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  1. Hi guys.. OMG that ep 13 video did reach over 300M views . It has more views than some music videos . @sueeila tq for your hardwork hahaha. And congrats to WWWSK for securing top ten spots on Netflix Japan for many days now. Happy to see many Japanese fans are still enjoying it even after 2 years. Im happy that Seo Joon is so active lately, with multiple new cfs and pictorials. And he looked so handsome and dashing in ROY. As for Min Young, did you guys see her tiny teeny waist on her latest IG post? Im so jealous haha. Glad she is having her rest but cant wait to see her new
  2. Record Park’s removed the subs number long time ago, before it was hacked even. I think it’s just something they choose to do.
  3. What happens in Phuket, stay in Phuket . ps i bet this happened in Phuket Im gonna buy a watermelon and drink watermelon juice.
  4. Another day, another drama. To that person, you dont know anything so just drop the whole facade of being a know-it-all bean. It’s embarrassing. It’s unfortunate the club feature is no longer here. Otherwise we can create a private club and only allow trusted PPS there. Im so sick and tired of haters pretending to be fans and PPS. Btw my new profile pic is cute right?
  5. aww thank you guys Simba is so cute. Maybe soon we will get Leon’s Vlog too. Seriously am i the only one who think Simba and Leon look so much alike? I cant tell them apart sometimes.
  6. @sueeila Yesss Dear i cant believe it really happened. We talked about it all the time here, even before it hits 50m hahaha. Im so happy many people are still loving our PPC and WWWSK. Now let’s go for 200m hahhaa @RParkSJ hahah you are one psychic lady. That’s why I get easily triggered whenever i see something unpleasant on this thread now. All these mood swings are making me a ticking time bomb. Sorry guys.
  7. Last time Psj did not mentioned about wwwsk in his iv and YT, someone came here and bashed him and brought up about Pmy’s ex here. Now, because of Kim Yong Ji’s IG story, Psj was dragged again. The same ex was mentioned. Again. LOL. TBH this is not about some PPS are ‘having doubts’ about PPC. This is about they dont even believe in PPC in the first place. They ship PPC with someone else. As simple as that. Ive been here since 2018. It was one hell of a ride here so forgive me if i get skeptical whenever someone ‘have doubts’ then quickly jumped to negative conclusion and bashed Pmy/Psj the se
  8. then you should ask her. if she said because she is dating PSJ then u can write such things here. if not, everything is just your assumption.
  9. so was PSJ flirting with her too? just now you only said ‘she is openly flirting with psj’. you didnt say anything about they are flirting together.
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