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  1. this is actually what their counting on! lol! So... what now? whos it gonna be? all her previous leading men (EXCEPT PSJ) are not on her IG and they all have shipper forums with her... oh well, they can just settle that on their own.. coz we're good here!
  2. LOL! I saw this too.. I also read something like "PMY will never post her bf publicly... do you see KJW on her IG?" Soo... what they're saying is.. two people who met like 3 months ago, who have shown so.much chemistry on their drama, whos on the right age of getting married.. should just go do it!? I mean why wait right?? they are "obviously" sooo in love!
  3. omg! yess! but i think I mentioned this before, most HPL shippers were Healer shippers. lol! I think they see some familiarities? thats why the feelings are back.. lol!
  4. They should watch all of PMYs bts on her previous dramas... There's a reason why PMY is called "Chemistry Queen", "RomCom Queen" and now "Adlibs Queen".. the woman can be paired with Mickey Mouse and people are still gonna ship that! LMAO!
  5. Soo.. PSJ had a guest appearance on Sonsational. They talked a little about their personal lives.. While enjoying a meal together, Son Heung Min mentioned the emptiness he feels when he arrives home after a soccer game. In response, Park Seo Joon commented, “I also feel the same way. When I come back home after hearing people cheer me on, I feel empty inside.” (source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1327449wpp/park-seo-joon-and-soccer-player-son-heung-min-talk-about-the-empty-feelings-that-accompany-fame) awww.. maybe thats why he moved his home closer to someone.. but he must felt really sad to use the term "empty" I hope he is a lot happier now.. because we kinda see that he is.
  6. yeah.. me too.. i didnt join this forum because of their drama.. lol! I noticed their spark because of the drama, but Im here because of the FACTs that unfolded after. Im not really into "love teams" and never will support make believe stuff just to connect two people who just worked professionally in a drama that was loved. I love the LYJ-KMS pairing onscreen... but I love the real PSJ-PMY relationship much more! If i think that their relationship is clearly onscreen... only for the drama.. id stop there and move on to other dramas. I am supporting PPC because I strongly believe they are REAL. Not really rushing them to admit publicly or get married. they are young, they should just enjoy life together. it would probably take yeaaars.. but I just hope they are the endgame of each other.
  7. you mean the seat next to her? no.. JoJungsuk (gummy's husband) was not there. they usually attend weddings without their other half. I think the seat on Gummys right is for YooJaeSuk, but he is the MC. so its vacant most of the time. I think I also see Chansung? is PDnim there too? it looked like a very intimate wedding. small crowd, just maybe really close family and friends. Good to know that wwwsk got really close to each other.
  8. seems like all the seats were occupied.. other visitors, Bora, PSJ, Gummy and maybe YSJ.. since he's the MC, he is seated at the corner table. If you would look at the other pictures, all the seats are occupied by other guests. pretty sure PMY would attend if she could but given her schedule, and HPL finale almost here.. she's really busy.. Maybe they would have another reunion dinner to celebrate?
  9. this is what I dont get about "shipping".. why rush the couple you are shipping? I mean no offense, but do some really expect them to meet people's expectations about them? This is why they are very private about their dating life. Because they know if they let people give an opinion about their personal lives, people will expect that they have a right to do it. some people will be like " they are celebrities, they should know that they don't have private lives anymore" or "they owe to their fans their fame so fans deserve to know things.." like...wtf?? lol! Im not saying, people here are like those.. I just read some of it on other comments.. Im actually surprised, that there are people like this. Thats why I admire Rain about not talking about his wife or family on interviews or in public. He is just really firm that its nobody's business, no matter what other people say. All you need to know is they are happy, thats it.
  10. No one's rushing them.. lol! do you mean like they get married? Because yeah, that might not happen anytime soon.
  11. Lol! theyll come up with anything to justify their delulus.. so why bother right? let them! they can fantasize all they want.. just dont ever say bad things on PMYs IG.
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