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  1. @bebebisous33 an was holding the book titled " the little price" At minutes 46:57, reminds me of you n encounter.
  2. Yup. Yes. A tough episode to watch esp the ending. Please, do not kill or torture her. She had enough torture n bullying all her life. Why her? Why chain her? Actually, why are you so mad at SM and his mom? They are helpless human being.
  3. Same here. Why n what is the motives? LA can read JS since he was still small. SM and JS and LA knows each other since at the orphanage, interesting...
  4. So since the fire, SM have not met his mother. He is longing and looking for his mother. At the same time, the man is following to trace his mother too. Hmmmmm.
  5. Thank you @triplem and @ktcjdrama. All will be in my watch list. Thanks. -2
  6. I think, i have not watch any drama in the best drama category. Thank you for the info. Any suggestion which is the best to watch first? -2 Ok. Will do.
  7. Yes. Currently watching, he is a psychometry. I like the mystery on who sets the fire 13 years ago. A man was accused and in prison. -2
  8. I see. Thank you . Hmm. Now, what makes the mask man, take off his mask,broken the cctv and show off himself. LA and him is trying avoiding each other as they pass but i wish LA can touch and read him and knows he is the culprit esp if he ever wants to harm JI. Could it be possible thats there is anotjer bad guy. ?
  9. SM is already emotionless, why destroy someone who makes him happy/smile. The culprit/masked man is one very sick person but he is smart not to be caught, yet. Interesting n mysterious drama and i like this drama. Plus it makes me cry a lot too. Question? How does SM find the place that he found the burnt phone in ep 8 minutes 44++? Wondering wondering, Does any one hv any idea? Thank you.
  10. I just wonder what he will see this time around. Bit by bit... or all at once. My guess is a piece of the puzzle and he needs to collect more puzzle Which is deduce to more .........
  11. I hope too. I hope he is not involve in any murders. All he wants to do is to protect his mother and himself from his abusive father. He also study hard successfully able to become a prosecutor which i believe is not an easy journey esp in his current circumstances to be hiding and running away from his father. Poor him.pity him.
  12. Possible. My question is what happen to sm's mom? They manage to hide? The guy, the lurker is sm's dad and the murderer who stab the 4 women 11 years ago? Both sm and ejs never mention about their mother? Yes why? I really hope he can be saved. Nooooo....
  13. Yup. Currently, giving it a try. So far, i am liking it. Thank you for the invitation. Its a suspend of whom the real murderer and culprit is? and hope thw wrong person able to clear his name even he got into prison for 11 years already.
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