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  1. hate ??? lol , they both went to phuket, attend the Cosmo together , wwwsk gathering, dvd couple comment and many more .... explain to me !!!
  2. Weibo fans already knew she went to Bali 2 days ago , now confirmed, heard Bali area had earthquake the 24th, think everything ok now
  3. JCW and PMY using same hair stylist too . ppc broke up so psj stop update IG, lol he is not a kid.
  4. as of today, the earliest Lady Gaga concert ticket I can get online is for Oct 20(very expensive lol, cost couple thousand US dollars) PMY must be ordered her ticket few months ago, unless she knew somebody that handle tickets for special VIP guest
  5. Lol her latest IG pic took in a eating place smoking NOT allow, btw weibo solid fans said the IG pic is an old pic
  6. During filming CT hunter , because the 2 lead actors are smoker ,a reporter ask her about it , I remember she said not mind people smoking but not in front of her
  7. that's why I don't read those comments anymore, you're right, that's her space , they made it look ugly and silly
  8. I know I am nosy, but what is the reason behind this ?....on 1.25.2016 upload a photo which is from 2009.... 7 years later
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