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  1. she can attend any awards with her costars. Psj attended awards with other costars so many times. if fans don't want her to attend awards with other costars, i think it's too unfair for her. anyway, i really look forward to seeing her wearing dress in the awards. she usually likes wearing a white dress. so i guess she wil wear a white dress again. i think she really looks beautiful with white. because she's an angel.
  2. @duopark Buhahaha. the shop is not famous at all in Korea. and it is not the shop for celebs’ dogs. moreover there are so many dog food shops in Korea. even the shop is not in Cheongdam-dong where ppc live. do you know what i mean? Just let them be. the only thing they can do is to make excuses for ppc's innumrable coincidences. (and dear.. please don't mention other ships in here. This is the happy place for ppc. I hope you understand.) @Flowerone96 i wonder why Leon's bd cake was suddenly changed this year.
  3. cake, 3 bars, mini bread & cookies and even the lettering card are the same!!!!! Those are not coincidences. I'm 1000% sure that ppc are real!!
  4. @tali58 just a rumor..because i don't believe 100% this kind of sightings without strong proofs. @mimi8592 I think it is up to individuals to believe what they think about ppc.. some fans can think ppc are real..some fans can think it's not true..some fans can think ppc already broke up.
  5. look back late last year. some of us had doubt if ppc were still together and even thought that ppc already broke up. but!! when we were anxious about ppc, ppc showed up together in Cosmo awards and sweetly talked, whispered and smiled together. moreover, even after returning to Korea, ppc had a dinner with wwwsk team in the restaurant near ppc houses. so all doubts about ppc were erased at that time. I think...If the dating rumor that ppc have been dating before wwwsk is true, ppc's relationships are stable enough now. (deleted..) Trust ppc.
  6. yep before wwwsk, no one paid attention to psj-pmy dating rumor coz ppc were not related at all, at that time. but wwwsk made everything come to surface. yep i suppose so.
  7. 2016. 12. 03 2017. 09. 13 2018. 01. 06 IG @parkpark_couple_luv i really want to look for the persons and ask them the truth.
  8. i really want to see the interaction between pmy and Simba in the poster shooting day. but i understand that production decided to cut that part in the dvd. coz ppl are suspicious of that Simba and Leon are ppc's couple dogs.
  9. yep i hope fans will not post bed scene& bed scene bts. it's tooooooo hot to be public. i think dvd owners can understand what i'm saying.
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