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  1. I didn't say she and kjw didn't have great chemistry. I just said ppc chemistry is too strong so I still can't find the feeling between them
  2. Have you seen bts of hpl's eps 3&4?? Idk but I feel different, she's so playful and and again, she act like lil sis to kjw. Heelllp..maybe I'm too biased so I can't think clearly lol
  3. KJW and PMY have a good chemistry but sorry PPC chemistry is so strong, I can't feel the lovey dovey vibe like PPC did
  4. If you search with keywords "min young seo joon" in twitter, why their 3 years dating rumour is up again?? Allkpop article is up again even their article is in July 2018
  5. We don't need the evidence to prove they are real or not, time will tell. If they aren't real, its okay..i just enjoying this ship no matter how it will ends. But until now I still believe that ppc is real
  6. Yeah wwwsk has no big conflict and the plot is so simple and light. But it makes us happy and smile to watched it and until now I'm not bored yet to repeat again and again
  7. Im interested with pmy after wwwsk, since I watched their clip and I amaze with their chemistry and I became really shipped them and I started to watch her drama, Healer and City Hunter and now I really like her so much even my friend asked me "are you still normal?"
  8. So sorry, I'm from Indonesia and I think this time, I can say PSJ still "safe" because usually fans in here too enthusiastic and I can say "brutal" and sometimes even endanger the artist.
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