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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】


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Gold Truck IG Caption


Full text : https://www.instagram.com/p/CTCYzYFliNx/?utm_medium=copy_link


Rough translation:

A sincere congratulation to PSJ for 10th year anniversary! 


For PSJ who has a sharp jawline and superior body physical, #goldtruck came back to convey the time for sweet support. 


#PSJ_INAFANS #WWWSK FAN GROUPS fans prepared the Gold Cafe that had a lot  twists and turns time (so many things happened) finally successfully OPEN at the Concrete Utopia filming set


Fans had sent fulled indonesian famous snacks, due to big curiosity, staffs gathered and looking for most delicious-looking snacks. 


Other than that, we had set a table with plenty of stuffs such as cookies, special box etc. With fans sincere hearts together we completed the setting! 


Right after setting was done, the best of the best, with a charismatic physical and full of confidence walk, PSJ actor came


Psj : "iyaa~ indonesian fans sent so many"(amazed expression)

His eyes remain intact to the precious moment (meaning he was looking closely, like focus on all -cafe,stuff etc)


Then, he said "do you have grain powder?" , then he ordered iced five-grain latte, he then also took the snack box, letters, and special box that prepared by the fans with a sincere heart and went back to the filming set. 


This year, for a more realistic production, To all the actors and staffs that burned hot this summer on a large set where even staying cool was difficult, we hope that the time we spent together with Goldtruck was cooler and sweeter than ever. This time, we hope you will receive the support energy and load up with yang energy (yinyang) that we sent from far away. 


PSJ and Concrete Utopia, hope it becomes daedaedae~bak and we give much passionate support!






Glad to see he able to stop by and look at all the preparation by INAFANS and WWWSK fans group.

What a success!



I really cant wait to see Concrete Utopia (I also love the other main casts). After IC and till now, its been almost 2 years that we cant get to see him on golden screen. So i really wish him all the best, going through all the hardwork on hot burning summer, wish him all the good luck!




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Hi PPC shippers, 

I m new in here. I know this has being quiet lately. I watched wwwsk series in early this year but I didn't know this forum is existed in before. ( I regret that I join too late )... I love both of them so much. Can i have some news links or account links for the news (or rumors whatever) which I can see the couple news daily? Because I m not familiar with kdrama news in before. I even feel happiness when I hear some rumors about the couple even if I know it's becoming dim year by years....

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Hi hi.. thread is not active, as there were less news by the couple... the ship is still sailing right?:ph34r:


Then i read that Park Seo Jun next drama is with Han so Hee?... eh, Park min Yong is now filming with Song Kang?... Coincidence? :D


Sigh, yes i wish PMY would go bk to saeguk drama ... she was great in SKK Scandal and Queen for 6 Days... imagine both of them in saeguk, as leads i mean:heart:... awsome .. :D



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