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  1. Thanks for clarifying for that really creeps me out . I may need to delete my post then hehe......or maybe just borrow Park Min Young's line....noona-dongsaeng my foot
  2. Here is the key...who among PMY's onscreen partner would dare roam his hands on her body....haha. Remember I also came from that other ship but did not stay there for long.... in fact that was my shortest ship hehe..you think I will be here spazzing with you about these things if I see there's more to it than meets the eye despite that BTS
  3. I love Park Min Young and find her chemistry with most of her male lead really amazing, thus I kept jumping from one ship to another. But PMY is kinda different with Park Seo Joon...while she maintains a safe distance with her other co-stars there seems to be a no space silent agreement between these 2. The closet kiss was the deciding point why I joined this ship....the level of trust and understanding is so evident....I was really shocked seeing that scene.....makes you think...am I missing something here?
  4. Is this really Min Young??? She looks so skinny...just don't know when and where this photo was taken
  5. Haters gonna hate so just ignore them. Even if a negative comment by a Knetz got 1k up votes just think of the much much more number of likes ParkPark couple get for every post in IG. These negative comments are just a small portion of the total comments of which majority are very encouraging so don't dwell on these.few bad ones.. just filter them out.... That is nothing compare to those hateful comments during the time of MinMin which are mostly too personal. Min Young was able to rise above that and became a stronger person moreso now that she's been receiving so much love internationally. She gain so much confidence from 7 Day Queen and her fan base are growing steadily. People loved her in Busted and find her pretty cool and smart for sure her number of fans will increase even more after Busted 2 so let's just continue to cheer and encourage her by maintaining a positive outlook.
  6. Namoo calendar update. Park Min Young to do the commentary on the 29th. Wonder if they will do this together? 26 27 Ji-Sung Movie <Good Hall> Promotion Schedule 28 29 Park Min-young <Why is Kim Byeonseo> Commentary Park Eun Bin KBS2 drama "The Detective of the Day" production presentation 30 31 KIM Hyang Ki advertising
  7. WOW....Park Min Young hasn't appeared yet.... so many press waiting for her. I'm nervous lol I can hear the reporters talking about them in the background my oh my....scary They disabled the livestream I think Another link she is so preetty
  8. Livestream of Shiseido Event...who can understand Korean here.... I can hear their names being mentioned in the convo hehehe My goodness alot of press talking in the background...keep hearing their names being mentioned hahaha.
  9. When fans start shipping the OTP, it's their way of saying....you acted really well or your chemistry is soooooo good. Stars work really hard to create good chemistry so some fans just need to grow up and let things be....if ParkPark are not really dating ....then this rumor will just die a natural death....unless some fans don't want her to settle down which is contrary to what she wants for her life because she's been very vocal about it many times.
  10. Aigoo it's understandable...solid fans are always overly protective of her.....it seems they cannot move on from her past while I'm pretty sure she already has hehehe. My attention has been called a few times ...but I do understand where they are coming from. It was different back then.....people were bashing her left and right but now people are cheering them and encouraging them to date. 2 things....if PMY and PSJ are really dating...seeing a lot of fans cheering and encouraging them speaks volume of the support they're getting. Now, if they are not...it's still nice to read such comments given their openness to date one another in the future. As an actor, the worst thing that could happen is for viewers to claim you have no chemistry at all with your onscreen partner.
  11. Maybe media is speculating given her close association with Jessica. I forgot how they first became acquainted....but Sica belongs to a rich family.
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