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  1. with all due respect, then maybe u can write in PMY/KJW thread, instead of writing here? i hv no problem with ppl switching sides, but it’s kinda awkward to read about ur current OTP preference here since this forum is reserved for PPC only.. .. sorry
  2. im dropping it.. i think my frustration turned into anger coz i nearly cursed during the ‘lion fantasy scene’ last night.. at this rate, im jst forcing myself.. cant justify it any longer.. i’m a huge fan of pmy after wwwsk and i watched all her dramas after becoming a fan and this is her only project that i dont like.. even though it’s not for me, i wish all the best to HPL team for the remaining eps.. on a happier note, PSJ has been selected as a new ambassador for LG healthcare and household.. the captain is thriving
  3. with all due respect, i never compare HPL with WWWSK.. i actually live streamed the drama every time it was aired coz i really wanted to give it a chance.. 3 ep in, i cant help but still feel frustrated about the portrayal of some scenes.. nevertheless, i totally understand ur sentiment and from now on, i will refrain myself from talking about HPL again.. ..
  4. hv u watch the drama? if u havent, u have to see the fantasy scenes yourself to understand where i was coming from . mybe u will like it i dunno.... actually it’s not that i dont like her whole character in general.. just some parts where i think pd can tone down a bit ie the fantasy/imagination stuffs.. if those scenes are better executed, they probably will come out nicely on the screen but for me, they jst look childish.. i was once a hardcore fangirl myself so i can relate and understand the cringe stuffs that SDM did coz i used to do them too but those fantasy scenes were a bit too much for me..overall it is still a funny drama.. it’s jst my honest opinion
  5. that Eun Gi guy is so niceeeee right? .. but poor him SDM never look at him .. yess the drama could do so much better without over the top fantasy stuffs.. i dont know if they are meant to be funny but i find them childish and cringey.. maybe other ppl like it i dunno
  6. maybe i put it the wrong way.. personally it’s not the plot that is weird to me.. i hv no problem with PMY-KJW pairing either and i dont mind the pace.. im not into SDM character actually.. she is so extra with her fantasy about CSA and i find it too cringey to watch.. sorry guys i feel like a bad fan..it has nothing to do with PMY’s acting it’s just SDM character i dont like.. RG character on the other hand is growing on me.. i hope pdnim will tone down the fantasy part a bit.. some of them seemed too cringey to me.. dont hate me guys
  7. just finished watching HPL ep 3.. no matter how i tried to reason with it, this drama is quite weird to me lol.. not a bad weird but just weird haha. i dunno how to explain it... but i hv to admit it’s kinda funny ~~ yep ep 4 will hv ‘almost kissing’ scene guys.. brace your heart
  8. omo is it the same pd? that pd is really good.. i enjoyed watching PBG and KJY in LITM.. ..PSJ is really good in selecting dramas IMO.. if he accepts this, hopefully he will bring his skills in Yoon’s Kitchen to this drama
  9. im not sure.. i cant really tell what genre it is from the webtoon poster.. but the main character has funny hair style.. lol
  10. maybe they will cast yoona snsd.. usually when the news is out like this it means he will accept the project right?
  11. im so curious.. what exactly happened in Phuket that they went all ninja about it.. not only them, even their styling team were so careful not to share anything haha.. maybe they never leave their hotel room at all, except that one time when they all went to restaurant ...
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