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  1. Wow this thread is really quiet today I thought it would be livelier since today is the 2nd Anniversary.. Anyway happy 2nd anniversary again to WWWSK, one of a kind kdrama that we all love and cherish.
  2. i totally get this! ive been here for a long time now and im too tired to explain the same thing over and over again about PPC..
  3. @bb_pp_66 oh dear great u r here. i really need to ask u something about weibo. i’ll dm u
  4. she moved out?? why would she invited Jinjoo there if she already moved out? well i dont think she moved out of her current house. i think she jst need extra space to cuddle with PSJ, Leon and Simba.. hey im a shipper deluluing is what i do..
  5. so cute when a noona fan said she wants to call SJ oppa because all handsome men are oppas lol to which he replied "my mom sometimes call me oppa too" lololol. he is so cute with his fans
  6. it’s okay we all make mistakes but u cannot go around bashing people every time u hv bad feelings about them. please choose ur words carefully. actors are human too. they have feelings like us. im sorry too about what i said.
  7. just becoz u feel a certain way it doesnt give u any right to publicly bash PSJ. please read the rules of soompi forum again.
  8. well he did aura didnt he? tb fair in T singapore he only talked about IC (coz it was his latest work) and Parasite (oscar winning movie). the author was the one who dismissed WWWSK and only wrote about KMHM and FFMY. again he nver mentioned KMHM or FFMY except IC (he talked about it briefly in like one sentence only)..
  9. lol he facetimed one of his fans and she said she loves him more than she loves her husband and SJ said please dont say that hahahha. i can relate to that fan coz i say that all the time too so funny i saw many ppl commenting about WWWSK, Miso, and PMY.. someone even asked him to do a ‘call PMY challenge’ lol .. the chat section moved so fast it was hard to read everything. and he cutely said ‘im sorry’ coz someone wrote something like ‘i dont understand you’..