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  1. which is why...she has to be careful of what she's going to say... her solid fans and her drama fans will have different interpretation on her answers. But I dont know how long hpl is going to be in talk of the town. Depends on her popularity or the drama success itself. There were not much of talks about TYH after it ends eventho Pichi couple is famous.
  2. talk about skinship.. sometimes I get worried of PMY being friendly to male. She's so damn beautiful. She is attractive enough that me myself a woman can fall for her charm too. Can you guys imagine anyone close to her? She might think that she is just being friendly but look.. even PSJ admit he has a feeling for her. She was mad once she said "Am I being too friendly to cause the dating rumors?" . Sometimes I think her friendliness makes the males think that she has feeling to them. But she didnt realise that. Concluding that being so damn beautiful also a big crime LOL
  3. thats why my fellow ppc shippers, we gotta wait until the hpl end interview. She will get that kinda questions like "the chemistry is insane, what do you think?" or "will there be any possibilities between you two?" or "which scenes makes you flutter?" etc.
  4. @Nusrat.mitu"hiding in some building kissing some other guy" this fanfic writer knew so well SDM-RG only date in house. lol
  5. Sooner she'll become KMS back since wwwsk 1st anniversary is around the corner and dvd will be release soon.
  6. Well she even dont have time to go to KKY's wedding obvious enough she dont have time to meet PSJ and he maybe dont want to disturb her for a while. We have to wait for a while when both are not so busy. And they do have to be careful to meet outside since she's playing a role with someone else. And somehow I must say .. she had to admit.. for taking another romcom role when everyone still remember her as KMS, is a mistake. She changed hairstyle, office style, her makeup, her acting style for this role but still people sees her as KMS. That aura of KMS still there no matter how hard she try to proof it.
  7. About her deciding new romcom drama, I think she choose it because of fangirl theme itself, not romcom. Of cos, she love the genre now. No wonder I read interview somewhere she mentioned that if she get the chance she want to do the comical side like LYJ ( well she reveal later she receive hpl offer during wwwsk lol). She said she loves her fan so dearly that she choose to do it. And of cos it is almost a year after wwwsk she need to do another work right? But who can imagine KJW receive the offer ? she is the first person who accept the role. Who can imagine he choose this drama? But I bet most actors choose because she is there. Everyone wants to play role with her. Not all of the cast good at romcom, everyone seems to depend on her. I sometime feels like she got a lot of responsibilities in hpl (which I feel she might feel burden) and all she has to do is making her current drama successful.
  8. Maybe nowadays PSJ and PMY didnt meet up. Maybe they have this thingy " I'm focusing on my character so we should not meet for a while" or she's 'lending' her aura to her costar for a while since everyone seems to believe she has superb chemistry with her current costar now lol. I bet if she came to KKY's wedding and sat side by side, the aura reader might feel diff lol PSJ himself spread his own AURA lmao
  9. awwww her gaze... the way she lean herself close to him.. usually actress get shock when actor try to be close... this looks like PSJ who was shocked with PMY who's being very.. forward haha
  10. so far PSJ is being the man who keeps her photo on ig and deleted the past posts. I stand for loyal guy.
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