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  1. Don't know about others but i really like In Woo as On Dal,of course it gives a different vibe that Jisoo's(that was more foolish and arrogant) but that it's unavoidable,each actor has it's own charisma...Even so i like him and find him really manly and yet endering...Also i think he is suited for when he will become a General...He looks like a big teddy bear when he is with Ga Jin,they are so awkward,i just can't!!!I also think In Woo has chemistry with So Hyun even more considering they work for like days,i think it will get even better with time as they become even more familiar and comfort
  2. Hope at least Viki and VIU continue to post it all and leave each viewer it's decision to watch or not...
  3. Now i'm sad the drama is pre-produces and not LIVE shooting...The more i think the sadder i become,such a great cast and engaging plot gone to waste like that...
  4. Doubt they would re-shoot all the drama considering the huge costs of it,the time spent and the valability of all the actors who more than sure have other appointments...
  5. Disappointed i must say so won’t comm anymore on the topic but even more sad thinking about all the hard work of Kim So Hyun and actors,stuff and people involved in River where the Moon Rises...The drama is pre-produced, so curious what will be doing now as people demand to remove Jisoo with petitions and all…Not like they can edit the main lead out of an already filmed product…Will they cancel it considering the situation…Such a bad thing for all involved and viewers as well… Really sad as i was truly enjoying the story...
  6. Ep 4 Preview!!! Yess,that's what i wanna see,no goodie goodie hero!!!
  7. I actually say it coming ,to be more precise i knew Lawyer Hong Yoo Chan will die one way or another as he was set kinda like part of the reason Vincenzo will start his bloody revenge and get involved in all of this being personal,i also think they might kill his friend who is in the hospital...Just like the motivation to make Cha Young turn against them and join hands with Vincenzo...Usually with this writer the real plot starts after 5/6 episodes so now we see is just how it all started,like the foundation for their actions later on...
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