carve an advantage or even break the laws yet allows himself be the accomplice to her crime. - Yeah, those windows, glass partitions and room within a room within a house. Everything is structured and confined, glasses and mirrors everywhere as is to reflect their actions and reactions. Despite that, these family members failed to see the consequences or right vs wrong.
  2. Hi. I really like how the drama (only watched up to mid E7 now LOL) keeps showing us parallels or different outcomes on the same issue. Take for example, lack of communication between parents and children. We have Moo Jin failing to recognize signs from Sun Ho as a parent in hindsight. He taught pacifism to his son when confronting problems which may have played a part in Sun Ho keeping the bullying a secret. Did Sun Ho feel if he reveals the bullying, Moo Jin would not be able to defend him given his kind nature of not choosing to confront the perpetrators? Maybe it is also because of not wanting to see his dad go through the aftermath of the revelation? Did Sun Ho want to spare his kind father from confronting the bullying? I just have a feeling that Sun Ho may not have confidence in his dad's ability to defend him. Asking to take boxing lessons for self defense not only enable him to fight off but also is a small testament to Sun Ho's confidence in his father's strong character. Not only that, I think he was being thoughtful and filial to his parents to not burden them with his problems. In all, it is sadly true that Sun Ho shaped his personality from observing his father. Interestingly, he lacks the straightforwardness and self confidence of his mother In Ha whose personality reflects more in Soo Ho. I thought this uncertainty Sun Ho had toward his father's courage played out nicely in how Moo Jin helped Dong Soo later on. Ironically, it took Sun Ho's injury to force Moo Jin to learn to confront injustice and defend the innocents. Mistakes happened, he failed to help his son but he has a chance here to change and defend another boy from injustice. I like that he walked the talk. Moo Jin didn't lose his own kind self either when talking to Joon Seok in the car. For the first time in his life possibly, an adult tells Joon Seok that there is a potential to change after a mistake ...this is multiple significant as it comes from a man whose son suffered from his actions. We don't know exactly what happened at the rooftop but we should take in account that Joon Seok's past history as a bully could color our perception of the truth. It's important to separate two actions from each other, something Joon Seok desperately wants to convince his mother. He is guilty of bullying but did he cause Sun Ho's fall? Moo Jin did not pass judgment on his involvement in the fall but instead, encouraged him to try to be a better person. This interaction was what Joon Seok wanted, a different perspective to his current problem. It also lead him to be emotionally honest with his mom later on in front of the house wanting to confess to the authority. As a teenager, Joon Seok reached out to adults, his mom, for guidance in time of need. Because of her own mistakes (trying to cover up for her son), Eun Joo couldn't direct him to do the right thing as it would revealed her guilty of obstruction of justice. I thought it was just a start contrast to Moo Jin. His own mother failed as a parent when he needed help here just as Moo Jin did with Sun Ho. Eun Joo also was confronted by the school police officer of her wrongdoings as well as her son's character. Yet, what she decided to do after her mistake reveals her own moral weakness, refusing to see her son's true character. In refusing to accept that her son has potentially grown up to be like her own abusive husband, cruel and manipulative, she held on hope that her own goodness has not lost in that household or she has failed as a parent. Ironically, turning a blind eye to what happened that night, to protect Joon Seok, she has enable her son to not change for the better. I grimaced at the way she tolerates Joon Seok's treatment of her. Instead of making him aware of his awful character or accepts consequences of his actions, she enables him to continue on his psychopathic ways. She just doesn't want to accept the monster that he is. At this point, her lies are compounded by her mistakes which she herself doesn't want to admit. When the school officer sternly confronted her of the situation and her involvement, Eun Joo's reflections on her mistakes drastically different than Moo Jin. Instead of changing for the better, she compounded more mistakes on top of mistakes. The first thought that entered Eun Joo's mind is that the man is trying to extort money from her. That speaks a lot to her character and belief in humanity... and it came from her family, her husband's frame of mind, the value of money in her life. There was lack of repent and admission of guilt for her wrongdoings. The righteousness that we see in Moo Jin was lacking here but what is more sad, is that she can't be the adult who chose to do the right thing. Let alone guiding her own son to do the right thing.
  3. Hello everyone, I finally got the chance to watch, only up to mid E6; waiting for subs of the rest. I like the drama. Such a dark beginning but I am sure the healing will come soon.^^ While watching, I had vibes of My Ajusshi believe it or not. This drama's storylines revolve around school bullying, adults and teenagers as both victims and assailants. Some directly involved, others are responsible indirectly through apathy, self preservation, moral ambiguity/weakness... yet many are driven by love, parenthood and social pressure. Where it resembles My Ajusshi for me is how the drama portrays human beings at the lowest point in their lives as in their behaviors... some chose to put self and children above others. How easily and difficult it is to hold integrity and morality when is faced with the question of doing the right thing. A lot of these characters' actions are understandable, even if we disagree with their stance. How pitiful and hard the circumstances are facing both In Ha and Moo Jin yet they must dig hard to keep going and face another day. How hard it is for them to say it's no big deal. At the press conference, Park Hee Soon mentioned that his character Moo Jin said in the line of ... Everyone makes mistakes, it's how we move forward from the mistakes that is important. In this world of no golden answer to our society problems of adults/kids hurting each other, the change comes from the courage to admit the problems, our faults in it (ironically out of love or good intention for our families), our weaknesses, why we come to where we are, what we have become... perhaps it is the only way to heal collectively. For Moo Jin who took upon himself to change the world by imploring kindness in his own son and practiced it everyday in hope to make this world a better place, he failed to make others awared of the problems and take accountability. Internalizing the problems, not sharing the cause, won't force everyone to come together to collectively solve the problems. We see it in his recollections of Sun Ho... how he had wish to take time to listen to the problems instead of falling into his pacifying ways. Moo Jin believed if he takes the higher road, internalizing the burden, teaching his son to do the same, would move others to change for the better. It worked in some, but not others. For some like Joon Seok, it requires someone to confront his darkness, force him to admit fault and give him strong guidance for change to happen. Someone like Joon Seok won't change on his own. Eun Joo is too conflicted by her own love for her son that she can't accept that he is his father's son. Because she is living in the household where integrity is a supporting character, where her role as mother and wife is conditional as a secondary citizen, she has no courage to do the right thing. I find Eun Joo the most annoying and realistic character in the drama, Cho Yeo-Jeong is really good. Contrast to her is In Ha who I am glad has stopped yelling and crying. I like her strong maternal personality, loyal and persistent for her son, even though her directness alienated others around her. Her intelligence and love mirrors Soo Ho. Her daughter is a better version of In Ha in the way she is willing to display affection and empathy to those she loves. Her hugging Moo Jin was intuitive and wise beyond her mother's way. In Ha could be more receptive to others feelings and opinions, including her own mother and husband. I think she never understood or appreciate Moo Jin beyond the mere observation that he is a kind man. There is obviously a lack of communication between the spouses. Soo Ho is wonderful, inquisitive and a spitfire, fueld by her love for Sun Ho. Where as Sun Ho expresses his kindness freely, Soo Ho hides her thoughtfulness selflessly. She will show everyone that one person can make a change. I have to watch E7 before I can comment more but yeah, this drama is not an easy watch.
  4. @ktcjdrama @bebebisous33 or anyone, i forgot the details. Reporter Ha has 2 appts on his calendars: meeting with No on Feb 23 and another meeting with someone else. Do you remember the name? In regard to reporter Ha, he was fairly ill in the hospital when DH and Yuri met. Makes me think whether he was healthy at all when he did all these investigations or his heart gave up on him just all of sudden. With a full calendar, I would think he collapsed suddenly. Was it foul play? When did DSC know he was on to them to want to kill him and also, how did they find out? Was it from the contents in prosecutor No’s briefcase or from his conversation with prosecutor Yang before his death? I think Yang may have told his superior about No’s case thus why DSC killed him and was able to expose/kill all the whistleblowers. DSC prearranged the Hwaye meeting with both Cha and Choi. Yang’s guilt toward Madame Jin could stem from the fact that he suspected their last phone convo lead to his death, not that he was directly involved. Don’t you think Choi Pil Soo is pretty smart to confess to the crime. Prison is the safest place for him to be in. Otherwise, he would be killed by DSC, esp when all eyewitnesses or people who knew about the crime have all been eliminated. DH is his father’s son, intelligent man.
  5. Hehhh, I finally caught up to E8. Quiet still this thread. I'm here cuz @ktcjdrama wants me to post more. LOL Okieee, so I have some thoughts. DH is protected by dad's hidden Black Bear report, question is where and/or who has it? By the time of his meeting at Hwaye with others (who else, besides him, CEO Oh, Lt Col Cha?), the documents are safe kept somewhere or with someone. I could only guess the person who knows about the documents would have enough authority to bypass DSC. I think there could be 2 copies. One is with Prosecutor No (in his briefcase and was taken by CKT after the accident) and the other is... somewhere. Choi Pil-soo knows No is dead yet he is confident that the document is safe. Secondly, how will he signal to the person or release the document when he is incarcerated and has no access to the outside world? Could he have contact in the prison? Why did Choi Pil-soo accept fault for killing Lt Col Cha? The timeline doesn't correspond to the heart transplant. Unless, No's accident was several days before the Hwaye's meeting? Was No on life support for several days.? That is one thing I don't get... why did he said he killed Cha? Perhaps DSC killed No then told Choi Pil-soo that his plan has been thwarted. If he takes blame, the heart will go to his son DH. Prosecutor Oh's accident was near Hwaye. The last two people No contacted were prosecutor Yang In Bum and Seol-hwa. I wonder if No was on his way to confront CEO Oh and collaborated with his whistle blowers (Cha and Choi). He perhaps called Seol-hwa to ask her to record the conversation? Question is whether Choi Pil-soo knows about the recorder or why did No called Yang? Kim Sun-Hee was untouched for 10 years, at least until she blackmailed someone before her death. The TV coverage on Bright Political Party (Choo Myung Geun - we saw a brief glance of him) triggered her interest. Could it be that he was also at the meeting or seen at Hwaye somehow. She left the country after the shooting, unharmed because they didn't know she planted the recording device. Her death was pinned on Han Jong Koo to make like a serial killer's victim to eliminate Jong Koo as an eyewitness. Secretary Hwang, ex soldier, controls CTK moves. Since both are no longer in the military, what circumstances bind CTK to him and why under his order now? Could it be related to Nurse Jo, his sister? What did Det Ki interviewed for, a special police recruitment, yet he refused to go back to the force? So far, I don't see CEO Oh/CTK puts pressure on Det Ki, who has no protection like DH. I fear for him as well as the women. He won't be safe soon. I really like that Madame Jin and Yuri are involved. Part of me think Chief Prosecutor Yang will protect Madame Jin, he ordered a copy of No's case sent to her so he appeared to not understand the whole scope of the cover up. His superior at the time, the second prosecutor, may have known more. Madame Jin and Yuri will be safe as long as they stick with DH. LOL More stories and screen time for the ladies please. There has to be more clues to uncovered in No's office at home or on his computer. How about those numbers on his cell phone? If all roads lead to DSC, DH must remember seeing those dog tags on CTK later on.^^ Han Jong Koo was kept alive all these years, why does someone suddenly want him in prison? Why not kill him 10 years ago or anytime since then? CTK address is of his sister Nurse Jo, which means he knows where she lives although she has not contacted him for over 10 years. Something must have happened to their relationship at the time of No's accident/reporter Ha's death in the hospital. Pethidine was found in Changhyun-dong murder, Kim Sun-Hee, and prosecutor No's toxicology reports. The drug can only be found in the hospital. CTK possibly been using his sister's access to the hospital to steal the drug? There was no way that the hospital not investigate the drug's disappearance. DH's heart is failing. If genetic, Madame Jin must disclosed to DH that she is the mother of the donor so they can have an idea of the genetic background. How will Det Ki react when he knows about Han Jong Koo's death? Prosecutor Lee holds the key to uncover the past, namely what prosecutor No did? How to bring him to the good side? Let have him be the hero. Yoon Hyung-Ho who plays Heo Jae Man/CTK is fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more of your comments, guys!
  6. Will try to start by weekend, things are hectic again. I still have not caught up with Confession. How do you like BW so far? @triplem just got back from a week in Hawaii and a week in Portland, Oregon. Love each in its own way. The waterfalls are beautiful so were the beaches (and plenty of abs). Portugal, London and Spain June/July. I may end up in Vietnam in December. Too many dramas atm. Game of Thrones got off to a decent start. -2
  7. Game of Thrones... you better deliver! Hello everyone. @triplem been on vacation, saw up to E4 of Waikiki, like not love it yet. Dimples are cute. @staygold is watching Confession, is keeping my interest and curiosity. Need to binge Beautiful World. -2
  8. Heh, too bad this is a quiet thread, for a drama that is good. I got the chance to rewatch E4 so here are more mumble jumble from me Quick recap of key players on DH’s board, many have gone to private sector post military exit, thus the tie to kickbacks from deals.Added events that we knew that day. Chairman Oh: ex-DSC commander who is now head of Yukwang corp Colonel Cha Seung Hoo: at time of death was of DSC, whistle blower? Choi Pil Soo: warrant officer of DSC, whistle blower? Prosecutor Yang In-Bum and deputy prosecutor Ji Chang Ryul: partners law firm that DH get himself employed at (at this point I think most likely a deliberate move by DH but puzzling for me cuz they both likely know who DH’s father is). It was not a random act that he was assigned to rep Han Jong Koo, to make sure he is incarcerated. Det Ki: arresting officer of Choi Pil Soo What is missing is the defense team and lawyers for Choi Pil Soo. Could it be Madame Jin’s son? What did he know? Does any of this link to his death? We also are missing key witnesses that testified (or maybe we are not shown the entire board yet) We know from Det Ki’s phone screenshot that the military may have crafted an alibi and witness for the prosecutor Visitors at trial: ex military driver/ex convict Han Jong Koon and third victim Kim Sun Hee sits close to each other, on side of defendant. Kim Hee Sun possibly knew Or interacted with DH post sentencing. DH has already received the transplant at Choi’s sentencing. Victims: inconsistent and sloppy investigations -10 yrs: 1999 Ko Eun Ju/Changhyun dong: victim was mutilated but not lips/nails (impersonal killing) -5 yrs: 2009 Yang Ae-ran (Han Jong Koon is the killer, copy cat 1998 murder but mutilated lips/nails, personal, possibly killed his mom the same way. Emotions run amock here. JK could either saw the evidence/photos in court or seen Ko Eun Ju body/crime in person. He stated he knows something about Choi Pil Soo and third victim Kim Hee Sun 2019: Kim Hee Sun, whose death timed to be after JK’s release to send him to prison again. Is she the last witness who knows about Choi’s case besides Det Ki who is now off the force (make you wonder if he was spoonfed to fail the cases) Kim Sun Hee appearance/circumstances changed from 10 yrs ago to now as is JK. What happened after the Choi case for these two? JK discharged, did he suffer PTSD at any time? What is the relationship between the two? Everyone involved with the case disbanded and disappeared into civilian life. Yoo-ri’s dad was admitted at the same time as DH, suffering heart ailment. What is the possibility that DH’s heart supposedly belonged to the man but Choi Pil soo managed to bargained for his son with his life? The friends’ first meeting was not serendipitous and sad in a way. The spirit of the law is not to ignore the truth. Do Hyun finds it troublesome to his job as a defense lawyer. He chose the profession to exonerate his father, does he not really care to uphold truth or justice? We see him already wrestle with his conscience, learns to understand his client’s predicaments, care for the truth beyond the job. But as a lawyer, he is bound by responsibilities and the law to protect his clients. There is this dignified way to Do Hyun that matches well with Yoo Ri’s upright sunny personality, not in a romantic way but a balance check for DH to remain on the righteous path. Ironically, a defense lawyer can’t choose to be at all times.
  9. Yes, I agree. I also think Do Hyun was forced to grow up quickly. We don’t know the story behind his mom, father and son may only have each other to rely on. His mum was not at the trial sentencing for sure. When the boy was told by his father to forget him, there has to be shock, confusion, betrayal crossing his mind. The third victim KSH was at the trial. Was her kindness a random act or she knew his father’s story? She is associated with the dead army colonel (? sorry forgot his name and ranking) in some way, whether through Chairman Cho and Park with the helicopter deal. The lack of trust in people stemmed from what he perceives as his dad’s misjustice though I think he sorely needs a guiding/parental figure. We see he receives maternal care from Madame Jin and eventually I hope works with Det Ki as his imperfect mentor. I love episode 3/4 in how the web is cast to involve our players and storylines. The puzzle pieces are being revealed slowly yet we know Do Hyun will hurt someone eventually down the line by playing his own chess game behind everything to solve his father’s case. @bebebisous33 as always, your theories are great, yeah, I think you are right we also must think how Do Hyun can spin it one more time to convict Jong Koo of killing his mother after all this is over! Just random thoughts that come to mind after first watch. If I have time, will need to rewatch as these two episodes were quite dense in context. Glad to see Do Hyun starting to feel a connection or what I see as compassion for his clients. Nurse Cho opens him up. He always view his job very clinically and methodically, as if all his clients are predetermined criminals and guilty with him getting the final goal of no conviction. I guess he feels justice is an ideal that as a defense lawyer he doesn’t have to care. Nice to see that he slowly understands he has the power to help the real innocent victims. It is the journey that will make the man Do Hyun will become. I feel prosecutor Hyun Joon (is he DH’s classmate?) will be challenged ethically when the arms deal be revealed. I hope he will stop be his rival and work together on the right side of justice. To turn the competitive drive toward a common goal. There is already a sense that many of our characters will have to step out of the dark shadow, emptying out the closet, or talk about the elephant in the room ... in some way reveal their own personal demons and truth before they can catch the bad guy. Right now, each is with his or her own agenda, not knowing they all play a part in this whole saga. Reporter girl seems pure. I like how she keeps reminds DH of the goodness out there or about the boy he once was. Their first meeting on rooftop saved him. Madame Jin’s son knows the truth after or maybe even before the verdict of DH’s dad. There is usually a time lapse requirement, after which donor and recipient can contact each other through the transplant agency. Perhaps, this is why she waited. Also, most heart donors are heathy and young, chances are her son is at the prime of his career and DH’s case may have been predetermined for him to win. It may not have been random that he was involved. I think stress is what cause DH’s chest pain, he has to keep his blood pressure low. But Madame Jin’s identity would need to be revealed if he is actually suffering from congenital disease. My heart always breaks from the gaze she gives DH behind his back. She is his guardian angel and will be instrumental in keeping him steady and strong mentally. Perhaps so that he won’t give in to the dark vengeance that I sometimes see. Det Ki has always put justice above all. I believe he would be challenge to rethink whose justice is worth pursuing and let go. His ultimate case is to right the wrong that he was set up to do against Mr Choi. I want to give a shout out to Ryoo Kyung Soo who is playing Han Jong Koo. First saw him in Mr Sunshine, he was fantastic there and again here.
  10. @triplem okayyyyy, I have accepted the loss of S1 cast... I have moved on. Just finished watching Confession (good!) so ready to start S2. So far so good so funny for you?
  11. Hello, it’s good to see familiar names here @ktcjdrama @thistle @bebebisous33 I got to see both episodes and I have to say episode 2 did a much better job at engaging me. I agree with others who have said the drama is not wow-ing me atm visually, coloring wise I wish it chose black/white over the sepia brown undertone giving there are lots of shadows/light. I think I also feel a lack of “energy” for lack of a better term from the drama in the first episode. It does pick up in the second episode a little. For being a heart transplant patient, it does make some sense that CDH is even tempered as he takes care to not raise his blood pressure which linked him to a bunch of cardiovascular risks. What is considered a health handicap, he makes up in the poise and calmness that fit a lawyer I’m sorry, does anyone know what happened to his mom (I dozed off at some parts haha)? Whatever caused his dad to be incarcerated, he made sure CDH has the means and money to finish expensive law schools. Where and whom did he lived with before we met him? Why is he living alone in his office now, was he never with any guardian? The photo showed him in high school uniform but we are not sure when the crime relating to his dad happened. There is a melancholy to CDH (maybe because of his dad), though he is a witty, intelligent, observant man. He has this dignified air about him. Other than that, Junho is really handsome I am not sure at this point how to judge his character. We are told he becomes a lawyer to help his dad, whether or not he believes his dad commits the crime is unclear since he is in ex communication with the father. Being ostracized at work and in the society as a whole is not only in CDH’s mind but in the way he lives and works. He is a lonely soul I can see CDH’s way of carefully judging people, weighing their intentions, not sharing a lot of his emotions and feelings. Despite the walls, we see that he does have a kind soul, allowing the ex reporter to couch crash and hiring a sharp ahjumma to be his assistant. Seems like he tries to give others the benefits of the doubt that he doesn’t quite receive as a son of a death row inmate. Tho it’s not without lots of considerations in his part. Madame Jin is an enigma. She’s well off, well educated (at this point, I think her legal knowledge is for real), loving.. but like Do Hyun, lives by herself (in an expensive home). Not sure if she is related to the heart donor (mom of the man in the mirror) or perhaps someone with a law background (a past prosecutor on Do Hyun’s dad case)? Question is why did she show up now of all times, how did she find him and why chose to help him. Reporter girl - hope there is no romantic inkling here between the two. She seems like one who is learning to insert her presence and career in this world as like Do Hyun. I like that she has some common sense, I’m hoping the writer doesn’t dumb her down. I like her spunk and resourcefulness at getting the CCTV. Plus, she loosens the guy up so that’s a good thing. Our ex detective Ki is a little rough around the edges, his temper and dodgedness could be his downfall. I think DH’s measured personality compliments his instincts well. So far, the case of the two murders will help form our squad, pushing them to work together. I think we will get multiple timelines/time jumps to get a bit of Do Hyun’s past, his families, his father, Madame Jin’s tie to the whole story. Confession as we see is not really telling the truth to ease guilt so far... far from it. HDG is being cornered by his own lawyer to use double jeopardy as a way out of his second murder trial. We are given clue early on that HDG could be the real killer but the idea of fessing up and incriminating against himself could be a chess game that psychopaths are addicted to. The truth is what we twist it to be. First 2 episodes were good enough to keep me going. Can’t wait till next week. Junho is really cute. Did I say that already?
  12. Hola. Been quite busy but I finally found a stretch of time to pick up some dramas. I love love S1, it made me laughed like no other, sweet without being overly saccharine. How fun it is to live silly and embraced life like the Waikiki gang. Yah, so I read that they broke up... Kim Sun Ho is a cutie. I couldn't put a finger on who he is, had to google then remembered. LOL Cameos are good, self referential to S1 would be awesome. Thank you everyone for the posts, updates and pics. ^^
  13. Sorry to ask, do we know who will provide subs? The previews look great. Thank you for the subbed script reading. Nam Gi-Ae has often give excellent performance as a supporting actress. She was fantastic in PD's Kim's Mother. She made a difficult figure relatable and sympathetic. I couldn't be happier that she is 1/4 of the leads. PD Kim has a way with visuals, his dramas are surreal in how pretty they are. The previews are crisp, lighting is fantastic. I was trying to see what was on the film negatives but couldn't make out those peaks and valleys.. does anyone have an idea what it is? Yoo Jae Myung and Junho's smiles BTS are precious. Junho's character is a heart transplant recipient. Wonder if that is significant in the whole story. Looking forward to watching it.
  14. As much as I like Junki and Lee Yi Kyung, his relationship with Chewbacca was lopsided toward the end of S1. Her career didn’t blossom in the way she wanted; I felt Junki became her priority and miss her spunk/professional drive. I wish she used the entertainment reporting experience to jump into reporting something closer to her heart, if not about more socially relevant materials. I felt she needed to renew the passion in writing. Since Dong gu is missing, I’d like to know if he ended up fulfilling his dreams of movie directing, leaving with either or both his sister and love. Actually my fave pairing is Doo sik and Soo Ah whom I miss terribly for not having to be here S2. I love Soo Ah toward the end, she was full of life and walked her own path (albeit sometimes clumsily). She was wonderfully acted by the beautiful amd talented Lee Joo Woo. Too bad Son Seung Won has personal problems. His character was all heart in how he treats his roomies. Looking forward to see this one. Would be good to see old cast cameo in S2 tho Sol must be a walking toddler by now.
  15. This is such a heavy important topic, a serious drama. Looking forward to it. Thanks Viki!
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