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  1. that female celebs do ppl on their youtube channel(receiving advertising fee and promoting products, but pretending not to get money) was controversy and being blamed so much in Kor. maybe so pmy is cautious to upload new vid in order not to get involved in that issue.(don't worry, she didn't ppl on her vlog to make money ) she is top youtube female celebs now. so she should be careful. i think she will upload new vlog this week since the issue is dying down.
  2. @PMY Beans i understand you were very shocked by that. but don't make fake story because of your disappointment, pretending to pmy solid fan.(anyway, your story is very good. pps created ig acc 2 years ago pretending to be pmy family and pmy family members followed the acc. wow i love it. ) and if you're really her solid fan, i think you already know that the acc is not only one who is her family and followed psj acc. oops, if you don't know what i'm saying, search 14.9M psj acc followers to find who the person is i'm talking about. to save your trouble, i give you a hint. 나* ** *
  3. hmm..i correct your info. idk where you got the info but it is located exactly 9.8km away from pmy's house in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu. Anyway, stop discussing about that.
  4. the acc was deactivated. this is what we were worried about and the reason why info about ppc family must not be spread. and the acc is not pmy mom's. it's just one of pmy family members acc. her mom acc is something else. Be careful of sharing and spreading info about ppc family. please give ppc's family a private space. @Matilda_Anne wow congratulations dear such a goooooood news
  5. i just correct your info. because this kind of wrong info can be used by haters(?) to make false rumor. the cafe is not far from Gangnam. it is located just 10 minutes away from her house and Gangnam.
  6. @Smwhrnthrth please delete the acc..the reason solid pps don't discuss it even though we already knew it is that this is matter involving ppc family. please give ppc's family a private space.
  7. wow..trespasser visited here again. haha..i was already so sick of answering the ridiculous and stupid posts and questions. anyway, according to the trespasser's theory, it's sure that psj and park jin joo are dating, right? because they have been known each other and friends for over 10 years and psj follows pjj's ig acc and posted her pic on his ig before(though he deleted it when he cleaned up ig). and pjj mentioned psj on her ig many times and during IC too, she even did a cameo in psj's movie and attended preview of his movie too. ohh..psj is dating so many women..
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