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  1. Hey everyone! Been a while... again. Lol Seems like a lot of people were expecting PPC to be revealed by Dispatch. Lol. But yeah... with their January projects to be released.. very unlikely. Coz it will bring more attention to their news instead of their projects and we all know PPC does not want that. Coz they respect their projects and the people involved highly. And pretty sure that the media is also respecting that situation. I mean remember their dating rumor back in 2018? No one expected that.. especially the 3yr dating detail! But, the media certainly waited until WWWSK end
  2. Happiest Birthday to the very handsome, charming, sweetest dork with a 6pack.. Park Seo Joon!! Here's Awesome Ent and PMY posting with about a 1 hour difference. We got it PMY.. we got it..
  3. Hello Everybody! Been a while! Lol. Just droppin' by to say Hi to everyone and hoping you are all well. Theres not much goin on with our PPC, aside from the usual "coincidences" and same day update posts... you know.. thats how they roll. Most of their updates are from their CFs, but they did give us an actual update days ago... when PSJ attended MAMA2020 as a presenter and PMY updated from her home. Both their caption have the same theme. January 2021... we'll be seeing Youns Kitchen 3 and Busted 3.. another coincidence that their show is on its 3rd season respectively! Lol
  4. A little late to greet PMY on her 14th debut anniversary.. But still, we won't stop to celebrate such an amazing and beautiful person as her. And people who admire her just keeps on growing even though she's not always present on social media these days and she hasnt updated her vlog for months. Well, she is irresistible. No. 7 is indeed her number. 701k minyons subscribed on her vlog... 7.7 million IG followers... using those numbers.. 7+7=14... 14th debut anniversary And here's a very creative yet touching poem made b
  5. A fan posted a throwback pic with PMY in Bali last year. thank you to the owner for sharing... she is indeed beautiful!
  6. PpS are so happy yesterday. LoL! And why wouldnt we be?? The second PMY posted that IG update of her golfing... I was soo happy! Then before the day ended.. PSJ updated too! Not only we had that we-so-missed same day update... we also got that Nike shoes again.. and now they just told the whole world they are both golf beginners! But let me just put this one here.. cos I couldnt understand why on earth would WKorea allow badly edited pictures of their guests to be posted on their feed. The pictures were already deleted on their IG but it already caused damage! Let's just c
  7. ***NEW DRAMA RUMOR: "IMMORTAL" The main lead actor role was originally offered to WON BIN (PMYs ultimate crush ). But he turned down the offer back in June of this year. See link: https://www.todayonline.com/8days/sceneandheard/entertainment/won-bin-turns-down-role-epic-k-drama-s46mil-production-budget Oh gosh! unfortunately, I can only just imagine how a WonBin-PMY tandem would be like! Please note that there are still no accurate and official news of this, nor in what network it would air, but I hope that this will be a go! The premise l
  8. Hey ya dear! hope all is well with you too! Yep! PSJ is now even a brand ambassador for Chanel beauty! PMY will soon appear on Busted 3 in Novemebr (as originally announced). I hope we'll see more of her in the coming days. And the PPC bed scene now has 324 million views!! that's just cray cray! lol! TVN even put a ribbon on it, changed the video description in English: "ParkSeojoonParkMinYoung Romantic Kiss" even included ENG subs, when all PPC said in that scene was "I love you and I love you too" in Hangeul. LOL! Pretty sure everyone understood what they said wothout subbing it
  9. Ahh, I dont think it's a form of diet.. i think its just like an emergency thing, at most just 24 hrs. just to prevent water weight and avoid puffiness (as they said). Maybe it works for them, if they have a photoshoot or filming the next day (if filming is just a for short time, as PSJs cameo). Coz cameras will foucs on their faces. Pretty sure after their shoot, they chug on water. lol! Water intake is very important, and to stay hydrrated when they shared fitness tips, i think PPC said this in their other interviews, may not be the exact words, but implied.
  10. Hey everyone! Whew! Been really busy these days and matched it with PMY suddenly going under the radar. Lol Anyway.. had the chance to watch RP's vlog about PSJs cameo in ROY. There are a few familiarities... as always. Because of the shooting location.. PSJ remembered his fanmeeting that was held on that place. Btw, his staff didnt get the exact year it was held..lol FYI: His cameo is not filmed recently. Might have been filmed around July. This was his 2017 fanmeet in Seoul. oh nothing.. JUST because... And speaking of... Minyoun
  11. Yes. Just report the account to IG or to Namoo. I have tried reporting other accounts and other spam and malicious accounts to them. Not sure how they are taking actions.. but for some reason, those accounts and posts i reported are gone.. even that specific account that other pps were in argument with. Or maybe they did it on their own.. deleted their posts in question. What ever it is.. i hope other fans can just stan their idols without dragging anyone. Its a lot better really than posting and commenting about them here and there. I guess my point is... lets just keep things at peace
  12. PPC is silent these days.. we've been seeing some posts but mostly are not recent photos. I just hope these lovebirds are making the most out of their time. In that note.... We've been seeing and hearing some arguments between PPS and another ship. I don't know why you guys bother, really. It's not even worth it.. those guys are just looking for something to provoke you.. and voila! they are successful. If you guys are bothered by people who keeps on attacking PMY about the suregery issue... DON"T BE. These people will keep on using that against her, does PMY lo
  13. soon, it will be in one photo... "Just... <3" PMY Ig updates today, were throwback pictures from ealy this year. May not be recent pics but at least, she let everyoen know she still can access her account. LOL!
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