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  1. I've been waiting to see him with a hairstyle like his current IG post. I personally love this style. If he keeps it longer, I can see him playing a badass role or antagonist role with this hairstyle.
  2. Awwww lets enjoy the warm hugs for tonight. I really loveeeeee the 5th, 7th and 8th gifs. He really did bring her so close to him
  3. @mimixemix that one is for dinner. I just manage to go through ep1-ep12 only . Stay tuned everyone
  4. So today's lunch, I'll give you something sweet, rather than spicy treat. It contains REAL ingredients, lots of 'real feeling' not just 'acting mode'. Heart fluttering moments where I feel they personally love it too. PSJ : "she is absolutely gorgeous.." seeing them laughing together aww " Finally 1st kiss scene!" (and of cos we know how many takes for them to enjoy eating each other) PSJ : "my girl~" FULL HUG. ohh his warmness... PSJ : "yesss haha! I get to hear she call me OPPA" YESSS more kiss.. and the hands.. no place to move.. PSJ : "damn she so cute! my hearteuu" Remaining will be treat on tonight's dinner.
  5. One thing for sure now that they already knew I've been 'quiet observer' over there lol. BUSTED. But just to let them know too. I've stopped already and came back here and stick here ONLY ( I always stick to my words). I read only till last night posts over there. Oh and thanks for keep supporting PMY and PSJ too!
  6. yeah. some of my statements maybe overanalysed. what they think about us is the same thing happening to them too without them realise it. hardcore delulu and shipper? they are the same. But most hates come to us. Some of it made up stories to bring haters and some posts did not came from here at all. weird. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH that it seems weird why are they talking like that. you guys got nothing wrong. thats why discussion matters.
  7. Halo everyone, I'm seriously wanna talk about this in this post. A very serious matter which all of our PPC lovers here. It will be long, but I hope you guys can take time read this. Honestly, this is my first time joining forum. I dont know much so I took my time going through another PPC forums to see why are there always problems and arguments here. From solid fans forum to shippers forum. And I realise many things after reading back this forum too. We are called the very hard core delulu shipper. I can assumed the worse shipper among PMY and PSJ shippers. I found out many PPC shippers from this forum jumped to another forum because: 1) we are too delulu. 2) we believe so hard that PPC is dating that we might blinded by other facts. 3) we compare PMY and PSJ. 4) we unintentionally dont really accept PMY's new drama. 5) we compare PPC with their current or past co-stars. 6) we accidently badmouth PMY and PSJ. 7) we are so hardcore that they wont believe anymore any evidences that we found convincing about their relationship. 8) we force others to leave. they hate us, ended up hating PSJ and PMY as a couple too. (not individually) 9) Maybe some shouldn't be discuss here. Keep it ourselve alone. 9) they feel like her chemistry with current co-star is beyond with PSJ. ( seeing through bts scenes) There are some who still believe PPC is real but being supportive to their current project, they joined another forum too. But also very sensitive if we individually comparing their stars. There are some who ended up stop shipping PPC because of our behaviours here. And some also become hardcore haters because of us, ended up totally disagree with ALL the convincing facts. There are solid fans who joined every forum related to their fav stars and most of them remain as k-drama shippers compare to real life shippers. So seeing us comparing or similar to it seems very offended to them as we might accidently talk bad about PSJ and PMY. Some said we made up the facts. Some said we blinded. Some said we are not real supporter. Some just said bad things about us. In this matter, I think we should really think first before we post: 1) If we want to state facts about PMY and PSJ individually, we should post it separately as it seems like comparing ( care more on solid fans side). 2) maybe we should refrain ourself from mentioning their other co-stars names. ( we should just state CO-STAR) 3) If it is delulu, please state DELULU MODE. 3) I cant stop you guys talking about our PPC's future and current projects because this forum is called PARK PARK COUPLE FORUM so basically we can talk about anything. (I think we can talk about it in spoiler but avoid comparing and bring hates to their co-stars. Just discuss their characters like KMS or LYJ or SDM etc.) But in this forum, usually those who got really mad are mostly solid fans. I understand, because you guys love your star. There are some facts that are very sensitive to you but you think that it is bad mouthing. For example, PMY's surgery or PSJ got lucky because he went military earlier. These, in fact, some find it badmouthing, some find it just stating facts. So, if anyone found out that a particular post seems offensive or wrong facts or made up stories, be free to correct it BUT please in MANNERS AND PLEASANT WORDS or suggesting us to stop talking about it. Be honest, most of us here believe EVIDENCES, what we can see like sns posts or MOSTLY believe their behaviours through BTS SCENES. Thats why everyone wait patiencely for it to release to see if the CO-STARS is more than friend. ( PMY being so friendly in current dramas do bring us many thoughts about it. It seems like they are dating or it seems like they are like oppa-dongsaeng.If I never knew about wwwsk and watch hpl first, I might believe hpl couple are real) As for me, I'm very sorry if my posts seems offensive including this too. I'm a long time k-drama fan too so I do sometime discuss about the characters. Some of you solid fans also stated that you guys also dont like some of their actings. So guys, lets hold hand together, we believe in PPC, we appreciate their efforts that we love their success now and hope it will last long. For us here , most do believe PPC is real whether they are dating or not for now. We are just not merely shipping, we do believe they like each other for real. But refrain ourself for being too hardcore to others. Thats why they start comparing our PPC with other shippers too. Sorry again you guys have to read this very long post. Thank you again... may PPC last forever. Peace. **PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS. IF YOU AGREE WITH WHAT I SAID, CLICK LIKE BUTTON AND IF YOU DISAGREE CLICK OFF-TOPIC BUTTON. I WOULD LIKE TO NOT DISCUSS THIS MATTER TOO LONG. I love you guys forreal.
  8. Guys, I just watched Battle Trip, a travel show with invited celebrities and there's a special episode with married couples. And there's one couple married for 8 years already and her husband keeps praising her beauty and thank her for being his wife. So lovable throughout the trip. I just wish someday , PPC will appear on the show and we can see them lovey dovey (if they got married) We surely know that both LOVE TRAVEL. haha. And PSJ once said that the important part of a trip is with who you travel with compare to the place you want to go.
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