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  1. Cr: IG owner I just imagine if PPC doing this while waiting the next scene during WWWSK filming
  2. Hello PPC shippers, its not too late for me to wish 'Happy New Year 2019' right? Btw, Happy New Year 2019 PPC shippers! Fyi,before WWWSK aired, i never this crazy when it come to Korean actor/actress.. Lol.. Now i have a disease called 'stalking PPC Instagram every day' & checking my email every hour incase any update from you guys about PPC. Hmm..
  3. kbs can't use wwwsk vid without Tvn permission. so kbs just used psj and pmy former Kbs drama vid Oh.. No wonder they use their last year dramas. Tq for the info.
  4. Oh.. So it just like @Ennie Sushanty Sushanty said before, its Attendance Artist Award.. If they attend the award event, they will got an award.. If no, no award for them
  5. Ermm.. I don't think so.. Bcause other award event, if they win an award, their names still on the list eventho they couldn't attend the event.. So, thats why they decided to attend COSMO..
  6. No. I saw the winner list but there's no PP names. So, maybe thats why they decided to go to COSMO.
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