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  1. Vlog about her crunchy pepper kimchi! it really looks tasty and spicy! the kind i like.. btw... know anyone else who looks soooo pretty int he morning? PSJ must really love mornings.. lol!
  2. speaking of Youn's Kitchen... reminded me of a scene where the Youn's Kitchen 2 team ate dinner out in a famous pizza restaurant in Garachico in Spain where they filmed the show. One of the dishes they ordered is Caprese. Here's my collaboration of Youn'sKitchen2 and JustParkMinyoung(Office Kitchen). *Youn's Kitchen 2 was filmed in November 2017 and aired on TVN from Jan to Mar 2018.... Just before WWWSK started on TVN also in June 2018.
  3. It's Record Parks Monday! new upload * Check on what he said at the last part.. the one they censored... when they were watching the vlog where they bought an ice cream.
  4. Aloha!! A throwback of that Hawaii trip! If youve been here that time.. you'd know why this is an interesting trip. * its from Feb 2019.
  5. Oh MY.. oh MY... *check this true blue PPS IG account for the accurate translation of wwwsk dvd bts clips.
  6. This is the wedding invitation included in the WWWSK dvd. Can't wait for the real PPC wedding invitation. Ctto: ParkParkonly IG
  7. This is PMYs other real and strong relationship... with bff Jessica. Collab of JustParkMinYoung and JessicaLand please!
  8. Everything she is touching in this video.... can be added to cart when you do online shopping. But you will not dare to checkout and pay for them!! LOL! As always... a fun to watch PMY vlog. She did give some beauty tips here.
  9. Very proud and happy for these fans! Yes.. that gift from PMYs IG story is from PPS and PMY fans!
  10. Hmmmm.. I think she'll also do it as every other Wedenesday... coz if she will do it every week. She should have a lot of videos banked. Whatt do you guys think?
  11. FACTS! Those who keeps on bashing her just cant deal with the obvious fact that Mr. Park is head over heels madly in love with her. Well.. sit down and watch.. your choice to either let your insecure selves die of jealousy or just choose to be happy with a love so beautiful.
  12. sooo.. just like PMY, when I can't sleep I watch Youtube videos. lol. But since my watch list are mostly related to PSJ or PMY.. Youtube has suggestions, and since I am rewatching IFY for the 2nd time (i just adore this drama). I came across a JTBC Voyage of IFY and I noticed something on the description... Yeah.. that one!
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