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  1. i translated roughly the reviews from pmy's friends who ate her chilli kimchi. Yoo Jae Seok- i saved kimch pmy gave to me but it disappeares soon(it means because it's so delicious he can't stop eating) i want to ask her to give me more but i can't because i feel sorry. only the people who have eaten it know the taste which makes ppl crazy(because it's delicious) ISG- minyoung, your chilli kimchi is the best transformation chilli can be. it is perfect food. i think if park min young was born in the Joseon Dynasty, she would be "Dae Jang Geum" Sehun- i eat 10 bowls of rice with her chilli kimchi. she should share the recipe and make everyone try this. i keep asking her to give the kimchi because it is sooooo delicious. give me more please~ Jesica- i've not eaten chilli kimchi many times but it became my favorite food. it's special because unnie(pmy) made it. so when will you make me another one? i want to know her neighbor's review too..
  2. i translated her recent iv with cosmopolitan magazine. she mentioned 3 dramas -wwwsk, skks, ify- but i translated only a part about wwwsk. sorry.. you can read full iv here https://www.cosmopolitan.co.kr/article/47127 PMY- There were works that gave me a sense of achievement and that gave me regrets. WWWSK gave me the joy of working. I was soo happy during the filming so I even felt like I was flying. wwwsk made me regain love and passion for work.
  3. i think that shirt is not psj's. because he said 105 사이즈 네요 not 105 사이즈 에요. "105 사이즈 네요" means the shirt looks like 105 size. if the shirt is his, he would say 105 사이즈"에요"
  4. this is one of what i said before. i said, watching bts on dvd, i was surprised that psj called pmy "neo(너)=nie(니,네) and ya(야)". in this bts, psj called her "Neo"( *you(neo) should do it* ) It's impossible that an younger person calls an older person as neo. even she is a senior. as i said before, there is 2 theories. 1. psj&pmy are in reallyyyyyyyyyyyy close friends relationships.(but if an younger man who is in noona-dongsang relationship with me keeps calling me "neo", "ya", i will kill him. haha. It's rude. but pmy just naturally accepted that he calling her neo. 2. ppc are couple. If they're couple, any appellation is possible. most younger man wants to call an older woman, who he likes, as "neo". because the man wants the woman to feel him as a man, not as a dongsang(younger brother). as i said before, If you read lyrics of Lee Seung Gi's song "Because noona is my woman", you can understand it more. there is the lyrics "i will call you(noona) by "neo" no matter what you say so that you can feel me as a man."
  5. https://m.blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=ssfb11&logNo=221996000562&navType=tl pmy's best friend qurade_q posted psj pics on the drinks in her naver blog, saying that her husband made their car like this(filled with psj drinks).. idk why but i always feel that she is a parkpark shipper. anyway it is so good that pmy's best friends qurade, banso, soozy and jinjoo all like psj.
  6. abh also commented on psj's today post. abh: i will give you 100 points.(it means the psj pic is perfect)
  7. pmy's replying to abh is so cute. she is saying "you(abh) should press the "like" button as well as subscribe" good friendship.
  8. i went to the place(Everland) that YJ&MS had been in with wwwsk kfans to celebrate 2nd anniversary today happy 2nd anniversary to wwwsk
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