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  1. True enough,we still don't know the full story of what happened back then but i suspect that back then when his mom was younger she was in a more darker place to name it as that in terms of her artistic side,i think she struggled a lot and wanted to make a name for herself and maybe her own home family problems,like pointed before EG Mom also had a moment of weakness when she wanted to abandon him and i think here was also the case...I think at that time she might have considered him in the way of her carrer and when she got hurt might be the two posibilities,to leave him behind and do what EG Mom tried to do and DM mom finding him and not knowing were she was ending up taking him to that orphanage or doing it because she asked her...Even if it looks a bit like an error(by the PD) he played with DM and EG when they were small(the boy was too small to be way older than DM cast wise)...And DM's Mom always felt sad remembering those moments about him and don't think she did anything bad per se and it's clear EG knows more to it as well....I don't think they weill dwelve that into too much makjang with her parents forcing to abandon the kid etc.... So my i bet she abandoned him because she felt it was in the way of her carrer even more when she was in so high regard in her college days...
  2. 'Em I the only one who is actually almost sure the one who left little Ryan at the church back then is DM Mother?I've felt it from the first time we've seen those bits of his memory mainly because of the voice but now still missing some pieces to put the whole puzzle together but i'm quite sure she was the one who left him back then...
  3. I'm all in basically for the Zero Nine's dramaland over the top clishe mushy lines and how he delivers them,cracks me up soooo damn much("if u make my gf suffer i'll destroy u etc") I bet Yeo Jingoo had a blast with the script and keeping a serious face while saying them...(those lines out of a makjang drama are stellar)They need to add the envelope and water/juice as well...
  4. I'm sure he knows and he already warned him even in today's episode to let him go to be able to keep living,something that was pretty awful...It's clear he doesn't consider DMI his friend and think of himself more like a minion or errand boy but heck,he is a grown a$$ man,if he had problems he should have talked with him and sort it out long time ago rather than pretend and put this mask of righteous man that Veronica Park well pointed(in terms of his business card)...Curious what the Secretary is hiding even from DJ,as clearly something happened before he left to USA...Curious if she made a deal with the former CEO(curious if he is his son)that payed his studies...About DJ,how much of a coincidence is that he meet the Driver that night when DMI was almost killed and even planted him besides him knowing more than sure he tries to harm him and looking for that USB...I find him quite horrible,no matter what the story it can't excuse his behaviour...He is plainly a snake and that double face is way worse...Sad that DMI can't see it or pretends not(nor does want to find actually the truth)as he will loose even the friend he thinks he has...Hope the Police continue the case not dropping it till they find the people behind all of this... Also from the preview i sense GH sister might audition for Veronica Park if i saw it clear... After today's episode i'm curious if he indeed will be able to see her while she is pretending to be Veronica Park and keep quiet and continue along her.... I think deep down GH likes DMI as a man but she doesn't realize it yet....
  5. It's actually sad that almost everyone is trying to harm Do Min Ik and that just our heroine is by his side...With friends like Dae Joo better be all alone,(doubt he even considers Min Ik his friend)hope in the long run Do Min Ik will cut ties with him because he doesn't deserve it,trying to kill him or be bystander to it doesn't have any excuse in my view,if he was unlucky he would be dead by now...Quite hope by the end he will leave with Gal Hee and start their own business away from all this shady people...
  6. Guys,any idea what version is Viki using?From the little bits i see it's not the DVD ver. aka cwy that is the one the most encode for share nor the tv ver. (WEB-DL)Are they using perhaps another encoder as they don't even have in the beginning of each episodes those little cut scenes before the intro starts...Really wanted to find to DL the ones that sync with the subtitles in english available and that will be from them but i don't know at all what they use unlike other previous shows If u guys know can u share in PM were to DL(even more if it's a small encoded)
  7. That scene with Tae Soo's clip edited by the Gang is a blast! This show reminds me soooo much feel wise of Chief Kim...The last part at the wedding was sooooo rewarding,especially that bouquet hit! Quite worried about next week based on the preview....
  8. I actually think the days when he forced himself to just do nothing and be like all too many,a bystander, he was in his own hell and we saw clearly he struggled against his nature and pretend not to see the things and from what i see his daughter might inherit his same ways(thank god)...It's actually sad and while watching the episodes i was thinking that if more people like him who didn't tolarate the injustice and not just close their own eyes the world would be way better and won't get away with it like they do...It's actually sad as they close their eyes protecting themselves because it doesn't affect them but when it hits home and the injustice is on them they will recieve the same treatment and understand the cruelty...And i stand by what i said,as a couple they don't match at all,it's way better to both go their own ways and find someone who is more compatible with them...
  9. The story is just my alley and love that both character are flawed people and at first glance a very unlikable heroine who is more of an antagonist,i'm tired of the Candy type...While reading the synopis my first thought was that it is quite a sad story (a la Goblin) and our heroine journey for forgivness of her past sins and to be free of the curse..I hint that Chan Sung might be in her past someone who she wronged leading her to chain herself with that curse and now reincarnated she has the change to redeem herself...Don't know why but i imagine our heroine quite glamourous(like how Oh Nara was in My Ajussi style wise)...I'm really anticipating this story and being on tvN hope they will be bold and go dark when will be the case not make it mild just not to make the characters unlikable...
  10. Still can't understand why Deok Koo and his gang don't gather the clips they filmed and upload it on the internet for everyone to see what trashy person Tae Soo is,i know i would do it...In court that footage can't be counted as evidence but the battle can't be done just in court but also outside of it...He wouldn't be able to escape soooo easy if all the country sees all his doings nor Mama Dear can protect him by buying a few people here and there...Still waiting for more involvment with Mi Ran's character because till now i find her very very unlikable...I hope Jin Gap doesn't go back together wiith her as she clearly doesn't value him nor share the same way of life...Also can't understand why Jin Gap continues to go to that Prosecutor when she is about to become the wife of Tae Soo,i guess he still doesn't know as otherwise can't understand as it's clear she is protecting them for the moment...I musts ay i find if very funny how everyone calls him "Teacher",i understand why his former students adress him like that but i still face palm (joking) when the others adress him as that and not "Inspector" like it should be normal...Also,i adore Deok Koo's gang and i would totally watch a spinn off with them as center,they are soo entertaining...Love the ending pic revealing as the story progresses all the good guys joining him in his quest...
  11. Yeah,both of them start on the same day aka 6 May and they are on the Mon/Tue slot but runtime wise Abyss starts 30 min early aka 21:30 while this one starts at 22:00 I'm also super excited for both of them and finger cross both will deliver!!!!This totally looks like a big cotton candy treat for us
  12. Curious if we'll get a cameo by the end of the drama,imagine if PSJ does a cameo or JCW,that would be a blast
  13. Indeed,i think he became even more curious about her and from what i see she is without both of them knowing transforming him in a fanboy jajaj, so i think at that time he might even resonate with her as weird as it might sound as he already does in some aspects..I also might say i like very much that even some stuff that we know are misunderstood both of them refrain from asking as is part of their private life and are sensible about it and not being all tactless and well not overpassing it and mostly wait for one of them to adress it as some stuff might be sensitive and u can't talk it with just anyone... I feel your pain soooo hard,i always happens to me as well everytime i watch an ongoing drama that i'm into...
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