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Add and Subtract Game

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9 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:


who can be angry with that face for a second  :joy: 





OMG what's he doing???? LOLOL. Is that uri lawyer Kwon Jung Rok or is this his twin??? Hahahaha



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3 hours ago, Sejabin said:


+2 :joy:


pengenx tp nanti ada yg hatix sensi lg trus curhat. Gmn dong xuxuxuxu :kiss_wink: wkwkwkwk


a bit okay now. I called my friend. Dokter keluarga tp 1 kantor (nepotisme) hahaha she said “stop crying! Infus sj drmh.”

Then a nurse came and.. jeng jeng jeng.. masuk dech 1 kantong R/L + fabion 1 ampoule :rolleyes: tp 1 kantong aj abis itu dsuruh lepas. Td diperiksa segar2 sj katax. Vomitx bnyak tp nangisx lbih bnyak wkwkwkwk :relaxed:


btw sorry for the language guy.. @Ameera Ali will help you translate it plus she can learn new vocabs too. Hua Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha 





 Daku blg ke dia yg soal email dikau kasi and daku gak bakalan kasi ke dia soalnya ntar dikau dikirim putu2 “ehem” :naughty: Dia blg enak aja!! Gak bakalan deh!! Tp kalo Seja yg kirim dulu sih bolelah...:joy:


That’s good to hear that you had a medical assistance and getting better....

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Good Morning... lols....

I'm on #AvengersEndgame high... hahaha.... I've been talking to my friends to have a meet up and watch it together :lol:

"Whatever It takes" 

There was a mishap in the marketing.. where they forgot to put Danai's name in the poster.. and then people as usualll went ranting about it... :sweatingbullets: I think this is not intentional... its just a mistake...eitherway..I'm glad they fix it.



Anyway... here's a little humor from twitter that I saw today... happy leaf

"Good, you finally shaved your beard" happy leaf



"This phone can't use internet, and only have one game in it" happy leaf



Tagging @kokodus @phikyl lols...

Btw @phikyl so have you watch C.Marvel yet? 

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@lynne22 I did! I went and saw it Tuesday night. It was pretty good as far as back stories go. And of course they were showing the trailers for Endgame and Spiderman: Far From Home right before the movie to get everyone even more hyped up. 



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When ED's scandal exploded I was so shocked and never thought I can be more shocked than that with entertaining worlds.....:scream: The extend of the exploitation and inhumanity are just shocking....These guys are psychopaths, no normal human can enjoy raping taping and blackmailing like that....The more shocking thing is the supports of their fans even AFTER they admitted to their crime....





@triplem @Lawyerh

Who are LJH and GSY?

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