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  1. People shall be free to talk abt PMY and PSJ here. Anything related to them is welcome, work, new drama, events or personal things. Yes they have their own thread but people who love them both like to discuss, share opinions, share feelings and point of view in this thread . It's a place where we are confortable to talk with each other so please keep it up.
  2. Both PSJ and PMY IG account dropped 200K followers, it's not that much compared to other idols. The real numbers is the one you see on their profile from a computer/laptop not from your phone. IG is cleaning up once a while, deleting inactive and fake accounts.
  3. I don't get your point ? You choose to believe whatever ppl say but then when someone like @twoparkcouple who has been a reliable source for us as she is korean and has access to any info shared on the wwwwsk daum cafe told u is not true..you don't believe it ? It's ok to want to be delulu but hope ppc shippers won't become like the daragons shippers...I'm not here for this lol
  4. PMY at the peak of her career was called CF queen, she was also on the Forbes list ( she was at 23 on 2011https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/288630-forbes-korea-march-2012-power-celebrity-top-40-rankings-for-2011/ ) As @twoparkcouple said, PMY's peak already past, PSJ is now at the peak of his career, so it's natural that fans will say he's more popular now while older fans will say PMY is also popular. BUT It doesnt matter AT ALL because we LOVE THEM BOTH. LET'S DROP THIS STUPID TOPIC and move on. THANKS.
  5. Talking abt drama, having big names in a drama means nothing now, look at how Sky castle with only veterans actors and young actors has managed to overshadow 2 big dramas with A list actors like PBG, SHK, PSH, HB... In my opinion, the most important thing in a drama is the script and then having good actors. Just hope PMY's next drama is well written and will be well produced because with PMY and KJW, they are already sure to have great actors. KJW might not be a "big name" but lot of people are anticipating to watch his first drama as the lead. People appreciate and acknowledge his acting skills which is really a great thing.
  6. If you are talking abt koala blog, some people there are talking like they own the truth LOL they even call PSJ a trendy guy who will fade away once big name actors are coming back, they barely consider him as an A list actor, honestly they aren't really the most objectives people. PMY is known for making all of her partners more famous and gaining more popularity after working with her. She's not someone who will hold the spotlight unless she's the center of the drama. That's why people love to work with her.
  7. I'm really angry and sad for PMY to have such fans, seriously. For her to delete that post...it says a lot.. I hope it won't stop her from updating her IG again
  8. No first pic was at the airport when he went to Australia which was in January, same day PMY had her GDA hosting.
  9. This is why PMY's sister IG shouldn't have been revealed because people will over analysed her actions when it's not needed. From her IG name, you can tell that she might be the protective sister type, it's only natural for her to only think abt her sister's well being. PMY is on vacation with their mum but then you got shippers tagging/spamming and assuming things all the time in the section comments,.. How would u feel ? It's annoying. There's a right place for everything, forum, personal space to discuss or spazz over wild theory but don't do that on their IG. @jingjaja it's highly possible that it's a gift, as I said I started to spot his bracelet after his bd and christmas...
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