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  1. when ppc dating rumor, there was another rumor that in relationship, psj is very very nice to pmy, and treats pmy like a princess, even enough to be envied by acquaintances. but idk if it's true or not. bcoz it's only rumor.
  2. hpl today ep was so good and reviews are really good. i canceled that i prefered the second lead to Ryan Gold.i felt that pmy&kjw chemistry is great to see photoshoot scene and cotton candy scene. of course, it can't be better than ppc chemistry. anyway..so knetzs start hoping again that pmy&kjw date in real life. but as you all know, both already have others who are related to dating rumor.
  3. i laughed a lot in the scenes about dating rumor. Phase 5 "ok just let him date. he has to date in order to break up with her." and other lines in hpl "you can date with someone. but you must not be caught." were what psj, pmy fans(especially psj hardcore fans) said when ppc dating news came out.
  4. i don't want ppc to be caught and taken pic. it is the worst case scenario. ppc not caught or taken pic together doesn't mean they are not in relationships. just like there are no celebrities' dating pics came out these days, it doesn't mean none of celebrities are dating with anyone now. although there are no paparazzi pics and dating news now, it's sure most celebrities are dating with someone now.
  5. after watching hpl ep.3, i started to like a second male lead Eun-gi better than a Ryon Gold. i'm in the second lead syndrome. omg
  6. Iteawon calss is about a male lead's challenge story of setting up a restaurant in Itaewon after a male lead's father was died by a president of a large restaurant company. i think he will accept the drama. coz Itaewon Class is the first drama that major film distributor "Showbox" invests and makes.
  7. fifty-fifty. If I get married, I want my wife to be in home.(means: not to work) but if my wife has work which she wants, i will give full support. because i don't think that she should give up her work(dream) because of marriage.
  8. me too..i felt chemistry in hpl special bts. but in the drama, i can't feel anything. maybe because i'm ppc shipper?
  9. pmy is not overshadowed by kjw at all. even hpl is called as pmy drama..not pmy&kjw drama. comment that "i'm watching a drama because of a male lead." is always on a top comment on romantic comedy drama. even fans of actors are always wating for articles to make their comments(you're handsome, i'm watching a drama because of only you) be on top comment. and..honestly..i think the reason hpl rating is low is because of kjw. in romantic comedy drama, a male lead is the most important. because viewers mostly are women. kjw still doesn't have big fanbase and lacks charm to attract female viewers.
  10. anyway there is good news. i heard wwwsk dvd is being in the final confirming stage. seems that release date will come out soon.
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