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Add and Subtract Game

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hai everyone.. the night was approaching..  to a team add @Lmangla @Ameera Ali @corey   @MayanEcho  @partyon   @iksunijini@sadthe1st @Min2206 @Thong Thin   @pompyavi @mirmz @larus @joccu  @M

hai everyone.. night in the sockets rounds.   to a team add @Sleepy Owl @Ameera Ali    @iksunijini @corey @cenching    @Nodame   @pompyavi @larus @Jillia   @MayanEcho  @partyon @Lm

hai everyone.. the real night sky.  to a team add @Ernie @Min2206  @4evrkdrama @Catleya    @sadthe1st @cenching   @MayanEcho @Thong Thin @Sleepy Owl  @joccu @pompyavi @Nodame    @J

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@kokodus ~ arent' most men colour blind by default? as in they can't tell colours apart? once in office, my boss tells me, "call that new kid?" so I asked which one as there were a few of them who joined together. he goes "red top?" and we are all puzzled as we look at that gang... it was orange! and his expression? "orange? red? close enough...." hahahhaa.... :lol:


but what is this drama about colour blind hero?

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1 hour ago, sushilicious said:


1)I hate my father for the things he done. I peeped through the room to see his deeds.


2)I was a policeman who uncover people’s lies, but yet I have no clue that my wife have been lying to me since we first met.


3) I have a brother who orders someone to run me over with a car, but I’ve survived and kicking.


(I just realized how miserable that main lead is just by saying all of these. Haha)


 this is the sort of drama that is uplifting because you know your life is not that miserable in comparison to the main lead and so you keep watching... :sweatingbullets:... is this a cdrama? sounds interesting...



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@cenching No skinship and lipship yet. I'm at ep23. Sighh. 


@Lmangla It is true that most men can't recognize anything besides the three primary colours. LOL. But for our hero colours are really important because he is a florist. He owns a top floral arrangement company in China. You may ask..Men?!?! Flowers?!?! He is the literal example of a flower boy. LOL.  Leave it to China for creating such amusing premises. But as cenching said, he is one smoking hot florist....

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