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  1. My all friends please forgive me for my negativity but i think im done with this ship, i will always love you and pmy and psj but now im sure its over, its not just bc of romur but its obvious for me now, if there was love we could see that, Pmy is abroad and psj has his own life, God didnt want this sail and also pmy and psj, its destiny and their life. Lets love them no matter what, God bless you all, i will love you my dear friends. Sorry again for my words my friends. This was just my feelings that i wanted to share for the last time.
  2. I dont know my dear friend i just want happiness for my dears, ppc and my ppc friends, i dont know but its somehow cruel to accept and my deep inside i hope great things happen someday and several mornings we wake up with great news and these not so happy and difficult days end in a happy destination but only God knows and if they are happy as they are so we cant do anything just praying for the best for them....
  3. Me too and it hurts so badly, sooo badly , i wish i wasnt involved from the first day, bc i love them and their fans sooo much i even cant explain it. but its out of our hands if they are happy so am i but i wish my friends here can be happy too, we never know. Life countinues...
  4. Yes my dear friend we should wait and see, maybe bc of my excperience in shipping i have becime so realistic when it comes to shipping, but i think real couples are very obvious even with so much trying to not show it, so i really hope somethings reliable and very sweet news come from our couple and not just our guessing with doubts, ppc fans are soo sweet and deserve some great news. About bracelet, pmy is from 6 months ago in pukhet and psj just now wears it, can we consider it as a clue? My expert friends can you please explaine if you know and sure of it?
  5. Yeah, i agree with you dear friend, i think every clue that everyone found about ppc dating are and is just coinsidence and made everything messed up for ppc, i dont know but i hope real clues come to us and as i said people cant hide love if they are truely in love, i pray all my friends here become happiest with reliable hints and clues bc i used to be a fan of a couple a few years ago and it was just a delusional feeling but it seemed so real to us back then bc of some ig pics or somethings like these, but this time for ppc i really pray to God great and real news come to us and saves us from every unreal and delusional clues bc this ship is so pure and lovely. God bless ppc and all their lovely fans.
  6. Thanks dear friend, psj said that 34 is an Ace number and i think he is right but we dont know, anyway as people say you cant hide 3 things: jealusy, drunkness and being in love, so if ppc are in love we can see it soon bc actions cant lie . I hope we celebrate some good news here.
  7. Im not so sure but i read that 34 in baseball is a Ace number and also psj himself gave some explanations about that, but those who are familiar with this game here can help more but after all of these i think past is past and i wish we had very much more news and hints in current time bc today and tommorrow are moreee important, its just my opinion and i pray in coming days we can have reliable and real and great happiness and news here.
  8. Thanks dear friend, but i dont know i wish in coming days we will have some great news, bc i dont like just guessing anyway this ship is really hard bc there is no sign or hints of ppc and they are doing their own job that im happy for them and wish them the best and at the same time is a uniqe ship. I hope God makes my friends heart sooo happy in this ship.
  9. How are you so sure about pic that reporters have, dear friend? Bc i think if they had their pic, they would had revealed them bc the reporters were sooo after them and even they went to their houses area and asked about ppc, so i want to know how are you so sure, dear? Me too, may God grants our wish in the best ways, fans of some couples are sooo lucky and i wish we were as lucky as them...
  10. I think im the only one here who believed their denial and is waiting for big and huge hints of them bc i have believe in after rumor actions, and i hope and pray for great news of them to come to us, but there is no news, but we never know maybe someday we get up with great news of them i pray hard for that. Any way, is there anyone like me who believed their denial?
  11. How i wish we were at ssc fans place, how i wish we were as lucky as them, ahh dear God, ssc fans are so lucky and should support shk more in her new drama, if they knew the worth of their gifted ship. Any way God bless ppc and their fans
  12. I read here and in ig that ssc fans are jeaulos of shk kiss with park bogum, and im like really?!! They are the luckiest fans and God really loves them made them fall in love with ssc, ahh it has been really a beautiful journey for their fans i envy them, really really envy..., sorry friends for irralted post but i just wanted share my feelings, really God loves ssc fans, i wish God makes us as lucky as them. God bless ppc and their lovely fans.
  13. Yes pray ppc last forever and greatest news come to us just like the grand prize of God for us
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