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  1. @fasiou you still doubt? Haha. Okay. Its your feeling. I understand. But for me, I would like them to have their private matters without too much public attention for now. Even normal people needs time to get to know and love each other. Of cos I do hope someday we can hear the ring bells. And this... is what I wish for too. We all have the same wish indeed. So wonderful... so beautiful together
  2. Strong enough. Share the love between their babies too haha. My delulu: PSJ sent the birthday cake present
  3. @ryuxuri dear you got wrong infos. She was crying at her FM because she was so overwhelmed by the tremendous love she received from her fans. She was so touched. Thats all. PPC are doing just fine now. Tell your friend they might be true couple HAHAHAHA.
  4. I like this She kinda admitted that she cant truly say NO having good feelings for him. She may deny the 3-years-dating news, but these two looks realllllyyyyy close in korean and japanese dvd
  5. Maybe jagiya? Save that title later when they get married lol I personally think he call her Miso..up until now..just so that he can keep talking informally with her. Or just Yaaa or Neo(you) I think PMY always Yaa and Neo(you) to him.... Seojoonie sounds cute too haha Too much to call each other Leon omma and Simba appa,right?
  6. PSJ maybe almost posted the same time with PMY,but seeing her saying hi to her Beans and he posted with buddies with waving hands is just so cute. Like seeing his buddies and him also became her Beans, as if they replying her
  7. I loveeeeee same day update. I just love pps fans made collages of their sns update If psj really had time, must be watching it from vlive
  8. 'Ending Maker'. Probably choosing between which ending episode that you prefer. 'Choose your own ending'. The decription (in editor's perspective) saying 'hard to choose between psj and kjw'. Haha probably hard (for editor) to choose between two male actors. Thats why asking viewers what their choices. lol I can see this idea actually about PMY as the chemistry queen, but since this is TvN, they can only conclude two actors LMAO. If this is not under TvN, then all male actors who worked with her will be included in the video because she's truly the CHEMISTRY QUEEN. Then it will be more harder for her fans to choose -Actually it is just game haha. if anyone see this vid, there will be after video between choosing psj or kjw. The idea is that viewers made up story by putting other scene drama at the end of other drama. Anw, Bye TvN, hello JTBC~!
  9. OMG, today's 3MealsADay is the best ep from the girl edition season. The best one ever! Some moments (probably almost all lol!) that I like: -He as a chef. Not just about his cooking skill, but his attention to feed the girls good food. Even late night snacks. Awww -Playing games and good chatting with the girls. He's really friendly and comfortable to have conversation with. -Covered PSD from the strong sunlight. Gentleman indeed. -Help carrying groceries. kyahh his biceps lol. - Just once told what to do, he can do all later by himself. And always offer to do first. - Variety show expert indeed. Or I would say naturally born humorous guy hihi. - Yum Jung ah is actually a really really funny person. haha. She met PSJ and boomm...just seeing these two make fun was so enjoyable to watch. -He saying 'nae~' everytime sound sooooo cute hihi. -Seeing him eating well makes me feel good and relief. - Best one : why PMY's latest drama OST use in this ep? hehehe mystery~ TvN surely love PPC~ Smiley Jun, Strong Jun. kyahh~ The girls especially YJA have so much fun with him~ So happy to see them. The fun from day 1 did never stop haha. Hope to see them all working together in acting too. ohhh I wish I'm YJA lol! She got his hug hahaha
  10. The food looks yummy but they look pity eating that way. More problem to him as he's a tall guy. Waiting to have fun watching him today!!
  11. The atmosphere here I'll make a full length words for everything. Literally everything. There's line that we should not cross when it comes about PPC, especially posting online anything related to PPC. Lets not make them look bad. And lets not make us PPS also look bad. Always think what should, and should not be done. And of cos everyone are welcome to join the fun in this forum.And dvd copyright sharing also have limit, whats not yours shall not be yours. (pls no posting online bts bed scenes. keep it for yourself). We have many good PPS here, advicing and self-reflect on mistake and also help solving problems, which good, like we are one family. Also, no need to be concern with others. And also other shippers.There's nothing to be worry. Seriously, no need Our PPC are the best couple on-screen and off-screen. And even now.. who knows ehemm ehemm haha. We got plenty to enjoy, so lets not turn the joyness into fights. Im saying this for the sake of everybody. Online comments can be really ugly. Who's attacking and who's being victimise, dont bother lol. Useless fight anw. We should just keep PPC's dignity and ourselves'. Every celebrity have their own success paths. Im glad good things keep coming for PPC. Someday destiny will show the signs (cringy lol). Lets just enjoy the ride. Meanwhile, let see why our PPC still be love by so many people ... get it? and of cos many more~ how many times Secretary Kim got rebroadcast? Too many haha. Love by all around the world. Lets enjoy fun with PPC! loves! PPC in wedding dress.. always my fav
  12. Kids' size shoes?? omg how small is her foot... Well..she looks cute like a kid everytime she act cute infront of him
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