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  1. just let them be. deluu is all shippers' privilege(?). we also said like that ppc is real. though we have fact, evidence, rumor, official dating news and coincidences unlike them.
  2. usually, when actors choose a drama, only 1 or 2 ep scritps can be read. of course they don't know what's going to happen in the latter part of drama.
  3. but she chose this drama after reading only synopsis and ep.1 script because it's about fangirling. and if she don't like the scrit and plot, she can't quit a drama during filming. if an actor or an actress does so, he/she will be kicked out from ent industry.
  4. maybe that he is younger is not the real reason.(i think her fans just don't want a celeb as her bf or husband.) that a man is 1~2 years younger than a woman doesn't matter at all. rarher, older woman-younger man couple is trend.(rain-kth, ssc, ahj-ghs..etc. even actress cjw and hhj married a 8 years younger man). and we all know pmy ex bf was younger..and now her dating rumor guy is also younger than her.
  5. https://entertain.v.daum.net/v/20130616132304086?entertainSectionName=entertain&entertainLeafName=20130616132304086 yes he smoked before. in this interview 2013, he said he learned smoking because there are so many scene where an actor smokes in movies. but he said he didn't want to smoke for a long time. so idk whether he smokes until now.
  6. you can buy it here Blu-ray https://global.yes24.com/Goods/62492657 DVD https://global.yes24.com/Goods/62651842
  7. if a celeb does 63 bilion dollars wedding in Korea, the celeb receive so many bad comments and reaction by ppl. you can see most k-celeb had a small wedding which was not much luxury. but i hope ppc will have luxury and beautiful wedding in Hawaii as pmy's sister did.
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