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  1. I don’t want to ruin your interpretation, but as much as I watch PSJ kissing scene in his dramas (SWP, hwarang, ffmw) mostly, he hold her costars back of neck, not only with PMY. I think it’s his iconic style of kissing. Correct me if Im wrong.
  2. She looks so happy beside him. Chatting, whispering, smiling, laughing. And until now, I still wonder what the reason behind, to make them attended this event together.
  3. I just saw the latest update PMY IG. She looks so tired on the first pic. Even her smile can’t hide it.
  4. I'm sure you absolutely know what I meant for 1 person at first, but then for 2 (after I know that PSJ live alone) Anyway, I tried to watch PSJ's other drama since I just watch him in WWWSK. Gosh, he was really really handsome in She was Pretty, the most handsome appearance I guess! He looked so fresh and charming. But I got second female lead syndrome, so I stopped from ep 11. @zashi23 yes, I think they just show the sample unit.
  5. It's so so big and luxurious apartment, and suddenly "dirty things" come to my mind especially when watching bathroom part, but I keep it by myself coz I don't want to be called as a crazy and delulu shipper.
  6. I'm the one who still believe matching clothes and overseas trip (also couple of times they update IG around the same time) are just coincidences. I cannot put that things in my personal reasons for shipping them. It's been said in Channel A TV show (last year) that from before PPC started WWWSK, reporters kept asking their management many times if they're dating. There must be a reason why they didn't admit they're dating. We should wait and see. This one of reasons why I'm in this ship. source: parkpark_couple_luv
  7. This account is my fav too because he/she never writes provocative caption. This account puts ppc coincidences, hints, moments, on the highlights so when I miss ppc so much, I can see it again repeatedly.
  8. Yes, she looks very tired. I can see her eyes bag. Hope she can get good rest this weekend.
  9. We have the same thought. I don't know maybe because of her eyes make up (eye liner or eye shadow) or camera effect, but we can't see her sparkling eyes like usual. Her eyes look tired. Someone have said during wwwsk airing that camera really loved PMY in that drama and that's true. Ah, if it's true, something is more suspicious.
  10. Are they the same fans who made the banner and gave the gift to PMY-PSJ on the WWWSK wrap up party? How so sweet.
  11. I want him since Coffee Prince, but I can't fight with PMY to get PSJ I just realize that PSJ pats his thighs when PMY's dancing.
  12. I'm the one who did not expect PSJ could join that trip, like I didn't expect PPC attended Cosmo event together. Gosh, I love this thread.
  13. Yes, they share the same smile and laugh Last night a picture of them with the same smile (20's PMY compare to 30's of her and teen PSJ compare to 30's of him) also appeared on my IG searching tab, but I couldn't remember the account's name. Yeah, although some people said the story is cliche and not strong (I agree with them) and tvN didn't promote the drama as massive as their recently dramas (even PMY didn't update her IG as much as nowadays), WWWSK rating since the first episode was higher than 5% and I'm sure one of the reasons is PSJ-PMY chemistry.
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