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  1. What on Earth is happening? Who decided that THIS is the direction that the show should go after 110 episodes? WHY? The only daily that I've seen where the male lead doesn't end up with the female lead was The Secret of My Love and that ML deserved being alone so it was okay. THIS? THIS IS NOT OKAY. I don't get how the one person who has lived his life in absolute tragedy, struggling from a young age, having to do everything on his own, not having a single parent to support him, etc has to suffer even more? KS literally spent his youth feeding people for minimal pay just so everyon
  2. If he needs a third whack on the head to stay firm on his feelings for YS, I volunteer as tribute!
  3. @lindab12 I didn't see any hooking up going on in the preview, not sure where you're getting that impression from. I think JH is now finally making peace with himself and not being as aggressive anymore. As four friends, they're all definitely amicable but I don't think they're hinting at any JH-YS romance With 10 episodes left, I think the writer is going to distance YS and KS a little to let them grow and become independent so they can establish that they aren't in love BECAUSE they were a pseudo family but rather IN SPITE of that fact. I think distance is going to make the hea
  4. I just realized that this show ends at episode 100. Wow, I had no idea we were so close to a finale
  5. Seeing SJ get kicked out was *chefs kiss* YS finally spilled the tea and it was DIVINE. The most suitable ending for her is to be scouring around like the roach she is and forever be tormented by her ego. I hope they don't go trying to redeem her character at all. I wonder if KS getting his full memories back will make him try and reform SJ or if the hatred will come back in full force and he's gonna disown her instead. I want it to be the latter. I know the karaoke part was SO filler but I actually liked it. It just felt like one big family gathering. I do wish KS and
  6. Yong Goo samchoon’s confession yesterday about not thinking he had anyone to rely on beyond his mother was just heartbreaking. I’m so happy he has Pil Sun and now his future baby. Truly one of the most wholesome characters on TV. I’m just LOL-ing imagining two pregnant women with crazy cravings coming to Kyung Soo every day for food LETS MAKE IT THREE PREGNANT WOMEN OKAY? #SorryNotSorry I loved seeing Young Shin finally in her rightful place. She looked stunning in her suit, blue really is Ryu Hyoyoung’s colour! Kyung Soo’s insistence on calling Youngshin formally continues to ma
  7. I find it hilarious that JH thinks he has any right to decide where KS and YS live. He’s forgetting that the Diner belongs to them. He trots in everyday now with the excuse of his dad living there and acts like he owns the place. This is YS and KS’s home, the fact that he thinks he can control them is so similar to how SJ treats everyone like Barbie dolls, wanting them to fall in line with her plans. He needs to butt out, he has zero say in who lives at the Diner. Honestly JH’s dad just needs to find a place and move out. It feels like an intrusion on their private space and I pers
  8. I wonder if YS will continue living with DJ cause I think the Diner home was only two bedrooms and if KS is moving back into his room and JH's dad is in YS's old room, she's not gonna have her own space. We all know they won't live in the same room (yet hehe). I think maybe KS is gonna find his old phone with the wallpaper of YS and him together, see the picture of the padlock from their pseudo-date and that'll trigger his memory finally. They've shown the phone in KS's drawer so many times now that it's gotta mean something.
  9. @maribella I agree with you! I did also wonder if they're gonna kill off Hoon as both as the ultimate loss for Hara and to break the bond between HR/SH. Kid deaths in dailies have happened before (like in Man in a Veil) so it would be the sad but necessary solution to knock some sense into HR as payment for her actions and put things into perspective. The torture of being a horrible mom to Hoon and weaponizing him would finally hit her hard. A common theme that we see in dramas is that kids paying for the parents so it's possible we may be heading into that direction. It would also bring back
  10. I think it's a combo of family pressure to get married (he's turning 40 and in SK it's like the time when most people's parents reach their limits of having single children) and the fact that if everyone's discussing getting him married, he wanted to propose to the person he actually wants to marry vs a random lady. I agree with you! While I'd love to see a kiss, I'd rather have it when he's got his memory back and is doing it aware of everything. It evens the playing field for both and would feel even more special. Luckily we don't have to wait very long.
  11. Great, looks like the writer is going to use JH to try and tear YS and KS apart in the final act of the show. The amount of eye rolling I did watching today’s episode whenever Korean Squidward showed up, ugh. Why is JH literally the human embodiment of a soggy piece of cardboard. Like he has zero redeeming qualities and yet trots around acting like he’s some kind of moral authority. Next to SJ, JH is also someone who I have no empathy for and couldn’t care less if he gets the WTOD treatment. What a loser! As for the ending, ugh my heart. Keep fighting for her KS!
  12. @TRAN I liked this episode a lot too. I think there was just something about the mutual comfort between them that made it feel nice. He comes home from work to YS and shares his day with her as they eat dinner together, it's just a sense of domestic bliss in a way that makes it sweet. It's ironic cause the old him was even closer to YS (considering that they lived together for years) but because of his walls, he was always reserved in some way. The new KS is unafraid to share his emotions and hold her hand. As for your question about how they address one another, KS used to call he
  13. While YS's silence is still deafening, I'm glad she showed at least some backbone today. The whole "COME AT ME BRO" attitude today was just *chef's kiss* I love how KS is literally coming to the right conclusions every time. I like this version of KS much more, he's more assertive and resourceful, knows how to stand up to SJ and not take her BS, is very verbal about loving YS, and he doesn't sit around staring at sprouts all day which is a plus in my book I know it's not gonna last forever but I hope that he retains that backbone and spirited attitude once he goes back to his old
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