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The Second Soompi Survival Games


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On 5/5/2022 at 7:36 PM, confusedheart said:

Your powers of deduction will give Sherlock a run for his money!


I admit nothing!



On 5/5/2022 at 8:25 PM, agenth said:

Thanks to @partyon for the event coordination and creative writing, and mainly giving the event a special dazzle!


I admit nothing!




23 hours ago, LeftCoastOppa said:

So my dear fellow participants, the next time @partyon & @agenth approach you with promises of civility and you're seriously thinking of placing your faith in them yet again, remember the words of Grand Moff Tarkin ...


I admit nothing!



22 hours ago, ferily said:

Something fishy going on with our EO’s here on Soompi Forum :lol:


I admit nothing!


16 hours ago, sadthe1st said:

whose bones were those previously?

what's behind the trap door?

what happened to the real gun?

what about the explosives behind the music instrument?


If the price is right, I'll tell you!



Congrats to @the_sweetroad for winning! :kiss_wink: Sorry I couldn't participate yesterday (as I was traveling). Hope everyone had fun! :kiss_wink:


EDIT: Just want to re-iterate that I don't know anything about why the computer wrote those texts. I had NOTHING to do with it.


Ritheacht Run Away GIF by Ros na Rún



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10 minutes ago, the_sweetroad said:

Usually people quietly slink away from these accusations rather than call attention to them.

They say no answer is an answer itself. So, to avoid that, it's best to answer by not admitting anything. There is logic in this.








Please, keep looking. You're probably on the right track. 


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Omo! @the_sweetroad Next time , I want to be in your team. Congrats chingu!:hooray:


Congratulations  @angela0612 and @happiness:piggydance:


Congratulations! GIFs by Startup Gifs



Thank you chingus for being a sport and participating in another rather gruesome survival game. :heartxoxo:



Devil In Disguise




@partyon What's with all the oppas you choose and illegal room salons? :naughty:


*slinks away and hides in order to avoid @partyon's rage. 



Slink Away GIFs | Tenor


On 5/5/2022 at 10:32 PM, agenth said:

Wang Wook @Sky Kang and former EO oppa get caught in an illegal room salon by the police. Wang Wook's agency tries to cover it up, but rumors run rampant and cannot be stopped anymore. Former EO oppa has already been on hiatus for the same issue since 2021. "Birds of a feather" and "as expected - physiognomy  never lies" comments flock the message boards. Former EO oppa and Wang Wook write hand written apology letters but it's too little too late.  Both are cancelled.


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6 minutes ago, confusedheart said:

@partyon What's with all the oppas you choose and illegal room salons? :naughty:


I had NOTHING to do with it! :rage:


I Promise Trust Me GIF by Dot Cromwell


I might have years of k-gossip experience, but it's just a coincidence that all of the stories of these second lead characters are identical to real-life k-ent events....


I'm surprised the computer didn't include the stories of:

  • Lee Santa
  • Toilet Yoochun
  • Propofol abuse scandals
  • etc.


Just sayin'


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