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  1. As a person who recently was obsessed over the first half of Pretty noona and the second half of My mister, I was hooked to APAD from ep 1 to ep 16 and lost my sleep to finish it. (Thanks to some Pretty noona fan who mentioned some Dr Ye in that thread, I got interested and had to go around looking for a drama with Dr Ye ha ha ha). It also showed I almost never commented. But I had to for this. That I love Dr Ye character. That I did not even once and certainly can not consider or imagine Min Ho as the end game with Bo Young, first love, puppy love, yes. The little things that Dr Ye does as well as his principles attract and tell me that he is someone BY can rely on. He is not the romantic type but he tries. He's protective and also considerate in how he handles the chief, the hospital issues and especially Min Ho's issue. I dont deny Min Ho has his own charms but as a viewer, I'm so happy with this ending and cannot fathom it any other way, unless they have more intimate time together, Dr Ye and BY of course. Ha ha ha
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