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  1. Yes agree with @parkparkloveu and @peanut1024 let us show what APAN, other ship, and other fans that we support our PPC till the end either winning or losing, that we are a force to reckon with win or lose. and don't provoke fan war out there, because from yesterday I saw a lot of fan war in IG, even there was an account for bashing MY. if there is a hater, just report it not respond because they will be happy to get what they want our attention, haters will always be haters. Let's vote and do what we can for our PPC Let's show that we are solid PPC supporters Keep fight till the end for our PPC , FIGHTING!
  2. Hello PPC shipper ... sorry if I was just a silent reader all this time, I have been following this thread just starting the PPC from beginning, but to write I not be brave because of my terrible english yes I also heard that from my friend PPC shipper, and yesterday I read in IG that who ship him w/ past co-star leave his side to vote another actor
  3. https://twitter.com/KiKyoSongSong/status/1034624454523904000 PSJ - "I want to protect my private life"
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