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  1. to further clarify @Ivy-Blue post.. LG is the mother company of Sooryehan.. so.. you can add that on their list of coincidences.. ohh noo.. im not stressed out..LOL! but just like what @Matilda_Anne said.. you may be in the incorrect forum.
  2. but this is a PPC forum. we respect your opinion.. but if you think PPC is so last year. then maybe this is not the forum for you. pretty sure there are several forums there for her other leading men. we all know that PMY has great chemistry with her leading men. we kept saying that here. but again, this is PPC forum.
  3. she was saying that when PPC dating rumors came out. it was also rumored that PSJ treats PMY like a princess, that some acquaintainces got envy...
  4. once PSJs back to Korea.. he'll go straight to PMY and show her a real kiss! but I think.. PSJ is kind the kind of boyfriend who will do everything for PMY... both of them has that "in love" aura on them.. but you know.. PMY seemed to have a stronger personality. I can only imagine.. PMY talking all day and PSJ just listening with a look of love to her..
  5. i for one find it a good thing that people see that chemistry between PMY and KJW . but then again.. PMY never failed to have that with any of her partners. i have always appreciated the relationship she built with her leading men. she can always create the feel the scene needed. BUT.. it was only with PSJ that there's something more. People may or may not believe the dating rumor.. but they cannot deny that PPC spark! I hope that people cam see further than the romantic angle of HPL.. PMY is doing such a great job on her character. People need to see and appeciate her acting prowess, especially on this one.. because it looks a challenging role...
  6. just look at their scenes again in WWWSK. you'll see the difference right away. that look of love.. and how she always pressed on his arms or hand... something you can only see with PSJ. she doesnt even have that with her other leading men in her other dramas.. To be honest. i feel more fluttery with her childhood friend.. EunGi (ABH)
  7. hmmm there were some new stills released of that supposed kiss... now that I thought about it.. and you guys mentioned her fantasies in HPL.. maybe its just one of her fantasies..
  8. Me too.. I would like PPC to live and enjoy their Private Life. There's a lot of married of celebrity couples who don't like talking about their private life, let alone sharing pics together (Rain/ KTH, SongSong...) They have learned to treasure and take care of their private and family life... and it's good to know that most people respect that, even the media. Just try to imagine a celebrity life,, would you really enjoy living under everyone else's camera? watching your every move and being shared on the internet and talked about all the time?
  9. I dont think HPL will have like a love scene like WWWSK... i hope. But since this is about a fangirl... i think it will focus more on that. Really hoping it would.. I think her romantic relationship would just be a support to her fangirl character.
  10. I was actually interested on WWWSK because of PSJ too! then I saw the 1st episode.. and PMY is just really breathtakingly beautiful! and her comedic timing was also on point... and of course that chemistry between them..
  11. alright... it's coming.. that kissing scene! again.. calm your PPC hearts! Jeez.. PMY can really make anything look good! how.does.she do.that??
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