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  1. just be happy for the other ship. I personally think it would be kinda cute if they meet each other... I think the others here is totally fine with the PMY and JCW reaction. Don't worrry about PMY's previous partners.
  2. @duopark ppc shippers already knew about that shop.. So yeah.. lets not mention other ships here.. let them do their thing.. its their space anyway. This is PPC space and should only be about PPC.
  3. Every year since 2016... someone is always giving hints apparently.. lol! But no one paid attention... until after wwwsk.. everything came to surface!
  4. I think this is the 1st time ive seen a compilation of their kiss scenes officially released by Tvn.. is it??
  5. ohhh... wonder why? but still, im sure PMY will be great! I always admire actors who really prepare and immerse themselves to portray their character well.
  6. Isnt it like.. she is a cellist asa profession.. but after suffering heart break and loss, she moved back to their province when she was younger.. and thats where she became an art teacher and met SKJs character, a bookstore owner?
  7. Maybe something like this... I like this hairstyle of Dara Park.. with wavy hair and bangs and they kinda have the same forehead..
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