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  1. @katakwasabi i vote for SSK in a heroic role! Seeing Lee Sang Yoon sitting besides him on Masters totally brings back memories of Liar Game. They were so fun behind the scene and still the most memorable villain role for SSK to me You made me wiki up the languages spoken in Morocco, which a tiny tiny % in English and French (as it was a colony)... taxi driver LSG prolly can pull off French. LOL
  2. @katakwasabi OMG LOL are we going to hear about his army experience if we sit in his taxi too?! Shameless is def in LSG blood.
  3. @confusedheart326 i am not a die hard fan of both JH and GHJ but I often think "Thank You" has this universal theme that is timeless. If I remember correctly, it was released around the time HIV was deemed a death sentence; we really often see love and hate tear apart by fear and prejudice in real life. This drama brings back memories of Young Shin and the quiet graceful way the outcasts/outsiders lived their lives. I'm hoping for the same magic, esp with KHN on board. He tends to chose good projects, maybe it's linked to his theater/musical background. GHJ sure is pretty; charming, very chameleon kind of beauty. I adore a lot of her clothing choices. I was glancing over the supporting cast members. Recognized Lee Sang Yi whom I think is hilarious @triplem (was in Third Charm, the boyfriend LOL). Good casting, pretty sure we will have some LOL.
  4. @chibiusa The poster is adorable. My kind of drama. HAHA, each person has a number tag just like a crime scene. I haven't seen Son Dambi acting in a while, the person who always deliver is Yeom Hye-ran. She excels at the tongue-in-cheek sidebars in the last drama I saw her in. @triplem Men who do yoga are real men I tell you LOL. Poor Kim Ji Seok, Looks like they have so much fun. I like when drama do things light handed ~~ life is no melo like Kdrama. Though I expect this one will be a healing warm hearted one. Anticipate! Psst, KHN is my ideal man hahaha . I wonder when was the last time I see him outside of a police uniform. @confusedheart326 OMG, someone who watched Thank You! Thank You! That drama made me a mess. That was my first time watching JH and GHJ.
  5. @jongski hiya~~ yah, I checked. Thanks. It is airing live, prolly a few hours after SK. Think same as Memories of Alhambra and Mr Sunshine. Yipee! All I know is we have a long delay on this pre prod one. You have no idea how long I have known LSG, back in the days when he was a newbie rookie on 1n2d. I remember watching his first drama Brilliant Legacy LOL. He has come a long way. I like SSK a lot, think he's brilliant whenever in a villain role. I won't read more about the synopsis to enjoy the drama more. Good luck to the drama and cast~~ . Be back when it airs.^^ BTW, no planned prescon?
  6. Hello~~~ I haven’t seen LSG for a while, was a close follower during his 1n2d days. Occasionally watch Masters. Anticipating this one Does anyone know if this airs live on Netflix USA?
  7. I just want to say Choi Jin-Hyuk looked amazing in suits LOL I'm glad I got to see him again after Tunnel, I missed his other dramas. I actually like his acting in the beginning more when TK was downward spiraling. As the drama progressed, TK opened up his heart and mind to become alive but CJH is at his best conflicted in pain LOL. Guilt consumed TK for years thinking he committed crimes to justify for the crime committed against TaeJu. For years, he allowed Song to convince that his true nature is greedy and selfish. I think he saw family, friendship, a bond in Song because he was the first person meeting him on that lonely dark road when he was lost. Since Song supposedly killed for him, there was a feeling of debt and gratitude. TK mistakenly identified loyalty and love for a man whose actions was calculated to deceive him since the beginning. You are right, they both enter the relationship for different reasons but as the years go by, they became attached emotionally. TK is never just a tool for Song. He's his drinking buddy, someone he can share a human relationship with. Song's death will stay with TK for a long time. It's a long term relationship that is pseudo family. You may not like your family but they are people whom you forged the longest relationship with, blood-tied or not. Justice was not without sacrifices and highly priced. I also thought he cried for what might have been. If they have met under different circumstances, theirs, the last scene of the drama, would have been more authentic and happy. This drama has not been perfect in term of plotting. After a couple of convenient turns for storytelling, I realized early on that I stayed till the end for the characters. No.. for the actors and actresses who elevated the script to characters that I cared and was interested in. I totally agree with all who sent props to Choi Jin-Hyuk, Soo Hyun Joo and Nana. Like you, I will watch for Nana from now on. Yeon-A made her father's sacrifice worthwhile. As she sat there reading over the post-it note, she made the difficult choices that her father could not make .. over personal feelings to TK, concerns for personal safety vs truth, persevered and used her intelligence when was cornered. All that made her earned and walked the prosecutor robe she wears with such grace. She walked unperturbed in the snow like her father had wanted, just like the poem. I am sad over their romance that was never meant to be but their relationship helped save TK. If it was not for her integrity, it would be hard for TK to change. He needed a mentor. Song failed and betrayed him. He knew he needed the perfect prosecutor in Yeon-A to help both of them. I love that there was utmost respect from TK toward Yeon-A since the beginning and she never disappointed him. Daejin's arc is exactly what his father wanted and hoped for, thus the reason why he let his son recorded the conversation. Song finally witnessed what he wanted out of his son. A will to stand up against what is wrong and fight for what is important to him. Unlike when he was young, someone else TaeJun had to protect him. Song has the same fear in providing in son with the company. The old Dae Jin lacked courage to fight. He could not assert his presence or opinion. It was a painful yet revelatory moment as a parent to witness betrayal and relief at the same time for Song. Song would not have turned himself in if Daejin didn't made the difficult decision believing he has to stay free to protect his son. Yes, he was a coward for not staying to face the consequences of his selfishness. I think the reason why Song wanted TK to stay alive is to remind him of what he had done to Taeju, the last flicker of his humanity. Outside of his guilt toward betraying his own son, killing TK means he has killed beyond his own self preservation for his needs. That made him a monster just like Tak. In Song's mind, he is driven to commit crimes for justifiable reasons. Complicated man but what a wonderful nuanced act by Song Woo Yong. My feelings too. I also thought it was such a beautiful scene to end the drama. Everything is grey-toned yet is in daytime, not cold and dark as in their first meeting. Song coming toward him not as a savior figure, offering the whiskey to make him alive again. This time, as a friend, with a smile, and a bottle to share time with. Yes, he smiled for the first time as his demons and worries are now settled. His son has grown up, he has nothing to strive for, there is nothing but genuine friendship between them... The man is finally free in his death from years of planning and scheming. For TK, he got his justice... but it nearly destroyed and killed him. It was heartbreaking for TK to realize justice is more painful and costly than he envisioned. It is no clear cut happy ending for anyone. I enjoyed the drama. Happy I get to know Nana as an actress. See you guys in another thread.
  8. I love the trailers and @dulcinea1 that “couple” promo is the cutest!!! Kang Ha Neul and Kim Ji Suk have great comedic timing. I prefer them in these kind of roles. Will be watching this one
  9. Yeah, Bae Doo Na is the key... there's much to tell about her background, how are her sketches linked to her past (the apartment!), where is the rest of her family?! Yoon Se Ah is a marvelous actress, her widow character could be the villainess Yeo-jin needed... does anyone here watch "Killing Eve"? cuz I for once want prosecutor Hwang be in a supporting role with his partner. Bae Doona keeps posting videos of Stranger 1 on her IG!!! I haven't watched works of this PD? Any opinion here about him? @triplem thank you dear for the mention. I am so behind Justice, need to catch the last 2 episodes.
  10. My first time watching Nana... love her natural style, she's gorgeous. I also love how both female prosecutors are in pants majority of the time. SYA's fashion sense is no nonsense, she's ready to roll up her sleeves... just like she said, she wants to be the prosecutor for the people. Chief prosecutor Cha switched to pants as the plot progressed to show her playing low for the good guys. Mr Seo's death signaled that she must rise to the challenge to take over the case of 7 years ago. She'll be one of the key players to put together all the puzzle pieces to prosecute the politicians. No doubt she will join the Avengers to carry out the promise unfulfilled by her mentor. Justice is different for everyone in this show. SYA's conviction is idealistic, a lot selflessness, highly admirable. Song's justice is personal which is driven by love, selfish. His downfall is through his son DaeJin and this assumption that everyone lives to protect one's interest.. he assumes his values will be shared by his own son. How the boy will naturally wants the same thing that he does...wealth and power. How family, his blood, would respect his desire, interest. His son would carry on and walk the path that he cleared for the boy. Justice for him is to beat everyone else at the end, those who laughed at him, those whom he has to kneel beforehand. Daejin not only is uninterested at running a conglomerate (he doesn't even has the power driven mentality of a business owner), his leadership style is not authoritative. He has a strong sense of right/wrong and believes it's his duty, his turn, to pay forward the kindness TK's brother gave him by defending the weak. Song's thinking is too simple, driven by revenge to get back at others who did them wrong, while his son defends those who are wronged just like who he was. This difference will eventually break Song. He already misses his drinking partner. He's a spoiled child that was never disciplined. He maybe missing a few DNA but his crimes continued through lack of control. His wealth feed his psychopathic tendency. I feel you. This drama is great at character exposition. Each of our main players get a share in the spotlight, really. The drama starts out focusing on TK, slowly, we see his role becomes supportive.. it's a good transition for me to see him switching gears. It would be odd to see a money hungry for hire lawyer switch moral stance abruptly. It has to be organic so his change has to tie to the people he cared for or were involved in his life ... SYA, JYM, his brother's killing. He's not going the dramatic route like he used to. TK learned to ebb and flow to navigate the law the right way, not abusing its weakness. I think it will make him a better lawyer to learn working with authorities, the police, the prosecutors. TK was one who felt the law betrayed the weak, thus forcing him to take justice via his own hands. That got him into trouble. Now, TK can see how law and order can be a good thing as he is on its side now. It maybe frustrating many times to see justice fail... he just needs to believe like SYA that justice will prevail at the end. He has to have faith in its snail pace. I think Tak is too crazy to be as smart as Song. His ego makes him careless, he believes everyone is afraid of his wealth/power. He doesn't trust Song.. yet he doesn't play the long game and network for his safety. He believes that Song is forever ties with him due to the restaurant business. He plays with others' weakness, thinking Dae Jin is his security blanket. Problem is he scares people into power but he has no loyalty from any. The company is all he got. But if he is proven as mentally incapable of running a company, he will be oust. Me too, where is JYM? I love her spirit. I applauded the drama for showing her fighting spirit. She refused to be victimize, whatever situation she is in. We need more portrayal of women like this in drama. Yes, we all suspected that Song is planning 3 steps ahead in this chess game. What he excels at - going with the flow - is how he survived all these years. I love how he switched game face when he knows the time is right to reveal it, that he now has 51% of the upperhand... how he changed voice tone and body gesture toward Tak in the meeting room. The meek Song is no longer LOL It was clever to see how the methanol case defense made a U turn from a PR show to a real take down of Tak's company. I thought it was such a superb move by TK also to turn the knife handle for Song. By assigning Dae Jin to the methanol case, TK technically forced Song to take the side of his son and Song responded skillfully by using it to his advantage. The loser here is Tak! Me too, the video will clear Mr Seo's name. He didn't want to make a mess of the path his daughter is forging on. He knows his plan to bring justice after the minister appointment has been foiled by Song. He also is weighted down by regrets of a broken promise, concern for his daughter, shame of the lives lost through his inactions. I think he looked beyond the horizon and took it for the team. Looking forward to next week!
  11. heya. I can't remember all the details (I watch this drama always late at night, half asleep LOL). Let us walk through it. Correct me if I am wrong guys! There is a chance that Tak may not end up killing Dae Jin...cuz I think he tortures or perhaps kills for enjoyment and finds joy in others' suffering. His method is more sadistic and clinical. Remember the balloon kid? He could have injured the boy physically yet chose to hurt him by killing his happiness at the moment, which was his toy balloon. When he was a boy, he hit a man in the head with a brick to see if it would kill him (the poor man became vegetative as the result). He finds enjoyment in illicit pain... it's a game for him to play with another person's wellbeing and feelings. He watches JYM lose her mind, what fascinated him is how she slowly descends into madness (becomes wooden in his words). I don't see him driven to kill in the same way as Song - who doesn't seem to get a high on seeing his victims die. Killing to Song is a necessary mean to an end, to achieve his goal. Killing Dae Jin doesn't align with Tak's psychopath tendency. The only way he would kill Dae Jin is if they have a big fall out where he wants to emotionally punish Song when he betrayed him. I don't see him wanting to harm Dae Jin outright if there is no game involved. I almost feel like if Daejin dies, it would be Shakespearean, unintentionally via his dad. Several things do bother me. Could there have been two killers? Yang Chul Ki did say that he is not the only culprit, didn't SYA also said the recent killing didn't seem to be the same as the one 7 years ago? What if Yang Chul Ki indeed killed the first actress 7 years ago but the recent ones were done by another killer. If Tak kills, I suspect he would chose his victims based on physical stature - guy has slight built so it is easier to overcome women than men. I also think Tak could also have cameras in the backroom/bedrooms; the USB recorders may not be the only evidence. Tak just allowed the USB be facilitator for Song's crimes, unknowingly to the man. I don't know, theories...
  12. Good 2 episodes this week. For me, this drama points out how obsession to get justice can change a person's life and character for the better or worse. This blind emotion overtakes judgment and conscience. It brings out a person's true character you know. Song is driven by the need for respect and money, justice is personal for him and he disregards everything else to make it happen. It's as personal as TK where he must bring justice to all those involved in his brother's death. I see it as how both connected in the beginning, how Song convinced TK to accept his jobs and lifestyle. It's selfish and personal but surprisingly changed the most for TK as the truth comes out. Some heroes are born with conviction (like SYA), some are thrust into situations and have to shed quite a bit of weight to become one. I find it lovely to see TK morphed back into the lawyer, the kind of career he intended to go into before the brother's death. He has vices, weaknesses, much to overcome in emotional maturity... but he has a soul and has not completely lost it to the dark side. I like how TK comes to fight and care for others wellbeing, the dead actresses, SYA, JYM (whom he disregarded in his first case), even Song's son. TK understood that he has another choice outside of running away to protect people he loves. He can stay and fight for them instead. His justice takes on a broader meaning. My impression is the skeletons in Mr Seo's closet are the cases he gave up and compromised due to personal relationships (with Tak's dad) or his lack of courage due to political pressure. It's obvious that Song's first assignment to Jung Hae Jin was to corrupt SYA's case with false accusation. Mr Seo may not have participated in the bedroom scandals. His fault is that he did not expose the wrongdoings. That guilt made him kept the cases close to his heart. I agree that he waited for the right moment to hand out justice, when he has been elected Minister. He forced prosecutor Cha to stop the case. I wonder if he realized that his inaction has enable the corruptions to continue so in a way, is an accomplice to the crimes. I see him regretting his choices now because his daughter is involved, would his actions be any different if she is not? The fear for her safety gives him the courage to do the right thing to protect his family. Justice in his perspective is personal too and it is selective to his judgment. I am guessing Tak is the owner of the restaurant and is the culprit who murdered the actresses. Why? He's psychopath. His father and Mr Seo have been protecting him all these years. I find Song and his son's relationship tragic, yet not without love just as SYA with her father. I think the drama wanted us to see the stark contrast between these two parental/child love. Both dads have secrets, both children are in the dark. How the children react will amend for the parents' actions. There's hope that these children make different choices from their parents for the better for society. Thanks for reminding me of what happened in that scene. Song threw the knife on the table for TK. What do you think of the meaning of that scene, including the above? At first watch, it is as if he dares him to kill, knowing TK is not able to, the same 7 years ago, cuz our guy cannot be that soulless or evil. Song knows TK's conscience and character will not allow him to go far into the darkness to avenge. In a way, it's a way to show the mindset of who still has the upper hand, of how he can never be caught for his crimes where TK's efforts are futile. Everything he is doing is trying to discourage TK from keep investigating. I also thought that it's his way to save TK from harm subconsciously. I'm thinking Song will stab himself with his own knife at the end to save both TK and his son. Meaning he will ensnare Tak and take him down with all the secrets he witnessed over the years. The only question now is under what circumstances will drive Song to chose that end for himself (besides his son's welfare). Ohhh, I wanted to point out how I love the father/dtr conversations between Mr Seo and SYA. There's a restaurant scene where her father remarked that he just wants SYA to see the beautiful things and eat only delicious meals. Sadly, Mr Seo has seen and know too many things in his career for him to lose the conviction that his daughter beautifully holds. We cannot miss Mr Seo's rueful expression when SYA proclaimed to her father that she may not be a good public prosecutor like her dad (yet) but she wanted to be a prosecutor that people love. What mixed feelings right there. How proud and concerned is Mr Seo at that moment? In her apartment, when SYA pointed at the scroll her father had when he started out office. The quote was: "When walking through the snowy field, don't make a mess." What does everyone think of its meaning? For me, it seems like a reminder for the prosecutor to be firm and resolute. To move forward, stay the course, stick with your conviction, stay pure in your way to get justice. It's a beautiful comment on how our characters' road to justice is anything but straightforward and blemish free.
  13. Hi everyone, I caught up . This drama is beautifully shot..each frame heighten either the characters' dilemma & state of mind. Secondly, our main couple is one of the most attractive pairings in Kdrama history LOL. Everyone is doing a good job acting wise. I love NaNa's natural acting and she bounced off CJH's charisma well. CJH has a gravity and presence here that I miss since Tunnel. Hats off to Son Hyun-Joo for his restrained calculating Song Woo-Yong. He's scary dude. Ohhh right, random thoughts: Song's little phrase to his son is so poignant: I have lived a diligent life but not a proper one. There's low key regret and truth in his admission. To Song, he works tirelessly to get his 150 story building, never strays from the goal, destroying and manipulating others to get to his goal. He doesn't wait for opportunities to come to him, rather exerts his way in the world. I can understand why he's ruthless. To him, it's self preservation and this absolute belief that power & money give him respect and control of his life. Although Tak seems to control Song at the moment, I won't be surprise if Song usurps the crazy boy later. He's playing the long game, manipulating and amassing his own players all the while appeasing Tak. What I want to know is how Song justifies his actions... because he is not one who is oblivious to right and wrong (unlike Tak). He tried to bury his soul (something is believed has lost, thus why he is drawn to TK). To see him kill in cold blood, I wonder how he can train his heart to not be affected by what happened. Something must have happened to his wife, we never get a back story. He sets up rendezvous with actresses for his clients yet stays alone in his big mansion. Dude has no mistress and doesn't hang around in back room of restaurant. What is the end game for Song... be on top of Seoul in his high rise? To finally have everyone look up to him? Will it make him smile again? Song wants to break free of Tak's grasp. He knows Tak is a tickling time bomb. It's clear Song has no respect for the boy but he plans his moves three steps ahead and waits for another day. It's disheartening to see how relationships are portrayed in this drama. Loyalty, respect, conscience are measured by power and money. There's no love, no warmth between these people. That's why I love SYA's playful interactions with her father. I love how she forced TK to smile, sorely needed. Plus, NaNa has a gorgeous smile I crush her beauty. TK felt indebted to Song. The murder muffled his pain. TK feels they bonded over what happened cuz Song enabled the revenge for him. TK translated his gratitude into servitude where he would take on cases for Song's benefits. Along the way, he was brainwashed into associating happiness with material wealth. Song manipulated TK at the most vulnerable point in his life just like Jang agency does with its actresses. TK has been reluctant in exposing Song, not only because he is aware of his underworld reach... I also think because he believes a crime was committed by both that night. He has been saving himself. Now that he knows the details of that night are not what they seemed in memory. Is it me or Tak doesn't seem like the one who has been colluding with all the corrupted officials? Song is amassing his connections under the boy's nose. Tak relies on SYA's dad influence, little does he know that the power will be shifted. Who recorded what is on the USB (is it CCTV)? Why is it in the actress' possession? What is the reason for killing the actresses besides the first one? So many questions... Wednesday is almost here! @triplem this drama is intriguing...
  14. Bae Doona posted this several weeks ago on her IG, 2 years since S1~~ @larus lol... I watched Life. If there is one weakness to writer, it's her way of writing romance outright. She's quite good at hinting undercurrent chemistry but when she tried to add a love life to CSW's character, she couldn't do it in a believable and organic way that a lot of knets gave the show and the actress plenty of grief. She could write strong female characters but when it comes to romance, she doesn't have the feel of a modern romance. The way she writes the relationship between the two characters has this charming old fashion way that exists only in my parents' generation. There's no kisses, hugs, love making. Heck, the characters don't even hold hands. It's all in the gaze and unspoken feel between the two. I think it's really cute. However, for those viewers who want outright confirmation of the love story, I think you won't get from this writer. That said, I also want SM to acknowledge his feelings toward YJ, in a way that won't cause him migraine. What I get from Life tells me that writernim's stories are often socially relevant. Her characters (good and bad) are relatable to us viewers, their actions make them figures of sympathy whether we agree with their purposes. She writes grey character well; in turn their motives are well understood. I really like how layered the main characters are written. BUT, I do think with Life, she needed to rein in her story, make the plot more tight to make the ending less rushed. Her side characters sometimes suffer from not enough screen time. What I like about Life is that the good guys didn't win, the bad turn good didn't totally changed the status quo. They all made a little change, did their small part to make society a little better for everyone then continue to live their lives after making that difference. The ordinary people made the leap to do extraordinary things and we are better for their courage. It's all about everyone doing something when you see things wrong. It is almost to say we are flawed, we have vices. We don't have all the answers, yet we have people out there in society who are willing to keep working at the solution. I also like her endings. Both dramas are slightly open ended, definitely hopeful.
  15. @titania1000 @larus I feel a lot depends on the script quality. CJW didn't hide his love for the series and writer or his costars. The writer, producers know better than to not feature return of their two most important characters. Both actors love their characters making me think they won't commit to subpar plot. Most likely S2 will be pre produced, who knows may even be picked up by Netflix (as it supports for multiseason writing for a lot of shows). The format works for CJW who doesn't like live shoots or Bae Doona who also active in movies. But how to tell the next story for our gang that will live up to the expectation of the reunion? Yes, i love to see how Shi Mok's assistants fare post Dong-Jae.
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