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  1. I still have no idea about the director and the writer since I did not watch their dramas yet, but judging from the production budget, this project is promising. The premise sounds interesting and I have been dreaming since long time that someday PMY can act on fantasy drama with the premise like this, immortal and reincarnation story. Just wait and see. Besides, PSJ will be back for Youn's Kitchen S3. Good luck PPC for the next year projects!
  2. Are they both really serious for this tips? I got to searching that 'diet tips' on google just to making sure that it's valid, but I can't find anything info related that. Anw, finally PMY is still remembering her IG password Her 'body goal' makes me jealous.
  3. I don't know how but random people on twitter always bring up wwwsk eps 13 bts and pmy slapped psj compilation video like every month? Both videos got many attention again this week. And I like to read many comments from random people for that videos. "How to be pmy? How to be psj? Lovely couple. I love their chemistry. They're dating, right? How can they not catch feeling?" LOL I don't know is there any other drama clip/vid that get the same attention like wwwsk years after the airing? And pmy looks so beautiful, hot, yet cute on compagna recent video.
  4. Like PSJ has ever said before "only time can tell" Like Korean reporters have ever said before "just wait and see" I'm glad that PPC are more open to their fans now through their YT channel, showing their activities beside acting. Somehow, I'm more excited to waiting for their vlog updates than their drama/movie news lol.
  5. It's just for fun but also precious to read a lot of retweets, likes, and lovely comments to pmy from bts army tweet. Some of them even mention psj. And I think most of them are nonshippers.
  6. Couldn't agree more. This reason also make me keep staying in this ship. Too many "coincidences" until now not only from both PPC's actions, but also from their circle, like their dogs breed and name, neighborhood thing, friends, timing project, CF, vlog, interviews, and etc. Those are facts, not delulu things. Even for their individual project, there's always something that connected to each other. Just like the recently "music is my life" lol. And WWWSK, still many people talk about this drama. And ep13 clip, the update viewers now at 114 M lol and still counting...
  7. Gals, just ignore the unnecessary post and report it to the moderator. Let's make this thread happy and clean.
  8. Both simba and leon stick like glue to their parents It's so funny to watch simba keeps looking for psj and doesn't want to walk with psj manager lol like leon keeps asking pmy to carry him. I think the way ppc cut leon and simba hair is a bit different at the ears part. Other than that, it's hard to recognize which is simba which is leon lol. Anyway, eventhough I've been following PPC since 2018, I'm still curious how can ppc have the same dog breed and the same name meaning lol.
  9. Well...as you see... anyway, this week is for ppc vlog time, right? please don't disappoint me lol
  10. Congrats @Matilda_Anne stay safe and healthy! I read somewhere the recently airing drama of KSH (i don't know it's referring to which scene) that make the increasing viewers of wwwsk ep13 clip just like IC case before lol yeah, generally, since we can't control the situation out there and not only shipper can read this forum, it's better if we just share SAFE proof and info.
  11. @Smwhrnthrth with all due respect please delete your post. Not all the things related ppc can be discussed on public space. Please respect ppc family. Thanks.
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