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  1. Episode 4 was great! It's the one that sold me on Racket Boys. I watched Move To Heaven prior, was very impressed with Tang Joon Sang's performance so I kept an eye out this drama. I'm glad his Hae-kang is a departure from Geu-Ru, a smart choice for a young actor to make, as we get to see his versatility and range. I agree with those who mentioned the first 2 episodes was not super engaging but by Episode 4, just like Hae-kang, we too develop a bond with the town folks and the badminton boys. Hae-kang is a kind boy at heart but his childhood was peppered with disappointments i
  2. I really love that scene. In their job as cleaners, Mr Han and Geu Ru don't interact or communicate with the deceased so they have to piece together clues about the person's character from their belongings. Mr Han taught his son early on, using his logical and photogenic mind, how to judge a person or a situation based on the non verbal clues. He processes facts objectively and I don't think he relies much on what the person tells him but more on what he observed. I'm sure there is an algorithm somewhere in his mind.^^ What Geu Ru sees is Sang Gu doing things for him despite not agreeing
  3. @nrllee mystery girl was not ID in the finale, I have not watched the last special. JiEun’s neck cut didn’t get any further explanation. I assume she never explained the background story to anyone, YoHan became more withdrawn after that incident.
  4. @nrllee the epilogue shows another surgeon performing brain surgery with HH’s video playing on the background, instructional for him we suspect. Wow, the alternative ending, the official ending... why so negative and macabre. I have lost track of how many deaths and killers we have seen. I don’t know what to say, why so dark of an outlook on humanity from a writer. Yeah that was my impression when I saw him revived the dead abortion bill but I was not sure if he always shared the same Utopia opinion as Sec Choi or changed after his son’s death. The governm
  5. I didn’t watch but via twitter-verse. Mouse = Bareum didn’t have to die from his brain surgery. Daniel was wrong with his observations, not giving the mouse a fighting chance. More happy scenes for the survivors. Drama should have included this one instead of the epilogue.
  6. @mystic62 Like you, I don't quite understand why the drama chose to have the bill passed. Unless it was to point out that we as society fall short at wanting to recognize the problems, let alone doing the right intervention, even as we saw what Bareum went through. It is a solemn critique. The black-op Oz storyline didn't end well for Sec Choi. We know Congressman Shin (ex-Det Shin's father) was elected to be President. He appeared to be an open minded man who didn't bat an eye seeing his son date the daughter of a convict. He seems to be a progressive candidate. But then aft
  7. The finale managed to tie up many things for us but it was definitely rushed and information overloaded. I felt like they had a list of questions they need to answer for the viewers so they just gave 2 min of airtime for each answer! The editing was indeed choppy, there was a lot of jumping around piecing together the puzzle pieces. They did a lot of things fine but some were head scratching moments. @Sleepy Owlwe did get a version of your kimchi slap via HongJu!!! LOL I have lots to say but little time so will come back. @airgelaalYes, the citi
  8. @Sleepy Owl hahaha, you are obsessed with kickboxing! The three way baby swap had me in stitches. The third kid with the psychopathic gene is the Super Predator! I need a .gif for kimchi slap! I just love it when Kdrama goes Interpol! The only thing I would add to the jail scenario is. Bareum received a mysterious care package one sunny day, very much like the same one Mr Yoon received in the Kdrama Stranger 2. No return address on the box. No hint of the sender. He slowly ripped open the tape. GRRRRRRRR Gggggggrrrrrrrrr
  9. Yes, I've seen about 1/2 dozen of KKH's projects, he's a natural and talented young actor. Real talent, he'll go far. The other actor that totally worth the accolades is Tang Joon Sang who plays one of the 4 boys - Yoon Hae Kang. He was absolutely phenomenal in his last project Move To Heaven. If you have not watched, please do. I highly recommend Move To Heaven on Netflix. His Geu-Ru stole my heart. I cheer for this young man! Will be watching this one. @backstreetboysfan all the posters are so cheery. Love them, we need happy dramas about
  10. MAIN ENDING: THREE WAY STAND OFF ala Beyond Evil: BaReum/MooChi/JiEun.... everyone wants a piece of BaReum. His mom just wants to finish the job for that kind boy YoHan! ALTERNATIVE ENDING: mint smell revealed as Lee Seung Gi's Doublemint gum product placement
  11. awwww..... MooChi's guilt, perhaps the only person that he shot in the line of duty. Preview text translation of the finale. Hong Ju knows the location of the evidence/tapes! Is she going to Sherlock it?
  12. @andy78 @Sleepy Owl@nrllee @ferilyThis drama is an odd one for me. I think my personal preference when watching a crime thriller is that it should root in reality. I mean I have no problem being in a writer's world if it was done right. I am fine with any genre as long as things follow the rules and are consistently logical in that world. The problem with Mouse is it wants to root in reality but throw in these makjang components: brain transplant, baby switch, Truman show/Wiz of Oz to explain the twists and turns of the story. You can't just make up things when you are backed into a corner
  13. @nrllee2 endings? unbelievable! Here is one version? It may end in the church as the group’s last shot. The redemption theme, MooChi closing arc. forgiveness, crime and punishment... is Jaehoon’s wish finally heard? Will BaReum’s end mirrors MooWon’s?
  14. Daniel's intention was more academic in the beginning with the gene testing. In the early years of experiments, Daniel made the mistake of overtaking HH's spotlight, his research provided solid data first. Hence, he became HH's number one competition and target. In return, I believe HH dated Jennifer with ill intention, indirectly punishing Daniel with his sister's death. Altho he blamed Jennifer's death on her decision to abort their baby, HH enjoyed hurting Daniel too much (like he did with JiEun in E18) so it was obvious that he hated his gut. From this point, both men set forth the c
  15. @ktcjdramaI'm sorry, I didn't watch Predator part 2, skipped through it really fast but I did watch part 1. Did it show JiEun intervened, choke JaeHoon to rescue JaeMin (besides the blurry face and JiEun's reaction in the car in part 2? I don't remember seeing that being pointed out. @ferilyI think the fight between SSH and stepfather occurred before JH woke up. I am not sure if JaeMin stayed because he wanted to check on Jae Hoon. JaeHoon was already carried off by SSH, Jaemin saw it with his own eyes.... that's why he left the closet to help his sister escape. If
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