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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. In my clumsy write up, I didn't convey what I want to say clearly Yes, it was a remnant of Dalmi that he wants to keep. I also see it as Dosan wanted to believe the letter was addressed to him and about the person that he is/could be. Reading her words, he imagines her faith in him as a good person. I agree that Dosan was ready to return the letter prior to realizing that he desperately needed to still be connected to Dalmi and settled to have her words instead. I want to add it's symbolic that Dosan didn't want the money tree, which is Dalmi'
  2. May I add? I thought the letter was meaningful to Dosan in many ways despite the fact that he was not the intended recipient. I totally understand many viewers' disapproval since Jipyeong has the right to have it back. Let's see, in the letter, Dalmi wrote Sadly, Dosan actually read the letter as if it was addressed to him by Dalmi. At this point, Dosan believed he has lost. Even accepting that she loves another man, he kept her words as a reminder that he could be the good person that she is sure of in the letter. For Dosan, despite believing he lacks in many ways
  3. @enzekthank you so much for E15 subbed previews. Really like it. @ShajoonaI don't post much anymore either. Welcome back! @nrlleeI like the part where he said he'll leave footprints for those to follow even in failure. Dosan in the early years never gave up on his AI technology so we know he has in him the perseverance and drive to realize his ideas. But he was also weighed down by logics, probability, and the responsibility to deliver a product with the best success rate. That Dosan has to balance his creativity with the reality of a profitable sustainable business. The
  4. @Shajoona you wrote such a compelling and heartfelt post for Dosan. Love it. Thanks. @NodameWell, what I am most looking forward to is not the love pairing but the long overdue sit down talk between the two Dosans in Dalmi's life. Dosan has not fully realized and accepted JiPyeong's positive influence in SST and Dalmi's success whereas JiPyeong has not publicly verbalized his own misjudgment of Dosan's character. Muddled in between is pride competitively fueled by their love for Dalmi. I think Do San should be appreciative of how JiPyeong pushes him to fight more for the thing
  5. Do San Dal Mi. Suzy/Joo Hyuk's chemistry second only to Joo Hyuk/Seon Ho. I've watched about 3-4 dramas with NJH in starring role, I have rarely been disappointed with his acting. Love his Do San here. Hope Dosan finds happiness in himself at the end first and foremost. As for NJH, his next project sounds just awesome with all the prominent names. I am really happy for him.
  6. I've been following and watching the show since the beginning, just do not have time to comment. @nrlleeI am glad you actually got on board! Now, that we are reaching the end, I just want to say I love the show! I love the characters, flawed and all. Whether we agree with the writing and storylines, the trajectories of the love lines, it is one of the dearest coming of age K shows for me. Watching the characters find their footing, figure out what is it that they want in life, see them discovering their strengths and have courage to take risks... it is what I signed up for.
  7. I'm putting my faith in the writer that she will end their stories in an unconventional way and I cheer for them all. About Injae. I like that she is capable, qualified and self motivated when compared with Dal Mi who has no clear vision of her company yet. Her motivation for the new company is to prove to her father she can succeed on her own. Plus she is a good boss for allowing her employees to flex their working hours and work at home. I think Do San will be proven wrong for doubting how In Jae would value them as developers. That is part of the growing Do San has to lear
  8. @aislingGreat points. Me too, I cheer for all four. The VC guy from America is coming, perhaps rivaling Jin Pyeong for Samsan. Is there any chance he could back In Jae instead? A successful business must have all things in balance. Good team work, good foresight financially, the right investment partners and as a CEO, learns to control the board as well as the creative side of the business. I know Shark Tank! Some of those products are off the wall! So are the pitches. Sorry I don't follow KSH's career, l last saw him in Waikiki 2 Love him there. Tha
  9. Hello everybody. What a delightful drama. Usually it takes me 4 episodes to get a feel of a drama, this one is doing many things right. @nrllee @taeunfighting @nona88 @40somethingahjumma @Gummi @farawaylandplease check it out. Let me just start by saying Kim Seon Ho is so charming, he needs to be first lead soon! Ji Pyeong's orphan background shaped how he handled relationships. Forced to grow up fast and fenced survival on his own, Ji Pyeong understood early in life that wealth and success command respect. Unlike other teenagers, he has none of the youthful optimism that th
  10. It took me a while due to work and life but I wanted to drop these off. Excellent Review of E15-16 (Final) over at DramaOverFlowers It’s a tense and emotional finale week, as everything finally comes together, and Shi-mok and Yeo-jin are forced to directly face the ugliness they’ve uncovered–and which has been hidden close by all this time... https://dramasoverflowers.net/2020/10/04/stranger-2-episodes-15-16-review/ ================ [Naver TV] 'Stranger' Season 2 Episode 16 (Finale) Comments and Reaction "Again, with the mindset t
  11. ACE FACTORY posted BTS of the dream sequence. Nostalgic already. Bae Doona cut her long hair on the last day of shooting, before the farewell dinner with SM. She also confessed being a fan of CMS, finally got the chance to selfie with him. We also have a petition of season 3 from Song Ji Ho who plays Soon Chang!!!!
  12. I wanted to give ShiMok a mirror. Did he know he figured out the answer by himself? It was really the last shooting scene for the drama too. If we were watching a melo, this would be where the characters are heartbroken over their farewell. HAHA Not here. These two have the most beautiful goodbye. They recognize how precious their relationship is. They wish each other strength to keep marching on. He worries but cheer her on knowing the obstacles she will face. The trust and respect SM has for YJ is beautiful.
  13. Meeeee tooooo. So many things to say about this episode. but first thing first. ShiMok's dream! As he walked out the room after being propositioned by the Prosecutor General (who incidentally has decided to cut off his tail aka WTH), ShiMok closed the door to the threat "You'll paid for this". He walked down the hall refusing to be dragged into another cover up and lie where upright prosecutors are asked to bend their principles for the good of the organization. The organization that run by men who manipulate its power for their own benefits. Walking away after putting his c
  14. My heart is full of joy All well that ends well. Truly an excellent second season. True friends will find each other The End. Till Season 3.
  15. The brilliant thing about this season is what you have said... maybe there is no real baddie or a big conspiracy by Hanjo. What tragic is the trivialness of it all. People get dragged into situations, some by choice, others through relationships while some took opportunities that can't be overlooked. By perpetuating the cover ups, these mistakes reverberate into big things that killed and destroyed more lives. For me, the writer uses this drama as a warning for us that small crimes and favors unchecked have the potential to compound into big corruptions. When we talk about reforms, this
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