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  1. Maybe. But I wouldn’t do it to a friend if I have thousands of shippers waiting to spread news on all social media channels
  2. I don’t think it will happen. Sorry to be so blunt to you. I think Park Seo Joon made it clear that he will keep his private life PRIVATE
  3. Talking about Park Min Young new project, I’m not sure why I have a bad feeling about it. I hope it’ll be a success, but I have some struggling to convince myself that another rom-com from another web toon with a “not so popular in rom com” male lead will make her next project a success. I hope I’ll be proved wrong though. I don’t want to see what she achieved from Whats Wrong With Sec Kim is washed away with her new project.
  4. Yeah so I noticed now. But I think that is the price you have to pay for being a public figure. I don’t have any harsh feeling for either those shippers that keep tagging Park Seo Joon or for that Luke sth from Philippines who kept writing dumb comments in her Instagram calling her “my love”. But I think it’s best they stop it. It’s getting to the point I start to get annoyed. So I guess Park Min Young is the same.
  5. I don’t know but my gut feel is when something is so obvious, it is intentionally caused by someone to get attention, for some certain purposes.
  6. Do not be surprised if you have photos of them together in Hawaii Spend time to focus on what makes your life better so you do not need to rely on other people being in relationship to make you happy. At least, spend time to support them in their careers.
  7. This page changes tones very quickly Gf/bf is not everything. One needs time with family too. In the meantime, just focus on your work / study / life / relationship / family...instead of putting out many hypotheses. Let time answers.
  8. I’m not concluding anything but some time shippers just need to be more patient. Park Min Young can be in Singapore with her sister though...
  9. Park Min Young can speak English quite well though plus Australia is an easy country to get by. Anyway, I think it’s just my delulu mind. I do hope they date in Australia though...
  10. He was spotted in Melbourne yesterday. I hope Park Min Young has some time to enjoy herself in Australia. Awesome country with lots of private places
  11. He’ll be going to Sydney for Zozia shooting. Calling International shippers in Australia!!!
  12. I can’t do anything if you insist on shouting and making a mess in your posts when someone politely criticize you. Do you still remember how our info in this forum was leaked out to crazy Instagram shippers and media used it? All rumours and info you posted here lots of hard-core shippers here already knew. We also have our own ways to get info. The only difference is we know where the appropriate place is to discuss to protect and support our couple. This is the first and last time I will tell you this. Take it or leave it.
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