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  1. ohhhhhh so this is what they were talking about.. hahahaha... PMY was the one who kept moving PSJ’s hand down her waist hahah.. meanwhile PSJ jst stood there and followed her lead lol thanks mimi for translation.. ive been dying to know what they were talking about during that scene lol
  2. dear @ryuxuri im sorry she gave u false information.. but if u hv anything to ask about PPC, u can ask our fellow shipmates here.. .. any question, news, delulus.. feel free to write here..
  3. jst found out my hubs doesnt understand the slang shipping.. he asked me y i like wwwsk so much coz i always watch it so i told him i like the story and I ship them (psj/pmy). he asked me "ship them where?".. i was like no no..no that kind of ship..it's a slang we use when we want the OTP to be together bla bla...then he asked me, "what's OTP?.....so i explained "one true pairing..for eg my OTP is Park park couple etc etc".. then he asked again "who's park park?" guys i always talk about PPC to him but i guess he doesn't pay attention to me~~~ lonely im so lonelyyyyy .. ps thank god i hv u guys my fellow shipmates...
  4. up til now i still dont know what PPC call each other lol... i remember they used PMYssi/PSJssi during press conference.. i think PSJ called PMY Miso in BTS, and she called him buijangnim in commentary.. but i dont really know what they usually call each other (during filming or in real life).. is it jst Minyoung/Seojun? i only know they speak informally with each other and he doesnt call her noona or sunbae..
  5. i really wanna eat it.. it is kinda weird they put ice in the broth but it looked so good with the spicy kimchi, cucumber, sesame seeds and egg on top.. ~ ps sorry guys i know im not supposed to talk about food here but it looked so delicious
  6. y is he so perfect? btw do u know what kind of noodle they jst ate? it looked so freakin good im literally drooling..
  7. yep i agree.. and she has many followers so chances are ppl are gonna keep leaking and reposting DVD stuffs if she dont stop.. ps i think she already apologised so i hope we can move past this.. sorry for bringing this up..
  8. lol PMY struck so many flirty poses for the camera as if she is doing a modelling job lol .. and PSJ really took his job as her personal photographer seriously lol
  9. PMY the savage queen.. lol she tried to stab PSJ with her fork when he opened the jar for JYM in BTS ( jealous bulldozer?? ).. remember she also tried to choke PSJ coz he wont stop teasing her in other BTS lol... what i love about PPC in DVD~ they are not only sweet and playful but they are also comfortable enough to act savage with each other~~ ~
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