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  1. Commercialization and Prestige, unfortunately goes hand in hand in this business. It's just a matter of how the image/packaging/presentation is being executed.
  2. There's a lot to factor in: Fame, Influence, Impact of the cover's story, and then there's the sponsorship/endorsement deal. Edit: also the specific target market of the magazine that they will cover for; Business, Fashion, High Fashion, Lifestyle, etc.
  3. Not sure if it's of any help, but what I noticed in variety shows is that, they put a cg of steaming sweet potatoes when someone or something is being frustrating. You can get better translations if you use papago btw.
  4. I would honestly really question her not flailing if she wasn't falling from that distance. Gravity will surely pull her, and pull her FAST. Floating would be impossible, since the fall would most likely be a for a couple of seconds. Anyways, I have been enjoying reading your analysis and sharing what you've learned about Angels.
  5. It's different for everyone, depending on who the person is and the situation itself. We do have to remember that she has lived majority of her life living day by day just because, she's someone who used to suspect everything and reject everyone who shows that they care. Also with the height of the building I doubt anyone will really expect a miracle to save them. I for one also experienced a close to death encounter, when you just lose all hope, you just instinctually accept it and close your eyes.
  6. I think the "So you have never truly loved me?" part is when Dan was done telling her about him being an Angel and it includes his last mission, which was for YS to feel love/be in love. Cause that's the only possible scenario that I can think of as of the moment.
  7. Basing on my limited understanding with korean, LYS is more of confused than mad. She's not really showing much anger, instead, her curiosity is getting the best of her.
  8. I've been enjoying watching the drama as well as reading your different opinions about it. I'm still not sure if I have fully analysed the show so I'll try to refrain myself from posting my in-depth opinion about the whole story. So far I'm liking where it is going and it's keeping me entertained. Btw, has anyone thought that maybe Matil/SeolHee might have possessed Elena? The scene between JKW and Elena kinda made me think like that. That and the curly hair and red streak on their hair respectively.
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/By2QufxFFHJ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link And she finally surfaced!! Wonder where she is though?
  10. Just a little suggestion, if you want to read a forum that focuses mainly on the drama itself and does not include conversations/discussions about the couple, whether be it personal or public matter, pls go directly to the drama’s thread/forum. Obviously you shouldn’t be visiting a SHIPPING THREAD/FORUM if you get easily disturbed by those topics. The description clearly says what it says.
  11. I think Jess and Stal are in New Orleans, they will eventually head to SF and that's close to LA. Now if we only knew where is PSJ is. This kinda feels like the London trip and the China trip.
  12. True. True. PPC SQUAD are SQUAD GOALS for sure!!! The latest PPC SQUAD hang out was the best, as per the squad, "LYJ-KMS FOREVER!!!"
  13. These girls are way too weird with their friendship. It took years before they posted something with each other in it. It was always them taking a vacay with each other, being each others photographer, posting photos taken by the other in the same location, but there was never a pic together. I saw Leon more in Jessica's IG, than of PMY.
  14. They do go MIA from time to time, but not necessarily at the same time, they were just some instances that it did happened though if I remembered correctly. The most known was during the reward vacay in Phuket. If their staffs didn't tag them no one would know where they were. Literally, there was no "stolen" photos of them from the trip. I still haven't seen any pic of PSJ from the trip.
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