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  1. 'Tale Of Fairy' Yoon Hyunmin, Can't Remember Go Doosim's Confession---Moon Chaewon Cries Source: https://kkumnetz.blogspot.com/2018/11/request-drama-tale-of-fairy-ep-3.html?m=1 Not surprised that the rating decreased since the responses weren't that favorable. But on the brighter side, it still managed to be in 5% range.
  2. Yes. I think those who haven't read the original webtoons can enjoy watching the adaptations as there's nothing to compare from. Adaptations rarely do good. But from what I havr seen so far, I think this drama's pilot is quite enjoyable (as long as we don't expect it to be fully the same as the original webtoon). To keep it positive, it seems like they are quite ok with the cast. So, hopefully they can give this drama a chance for tonight ep
  3. Thank you for your inputs @Yongzura and @hazelyeot That's the problem with adaptations. Those who loved the original manga/novel etc rarely would loved the adaptations from their beloved original pieces since there are always comparisons and differences. I wonder whether the reactions are really that bad like what some people wrote about the comments on naver. Oh well, we shall see how tonight episode would be and also the ratings. For the cast and crew, I hope it could do well.
  4. Haven't watched the 1st ep in full. Wondering what is your take on the pilot ep? It seems like the reactions from k-netz aren't that favorable over a few things and it somehow a let down to read.
  5. The pilot episode recorded 5.62% national wide, peaked at 7%. And 6.2% average for Seoul metropolitan. Good start.
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