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[Drama 2016] ♤ Goodbye Mr. Black 굿바이 미스터 블랙 ♤

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 한희 / Han Hee 

[ Empress Ki, Time Slip Dr. Jin , Over the Rainbow , Super Rookie ]


Comic (Manwha)

Hwang Mi-Na


Moon Hee-Jung

[ The Last Scandal of My Life,Smile, You,Can You Hear My Heart, Missing You.]


Lee Kim/Winning Productions

[Empress Ki,Something Happened in Bali,Temptation,Mr.Back,I Miss You, Dr.Jin, I Summon You Gold,Daemul,Stained Glass,Personal Taste]

Production Crew


DIRECTED BY 한희 (Han Hee)
B-TEAM DIRECTOR 김성욱 (Kim Seong-Wook)
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 남성우 (Nam Seong-Woo), 한진선 (Han Jin-Seon), 이진수 (Lee Jin-Soo)

WRITTEN BY 문희정 (Moon Hee-Jung)
ASSISTANT WRITER 고남정 (Go Nam-Jung), 강지은 (Kang Ji-Eun), 한지원 (Han Ji-Won)

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER 조윤정 (Jo Yoon-Jung) | PLANNING  김도훈 (Kim Do-Hoon) | CHIEF PRODUCER 박호식 (Park Ho-Shik) | DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY 홍성욱 (Hong Seong-Wook) 김선일 (Kim Seon-Il) | LIGHTING DIRECTOR 임성철 (Im Seong-Cheol) 문현태 (Moon Hyun-Tae) | ART DIRECTION 양지희 (Yang Ji-Hee) | EDITING 53 Media 이현정 (Lee Hyun-Jung) 이상록 (Lee Sang-Rok) | MUSIC 이임우 (Lee Im-Woo) | ACTION CHOREOGRAPHY 윤진률 (Yoon Jin-Ryool) |

(CREDIT: Dramatic Eye)




[Twitter | Facebook | MBC Naver blog |  Instagram | Website | Photo Gallery ]



Official Streaming Link

Brought to you by Black is Back Team @  Viki 

Livestreaming via MBC (How to register : Tutorial@nonski )

Broadcast Date

March 2016  -- May 19, 2016


Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55


 Ratings c/o Dramawiki



ᗩ ᗷ O ᑌ T   T ᕼ E   ᔕ ᕼ O ᗯ

Cha Ji-Won (Lee Jin-Wook) is a UDT officer of the Navy Special Operations Force. He is positive and has personal charm, but he falls into a desperate situation due to a friend's betrayal. He goes through numerous life or death situations. Cha Ji-Won then enters into a fake marriage with Swan (Moon Chae-Won) to hide his identity. Through the bright persona of Swan, Cha Ji-Won falls in love and regains his trust of others.


OᖴᖴIᑕIᗩᒪ ᑭOᔕTEᖇᔕ






C ᗩ S T   O F   C H A R A C T E R S





Extended Descriptions









People around Ji Won
Lee Won Jong as Go Sung Min
Im Se Mi as Cha Ji Soo
Ha Yun Joo as Go Min Ha
Bae Yoo Ram as Ahn Gye Dong
Jung Dong Hwan as Cha Jae Wan
People around Swan
Kim Tae Woo as Kim Ji Ryoon
Jung Hye Sun as Jung Hyun Sook
People around Sun Jae
Jun Gook Hwan as Baek Eun Do
Choi Jung Woo as Seo Jin Tak
Lee Jae Yong as Yoon Jae Min
Lee Dae Yeon as Min Yong Jae
Seo Bum Shik as Baek Eun Do's secretary
Extended Cast
Gil Hye Yun  as Hong In Ja
Yoon Ye Hee
Im Yoon Ho
Kim Myung Kook

Extended Descriptions

[Please credit @Jillia of Soompi for the translations]


Descriptions for the people surrounding Cha Ji Won/Black

Go Seong Min | Lee Won Jong


Thai name: Meutong  / Ji Won's helper

You may ask what's so difficult about his job. From selling all kinds of good to smuggling foreign currency and making fake IDs to  providing medical treatment services to the 1% who can't go to the hospital (drug dealers, gangs)! You'll see this makes money.

Cha Ji Soo | Im Se Mi


Ji Won's younger sister

When she saw Seon Jae it was love at first sight, after that the sunflowers died / it got cold (note transl.: this was a bit difficult to translate as it seems to have the meaning that things changed after her falling in love with him). Even without a mother raising her like normal she was raised by her father and older brother being loved very much and growing up brightly and lovable.

Cha Jae Wan | Jung Dong Hwan

Ji Won's father / chairman of SunWoo Group

An admired, respected and warm business man who believes it's healthy to think of his employees as a family and thinks of transparent management first. He suffers a wrongfully death after falling into Baek Eun Do's trap.


Descriptions for the  people surrounding Kim Swan

Kim Ji Ryun | Kim Tae Woo


NGO representative / Summer Investments advisor

A man who has wits, sense and is very cheerful. He is a middle-aged high society (?) prince. He knows fine women and there is a friend who is still single. While he receives money from the rich heritage of his parents he has a remarkable talent to be always short of money. As of now he is working for NGOs because of his mother's wish for him to save money instead of throwing money out of the window.

Jung Hyun Suk | Jung Hye Sung

Ji Ryun's mother / representative of Summer Investments

Even though she is  smart woman who speaks like a lady she makes thoughtless decisions, oops!

While appearing ladylike she is very passionate and get very angry. But these days they say she seems to be a delightful woman.(note transl.: sounds like people don't really say what they think about her because they're scared.) She entrusted a professional  manager being entrusted with the management of Summer Investments and goes along with his advice.


Descriptions for the people surrounding Min Seon Jae

Baek Eun Do | Jun Guk Hwan


President of SunWoo Distribution, part of SunWoo Group

Master of schemes who is cold and greedy and the axis of evil!

Because he doesn't believe in people but in the desire for money and power. This man is doomed to betray. When there are people who need something he will find out their weakness and after exploiting them they get eliminated. And with how he handles things without any mercy he has the potential of a devil.

Seo Jin Tak | Choi Jung Woo


Woo Jin's father / Vice-president of SunWoo Constructions, part of SunWoo group

Opportunist. Depending on the situation he walks the tightrope like Batman, he has no human ability and has a lot of greed. He natually ignores injustice to secure his own safety. His only son (Seo Woo Jin) turned his back on him and now he hopes father and son can get back together when he takes over SunWoo Group. [만년 3인자 신세지만] He holds a hidden card to overturn the board.

Yoon Jae Min | Lee Jae Yong

former head of Navy SEALs and commander of operations

Soldier to the bone. For 30 years living a military life the people of his homeland was his top priority. And after being promoted to rank 2 he was transferred to the Navy SEALs and made the commander of operations. With his high integrity and incorruptible personality he is able to have profound insights and the ability to notice talented people.

Min Yong Jae | Lee Dae Yeon

Seon Jae's father / taxi driver

He is caught after taking advantage of and deceiving his son a military officer. There is no other person in the whole world who is as shameless as him. Because Seon Jae doesn't want to live like his father he is more spiteful and persistent to become rich.

Baek Eun Do's assistent | Seo Beom Sik


nameless killer

Cruel killer. He doesn't hesitate a second to kill people on Eun Do's command.


Other characters:

Hong In Ja | Gil Hae Yeon

Seon Jae's housekeeper

She moved in as a maid when her husband died after two years suffering from a chronic illness in the hospital. She turns from Ma Ri's personal assistent into her friend, she is like a "unnie" to her. But even though their relationship is more than just the one of a employer and employee and they open up to eachother she has a secret she doesn't tell Ma Ri.

Mei | Ha Yeon Ju

MRB National Senior Manager

Smart and rude/daring. If she makes mistakes she doesn't use aegyo. After studying management and IT in America she returned to Korea.

Ahn Gye Dong | Bae Yoo Ram

MRB National employee

After being discharged from the Navy he was looking for a job and got a job at MRB National.





B E H I N D   T H E   B L A C K    R E V E N G E

Production Timeline, News and Information [click here]

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Song Jae Rim : Instagram

Original Soundtrack


OST PART 1: '그렇게 안녕'은 Just Like That , Goodbye by Baek Ji Young 

The song is written by Jeon Hyesung, who made big hits with Baek Z Young with the songs‘The woman’ and ‘It hurts here’. Choi Jae Woo who composed a lot of OST such as ‘Spring is gone by chance’, ‘Don’t you know me’,and ‘Hello’ also joined as well.  [ 1theK (원더케이)  ]

OST PART 2: 제자리 걸음  Standstill by Pae Su Jong

OST PART 3:  아마도 이건   Perhaps This is  by  Song Yu Bin

OST PART 4:  참아 Hold Back  by 2BIC

Full Album


goodbye mr black ost

[Goodbye Mr. Black OST]
Lyrics | Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | Olleh |

No. Song Title Artist
1. 여명의 협주곡
The Dawn Concerto
Various Artists
2. 그렇게 안녕
Baek Ji Young
3. 제자리 걸음
Bae Soo Jung
4. 아마도 이건
Perhaps This is
Song Yoo Bin
5. 참아
Hold Back
6. 남자의 고독 – 지원 테마
A Man Solitude – Jiwon Theme
Various Artists
7. 선재 테마
Seonjae Theme
Various Artists
8. Deep Breath Various Artists
9. 사건의 시작
Case Start
Various Artists
10. Countdown Various Artists
11. Pressure Various Artists

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
Tracks Info ©NaverMusic
Please take out with full credit



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kkuljaem(k-netz reactions)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | Finale

Wandering Thoughts by  @mslee

1 | 2 Ji Won and Kaya | 2 Highlights | 3





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"Black Fairy Couple | Black Swan" is the thread's official name for the OTP of Cha Ji Won (Lee Jin Wook) & Swan (Moon Chae Won) derived from the media articles during the press conference.
Thanking the following regular members who posted their insights, sharing articles , photos , videos and other information related to GMB, fighting!


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ᑭ ᖇ O ᗪ ᑌ ᑕ T I O ᑎ    T I ᗰ E ᒪ I ᑎ E


Moon Chae Won, Lee Jin Wook Star in a New Drama



Lee Jin-wook and Moon Chae-won will star in new television drama "Goodbye Mr. Black" on the SBS network.

The drama is about a naval officer who is betrayed by a close friend.

Lee will play Cha Ji-won (Black), the naval officer, and Moon will play "Swan," who is in a contract marriage with Black.

French novel "The Count of Monte Cristo," by Alexandre Dumas, has inspired the drama. It will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Credit Source:


Based on comic "Goodbye Mr. Black" by Hwang Mi-Na (first published in 1983 by Songchun Cultural Publishers). The comic is motivated by French author Alexandre Dumas’s novel "The Count of Monte Cristo.”

Drama series was first scheduled to air on SBS, but negotiations failed due to difference of opinions. (Asianwiki)

Jan. 26,2016:  Script Reading  | Video

Thailand Filming : Page 50 | 47 | 46 | 45 |  44 | Fan Account by @Madamtongy | 43 | Video of MCW by MS Ent | 71 |72 | 78 (LJW & MCW)

Feb 15, 2016: Upcoming MBC drama “Goodbye Mr. Black” starring Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won has finally announced its premiere date

Feb.22,2016 :  First still of Lee Jin Wook as Mr. Black is released

Feb 23 2016: Photo of Kim Kang Woo as Min Sun Jae is released

Feb.24 2016 : First Photo of Moon Chae Won as Swan is released 

Feb 26,2016 Mr. Black in White

Feb 27,2016 : Baek Ji Young to sing GMB OST

Feb 29, 2016: Moon Chae Won as Swan

March 1 : Yoo In Young First Still is released  | Additional Stills for Kim Kang Woo

March 2 : Black and Swan First  Photo  Together

Script Reading Video | Launch of GMB Website


March 7: Lee Jin Wook and Kim Kang Woo photo teaser | About UDT Seals

March 8: Lee Jin Wook and Kim Kang Woo Show Friendship Gone Bad in “Goodbye Mr. Black” Stills

Kim Kang Woo Individual Stills by C Jes Entertainment

March 10: Second Teaser/Trailer


“Goodbye Mr. Black” Releases Captivating Posters Featuring Lee Jin Wook, Moon Chae Won, and More

Crew of 'Goodbye Mr. Black' strengthen their teamwork during 'good luck ritual'

"I hope that everyone will be safe and that the set will be filled with happiness. Let's all try our best together." - PD HAN LEE

"Let's all film with a positive mindset until the very end"-LEE JIN WOOK

"I hope that we will be left with good memories even when the drama ends."- MOON CHAE WON

"I'll try my best to bring a good drama."- KIM KANG WOO

 "I'm so glad that we're all in this together. I hope that the set will be fun." - YOO IN YOUNG

"I hope that we will be filled with positive energy so that we could all laugh together." -SONG JAE RIM

March 14: Press Conference 


Black Minion's Liveblog Photos: Page 91 | 92 | 93 | 94 | 95 | 96 | 97

Video via MBC

Photos from MBC  | Photo Gallery by MBC | Honey Chemistry

Written Highlights from the Presscon

Goodbye Mr. Black’s cast dolls up for press conference day

Lee Jin Wook Talks About Difference Between His Character and Song Joong Ki’s Character

Upcoming Drama “Goodbye Mr. Black” Based on Classic Manhwa, With a Modern Twist

Stars in ‘Good-bye Mr. Black’ show off their style


(LEAD) Drama 'Goodbye, Mr. Black' to challenge 'Descendants of the Sun'


Cognizant of the early rise of "Descendants of the Sun," producer Han Hee cautiously offered that his show will combine the genres of revenge and melodrama in unprecedented ways.

"Viewers are already familiar with the two genres and they are shown almost every day on TV, but I want to make this drama different," he said, adding "Goodbye, Mr. Black" will also reveal the sides of its actors and actresses fans have never seen. "We want to keep our viewers guessing."

   Actress Moon Chae-won on the lead role said she hasn't gotten a chance to watch "Descendants of the Sun" properly, but expressed her support for the KBS 2TV series.

"I haven't watched an entire episode yet. I've only watched it on TV at the filming set," she said. "I've worked with (Song) Joong-ki before, so I want to wish him well."

   Actor Lee Jin-wook also said he wants the show to be captivating in its own right.

"Rather than competing with 'Descendants of the Sun' -- it's already doing well -- I'll try to emphasize our strengths on 'Goodbye, Mr. Black,'" he said.

Meanwhile, Lee and Moon appeared to be thoroughly enjoying their partnership, with Lee even asking the writer to add more scenes of the couple kissing.

"(Working with her) has been great. Looking at her makes me happy. She's a lovely woman," Lee said. "Our characters have a sizeable age gap, so I try to protect her character like an older brother would. Working with her, though, naturally makes me want to protect her and look after her."

Moon, whose character loses her parents to a tsunami in Thailand as a child, said learning Thai has been among the toughest challenges she's faced.

"Japanese I can somehow mimic, but I've had a lot of trouble with Thai," she said, adding she's been too concentrated in her work to worry about the Zika virus, a few cases of which have recently been reported in Thailand.

But she had no qualms about chopping off her mane for the role.

"It's fun living in the hairstyle of my character," she said. "I like long hair on other people, but not particularly on myself."

   Actor Kim Kang-woo who plays the best friend-turned-traitor said the surplus of great actors who play villains these days has added pressure.

"It makes me think of new ways to play the bad guy," he said. "But this time, I decided not to perceive myself as the villain and instead try to understand my character. I hope some viewers are able to feel sympathy for him."

   Actress Yoo In-young, who is the fiancee Yun Mari in "Goodbye, Mr. Black," noted a positive difference in her role compared with her previous ones.

"It's my first time playing a character who is loved by two men," she said, laughing. "It gets lonely, playing someone with unrequited love, but it's fun being on the set with two men fighting for me. I'm not sure how long this will last, but I hope it does for a very long time."

   "Goodbye, Mr. Black" premieres on Wednesday at 10 p.m.




Episode's Behind The Scenes 

Warning: Contain Spoilers

Episode 1   Photos 1 | 2 | 3 Video: First Meeting of Kaya and Ji Won

Episode 2  Photos    Ji Won | Kaya | Sun Jae

Episode 3  Video by MS Team Entertainment

Part 1: Black and Swan BTS  Krabi Thailand Filming

Part 2: Black and Swan BTS  Krabi Thailand Filming

Photos 1 | Kaya and Ji Won Krabi Island | Krabi Island Part 2 | Krabi Island Part 3 | Sky Lantern | Black | Swan | More of Black Swan Couple


Episode 4 Photos Black's Escape

Episode 5 Photos Swan and Woo Jin | Song Jae Rim Facebook Live

Episode 7  Black , Sun Jae , Nameless Killer | Killer and Black | Black and Sun Jae

Episode 8 Sun Jae  | Sun Jae 2 | CEO Mr.Black | Swan and Woo Jin |

Swan and Woo Jin 2 | Mr. Baek Eun Do

Episode 10 Black in Prison | Sun Jae visits Ji Won | Ji Won and Sun Jae | LJW Behind the Prison Scenes | Part 2

Episode 11 Ji Won in Prison

Episode 12 The Trial | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Episode 14-15  The Black Family Mutong | Ji Soo | Family 1 | Mutong 2 | Ji Won

Episode 16-17  Black and Swan | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Ji Soo and Ji Won | Baek Eun Do

Episode 18 - 19 Black Swan | Sun Jae | Black Swan Part 2 | Part 3

Final Episode Black | Black  Swan | The Family | Goodbye Mr. Black



Moon Chae Won And Lee Jin Wook Share Secret To Their Chemistry In “Goodbye Mr. Black

  •  Lee Jin Wook: “This is my first time working with Moon Chae Won, but the level of comfort I feel seems like we’ve worked together before. We usually coordinate and talk about the best way to film scenes together, which enhances our performance on screen.”
  • Moon Chae Won:  “Lee Jin Wook is very kind and humorous, making filming easier to get through. His sense of humor makes me laugh.”


April 27 :  We Laugh and Cry for "Goodbye Mr. Black's" Moon Chae Won's Love

"The viewers enjoying this show are giving us strength. Thank you. I will try hard so that                     you will continue to enjoy the show, so please watch until the end."


                                April 27: Finally, the ratings explosion! Expect a melo storm!

April 20: What Happened in Prison

April 6: Black and Swan Reunites in Seoul

March 29: Black : Behind the Scenes of actor Lee Jin Wook

March 25: [Naver Entertainment] "Goodbye Mr. Black" Romance in Krabi

March 16 : Goodbye Mr Black - the first broadcast! This fateful meeting begins.

March 10: Thailand Filming : Ji Won meets Kaya (Video)

March 9: Exclusive Publication: Preview of Mr.Black and Swan (Plus Thailand Filming Behind the Scenes) (Photos)



(Thank you to @jeonghyang for providing this section for Production News and Information) :D

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Upcoming drama 'Goodbye Mr. Black' confirms leads Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won


Osen - Naver: Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won confirmed as leads of SBS 'Goodbye Mr. Black' 

1. [+2,194, -80] Lee Jin Wook's everywhere recently. Looking forward to Moon Chae Won!

2. [+1,964, -120] Great casting

3. [+1,651, -93] Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won. Must watch

4. [+1,138, -41] The writer is important for this one

5. [+158, -16] What the flop that was 'The Time I've Loved You' made me realize is that no matter how good an actor is, he can't save a crappy script. A writer can make or break a drama

6. [+108, -18] Please give Lee Jin Wook a new hairstyle.. I personally loved his hair in 'Nine' and not so much in TTILY

7. [+97, -7] This is based on the manhwa by Hwang Mina, right? I wanna watch it already

8. [+70, -19] Heol, Moon Chae Won's finally making a drama comeback!!! And the writer of 'Can You Hear My Heart' will be penning the script. I'm excited

9. [+56, -8] Cool. The manhwa I've been wanting to reread is being made into a  drama

Lee Jin-wook, Moon Chae-won to headline revenge drama Goodbye Mr. Black


Ooh, Lee Jin-wook (The Time I’ve Loved You) starring in a revenge drama? I like the sound of that. So much brooding to be done! Count of Monte Cristo-inspired manhwa adaptation Goodbye Mr. Black has secured a Wednesday-Thursday timeslot on SBS this fall. The production has been courting Moon Chae-won (Good Doctor) to play the leading lady, and now both leads are confirmed.


The revenge melodrama is an adaptation of a 1980s manhwa series by Hwang Mi-na set in England and Australia, about a man who gets betrayed by his best friend and lover, and framed for a crime. After time spent abroad, he returns with a new identity to get his revenge. It remains to be seen how the story will be adapted, since early announcements about the drama mentioned extended overseas shoots, but the latest casting stories don’t indicate that it’s set abroad.

Lee Jin-wook will star as a Navy SEAL and a member of the Underwater Demolition Team, who was met with misfortune and betrayed by his friend out of the blue. He was once an optimistic man, but after being stabbed in the back by his best friend, he only dreams of vengeance. The drama is about his revenge plot, as he decides to go up against the friend to find out the truth behind his downfall.

In order to invent a new identity, he gets fake-married to Moon Chae-won, a bright, cheerful young woman who’s rough around the edges and does what she pleases. Despite it being a fake relationship for appearance’s sake, she’ll begin to change him in unexpected ways, and help rebuild his ability to love and trust in other people. Yeah but… he’s still going to get his revenge, right?

Directing is PD Lee Chang-min of Bride of the Sun and Birth of a Beauty, and writing is Moon Hee-jung of Can You Hear My Heart and I Miss YouGoodbye Mr. Black followsVillage on Wednesdays and Thursdays in November.

Via IS PlusJoy News


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I'm so happy when Moon Chae Won comeback.

I love her in Nice Guys, Good Doctor.

But i hope Jo In Sung is male lead.

Anyway, Goodbye Mr.Black, Moonie fighting!

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Count of Monte Cristo... check. Moon Chae Won... check. Lee Jin Uk... check, check, check! 

I'm in.

LJU seems to have something of an affinity with Alexander Dumas' tales for some reason. Heh.

Haha! It's a sign for him to take on the role! More sexy brooding! Happy fangirl here!

Perfect role for him! He can direct all those pent up anger and frustration over the TTILY mess in this drama! :P

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I cry :tears:, i think LJW should relax for this year.

He ended his latest drama with Won unnie at August.

I hope male lead can change.

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I think it is a good thing for LJW to be the lead on this upcoming drama. He needs to catch up as his previous drama with HJW has got very low ratings.

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@Jillia chingu 

I think @Jeonghyang already PM-ed one of the admin. Let's see if they'll delete/merge the two topics into one ^^

Hopefully, @XXXlatebloomerXXX won't mind that I quoted her translation from CW's thread to this one. The reason of why CW picked this drama (thanks a lot for the translation :) )


Hello Moonlights,

I am so excited to see our Queen's comeback. 

I tried to translate the excerpts from this article, while waiting for a more reliable translation. It does sound a bit like her character in 'Nice Guy' but instead growing up from the rich, her new character grows up from below. Lets just wait for more detailed characterization of Swan. 


'로코퀸' 문채원은 왜 '굿바이 미스터 블랙'을 선택했나
'Ro-Co Queen' Moon Chae Won, Why (She) Chose 'Goodbye Mr. Black' [t/n: Ro-Co = Romantic Comedy]

(excerpt from the article)

다양한 작품에서 러브콜을 받았던 문채원이 '굿바이 미스터 블랙'을 선택한 이유는 '캐릭터'다. 문채원 측 관계자는 "문채원이 이번에 맡은 캐릭터는 기존 멜로 드라마 등에서 보지 못했던 여성형이다. 야생 들개 같은 느낌을 주는 인물"이라며 "나이 고하 상관없이 반말을 일삼고, 빈민층에서 고아로 자라 날카로운 성격을 갖고 있다. 따뜻한 손길도 의심하던 인물이 점점 성장해 나간다"고 설명했다. 
The reason for MCW, who received various 'love calls' from production (house), to choose 'Goodbye Mr. Black' is the CHARACTER. MCW's representative explained that, "This time, for her own character, it's a female style that MCW had never seen up until now for melodrama etc. It's a character that gives out an impression of a wild, stray-dog [t/n: I interpret it as free-spirited]" and also "(a character) with sharp personality, who uses 'banmal' (casual speech) without even are about age or seniority, is being brought up as an orphan from poor background (lit. layer/strata). (She) slowly grows up to be a person who is suspicious of (any) warm, helping hand".

이는 연기자로 새로운 모습을 보여주고자 하는 문채원의 욕심과도 맞아 떨어졌다. 드라마 '공주의 남자', '굿닥터', 영화 '오늘의 연애'까지 최근 매 번 다른 캐릭터로 사랑을 받아온 문채원은 극중에서도 점점 성장하는 다층적인 인물을 맡아 특유의 연기력을 발산할 전망이다. 
This (character) fits MCW's desire as an actor to show a fresh/new image (to the viewers).In regards to her acting, MCW, who until recently receives love every time for her various characters from her dramas 'Princess' Man', 'Good Doctor' and movie 'Today's Love', wants to undertake multi-layered character that slowly grows (over the time), (such) is the radiated prospect of the high-quality actor.

문채원은 오랜만에 드라마에 복귀하는 만큼, 큰 애정을 갖고 준비 중이다. 일찌감치 인물 구상에 들어간 한편, 새로운 모습을 보이기 위해 동분서주하고 있다. 
For the sake of the highly-anticipated drama comeback from MCW, it is in the process of preparation with a lot of affection. In order to display a fresh character, she has started getting busy early in order to get immersed into the character.

[source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000519771; translation by ME]


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Looking good and i hope they keep this name and not come up with a a worse one like they always do,i really like this title,i'll watch this one for sure,hope the script will be good

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I'm so excited! Kdramaland has been good to me lately. haha All the best to the cast and crew. Will be waiting eagerly for this.:)

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- Drama News -

Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook to headline ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’


SBS TV has announced today that actress Moon Chae Won and actor Lee Jin Wook will headline their upcoming Wed-Thu drama ‘Goodbye Mr. Black.’

Lee Jin Wook will take on the role of Cha Ji Won (aka as Mr. Black), who is a UDT officer of the Navy Special Operations Force. He is described to have a positive attitude and treats people earnestly, but a best friend’s betrayal leads him to seek revenge;

Moon Chae Won takes on the role of Swan who lives carelessly and does whatever she wants in life. Cha Ji Won enters a fake marriage with Swan to hide his identity for revenge, but the two begin a healing romance in the process thanks to the bright persona of Swan.

‘Goodbye Mr. Black’ is adapted from a manhwa of the same name by Hwang Mi Na, and will be directed by Lee Chang Min, with the script penned by Moon Jung Hee.

The drama will air sometime in December, following ‘The Village: Achiara’s Secret.’


Credit Source: Kpopfighting



Goodbye Mr. Black Manhwa



Chief Mulberry and Captain Jillia

It's already fine. The mod deleted the duplicate topic and merged into this thread.

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@beyaruth, thank you for starting the thread.   !  I have been waiting for these confirmations. 

Love the leads and their pairing. Count of Monte Cristo - definitely.  Scriptwriter Moon Hee-Jung - for sure based on last drama "Glorious Day."

Chaewon is back!!! and so I am! ^^

Hwaiting everyone! let's supports this drama together :)


Btw, we have a little problem. I noticed we have two different threads for this one. One created by @jeonghyang http://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/377146-upcoming-drama-goodbye-mrblack/

@mulberry9     @jeonghyang       @beyaruth,     hi... I think the problem of double threads has been resolved.  Usually it is a good idea to check the Thread Directory before starting a new thread - and make sure there is no open thread already. Also to PM Rubie who maintains the thread directory and let her know of the new thread, and request that she adds it, in this case to SBS section.  I just looked, at the Thread Directory and this thread is still not listed.

Looking forward to this drama, and sharing with you all..

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Ooohh I like I like I like! Checking in! count me in! I like MCW! I like the story. Once in a while I like romance.  Waiting. Oh and  I like MCW..ok...hyper for her comeback. I wanted KMY (the actor from MBB) but LJW would be ok.

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This is Drama Fever "phishing" article. They want to know that people have interest in this drama, before the plan on spending resources to license it and sub it.  I am glad they started soliciting opinions already!

For this reason, I think it is important to show our support for the drama with comments about it on such articles from subbing companies. You can also click on the "awesome" button.

Also, please click on the link to the potential drama page at the end, and click on "Become a fan" and also add a comment of support for the drama.

Lee Jin Wook is Moon Chae Won's leading man in Goodbye Mr. Black


New drama series Goodbye Mr. Black has secured a leading man for Moon Chae Won(Princess's Man). Find out more about what handsome and versatile Lee Jin Wook will do in this intriguing revenge drama.

Goodbye Mr. Black is based on a manga series inspired by the classic French novel The Count of Monte Cristo. The 1980's manga series by Hwang Mi Na is about a young man who is betrayed by his best friend and exiled to Australia. He eventually acquires a new identity and returns to England for his revenge while searching for his long-lost love.

According to initial synopsis about the new adaptation, Lee Jin Wook will play a Navy Seal and a member of the Underwater Demolition Team. He is betrayed by his best friend and seeks justice and revenge. He marries Moon Chae Won in order to invent a new identity for his revenge. Will true romance spring from a fake marriage? Will romance get in the way of revenge?


The role should be a perfect fit for the handsome and muscled Lee Jin Wook, who can play romantic warm man (The Time I Loved You), relentless time traveler (Nine), or even a spy who represses his feelings (Spy Myung Wol).

I previously pined for Lee Min Ho to be united with Moon Chae Won on screen, but I guess he's busy filming the Bounty Hunters movie with Tiffany Tang and Wallace Chung. 

What do you think? Do you like Lee Jin Wook as Moon Chae Won's leading man?

I know I can't wait to say hello to Goodbye Mr. Black.







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