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  1. 03.04.2021 HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our queen.. Park Min Young! We love you to infinity and beyond! We hope and pray for your forever happiness and peace of mind and of heart. Have a great celebration with your loves!
  2. 1st Same day update for 2021! Very unexpected! Lol Coz i thought the oh so beautiful PMY is the only one with something today for Busted 3! But PSJ looks so handsome! You gotta love PPC for unexpected things!
  3. Hey everyone! Been a while... again. Lol Seems like a lot of people were expecting PPC to be revealed by Dispatch. Lol. But yeah... with their January projects to be released.. very unlikely. Coz it will bring more attention to their news instead of their projects and we all know PPC does not want that. Coz they respect their projects and the people involved highly. And pretty sure that the media is also respecting that situation. I mean remember their dating rumor back in 2018? No one expected that.. especially the 3yr dating detail! But, the media certainly waited until WWWSK end
  4. Happiest Birthday to the very handsome, charming, sweetest dork with a 6pack.. Park Seo Joon!! Here's Awesome Ent and PMY posting with about a 1 hour difference. We got it PMY.. we got it..
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