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  1. Just a little suggestion, if you want to read a forum that focuses mainly on the drama itself and does not include conversations/discussions about the couple, whether be it personal or public matter, pls go directly to the drama’s thread/forum. Obviously you shouldn’t be visiting a SHIPPING THREAD/FORUM if you get easily disturbed by those topics. The description clearly says what it says.
  2. I think Jess and Stal are in New Orleans, they will eventually head to SF and that's close to LA. Now if we only knew where is PSJ is. This kinda feels like the London trip and the China trip.
  3. True. True. PPC SQUAD are SQUAD GOALS for sure!!! The latest PPC SQUAD hang out was the best, as per the squad, "LYJ-KMS FOREVER!!!"
  4. These girls are way too weird with their friendship. It took years before they posted something with each other in it. It was always them taking a vacay with each other, being each others photographer, posting photos taken by the other in the same location, but there was never a pic together. I saw Leon more in Jessica's IG, than of PMY.
  5. They do go MIA from time to time, but not necessarily at the same time, they were just some instances that it did happened though if I remembered correctly. The most known was during the reward vacay in Phuket. If their staffs didn't tag them no one would know where they were. Literally, there was no "stolen" photos of them from the trip. I still haven't seen any pic of PSJ from the trip.
  6. I took a hiatus from shipping and this is what welcomed me. Of course it would irk you. But then again, you chose to read the thread. You knew what was coming. I'm not quite sure why you like to torture yourself. As far as I have read, some of the shippers here liked the chemistry, liked how the cast have acted, it was just the story that really irked them. I can't validate what they have said about it, cause my private life() didn't allow me to have enough time to watch the drama, so yeah, don't have an opinion about it, I doubt you would care though. Anyways... I took a break while those two were kinda M.I.A. and came back and they are M.I.A. again. Those two are really something else. If PMY is still in USA, I hope she shows up in the new reality show for Jung sis.
  7. I mean sure, if you’re the type to research a name to give out. Its just for me, the reason why I don’t associate Leon with lion is because I know of someone that has a nickname of Leon, because his full first name is Leonard. I’m also just saying that is not far fetch. Her answer regarding Simba though, I can’t think of a possible reason as to how she wasn’t able to make that connection.
  8. I’m not. PMY doesn’t get mention that much during Jessica’s FM unless someone directly asks them. Goes to show how private a person is. These days I get to see more photos or videos of Jessica with Leon.
  9. Jessica is in Taiwan for various activities, one of which is a concert for tomorrow. She’ll probably show up in the vtr or something. I think the girls from wwwsk will be there.
  10. Guys, just relax. It may be a personal reason or a secret schedule that is still connected to work. Yes it was not posted in their official schedule, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not related to work. We will get to find out about it sooner or later anyways. Just because they didn’t attend, that does not mean that they don’t care about our efforts. They do, and they appreciate it a lot, its just that whatever those schedules are, it may be something that is more important, more urgent than personally getting the awards.
  11. Anyone have the translations for this interview? its relatively quiet here, meanwhile in the twitterverse.
  12. I’m quite impressed with the show’s ratings in the Philippines, specially if you look at its time slot. I guess the the show will be running for 8 weeks, that is if they keep up with the whole 2 eps/week.
  13. I suggest that you guys should wait it out, maybe tomorrow? There are times when fans will reserve or buy the tickets but their payments don’t push through for some reason. Then, that will be the moment that you’ll be able to purchase those tickets.
  14. Click the 3 bars/lines at the upper right corner of your screen if you are using your phone, then scroll down and you’ll be able to see [Pre-order] Blu-ray or [Pre-order] Dvd.
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