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  1. The lady was Soo Hyuk Mom who heard it from Sa Bin... And yes,the past left its mark on the souls of the 3 of them more visible or more subtile...They got this chance again to untie those wrongs so that the present generation can live on a fresh slate without the regrets and grudges of their past...It is no coincidence that both Soo Hyuk and Jung Bum were put in the same similar situation as in the past... I guess Ji Chul's psycho Dad must be happy having at least a kid as psycho as him in Baek Sang Ah.
  2. I think it's more because the main focus of the drama is to untie the sad knot of their past so that their souls can rest in piece(or at least the pieces of their souls) Gong Ji Chul and Cha Hyung Bin had bad fate and have this oportunity to untie this knot and finally be able to leave and rest in peace and the preset to flow without the remorse of the past as even if they reincarnated Soo Hyuk and Jong Bum aren't really Hyung Bin and Ji Chul(this two are parts of the soul but not the whole)...So the main focus from the start was actually for them to reveal the real serial killer,to return Gong Ji Chul innocence and untie their ill fate and move on...Sadly Ha Eun was in the middle in the past and became a victim of the fate but the main were always this two men...
  3. The real name of Jong Bum...He was sent to juvenile Prison when he was 15 for allegedly killing a highschool girl and living with it's corpse for 3 days( the one most likely in JB painting gifted to Baek Hye Mi)...He never admitted to the crime but found guilty(if he didn't kill her himself more than sure he knows who and stayed 3 days because he is obsessed with resurrection) still not many info of that event,maybe they will dwelve into it as Baek Hye Mi did first meet him when he was by that age,so maybe from there she started trying to groom him a killer as it's too fishy the event with her meeting... His Father after changed his name to evade more likely for him and his reputation and have a clean slate...
  4. It's not JC heart,it's shown in the first episodes(3 or 4) with interview,pictures and all of Sa Bin and the Raw Inmate name and face and all as it was the first ever transplat did at her age of 14...From the way it looked it was a willingly donation and looks like they kinda knew each other so it's not JC,that's a false info... The point was that in this life again she had a poor heart and unlike the past she did have a heart transplat and also showing why she has a more open mind and will to give criminals a second chance thinking they also can turn the page for good...In the interview it shown she had somehow a raport with the death raw inmate when she was 14... From what i see Kiss Asian is using Kocowa subs aka with errors,doubt they translate it themselves and mostly rip/take the subs when they are available and use them...The errors aren't BIG but it can impact one's understanding or mistlead...I understand korean so it is a bit annoying... like in episode 6 when JB and SB are at the bar with her friends and her Uncle asks ehr who is worse among the two and she says : But I think playing with people's mind is a bit more unlikeable, personally. The correct is But I think playing with people's feelings is a bit more unlikeable, personally. Using HER when it is HIM or in some having a whole phrase wrong...
  5. Indeed it's a rookie writer and even if she made in my opinion a possible MAJOR error,how could the PD let it slide and film it,she is a rookie his team surely not... It was in Episode 5 when it was mentioned in Sa Bin diary about her father's memories that on the day they executed Gong Ji Chul,Sa Bin was born yet people continued to mention that Ha Eun was still alive and in Episode 6 even Ji Chul in the morgue said again she is alive...Like it's impossible if Sa Bin is the reincarnation of Ha Eun for the later to be alive,the same for Gong Ji Chul...I mean i know this is also fantasy but still... Also i hint that Hye Mi aka Lawyer Lady is kinda using Gong Ji Chul name as a dual,one when talking about the real one and on times when talking about the Psycho Dad...Like when she talked in episode 6,it was quite intimate her description and i bet she was talking about her Mentor not the real Ji Chul... Side note : Kocowa subs have errors so take with a bit of salt the translations as they aren't fully accurate ...
  6. I think for all of us the timeline is a mistery and our heads hurt trying to put it in place...I mean i'm still obstinate to think the writer does know what she is doing and it IS messy because it is intended and not because she forgot the last half of Episode 2... Still somehow logiclly thinking following the events from episode 2 he was found guilty in a trial,moved away,attacked the doctor and escaped wanting to give his heart to Ha Eun,killed Hyung Bin and shot himself in the head with all 3 dying there...How the hell can he survive that is beyond me,along with people saying Ha Eun being still alive(while Sa Bin was already born)... Guess for now we should just watch it while disconnecting our reason... On another note almost everyone on the drama is creepy!Soo Hyuk isin't on the list because he is almost always angry so better angry than creepy...The top cake taking it the little brother that to me looks like a psycho material(Well,the mom isin't exactly normal either) and Jang Hye Mi, Ji Chul Lawyer and ex protegee of his psycho father...To me,She is doing it along with other person the re-ennacting of the 80 killings and making Jung Bum like in the past the principal suspect to make him a killer...In the past they didn't trully realize it as his motivations for killing back then weren't the same as his psycho killer dad so maybe now she thinks she can have another try!(Her conversation with Soo Hyuk in episode 6 about Jung Bum coming to her is pretty telling she wants to make him a killer)That is if Daddy Dear isin't alive and plotting a 2.0 thinking JB is his son as the main mastermind... I'm more and more sure that Soo Hyuk let go of a culprit 3 years ago that ended up killing right away after being released(His father being the victim or the killer) with him and Sa Bin's Superior being present that shook him completely making him act the way he does now adding his past life imprint of hating unstable people/psychopaths(as his end was by one of them)...Like,every one of the 3 has some remnants of their past life and past moments like Jung Bum obsessed with ressurection,hand tremor etc. ,Sa Bin trying to see the good in people and giving them a chance when all the others label them already.
  7. Nah,it's 100% not the voice of Ryu Deok Hwan,...If they don't bring a wow twist it screams Park Hoon as the villain of the story in team with the fanatics of Stigmata (New Life Church,Fundation etc)...The actor that plays the younger version of the Killer sounds very familiar like mentioned but don't think he is listed on the info to keep him unknown.i've heard his voice before but can't remember where...Ryu Deok Hwan voice is easy to recognize,at least for me so i'm sure he isin't his at all
  8. The voice of the young Killer sounds sooo damn familiar,that of a young actor i heard but can’t pinpoint it,it’s so frustrating….also the man Eun Ho saved is sooo creepy,his saving sounded more like him being in serious danger(guess he is part of the Stigmata fanatics)
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