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  1. @Liting1 the sitting female I think is Moon Young, her mom's face is partially visible. I tried really hard to see what is in the square in the background, could be an important clue My brain tells me that big castle must have a big dungeon! With a butterfly farm perhaps Theories theories. @nrllee thank you for posting Jaesu's character description, good to see you here! @stroppyse as always, thank you so much for the translations! Jaesu's sunny personality is what KangTae needs - a boy who grew up too fast, saddled with responsibilities and can't afford to live carefree like him. I like him for his big heart and unwavering support of the two brothers. Jaesu seems like a free spirit who is touched with the hard life the Moon brothers are leading. You're right, helping them give his life a purpose but is it an excuse to not focus on his own? KangTae runs away - Jaesu on the other hand, drifts through life with no desire to be anchored down to a place or a person. He's young now, has the brothers to attach to... for sure in times, he needs to establish a life and identity of his own too. I root for him to do just that by the end of the drama. KangTae has chosen to carry the caregiver burden so much that he is willing to neglect his own needs for his brother. He feels guilty for even a small yearning to be a little selfish for himself. It's such a sad situation for both brothers. Kang Tae is too much of a realist and a giver so I am happy for him that Moon Young came into his life. She will make him open his heart to feel and do things that he has chosen to ignore too long. I don't think KangTae can continue this way forever without burning out. I love the story about the boy who fed on nightmares. To take the unfortunate and hurtful experience, change, learn from them then rise above the negativity. It takes someone to go through tough times to appreciate the good. ^^ Moon Young's character description sounds like she uses her mom's admonishment as the excuse to live without regards to social boundaries. Did she blame her parents for making her feel this way? Is this the reason for the hate? Yet, I wonder if her parents were actually misguided by love. The character descriptions for both Mrs and Mr Ko said they are devoted parents despite neglecting each other as spouses. However lonely little MY was, whatever her behaviors were, the parents may have told her all the terrible things for blame shifting. Kang Tae, who has a brother with spectrum at birth, perhaps can help her examine her behaviors again in a different light with a different mindset. I'm in the minority who would be glad if the drama shows Moon Young learning to live a loving and productive life with an Antisocial Personality Disorder diagnosis. It's not too important for me whether it is resulted from some kind of trauma in the past. It's also ok if it ends up that she was misunderstood all these years. I would be thrilled if the drama lives up to its name. Now about Mr Ko (MY's father), he has relapsed glioblastoma (brain cancer) that requires surgery. Not sure when was he diagnosed but the cancer can cause a myriad of neurologic problems.... which may explain why he tried to hurt MY. Is it after this episode that he was deemed mentally unfit and admitted into OK Psych? Curiously, MY has power of attorney, so he must have consented and indicated this wish after she became an adult. Also, who's paying for his hospital bills all these years?
  2. The show explained that Sang Tae has recurrent nightmares about the butterflies around their mom's death anniversary thus the reason why they keep moving every year. Knowing this, Kang Tae avoids relationships and only works as a temp. Hello everyone @stroppyse @triplem @taeunfighting @nrllee on board for this one. I'm a little apprehensive about the PD (watched his disastrous Hyde/Jekyll before); plotting and storyline were off in that drama. However, the same directing style and visuals work well here where we have a drama that has fairy tale and fantasy elements. The first two episodes were very pretty. I always have liked Seo Ye Ji. She is gorgeous here with a fantastic wardrobe! Will be my first time watching Kim Soo-Hyun (yes, I have been on an island ). I have much admiration for Oh Jung-Se (his character bested even the one in his previous drama Camellia). OK Psych hospital is indeed Doldam Hospital in RMDK, we even got doc Park aka Kim Joo Hun (Sang In - MY's publisher CEO) starring here. Have to back read all your comments.^^ I'm curious why Jae Soo continues to follow KT/ST. He's a sweetheart for helping Sang Tae when needed but it must be hard for him to work and live as a nomad. Also, Joo Ri apparently is the only person in this circle who never left town? Joo Ri doesn't have the best relationship with Moon Young yet she is loving toward Ko Dae Hwan, a little more caring than just a nurse toward a patient. Both girls may have known each other, there's an antagonizing power play at the hotel and in the elevator where Joo Ri was frustrated/broke down crying. Joo Ri knows MY's mom's history but I am not sure that's from reading the news or first hand experience. So far, Joo Ri is shown visually plain (big contrast from MY's colorful wardrobe, perfect hair/makeup), as someone who works in the service industry (albeit heathcare) where Moon Young was born into an upper class family whose parents opted to live in a castle deep in the forest isolated from the villagers. I also don't know if Joo Ri's portrayal of a timid quiet person is truly who she is. Now that MY and GT have moved back home, maybe we will get to know more about the relationship between the Ko family and the rest of the town folks. I also want to know whether the parents chose to live in the forest is to shield Moon Young from other people for her sake or is it for their own reasons. In the fairytale prelude, hoping to make friends, Moon Young shared the prized dead birds that she captured with other kids... as the result, get labeled as the angel of death. Growing up, she continues to be a lone figure, believing she can not be loved for the monster of a person that she is... a belief reinforced by her own mother. Even Kang Tae said that she was born this way, someone without empathy and consideration for others, who operates solely on her own needs and only them alone. For that, I really like that her getting close to Kang Tae will have to via Sang Tae who has special needs of his own. The fun parts for me will be to see how Moon Young approaches Sang Tae who is very honest and blunt in his thinking. She would be called out in an instance. And then there's the part of learning to be considerate to others. Kang Tae, Sang Tae, Moon Young are all outcasts who will help each other to understand who they are deep inside. Kang Tae is a giver who chose to internalize the hardships in his life as a given because his priority is to care for his brother. He doesn't contest the wrongs against him due to his considerate nature; he yearns for peace in a life that is never about him. I can understand why Kang Tae chose to run away from the situation instead of confront it. It's tiring. It's a risk he can't afford to have, getting himself into trouble, knowing Sang Tae depends on him. Kang Tae will need to realize that by standing his ground, by fighting back, he becomes stronger for both of them. I can't wait to see KT yields the courage to stand up for himself and most importantly, live his life with others and for other reasons besides his brother. BTW, the black sensor bars on the people's eyes during the interview about Sang Tae's outburst at the book signing is a throwback to the movie Parasite. There's a disconnect in understanding by the public of the special needs community. The general public's eyesight is prejudiced by their lack of sympathy and their own misconception of their behaviors and rights in situations such as this.
  3. @triplem I am in my last year at UCLA, things are better now as the hospitals are more equipped, thanks to all who stayed home to flat the curve. We are worrying about a second wave given all the protests going on. This is not the training I imagined, yet it is a time where I feel the most camaraderie, grace, and purpose. I am just glad that I am not in the ER all the time. @staygold hope you liked Hospital Playlist and will be joining us in Secret Forest 2 (ahemmm @Dhakra ). Like I've mentioned before, watch The Outsider (Stephen King) -2
  4. @triplem @nrllee @AC95 LJH The cast looks great! Cho Moo Sung. I last saw him Mr Sunshine, he made me cried there. Wonderful actor. I also really like Jeon Hye Jin, good to see her back, which means her hubby is not working and taking care of the kids. Secret Forest season 1 celebrated justice, compassion, morality... something that is needed now in the world. Yeo-jin good to see her again.
  5. @triplem I am doing good. Yesterday was my brother's high school graduation. A virtual one, we did a drive by graduation where a procession of cars drove through the neighborhood. Many many people showed up along the road to cheer the graduates on with sign, balloons, noise makers, cow bells. Was really fun and touching. He enjoyed it more than he realized. We then have dinner while watching a recorded commencement video. Instead of a commencement speaker or a valedictorian speech, all the teachers recorded their well wishes for the new grads. The disappointing part is that we had no valedictorian because the last semester was distant learning pass/no pass grading, guess they feel it is impossible to award that distinction. But the teachers' video made it one of the best graduation ceremony I have watched. They thanked the grads for their resiliency and hope they all will be the ones to change this world to a better place for all. @kokodus @nrllee I love Hospital Playlist. Can't wait for Season 2. BTW, I just started watching HBO The Outsider. Very good drama series, recommended. -2
  6. I am going to miss this show a lot. Was not able to actively post here due to crazy work, I will always remember how our world was changed while I watched this medical drama. I love HL for how much I was able to relate to every character we see on the show. This duo PD-writer will always have a fan in me. Everyone, the cast, the production.. you should be proud of what you have done. This drama gave me something to look forward to every week. I learned to care for every cast member, although I miss seeing Dr. Bong lately! Just a few things before the finale is here. It's fitting that the one person who found it hard to have confidence in Gyeo-Wool in the beginning was the first to believe in her abilities to assist her first case. They work great as a team. Gyeo-Wool's calm demeanor and methodical approach in removing the maggots is the same way she operates in the OR. Jeong-won noticed her mental toughness as well. Bless Jeong Won, may he realize he can make room in his heart for another person besides God. He just have to accept that love is a miracle, how rare it is to find another person to compliment you. He who lives by his heart meets she who understands things based on logics. That said, I support his decision to find if priesthood is his destiny. I expect season 2 to answer that question for us. Meanwhile, give Gyeo-Wool time to become South Korea's next great pediatric surgeon. Ik-jun learned to live for himself again, just as he supports his latest patient's wife to stand up and be a little selfish for her own life. It's clear that she needs to stop sacrificing hers for others, even if it was for her hsb and under expectations of inlaws. I really like how the story progresses to Ik-jun's public admission of his love for Song-Hwa. Ik-jun is a gambling man who resigned to winning only solitaire online. Like Ik-sun, I want him to remember that he doesn't have to orbit around Uju's world all the the time. Good that he excels at solitaire cuz Song-Hwa is one who treasures her solitary life atm. Song-Hwa's decision to leave was most gracious like the person that she is. I applaud her maturity, her grace, her selflessness. I want to know more about her mom. How proud she must be to have such a daughter. Seok-hyung's been broken all this time from his dad's infidelity. He has lost faith in love until a ball of a fire resident came rolling into his life. We know Gyeo-Wool receives a lot of fan love, Min-Ha is the kind of friend I would be lucky to meet. I love how real she is, especially of her hard work and conscientious mindset. She is a winner. Joon-wan must now walk the talk that he gave in the earlier episode for being a modern progressive man. He must find a way to balance his love for Ik-sun and his support for her happiness. I really like how he became more and more humble because of her. There's a humanity in him now that was missing in the first episode. He even connects with his resident Jae-hak. I have been wondering for long about Jae-hak's place in our show. If it was to show that heart can make a physician despite the rough clumsy personality, I am sold. I root for him because there are many residents out there who try twice as hard, beyond their limit without complaint. Those who are not born smart or blessed with winning personality. Chi-Hong will find that discipline in him to complete his residency despite fallbacks. I do want him to realize that his career has to be out of love and is his choice not by circumstances. Cheers to all our nurses, esp nurse Song (Ik-jun's) for their patience, compassion and support of all our physicians and patients. The hospital is their second family, one that many dedicate decades to care for. Will try to back read the posts. Thank you for all the comments, postings, translations, links, updates. It has been a great thread to join. Hi to @40somethingahjumma @kokodus @triplem. Hope you enjoyed the drama. @taeunfighting,is it what you expected? Did you see your family in these guys? See everyone after episode 12.
  7. It's finally a reality. I am kinda shock that we have consistent filming under the condition we are in. Just to show how good SK is handling the pandemic and how important Kdrama revenue really is. Looking forward to season 2.
  8. yes, if they are hired as attending physicians. Not sure what the hospital will do with Song Hwan's partial leave (on top of Jeong-won). Who will fill her spot to help with the patient back log? In regard to Chi-Hong, it's time for him to consider if neurosurgery is what he truly wants vs. what he can realistically handle. He has been fortunate to have Song-Hwa's patience and understanding. He is not honest with his physical ability to continue as a neurosurgeon. He stays because of Song-Hwa; he can operate above water under her guidance. The truth is neurosurgery is demanding. I worry that his crush is distracting to his professional career... For that, I like how Song-Hwa understands that she needs to remove herself from the love triangle temporarily to help Chi-Hong turns his focus back to completing his residency. Gyeo-Wool may settle on Pediatric Surgery - she found her calling through her crush in Jeong-won. She learns to express her feelings and opinions to others, patients, Jeong-won. Things that were overwhelming - she is able to handle them now. For a resident who shuffles charts to one who is comfortable in the OR. For lack of a better world, I like her presence now. I remember how she was such a wallflower. I don't think Winter Garden will happen this season for any of our pairings. I do support Jeong-won's wish to leave, I think we owe him at least this for all the sacrifices he has made for others. Even if he has feelings for Gyeo-Wool, he needs to find out what priesthood is about or whether he is meant to be one as he always thought. So I am ok about his leaving.
  9. Hiya.... I am so deep in work atm. Just don’t have time to post in forum. Still watching and up to date on Hospital Playlist + 365. HL is really really good. The writing is so profound, relatable, very very human. I actually think the residents’ stories are sometimes better then the fab 5, they are me! I love Captain Ahn’s spirit and demeanor. Sometimes you forget the best physicians are those who are patients themselves. I am on the Jeong won-Gyeol-woo ship since day 1 @kokodus lol I sit back and let 365 comes to me lol. Real life is already complicated. -2
  10. I know what you mean, my thoughts too. I like how the writers chose the side characters to reflect the good and bad in our leads. Take Seok-Hyung for example. It was through the eyes of the charge OB/GYN nurse that we learn Seok-Hyung's unassuming demeanor hides his thoughtfulness as a physician. It was also an eye opener for us and Min-Ha, someone who values her outer appearance, to discover a kind soul lives inside an introverted and awkward person. We get to see the positive side of him but that's not all. If we look at it again, what does it say about Seok-Hyung as a teacher and an attending? Shouldn't he have expressed himself better to his resident? Instead of giving Min-Ha the order without any explanation, he should have told her the reasons for his request. This is something Seok-Hyun has to improve. He has to communicate better. It's a lifeskill that is needed even outside the hospital so that he can connect with people and establish relationships. Whatever relationship he forms with Min-Ha in the future, we can see that it can only be good for Seok-Hyung. He needs to learn to have personal relationship with another female again, apart from his mother, his ex wife or Song-Hwa. Min-Ha's crush is a good thing for his confidence; for him to be reminded that he is lovable and deserved of love. Then there is Captain Ahn, with a past regimented life of a soldier, who understands the sacrifice and commitment Song-Hwa has for her career. Like you've said earlier, I hope he can teach her how to delegate responsibilities to others so that she doesn't have to live as a hospital ghost all her life. Song-Hwa mentioned in one of the episodes that she must always have her guard up being a female neurosurgeon. I hope she'll find being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness and confide in him about her illness. I love for her to believe in teamwork here. @nrllee I really like Dr Jang cuz I see myself in her a lot. I cracked up when I saw her down those sandwiches. Hospital foods are not the greatest. A lot of the time you eat to survive, you eat whenever you have time between patients. Like her, many times you won't have the chance to finish your meal. It's a treat to get real foods that taste good. When you do, it is heaven really. Girl destroyed her food, I totally get it.
  11. @40somethingahjumma @nrllee Dr Jang's story I think will remain a one sided crush on her side, the JW-JG ship may never sail. If it does, good for them. The drama is teasing us about the love line but I am not biting, to save my heart at the end LOL The way I see it; her story is less about the last temptation of Jeong-won but more to validate for him and us whether he has what it takes to pursue priesthood. We know he has great empathy and compassion for others. There's a strong innate sense of public service in him; he's clearly absent of the human desires for wealth. To me, Dr. Jang is his big test. Just as he turned to the Lord for guidance, Jeong won has to do the same for this imperfect resident who clearly needs someone to show her how to reach her potential. I think this is why we get this character who hasn't quite figure out what being a physician is at the heart and soul level, beyond the books and academics. She needs guidance from someone with Jeong-won's sensibility and I can't wait to see how he is going to respond. Now, Dr. Do on the other hand, so far is the kind of person who chose the medical field for prestige and wealth. He's willing to take on the hardship of residency, persevered despite lack of skills and love for the specialty... even under the wrath of JWan to have the prestige pedigree on his resume. His main goal is to be comfortable once he finished residency. We can tell that he sees the whole experience as something worth sacrificing for; his end goal is a comfortable life for his wife and him. There's already hint that he won't be a generous attending physician from the way he treats his own residents to lunch LOL. He aspired to achieve the same kind of success as JWan but he failed to take advantage of the opportunity to learn the skills. He doesn't understand that respect is earned. I'm still trying to figure out what JWan sees in him
  12. Hello~~~ IMO, Jeong-won was caught in a dilemma. As the son of an ex-CEO and one who most likely attended more "Risk Management" meetings than he cares to, Jeong-won understands not only the risk Dr. Jang took on a personal level, there's a string of liabilities that her actions can trigger. Aside from the danger she puts herself into, the hospital could face many problems if the man injured himself (plus other patients/visitors/staff) during the chase. There could be lawsuits hurting the hospital financially which in turn hurt the patient's access to medical care. Things that often are overlooked by residents in training. Yet he has to admit deep down that despite being too emotional, she does truly care for her patient to put herself out that far. The problem is as an attending, he cannot promote this type of behaviors in his residents as they are expected to display professional behaviors. Thus, he can't praise her nor can he scold her in front of others as he does realize that she has good intention despite her somewhat unorthodox execution. Her selflessness is something Jeong-won appreciated and noticed as he himself emptied his paycheck/bank account for charity a few scenes earlier. What he should have done is have a private one on one with her. I am curious why he doesn't - think because she is not really his resident (she's general surgery) so he would be overstepping his boundaries. @40somethingahjumma I am fond of how the show is writing Dr. Jang. Have to reply to your answer another time when I can
  13. YES I also thought there was a big difference in the way JWon and Seok-Hyeong "baby" their mothers. Both women have lost their husbands. Mrs Jeong admitted her marriage was of convenience, absent of romantic love from her side. Mrs Yang discovered her marriage was loveless as she was betrayed by her husband. The sons tried to make up for the loss of their fathers for both women in their own ways. Seok-Hyeong tries to stand in for his father and compensates the companionship his mother needs, he suffocates her with his concerns and presence. He's consumed by this guilt that he was not around to help her at the start of the affair so he devotes his life to take care of her, eventually destroyed his own marriage because of it. But it is Mrs Yang, like all mothers, who understands that Seok-Hyeong needs to live his own life and have a family of his own to take care of. Seok-Hyeong needs to learn to move on and come to term with his feelings toward his father. I was struck on how Seok-Hyung appreciates the husband's singing for his wife, being a divorcee and coming from a broken family. He was reminded that true pure love exists. Unlike SK, Jwon lets his mother dictates her loss and maps out her own way of living. I know their circumstances are very different; doesn't stop me from adoring their mother son relationship. He recognizes that she too needs to have a productive life with thriving friendships outside of her own family like he does with his own band friends. Jeong-Won is very in tune with people's sufferings God knows if this is why he thinks he's destined to be a priest. There's a lot to be said about living your life in the moment instead of dying in the past... something Mrs Yang discovered she can beginning to in this episode. I'm glad she can smile and laugh again over silly things. That said, why the names Rosa and Andrea? Ik-Jun continues to be my favorite character in the show. JJS is simply brilliant, funny, so likable in this role. He sings so well! The scene of him eating while JWan fixing his face with ointment is hilarious!!! Love the use of mirror there. Poor Song-Hwa, she has an irregular lump in her breast and has done the biopsy work up. For someone who is a workaholic, a serious health scare will force her to reanalyze her priorities. Look like she needs to learn to open up and allows others to see her being vulnerable for once. Ik-Sun/JWan is the cutest couple even if the love velocity is super fast. I'm not convinced fully of why he fell for her though we know JWan is easily fan struck. JKH needs to do more romcom! @40somethingahjumma I agree with what you wrote about mirroring the cases. We have a VIP client who easily find his way to better health by paying for his liver against the poor construction worker who made the difficult financial sacrifice for his son's heart valve. Let's not forget about how torn another father was to receive the liver transplant from his daughter, weighing her health against his own. There are genuine love and affection among among family members displayed in this episode vs the last for sure. About Dr. Jang, my impression is that Jeong-won was a little disappointed she didn't resort to her abilities as a physician to bring charges against the abuser. Her heart was in the right place; I don't fault her for it. IMO, Jeong-won would be more impressed if she has made the right clinical decisions and diagnosis like Dr. Bae. It's her decision making that turns him off though not enough to dismissed her from scrubbing in the case. I think this drama uses Dr. Jang to counterpoint the fab five. Against their brilliant models of a physician is this mousy surgeon who apparently is doing more things wrong than right. Someone who is ordinary, awkward, more common IRL than the likes of Song-Hwa or JWan. She's a balancing act of all different personalities. If we are talking about Hospital Playlist being where the extraordinary happens to the most ordinary people, Dr Jang is surely one.
  14. Ehhh, I am so behind with drama watching, esp this show. Is it still good? Only saw the first 3 weeks.