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  1. Hi all! Glad to find DengLun thread on Soompi He reminds me of ParkSeoJoon, but the more I see him, totally different. His gaze, his smile, and his voice tone, wow. His acting on Ashes of Love is outstanding and he can sing well too. Looking forward for his upcoming movie. Well, I need to backread this thread to know him more.
  2. As I remember there's a story in Hawaii....like LA trip Perhaps because of that PMY post that moment again. Btw, I don't know whether it's written from the beginning or not, but the description of shipper forum is interesting "a place of a negative worship. Pick your poison." The moderators must have a lot of stress because of fanwars everywhere. I hope this thread contain less war and really on paradise stage. It's cute thread
  3. Cute and beautiful! Curious with the comments. It's interesting because almost all of them from knetz, I tried to translate it but I lost. lol.
  4. Yeah, I see some major accounts which claim as "kdrama account or oppa/ahjussi lover" on IG posted provocative contents with provocative caption and it invited many hateful comments toward PMY. Even now when PMY is just enjoying her life, not doing any drama yet and this kind of pathetic people still drag out her name just because she has ever related/is related to their bias. What a shame! I don't want to mention other parties because it will drag some prohibited matters here and breaking soompi rules. But what's the advantage of throwing hate to others? Even digging out someone's past just to share your hate. May God bless them.
  5. Yeah lol. I'm glad pps don't take it seriously this kind of coincidence because his slip of thumb
  6. I can't stop laughing seeing her talking. She's so funny. Her face is full of expression, reminds me of Emilia Clarke. She's so natural talking and doing anything in front of the camera. Yeah, she has bubbly personality who is lively, animated, and fun to be around. Her YT theme is really matching with her character. And yeah, Just PMY and Record Park's are similar also, the color theme, opening song with similar beat, and editing... About their SDU, I can't comment anymore because I'm speechless lol. I just can sit and never stop smiling at the corner. For the newbies, welcome! Please feel free to express your love to PPC. Glad this paradise still feels like paradise even after 2 years.
  7. @GhostChilli I think the one who take the photo is PMY's friend (qurade_q). You could see her last IG story. The point is we know delulu is part of shipper thing but pls refrain to make high assumption for the thing that we didn't know the truth yet. Not all pps can sort out where is the delulu, where is the fact, especially if that spread out by major account.
  8. Happy 2nd Anniversary to WWWSK, hope we can always cherish this beautiful drama for the rest of our live and happy ending for PPC, forever to go. It's like on roller coaster for 2 years on this thread, but I enjoy it. Thank you. Anyway, I'm still amazed until now that PPC could received this project since they have read the webtoon/novel before and they should aware there would be "the first night scene" on it (more explicit in the webtoon).
  9. I'm a bit emotional with PMY IG's update Yesterday I was curious what kind of gift this year from wwwsk_cnfans Now look at that! Pretty flowers, greeting card with beautiful lines, and that cute carousel with miso-leeyoungjoon sandee I love you 3000 PPC Edit: Wow, there is also krfans YOU GUYS ALL AMAZING
  10. It's okay, PSJ. Still proud of your hard work. Let's win next year. He looks so proud on KHN. My babies.
  11. Yeah, I read the news for second wave in SK Sigh, this pandemic...even my town turns into black zone now for nearly 3,000 confirmed covid-19 as of this week Actually, I'm not too excited for Baeksang event this year because of this pandemic. But still very proud of PSJ baby. Hope everyone stay safe and healthy.
  12. Well, if you categorize my advice "pls be wise to analyze everything about PPC" as a bully, I apologized. No hard feeling truly. Not because I feel threatened, but if you have time to read my previous posts in this forum , I repeated to friendly reminder that please try to not over-analyze every details of PPC's action because we will get nothing but sad, anxious, afraid, worries, doubt, jealous, angry, mad, and all negative thinking if what we believe before "turn out to be nothing" as you said. I have ever put all of my time and energy to previous local ship in my country years ago but it sunk lol. I was really broken and crying so hard for months that time. So I learn a lot from that experience. This. Before you decided to jump to shipping land, you have to remember this. Since we don't know about the future, we just can pray and hope the best for our OTP and also prepare for the worst because that's the shipping land rules. Like in extreme words "we invest to other people's relationship". Our OTP can end up together or with someone else. That's why pls not take very seriously for the shipping thing. Make it just for fun. I'm not everyday read this forum, so if I miss to click "love, thanks, insightful, awesome, like, and other sign" button to every contributor in this forum, I apologized. Still very appreciated for all. Now, I have to go, will be back after getting update from PMY youtube channel. Cant wait to see her contents. Maybe about make up, fashion, cooking and baking, home decoration, her books, her drawing, playing with leon and friends. Like I just said before, just patiently wait and see.
  13. Speechless part 2 lol Gals, please be wise to analyse everything about PPC. Truly I'm speechless
  14. Speechless lol Some people are really quick to judge, right. One important thing I learn after 2 years on this ship and maybe some newbies can try to learn too. Never put high expectation for PPC actions because what they do mostly unpredictable and full of surprise. Once your mind go too far with delulu and expectation and what happened then is not like as you expect, you'll get very very hurt. Pls try not to overthinking for every PPC's action, not always questioning why PPC do this and do that. Just enjoy what we have. I just finished Find Me in Your Memory drama. It tells the story how hard and difficult Korean celeb couple have to deal with fans and shippers. Once you do can meet fans/shipper expectation, you will get love. But a minute later you cannot meet the things as they expect, you will get hate, even your career and personal life can be destroyed on a blink of eye. I can fully understand why some Korean couple do not admit anything (even mention his/her partner) until the right time. I know it's just a fiction drama but from what I just read on this forum recently prove that it's true happens in real life.