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  1. Thanks for keep updating on this thread @violina Happy that FOE will be on Netflix Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore starting from January 24. It's a good start. Hope others will follow soon.
  2. There are few exceptions. Not many but there are some. Like Jang Hyuk and Lee Dae Hee.. worked 3 times in dramas as couple lol. And Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi.. soon to be 4x with their upcoming movie
  3. These are from yesterday filming. Most other actors have wrapped up with their filming.
  4. Don't think she will. JHJ's team posted quite a few insta stories a few days ago with ep. 16 script and also her wrapped up pictures.
  5. Yes, @violina. That's exactly what I was thinking when I see the still. Actually many got similar reactions simply because it's very realistic. Everything just on point there.. like married couple who're fighting. Looks very real/natural.
  6. Looks like they are ignoring each other in that still. Somehow, many found it funny and cute
  7. Our baby EunHa made this for dad (JG), mom (CW) and herself Caption 고사리같은 손으로 은하가 아빠, 엄마 선물 준다고 한땀한땀 만들었어요~^^ 우리 가족 행복하게 해주세요~
  8. Talking about watching the drama and enjoy it lightly.. here's a message posted by Moon Chae-won to fans last month
  9. Has anyone posted this? LJG has mentioned about it several times too (above clip - she made him noticed things that he overlook etc) and also on his live about their acting. And I have to agree with on that.
  10. No problem @Jillia-chingu If they still have another 2 weeks to shoot, that means they only have a week to do the editing for the final ep.. but that shouldn't be a problem. I remember The Princess' Man's last scene was shoot on the same day of the final ep was aired. Just a few hours earlier and the result was fine. By the way, the schedule for next week is out. They will air ep. 12 and 13 as usual on Wed & Thur
  11. VIU has the whole special with Eng sub. Yes, chingu. They have resumed shooting from this Monday. I think they are shooting ep 15 right now as JHJ posted this 2 days before they stopped filming for a week (see script for ep 14)
  12. According to a fan-account of Moon Chae-won's DC fan who met her on set this week, they will be filming for another 2 weeks. Hope they will be able to keep the quality of this drama till the very end I the age topics still trended till yesterday evening and one of the reasons..probably due to a post like this. People got curious and check out both their age due to the King & Clown talk lol
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