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  1. That truly is what i call dedication,always envy the passion of this fans,their skills are no joke!!!! I would totally look like a midget by their side(i'm like 1,54 cm ),they are both giants for real!Well,all the male here are giants
  2. I must say that Baek Kyung was truly a jerk this episode hurting Haru everytime he could while pretending to be clueless and bringing over and over again his status with Dan Oh...Also Dan Oh will begin to have a little harem of her own at this point with Baek Kyung lil' step brother adding it Also as Haru got promoted thanks to Nam Ju wanting to add him to his A3 i hint that his true personality from "Flower" awakened as well seeing him be good with the flute,drawing etc...
  3. Imagine guys if Dan Oh and Baek Kyung were actually the main couple of this drama having to fight something like "a stage" were they hate each other while on shadow they like one another,imagine all the makjang and stuff going on while being forced to switch between those two...I confess i would totally watch an alternate drama with that plot for the fun
  4. I confess i'm highly curious and eager to see how the writer will manage to bring Haru and Dan Oh together having such a unique set up as we all know the set up made by the creator of their world is Baek Kyung x Dan Oh as well as keeping her alive,how will they brake that...For those who read the webtoon might suspect why the writer would want to keep Dan Oh alive unlike his initial premise(her dying soon) but here we don't see the "Creator"... ... I admit i'm a bit sad for some things being changed from the original story,as the pain that now went to Haru,it was quite an intresting side effect as well as some things between Dan Oh and Baek Kyung relationship and the flowers that played a important role in their set-up and his motivations yet again the webtoon is more serious and gloom unlike the drama...I truly believe here Haru is the one who awakened Dan Oh and somehow he saw her like we saw in his flashbacks and not the other way around,just like he has the effect on others as well and mostly because of how he is strangely a traveller as hinted by the other webtoon "Flower"...I mena i can gess he came from those strange holes in their reality that connected it to anotehr one but it's clear he is not his first time....Now,i'm curious how he had this ability as a manhwa character to jump from different worlds...I guess his arc might also be entangled with Dried Fairy in the drama and webtoon(and he might have some traits from Dried Fairy original arc story)....My guess is Baek Kyung has awarness before Oh NamJu's Birthday Party but kept it to himself adjusting to this new reality and also playing them... And now we have to wait a week for the new episodes,were is fairness in this world,where!!!!!
  5. Oh boy,the relationship between Doyoung and Jung Hyuk is such a highlight for me that i would be really sad for them to loose it at the end even if i predict her revenge will be quite bitter and loose something precious...Felt bad for Sunwoo being dumped yet again but i understood why she choose to go to Jang Hyuk and i'm glad she did it seeing as he was in so much pain and with no one to be by his side...Kim Yeo Uk is such a hidious person i really hope her downfall will be rewarding,to see her be stripped all of her possesions and left with nothing...Also,the main BGM is sooo huntingly beautiful i just can't wait to listen to the full VA once it's out(hope they do release it)
  6. I saw it more as him having a moment of weakness and guilt for what he did adding with the background of war...Now that he is on his "safe" terrain and with the upperhand and taste of upcoming power he might get he just let's that monster inside him take control of him... I found it more cruel how he told him that Yeon died when he very well knew someday he might see her and don't consider what Nam Jeon told him as enough reason to hide it from him like that...Guess that's what makes him more intresting yet even more awful especially in terms of friendship with Hwi...He's like give medicine and poison depending the moment... Like some other people said"who needs an enemy when u have a friend like Sun Ho by your side...." The other side is that keeping hitting Hwi again and again will make him stronger and they will truly regret letting him live,because we saw that Hwi can keep inside him since fairly early age but when it will explode it will burn everyone in his path who wronged and mocked him and i'm all in for that payback... What is truly sad is that at the end of the day the low class are the ones suffering all this while the upperclass talk and talk about making it better for them but will not stop at making them a sacrifice for the said greater good... All in all what Sun Ho did was trully low indeed using Yeon to make Hwi kneel and flaunt his status against him,even if the Mastermind in the end is his father it doesn't excuse at all his own way of doing it and at the end accepting the way he treats Hwi,for sure regard friendship very high but how can one do something like that to a friend that they practically grew up together,that is low and frighting... @r047 I also don't count on a happy ending,the story inself like u mentioned is dark and it is a sageuk and well usually lots of characters die in this genre(and not mentioning the light sageuks here) I doubt SunHo will live at the end of the story because it just doesn't seem plausible,the cards are against him from the get go even more after Bang Won takes the throne...Now i just hope they won't die all of them,aka Hwi, SunHo and Hee Jae as pretty sure we suspect that Hae Jae based on first ep won't make it...The total fallout would be for Hwi and SunHo to kill each other...I mean,at least leave out Hwi alive yet will the poor one be able to continue with all the heartbreak if most of them die... Happy for the increase,it is amazing,it was a leap of 1% something quite great,hope it will increase with each episode...
  7. Quite hypocrite of Sun Ho to label Bang Won a thief who will still the country when they did the same...Kinda sad seeing how step by step Sun Ho will become more like the one he hates,his father even that arogancy...And he doesn't just hate him he also wants at the same time his acknowledgement...Quite curious what was in that secret letter that Hwi found left by Seo Geom and also i suspect that Bang Won admired Hwi's father and might know more of what happened then and it takes more and more shape that he was framed by Nam Jeon for his own desire to climb in status,now did it do it alone or he got others in power side with him as i still think Seogom downfall is connected with Hee Jae's Mother death and the info she had,also there are 3 stamps on the letter...I'm quite intrigued what Hwi will do and if he will really try to fool Bang Won or he will tell him the truth and play like a double spy fooling SunHo&Nam Jeon while gathering his own power to save his sister...Also ,can mister Immortal tell us his secret as Hwi twisted that sword into him and he walked out like nothing...It will be quite rewarding to see Nam Jeon fall down yet at the same time seeing how late his karma comes to him in the form of Hwi it is sad,he enjoyed power and glory for more like 10 years under Taejong so it does feel like he won somehow...Still consider that Hwi doesn't owe nothing to Sun Ho,more like the later one owns him his life...Hope Hwi will soon reunite and make his own badass band because those together are badass...Loved how Bang Won put Nam Jeon in his place and hope he will do it more!!!I confess i'm a bit sad Hee Jae will be on Nam Jeon side advising him... Now,i'm soo in love with the general OST& BGM especially the awesome main OST!!!It is AMAZING and i just can't wait for it to be released,it has that FIGHTING factor!!! Aside from this can't help but add: Woo Do Hwan's voice is soooooo soothing,i love it!!!!
  8. My heart really hurt for Hwi this episode,it really was true that one's life can change in a moment for good and for the worst and sadly Hwi got the very end of one's stick and from the one he considered the closest to him after his younger sister which is even more horrible...I felt sad that such a friendship of years got teared apart sooo easily,does this mean their friendship wasn't that powerful to begin with and is better that it ended?Who knows,after all humans aren't one dimensional even if truly i can't forgive Sun Ho... I guess in the hard enviroments one will show his true nature and we got to see his and i suspect from here one he will only go down the hill,that path of no return that will end with death more than sure because otherwise can't fanthom him survive...Can't wait to see Hwi's hellish journey from here and how he will come above all the horror that will face and how he will be able to keep his sanity in one place as he will clearly be quite broken...I must say i want to see soo much his relationship with Bang Won and how he will be such a dependable person to the fiersome Prince,how will he discover Hwi and his potential... I'm also quite eager to find out more about Hee Jae and about the secret letter that took her Mother's life...I'm curious if it's the same person responsable for making Hwi's Father a traitor and bringing calamity over their family...Could it be Nam Jeon the one who framed Seo Geom and became the man he is now thanks to that or is someone else we don't know yet...Hope now that Hwi will sonner or later discover the truth and return his father name and bring him justice... Curious if there is still any man that was under his command that still felt some kind of loyalty for him and how he treated them in those times and reach out even now to stand by Hwi,otherwise it truly is too sad that no one actually stands by a man who was like a hero
  9. Loved the first episode sooo much,didn't skip at all!!!I'm already sad seeing the shattered relationship between Seo Hwi and Nam Seon Ho as seeing them together as they are the perfect duo backing each other only to realize that they will be on the opposite sides with no return..I hope they will dwelve more into the past of Hwi's father and how he ended soooo tragically...Curious as well about Hee Jae's past and who and why killed her mother as i think she is related to Hwi's father actions from back then...Having seen Six Flying Dragons i can't contain not to look for the characters that are in the same period even if i know they are real and fiction jajjaj...On another note,damn, Woo Do Hwan looks sooo handsome in sageuk it is quite distracting me from keeping all my focus on the story...Yang Se Jong is amazing as always and i'm already feeling for him and quite eager to see where this hellish ride will get him as well to how he will become an important member of Bang Won side,as seen he values Hwi very much even when his men consider him still a nobody ...Just please let him live and don't kill all 3 of them,even if i suspect 2 already die by the end seeing the first minutes of the premiere...Another thing i loved was the OST and BGM,i'm already in love with it and fits sooo great with the scenes that i can't wait to be released... A thing i realised is that unlike Six Flying Dragons here Yi Song Gye planned from a while ago to rebel against King U unlike in the later where the epic scene when he refused to Cross the river,here i see him portrayed as a more ambitious man so i'm curious how will they portray him and Bang Won...
  10. The whole problem is that this show clearly was meant to be a story of 54 episodes and the whole flow would have made sense if it was left and made at this scale,of 54 episodes in one go...The writers clearly had a big picture with complex and rich backstory but with Netflix stupid cut in said "parts" or "seasons" it took a down on the story line and also the idea of making Seasons of a full fledged kdrama and release it based on the response as well or whatever clause they had in their contract but u don't take a script of 54 eps and say "lets film 18 eps and we'll see based on ratings if we continue the story if not let it be as that,who cares"..What we get is an UNFINISHED PRODUCT....I actually lost a big respect for tvN for delivering us an unfinished product,if u respect the viwers u don't do that no matter what(and we know it's all about ratings aka money)...If they didn't want to buy a 54 episodes drama they shouldn't bide for it and let it for others but not butcher the story like this and make a fool of us,the hard work of the writers and the cast for delivering us just a part of the whole picture...Imagine getting a book and finding out it had only 100 pages out of 300...Netflix and Kdramas are another thing that don't match together and yet nobody from up there doesn't say it otherwise in their meetings it seems...Kdramas are mostly done for ONE season of 16~50 eps let's say and that's how this writers make them yet Netflix always comes up and says,let's cut this drama and say it's part 1 of 2 or Season 1 and 2 when it is just ONE drama usually of 16 episodes(i mean OCN can brag of having actually seasons in their dramas)Here they gambled on it based on ratings or whatever and filmed beforehand this 18 episodes leaving the show as it is tossing all their eggs that this will be a HUGE success ratings wise and with that continue were they left off aka ep 19~ yet the HUGE ratings they expected didn't come so they left it as that...They should have taken their time,film the whole 54 eps or the lenght of it in one go and after,let's say cut it into 3 said SEASONS to make Netflix happy but have the whole product from start to finish in their hands...This is pure disprespect to viewers,us fans who liked and wanted to see the full content,writers who got their story untold and downgraded like this and actors who did their best... Also,they even TOLD US in the synopsis of the grand picture aka Eunseom uniting all the tribes and creating an Empire under his rule and yet they did such a low move,that's what makes me at least more mad,the way it was done and no media points it out as if it's normal...Imagine having SBS doing the same with Six Flying Dragons and leaving it at ep 18 for ex.When u take this kind of gamble u consider the good and the bad and decide before,not doing something so low as this... I seariously doubt the drama will continue,we have just that one post from a insta acc that it's not even verified as actually oficial and one article that mostly speaks how they lost money and in a go about being planned for 3 seasons but seeing how they done it doubt tvN will continue and the story will be tossed and left as that,who cares about the viewers anyways....
  11. Seeing the recent events i could say that more than sure that now Saya will eventually be discarded by Tagon after knowing he will have a child of his own bloodline...No wonder he was also sent to the battlefield when he doesn't have any battle experience nor strenght,like Sanung did to him ironically,now would he take the same route as him that would have been intresting to see(even if more hard as the men are loyal to Tagon)....It could be very well the motivation for somehow turning against him and joining Eunseom and Tanya if he doesn't end up being killed in the war...(i'm also quite sure he and Eunseom would be switched but don't know if he would pretend to be him or reveal his identity if in hands of Ago Tribe or Momo Tribe etc),Quite sure that Tanya's father will discover the secret of using iron and using it and from the last episodes i quite dare to think Yangcha would realize all the things he did wrong and learn from Tanya and side with her and even at least preferred option die protecting her,betraying Tagon...I mean,if that wasn't the hint why bother now with their intresting dynamics...For me that would have been quite the character growth and intresting, this out of nowhere bound formed among this set of characters,also find it quite alluring their unique way of communicating also i really see it as them having a special kind of relationship as they show us that she can hear only his inner voice(or better said,more frequent or even all the time unlike with Saya that is still rare),can't be just random plot line... Now, this just are my own speculations and i don't dare to dream of a an actual SECOND SEASON without seeing it confirmed with big letters of official sites(would it even still be on tvN?people say it was a confirmed info by Netflix and Dragon Studios but that it even mean it would air on the same network ,was like a 3 party contract,will be the same cast) Did anyone watch the LIVE stream on tvN? Did they see the animation included on tvN? I truly want to believe in this miracle and that they won't dissapoint us but we know that dramaland hardly have multi seasons with the same cast and they usually depend on their ratings(or what they expect to get of it and if less they discard it) and actors...we know how hard it is to make a main cast match their scheldules to get together for months and here we have, i say a large cast,not just main but many and i doubt the korean scene and companies are used to the way of the west (how USA does their season shows etc) making their actors scheldules around this projects and all of them can film without problems... I guessed my heart is by after 10 years of dramaland jaded by so may hopes that were usually almost always smashed by dissapointment when it came to this time of continuations that never seen the light of day(at least those shows had the dignity to have at least proper endings even when some were bad or not what u expected)...
  12. Taelha was having her own private meeting,she wasn't with Saya...She was meeting with her own supporters,mostly her former tribe members...
  13. I don't know,i asked the same question because someone above posted this possible information... If they don't renew and continue it is a major joke to the fans who dedicated all this time because it is un UNFINISHED story!!! They should just made a normal drama with a lenght coverying the whole story they wanted in one go,with maybe 32 episodes and without netflix butchering it with so said "seasons" or any other rules imposed that we might not know...Like mentioned,they didn't concluded anything,the whole story made till now waits for the climax and the CLOSING of it,the prophecy of our three chosen ones,Eunseom becoming the Emperor of all the Land with Tanya at his side,Konmaru by his side,the twins meeting and finding out their background and how they lost their parents,the Neanthals,the Gods and the curses,Tagon's brother if he truly died,a free nation, people knowing Eunseom is the true Aramun Hessula,the mistery of Remus,Yangcha backstory(and maybe siding with Tanya) and so on... I will truly loose my respect for TvN if they don't continue it even in 2020 because this isin't the way to treat a story nor it's fans, the writers or the cast that put their hearts into this product...
  14. Could u post the link,or post made? so is it legit that they will do a SEASON 2 in 2020? (if so,please let it be true,with the same cast otherwise it will be just as worse as this open unfinised ending they tossed at us)
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