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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】

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4 minutes ago, kitkatrmjung said:


The first space was like a suggestion for a username, at least that’s what I think if papago didn’t fail me. :sweat_smile:


ok now I’m curious about everyone’s username/nickname in the fan cafe. :joy:


coz i used google translate and it translated into pre financing is in progress please refer to notice.. i never thought the space is for username haha. now i feel dumb..:sweatingbullets:

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I must say that I'm at awe with her Chinese. She spoke in Chinese throughout the interview. Her Chinese is really good. In one of the games, she was asked to guess PSJ's lips on a tablet that had 9 pi

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1 minute ago, Matilda_Anne said:


coz i used google translate and it translated into pre financing is in progress please refer to notice.. i never thought the space is for username haha. now i feel dumb.. 

Oh. There was another line underneath the free space. And it translated to: The above question is the information required by the Cafeter.
Please be careful not to include your valuable personal information in your answers.


It made me confuse so I translated the line underneath the first space and it translated to: The nickname is available to use.


So I just assumed. :sweat_smile:


No need to feel dumb. We solely rely on the translations and it’s really up to us to interpret it as such. :thumbsup:

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i dunno she seemed more shy than timid to me.. or maybe she was tired that day, from travelling nonstop.. then again it was just 2 min ++ clip so i dont think i can make conclusion yet lol.. psj on the other hand, looked comfortable :w00t:.. 


lol ms bong was talkative and full of expression, like she was in wwwsk.. 

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2 hours ago, Chrissy Dang said:



1) TVN https://twitter.com/iloveparkpark

2) AAA https://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/preVote.html?type=mactor

3) Seoul Awards (download app on your phone)

4) Starple (download app on your phone)



If someone could compile step-by-step to vote per award would be great!!!

Ik if some of u backtrack to pages before, someone posted steps already on how to vote TVN award I think.


Starple has pushed the app update to App store. Now you can earn votes. They will also perform votes checking tomorrow. 


Does anyone know how to vote for SDA? I can’t vote yet. I have 0 pts.

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Not cautious in my opinion but SHY.


Remember the DVD COMMENTARY was done BEFORE she posted in IG copying PSJ Line in WWWSK and the Cheers one after he won an award. 


Plus her Cosmopolitan Interview is fine. 


PMY was shy as it was the first time she and PSJ were on camera together after rumors.


I did not see anything wrong with it as even with SSC, those who are also shippers of them here can recall that she was also very shy, even until now. She was the one who always try to maintain distance,  try to be discreet, not to speak relationships on interview (PMY latest interview was way more revealing than SHK's interview before marriage and after marriage she never talked personal life at all :lol:


PMY knew she is loved by many now. 



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1 hour ago, saved2K said:

I really pity Park Min Young if she is indeed affected by rumors...the only way to be completely happy is to live freely.   Being cautious is one thing but being imprisoned by fear is so frustrating.  Whether she does this or that... haters will still be around.  Unless she change the way she thinks, she will  continuously be haunted by people who do not even know her personally.  


The nasty posts on IG about Park Min Young actually speaks more about the haters than her.  Everyone already knows about that...ln fact her ex dated  her after she herself announced it to the whole word....and I became her fan after I came to know about that.  Only unhappy and wicked people can speak ill of anybody more so  someone they don't personally know.


I wish Park Min Young will be able to read this...please just be 'YOURSELF'...you are incredibly awesome the way GOD created you.  Your honesty shines so brightly displaying such inner beauty that will never fade.  Your kindness and love for you fans is amazing.  You are very considerate of others...that makes you incredibly beautiful to most of us.


Proverbs 31 never talks about physical beautiful as an essential qualification of a virtuous wife...



You should post it on PMY Instagram comments

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@saved2K Have you watched the video? I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. I don't think It was to that extend of being imprisoned.

She was being her usual cautious self (Like the way she was in some part of wwwsk bts), mixed with being shy since it was the 1st time being with the other cast after rumors came out.

But she was smiling, laughing hard most of the time. You can tell, they all get along.


If anything, i think the rumor might affected her in a way where she wanted to keep her love life secret as long as possible and it's not really the case now as people will monitor her action more than usual. She knows that she gained more fans after this drama and that's the other side of being a hot actress lol


After reading some part of her cosmopolitan itw, I feel like she's in peace with herself and the world. She's taking things slowly, communicating with fans more than ever via SNS, event and now fan meeting!


It looks like she has found the key to her happiness and everything is about the right timing now.. :D

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Please consider helping me and otherd who face problem for voting in AAA, i clicked join, entered my email and then password, and then the site went to rules and the the i agree and joint but when im in this page, and i want to click joint, it doesnt work and its just freezed and say something in korean, what should i do? Whats the problem? Please for ppc give me your opinion in this like other times that you did, as i said im so bad in these kindes of staffs.

And the seoul awards has started? I singed in but it doesnt give me voted?!

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I think I'm the only one who think that not only PMY, but PSJ also looks a bit cautious. I compare it with WWWSK press conference and their early interviews. He looks very comfortable with the other casts, laughing hard together, but he looks awkward with PMY, but trying hard to look normal. I understand their situation. If I'm in their position, I might do the same thing. :P





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