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Regarding the end of the preview for next week, I guess I should've expected that, but it still took me by surprise.


Episode 58 Preview

English Translation (from Kocowa):
YR: Seo Jun, I'm meeting up with Han Yu Jung now.
SJ: Yu Ra, why would you meet with Yu Jung?
YR: You were just talking about misunderstanding and apologizing. You must've not gotten a grasp of the situation.
YR: What happened? How did he get away?
YR: So you said you were dating, right? Who is the girl? Do you know who it is, Yu Jung? Let me tell you a funny story, then.
YJ/YR's Father: I'll talk to Yu Ra so that she can repent her fault.
YJ/YR's Father (to YR): Tell the truth and come back to where you used to be!
YR: Where I used to be? You want me to go back to that ditch? Are you crazy? Do you want to see me die?


Ending Scene from Episode 57

English Translation (from Kocowa):
-At TP's place in his bedroom-
TP (thinking): Yu Ra is much more meticulous than I thought. When did she study so much about her fake university? She did seem to be interested in that gathering, though. She'll surely look for a broker to make a certificate. I'll have to find them before Yu Ra does.
(Call from Yu Jung)
TP: Yes, Yu Jung. I just got home. Right. I heard you were selected as the best employee. Congratulations.
YJ: Thank you. Right. You haven't forgotten about going to the alpaca park on the weekend with Min Woo, right?
TP: Of course not. It's a promise I made with you.
YJ: No wonder you are father and son. Both love alpacas so much. Yes. I'll see you at work tomorrow, Tae Poong.
YJ/YR's Father: Tae Poong? What did you just say now?
YJ: Well... Dad, that's not it.
YJ/YR's Father: Don't you dare lie to me. I heard it all. That Yu Min Hyuk is... Tae Poong, isn't he?

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Edit: Added English translations
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@partyon ~ ... one last poll, it is!. calling all chingus for one last time for the final poll!   EDIT: tagging some folks - sorry if I missed any... @yamiyugi @seungshin @afv @

Here is the translation of the final scene of the final episode. (I'll be posting the full TV ratings for all the episodes, so I'll probably make another post later today.)   I also post the

Good ending as with any daily it could have been so much worse and unsatisfying. I call this a win and it goes on my keep list. Some maybe frustrated at what this writer did and some may have wanted a

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10 hours ago, Jillia said:

YR is:



I just can't with her.... stumbling from one disaster to another.

At least she is true to herself - yes I am defending YR. YJ spends her time being walked on, running to SJ or TP for help. I thought damsel-in-distress type is dead and buried.


I am just beyond annoyed with the FL-ML couple. If you want to hide your relationship, make a good job of it. Sharing bracelets, ring giving... that's hiding. Really? Now going to see some llamas? With his 'son'. 


I have nothing against the actress apart from being distracted by her nose. But she looks much older than the other three even though her biodata says she and YJ actress are the same age. Her matronly figure does not help. I wonder if they purposeful make her look old because she is the 'bad' guy?

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Agreed with statements about the stereotypical plots in daily dramas. I wanted t watch this for Kang Eun Tak but damn like 5 episodes in, I can't. I wonder why this guy hasn't signed on to more prime-time dramas instead of being cooped up in daily ones. He definitely has the face and height and acting chops.

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3 hours ago, boafriendagain said:

Agreed with statements about the stereotypical plots in daily dramas. I wanted t watch this for Kang Eun Tak but damn like 5 episodes in, I can't. I wonder why this guy hasn't signed on to more prime-time dramas instead of being cooped up in daily ones. He definitely has the face and height and acting chops.

it could depend on any number of factors. maybe he is not getting the break or maybe he is happy where he is. in my place, many actors in this daily drama space have said they are very happy because they get to have a normal kind of life and still get to do what they love. so unlike movie stars, these guys don't have crazy fans. the type of audience means that most fans are mature in age and keep a distance and see them more warmly. so, they may be recognized but they are not going to get mobbed when they go to pick up their kids from school. the actors also say that the timings are more regular (almost like office job) and you work your shift and leave. when you are on the drama, the pay cheque is regular. they also don't have to deal with the negatives of social media as much - for the most part, they are not going to get as attacked the plots because the viewers know the stories here are crazy anyway. hahahahaha.


so not sure if the k-actors face similar dynamics but in many places, once the actors get recognized and comfortable in this space, they don't feel the need to try in prime time which is so competitive and so draining.

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19 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

So did they register their marriage or not , if not what this receipt from past he send her , to be quite :mrgreen:


That's not a marriage certificate, that's Min-woo/Dong-ho's birth certificate. But both TP & YR's names are on the birth certificate.

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1 hour ago, Ameera Ali said:

wow , mother &  daughter are monster if they thinking to kidnap MinHo again ;)


~ she always make her choice between her life  or someone els


Maybe even kill that poor kid?

What happened to YJ's father? 

Couldn't you give us a break from YR, miserable writer? It's the holiday season for goodness sakes. 

I wonder why SJ asked YR to invite her father over, fake or real. That was so out of character. After all if she is someone he wants little interaction, why invite the father over? Did I miss something.

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@maribella It seems like he just wanted to find out why the 'fake' father was in Korea, when he was supposed to be in the US. Since SJ did see the 'fake' father by accident (when he was with the little boy), when he wasn't acting as YR's father. During the dinner, SJ asked him who the little boy was and the 'fake' father started getting nervous. It's just SJ trying to figure stuff out, I think, that's why SJ wanted to invite him.


Episode 59 Preview

(There's no translation for the video preview, since it was uploaded separately after the episode finished airing. I'll post a translation of the written preview below instead.)


Episode 59 Written Preview - English Translation

(*Translation might not be completely accurate, since it's according to Google Translate & Papago.)

Yu-ra, who received Min-woo's birth certificate in an anonymous text message, goes to the OB-GYN and finds out that the person who issued the birth certificate was Tae-poong. After visiting Yoo-jung and Sook-ja (Yoo-jung & Yu-ra's mother), she's told that the Tae-poong has already died. However, Yu-ra, who discovers Tae-poong through CCTV, orders an errand center worker to find out what Tae-poong was doing. Meanwhile, Yu-ra tries to send Dong-ho and Sook-ja (Yoo-jung & Yu-ra's mother) to the United States secretly without letting Yoo-jung know.


Ending Scene of Episode 58

English Translation (from Kocowa):
-TP, YJ, YR, & SJ eating at a restaurant, but YJ went to use the restroom and SJ followed YJ. So only TP & YR are at the dinner table-
TP: This is so childish. What are you doing?
YR: The fake wedding photo and educational background forgery. You try to blemish me with those. Do you think it will work out as you want?
TP: What?
YR: Mr. Yu, assess the situation. No matter how badly you want to blackmail me, your cards are nothing compared to my card. Did you hear what Seo Jun said earlier? If he finds out about you and Yu Jung, do you think he'll just sit still?
-Outside the restaurant's restroom-
SJ: Yu Jung. Are you okay? Did something happen between you and her before I came?
YJ: No. Nothing happened.
SJ: If it's too uncomfortable for you, do you want to leave early?
YJ: No. I almost finished my food and we'll leave soon anyway. Let's go.
-Back at the restaurant table with the 4 of them-
YR: I feel great today. Shall we make a toast?
SJ: Let's just drink.
YR: Why? Let's celebrate the four of us getting together.
(YR receives a text on her phone)
TP: You got a message, Mrs. Han.
YR: I'll read it later.
TP: Check it now. It could be something urgent.
(YR checks her phone)
Message: (Birth Certificate, Father: Lee Tae Poong, Mother: Han Yu Ra)

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