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  1. I also dont think she deleted that pic bc of pps tagging them, it doesnt make sense, but ... oh God give us some big hints of ppc without any doubts, biggg happiness for pps.
  2. Guys here its raining, and we believe when its raining and we pray and wish for something, God grants that wish and responds that praying in the best way, I pray we can see ppc together again, I pray we can celebrate here best news of ppc at the right time and pray for ppc happiness and pps for the rest of life. I keep praying and keep writing about it here bc It feels good. Everything about ppc is good. And I wish psj drama becomes moreee successful and also pmy drama becomes very successful. Love you all.
  3. Thanks dear, I thought maybe its untrue, but It made me happy, eventhough it was a joke. And as always I will pray for great news at the right time, and for ppc and pps happiness.
  4. Hiii guys, I just saw a romur about ppc in some pps ig, it was a news from twitter, so I just wanted to know that anyone here saw that news? And what do you think of that?
  5. @psjpmy99welcome dear, I really hope your wish (of course our wish) come true and God grants your (our ) wish.
  6. Hiii dear friends, im here with another question , I saw in ig that in psj post with nike shoes that his friends talked about his shoes and psj friend wrote beautiful shoes and park hyoun shik wrote to that friend that dont do it here, is that right? And that may mean something? I think @twoparkcouple can help, as always. Thanks a lot.
  7. ppc is my true love when it comes to them, im not myself im a teenage girl who everyone can see my excitment, there is a huge effect of ppc on me, its been more than 1 year and my love for them becomes more and more, its so strange for me but this is truth. Im not happy that pmy turned off the comments, whatever the reason is but I always want ppc be the happiest. I pray to God that makes ppc and us, pps the happiest, if God wants sth happens, it will for sure, I always wait for great news of ppc when there is no doubt, no hurt, I hope that day comes to us and we can have biggest celebration God bless ppc and pps. Love you all.
  8. @twoparkcouplethanks dear for your explanation and thank you so much for sharing news about ppc in korea, I hope this badmouthing celebs ends soon in korea. God bless ppc and all their fans. Im always waiting for big hints of ppc Im always waiting for your good informations, youre a gem in our fandom and I should say all ppc fans are.
  9. @twoparkcoupleand my dear, the people who are talking about ppc in DC , how many are they? There are so many or not? And are all comments about ppc negative? sorry for asking too many q , andThanks in advance, a lottt.
  10. Thanks dear, I hope ppc always be happiest and nothing bad affect them, and I wish God makes us happiest fans also. ppc and ppc fans are the bestssss.
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