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  1. I'm totally missing this talk about SSR's doppleganger? Can someone fill me in on where this chatter came from? I don't recall. I personally think S1 ended way too dramatically. Yoon Hee getting her throat slashed again....really? Come on. SR's death was shocking and she was shanked pretty brutally. I struggle to understand why Yoon Hee admitted to killing MSA (did she really though?) then admit to killing SSR (when she clearly didn't). What is up with the weird nature of this character? I like that Eun Byul is turning demented in the head -- a great opportunity for the
  2. Thank you for all this. I also did not know that about Park Eun Seok. I was so impressed with his pronunciation as just a broadcast major, so your explanation makes more sense. And yes, I follow that KDrama fashion account already. Haha.
  3. Agreed. In terms of language, and as a native speaker, I am shocked at how crisp and articulate his English is. You generally only see this with actors who were born/raised abroad or studied abroad (ex. Lee Ji Ah). Had to look up Park Eun Seok and him having been a broadcast major might explain it. When Logan was first introduced without showing a face, I assumed the actor was some American-born Korean or even an American. And yes, the stark contrast between the PE coach and his Logan Lee persona is amazing. Very talented.
  4. Thanks for that insight. I never took into account the name order. Su Ryeon is also sitting in the center of the cast poster too (I know this doesn't always mean anything, but just something that could support your idea). IDK why I always viewed Yoon Hee as the main character, mainly because she seemed to have more screentime and a story in the beginning. I think Episode 1 officially started showing her too. Su Ryeon only had small scenes until later in the drama when her story and connection to Seol-Ah began to unravel. And very unrelated, but I think Su Ryeon has had some of the
  5. Am I the only one confused as to how the episodes have ended on an uneven number? There were always 2 broadcasts a week, so Ep 1-2, Ep 3-4, 5-6, etc....how is 17 the latest episode? Did I miss something somewhere? Also, my thoughts on Seok Kyung and Seok Hoon have always been...Seok Kyung has always had this nearly incest-like obsession with Seok Hoon. She always gets weirdly jealous and it makes me oddly uncomfortable. At one point I even wondered if they weren't really siblings to justify Seok Kyung's weird antics, but it doesn't look like the storyline is goin that way. I wonder
  6. Agreed. I hope she wins multiple awards for her performance in this series. Episode 15 showed so much. Absolute brilliant acting.
  7. Agreed. The bullying trend really got old. The only purpose I see for it is to have a separate plotline from the adults and also to show that the children's perception of the "lower class" mimics exactly that of their parents. They'll do anything to get rid of people whom they don't believe to belong with them.
  8. So I watched Episode 12 and one thing that didn't make sense to me was how was Ho-Dong scaring the Cheong-A brats in the Seol-A chat? The chat is tied to her account on her phone...which he doesn't have; Mr. Punchable-Face Tae-Gyu has it. The only way this would make sense is if Ho-Dong had Seol-A's login info and logged in the chat app from his own phone. Also, if Tae-Gyu has Seol-A's phone, wouldn't he see the notifications from within that chat app pop up on the phone, such as the account being logged out because it was accessed elsewhere (assuming he checks it on/off)?
  9. Agreed with statements about the stereotypical plots in daily dramas. I wanted t watch this for Kang Eun Tak but damn like 5 episodes in, I can't. I wonder why this guy hasn't signed on to more prime-time dramas instead of being cooped up in daily ones. He definitely has the face and height and acting chops.
  10. Can someone also fill me in on when Lee Ji-Ah's voice become so soft? Her voice almost sounds dubbed at some points due to how smooth and also whisper-like it is. I had to pull up her old work like "Style" and "Athena: Goddess of War" and her voice used to be much louder with more life to it. This isn't her acting either, as her voice sounds the same in interviews and BTS clips for this series.
  11. Am I the only who has noticed that in scenes post-Seol Ah's death where the camera comes up from behind the Hera statue, there are what appear to be blood stains on the back of the sculpture? Not sure if the director is doing this on purpose to see if audiences catch on, but I also find it anatomically unreal given Seol Ah's fall. Her blood could not have splattered all the way to the backside of the statue.
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