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  1. Sorry to butt in.. just to clear this up. Fans never had problems in getting updates from her in the past with dramas' BTS stills, pictures etc. She is someone who's very goofy in those BTS. Can check all those bts vids and pictures from her past dramas when she was still with MS Team. Being private and introverted are definitely not a valid reason for the lack of promotions
  2. I recommend his album that I posted above :). The songs are easy on the ear. I also quite like his version of Bu Ran although too bad.. it was too short
  3. Yes. There are quite a few on twitter but I think most of his fans stays on weibo.. incl the Intl fans He has such a soothing voice. Have you listened to the songs from his album? He released a single last year and it was pretty good but fans don't upload them on streaming site.
  4. Haha yeah. Sadly there was no thread for him at all. Most of his fans stays on weibo
  5. Ah. Thanks @angelangie for opening a thread for Yunxi
  6. What thw Love is Sweet cast did during their break. The video was taken by the PD BTS vid taken a few days ago
  7. Hi everyone. See many familiar faces here. Finally the long wait is over for all of us :). I'm surprised that both are back with the same drama. All the best!! @jeonghyang thanks for the notice, Dob. -edit- @Jillia-chingu was Movie Closer the one who produced The Princess' Man?
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