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  1. this is true, however, I don't think it was for support, rather an indirect complaining for intentionally cropping/editting her out of the photo, which was really disrespectful. I think alot of people in the fandom had reprimanded the person who editted it.
  2. I can't really get why our neighbors keep on coming here and inflicting themselves to things that harm them. Are you guys into Masochism or something?
  3. Thanks. It was fun when we were all speculating about the watermelon stickers when the squad posted those. I guess she didn't expect anyone to figure it out, although it was quite obvious already.
  4. do you happen to have a link to this photo? I don't think I have seen it yet. Was too busy around the time of her fanmeet.
  5. I think it's probably a late post, since she's also fond of those. They really have the best timing, and I'm not only talking about the time intervals, but also the composition/location of the photos way back from years ago.
  6. was it the one where it was shot from the 2nd floor and they were all wearing black? That one was really blurry.
  7. Commercialization and Prestige, unfortunately goes hand in hand in this business. It's just a matter of how the image/packaging/presentation is being executed.
  8. There's a lot to factor in: Fame, Influence, Impact of the cover's story, and then there's the sponsorship/endorsement deal. Edit: also the specific target market of the magazine that they will cover for; Business, Fashion, High Fashion, Lifestyle, etc.
  9. Not sure if it's of any help, but what I noticed in variety shows is that, they put a cg of steaming sweet potatoes when someone or something is being frustrating. You can get better translations if you use papago btw.
  10. I would honestly really question her not flailing if she wasn't falling from that distance. Gravity will surely pull her, and pull her FAST. Floating would be impossible, since the fall would most likely be a for a couple of seconds. Anyways, I have been enjoying reading your analysis and sharing what you've learned about Angels.
  11. It's different for everyone, depending on who the person is and the situation itself. We do have to remember that she has lived majority of her life living day by day just because, she's someone who used to suspect everything and reject everyone who shows that they care. Also with the height of the building I doubt anyone will really expect a miracle to save them. I for one also experienced a close to death encounter, when you just lose all hope, you just instinctually accept it and close your eyes.
  12. I think the "So you have never truly loved me?" part is when Dan was done telling her about him being an Angel and it includes his last mission, which was for YS to feel love/be in love. Cause that's the only possible scenario that I can think of as of the moment.
  13. For me it looks like she just flat out gave up and accepted the fact that that was how she was gonna die.
  14. Basing on my limited understanding with korean, LYS is more of confused than mad. She's not really showing much anger, instead, her curiosity is getting the best of her.
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