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  1. The last time I didn't expect PSJ join Phuket trip and Cosmo event, he's coming. The last time I was so sure he would come to watch Son's match (because his boss told that), he didn't appear. So it's better I don't expect anything this time.
  2. Wow, definitely my fav genre. I'm glad PSJ on it. Can't wait to watch it! Anyway, I don't know whether this topic has been talked in this thread or not. I accidentally viewed PSJ profile on IMDb and I found he's on casts list for Paboos (animation movie). And there is also PMY on the list. Any body know is it true or not? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2096564/?ref_=ttfc_fc_tt
  3. HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY WWWSK Tbh, because I’m not a fan of romcom genre (I usually watch the drama like Signal, Tunnel, Sky Castle, Secret Forest) at first I had no high expectation for this drama. I know some of PMY’s dramas but didn’t familiar yet with PSJ. I just knew that he’s the hottest man alive in SK. But beyond my expectation, WWWSK captivated me since the 1st episode. The acting and sexual tension between PSJ-PMY is really exploded (even though they just standing side by side and not too much kiss and skinship). The supporting casts are also amazing. The soundtrack are beautiful. The comedy and comical part is great. All the things in this drama are perfect and balance. Even though some viewers said the plot is so so, but the PD-nim, the actors, the production team could deliver WWWSK like a fairy tale and get high rating despite the romcom genre. Especially for Park Seo Joon-Park Min Young, you made me jump to this forum and let me find “the great fellowship of ParkPark”. I love you guys. I hope both of you always happy and success, support to each other and give us more coincidences like Montblanc moment and many more at the future. And absolutely I wish both of you end up together in real life, just like PPC make up and stylist team shout out “Young Joon and Miso forever”, endgame! Love WWWSK and PPC 3000
  4. Yes, I guess so, because nothing is eternal. But, still I hope HPL has great ending and the viewers can appreciate all the hard work that PMY and HPL team have done. Please don't call me jealous *peace*
  5. Does anyone here know whether is Busted 2 pre-produced show or stripping like mostly k-dramas nowadays?
  6. I remember this moment, I woke up in the morning in a rush because my friend told me about the news from Soompi twitter account. I was like, what?? 3 years of dating?? Then I immediately came to this forum to find PPC shipper reactions. At first, I was disappointed because Awesome in couple of minutes denied the rumor but then I realize, that’s the “best” answer they had to give at the time.
  7. For me myself, sometimes I feel the same as you, many questions in my head, why oh why, but at the end of the day, I always try not to overthink for everything, so they won’t give me nightmares lol. Just let it be. For me, the basic key for shipping world is, never invest our heart too much or we’ll get headache lol. Praying for the best and prepare for the worst. Love PPC 3000.
  8. Yeah, it's prediction. Don't overthink about that. As long as they are both single, we can hope they will end up together, endgame.
  9. Meanwhile here, I’m still questioning the reasons for: - why PPC attended Cosmo event together - why PSJ did not upload anything in his IG related Phuket trip - why PPC agencies must cut 77 minutes of WWWSK BTS dvd - how PMY could give Montblanc gift for HPL pdnim bday - how PPC’s dogs can have the same meaning name - why PSJ decided to stay so so close from PMY residence - why PPC stylist team can be so close to each other like they already know for a long time - how could someone tag PSJ name on PMY IG post on 2016 .....and many more. Only heaven and PPC know the answers.
  10. Hi all, it’s nice to find this thread of Yejin and members who support her project with Hyunbin. Actually, I’m lowkey shipper of them since I watched some The Negotiation press conference and promotion videos. But for now, whether they’re dating or not, I’m happy enough they can do the drama together, finally. It doesn’t matter to me whether yejin & hyunbin went to US related to their project or not and who received the drama offer first. Even the other shipper claimed hyunbin went to US because of another reason. At least, they were together at that time, it’s a fact. I just want to say it’s possible if the actor/actress in Korea industry receive the drama offer while still filming the current one. Park Min Young received the offer for her current drama HPL from tvN while she’s still filming Secretary Kim. But the news just came up early this year. It’s just a sample. One thing I hope for the drama is, yejin-hyunbin agencies won’t ask tvN to release limited BTS clips because of their dating rumor. It happened once with the other rumor couple and I hope it won’t happen again.
  11. Perhaps they don't like PSJ like I don't like Channing Tatum, for no special reason, just don't like him. Just let them be. But WWWSK got high rating (considering the genre is romcom which usually difficult to get good rating) and so popular, and no one can deny this fact, even the other party said the other drama is better. Of course we cannot compare wwwsk with Sky Castle, Mr. Sunshine, Reply 1988, Signal, Goblin, or 100days Prince since the genre is totally different. I remember a selebgram from my country who sells 'Secretary Kim' blouses in her IG. She bought directly from Korea. And I bought once. And I also remember youtuber from my country who worked in SBS Korea, she's PSJ fans watched wwwsk too. One time she made a blog when she watched wwwsk epi 8, pls see her reaction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxfjPnBEzCo
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