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7 minutes ago, partyon said:

Even though Park Sung Woong is great as the villain (like always), I don't know why I kept thinking of his cameo in Eulachacha Waikiki and by the end of the episode I couldn't stop giggling. :D Sorry


I saw Park Sung Woong is four dramas before Rugal and I remember him playing good guys and not so good (the funny Devil). His new role in Rugal is the villain of the villains. He is so ruthless here but I still want to see him as a good guy in other dramas. Playing bad guys or good guys, he is a charming actor.


I expected to be violence in this drama but that`s what a superhero movie/ drama are suposed to be. The bad guys are over the top because the world need superheroes to defeat them.   I saw the ineffectiveness and I felt the powerlessness of the legal forces as they tried to fight with the pure evil of Argos.  I hope they will balance a little the violence with other scenes. They promise humor too.


Does Hwang Deuk-Gu have romantic feelings for his boss fiancee? :w00t: It is hard to believe that there is a place in his heart for such feelings. I want Rugal team to bring him down and all Argos baddies, one by one.

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I’m a simple woman: I see a hot lead in uniform , I click         

I saw Park Sung Woong is four dramas before Rugal and I remember him playing good guys and not so good (the funny Devil). His new role in Rugal is the villain of the villains. He is so ruthless here b

What I understood is that he is accused of killing his wife because of the evidences found (planted?) at the scene... and then he stabbed his own eyes?  I don’t understand how the police can come to t

OSEN | 2020. 03. 29. 4:10 AM


"Rugal" conquers audience with novel storyline and unique action scenes




"Korean superheroes"

OCN continues to create a new action blockbuster. The drama "Rugal", broadcast on March 28, is a combination of hero, action and science genres. Actor Choi Jin Hyuk captured attention when once again transformed into a human weapon.

"Rugal" is Korea's first science action hero drama. It is about the Rugal squad - a special organization that brings together people who have special abilities through biotechnology - fighting against Korea's largest terrorist group Argos.

Choi Jin Hyuk took on the role of Kang Ki Bum - a key member of the Rugal team. With innate action skills, he is a senior criminal police with lots of expectations. But for Argos, he lost his eyes and dear wife. Since then, Kang Ki Bum has always simmered the revenge intention. After turning into a human weapon, his weapon is artificial eyes.

"Rugal" quickly captured the audience right from the first episode with more majestic scenes and cinematic storylines than movies. Choi Jin Hyuk has returned to OCN after 3 years since the work "Tunnel" and is receiving many praises for his worth watching reputation.




On March 29, Choi Jin Hyuk shared with OSEN his thoughts on the first broadcast, "The work 'Rugal' that we took efforts to film from last winter has finally aired the first episode. During the filming time, I was worried and expected a lot, wondering what the outcome would be. I hope a lot of viewers will watch the drama."

Then, he smiled and shared, "I have decided to challenge myself with the 'Korean hero' genre that has never been explored before. I hope that the drama will become a new and interesting work to those who watch it. I also hope everyone will love Rugal and me (Kang Ki Bum) more in the future."

Through "Rugal", Choi Jin Hyuk is expected to portray the image of a "Korean hero", "scientific hero" as well as "human weapon". The audience can follow the actor's reliable acting skills along with the strong action scenes at 10:50 pm (KST) every Saturday, Sunday.

OSEN = Reporter Park So Young /comet568@osen.co.kr
Photo = OCN
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive

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Choi Jin Hyuk, Jo Dong Hyuk, Jung Hye In, and Park Sun Ho Team Up For Their 1st Mission In “Rugal”

Drama Preview   Mar 29, 2020   by J. Lim
Choi Jin Hyuk, Jo Dong Hyuk, Jung Hye In, and Park Sun Ho Team Up For Their 1st Mission In “Rugal”

OCN’s new weekend drama “Rugal” has shared new stills of Choi Jin Hyuk, Jo Dong Hyuk, Jung Hye In, and Park Sun Ho working on their first mission together.


“Rugal” premiered on March 28 and captivated viewers with a fast-paced storyline. Detective Kang Ki Beom (Choi Jin Hyuk) was on the brink of death but was reborn as a hero when he was gifted bionic eyes and he was tasked to go up against Hwang Deuk Goo (Park Sung Woong). The first episode set up the conflict between special organization Rugal, which turns humans into weapons using biotechnology, and the terror organization Argos.



Ahead of the second episode, the drama has shared stills of the team of heroes at Rugal who are to go up against Argos. As they are part of a secret organization, the team must carry out all of their missions with stealth and secrecy. Director Choi Geun Chul (Kim Min Sang) gives the team orders, and Han Tae Woong (Jo Dong Hyuk), Song Mi Na (Jung Hye In), and Lee Kwang Chul (Park Sun Ho) work with Kang Ki Beom (Choi Jin Hyuk) as their leader.


The team will be infiltrating the wedding ceremony of Argos leader Go Yong Deok (Park Jung Hak) and Choi Ye Won (Han Ji Wan) to create discord in the Argos organization. The four team members will each have their own tasks and they will work together to try and bring their enemies down.


Chief producer (CP) Song Jin Sun stated, “The upcoming episode will follow the action-packed first mission of the Rugal team. We believe the story of heroes who have immense power but must learn to control their abilities as they work to build great teamwork will be interesting and draw viewers in.”


How things turn out for the first mission of the Rugal team will be revealed in the second episode of “Rugal,” which will air at 10:50 p.m. KST on March 29.











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Oh wow... I'm preparing to go to sleep because I need to work in the office tomorrow... But I checked in Netflix, episode 2 is available now. OMG, how can I sleep now?! 

Stay safe everyone. Stay healthy. I'm becoming paranoid to go out to buy grocery now. 


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I just finished the first two episodes back to back. I am typically not into the action/superhero genre, but it is just too hard to pass up on the cast. There's a personal backstory behind each member of the Rugal team so it totally makes me root for them to take down the bad guys. Whether it's for revenge or justice for all.


So far, it's interesting to see Kim Min Sang lead the heroes. I last saw him in Tunnel. But, I'm mostly amazed with Park Sung Woong playing such a twisted/evil villain...so believable! And Park Sun Ho's character is adorable given what had happened to him.

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Plot reminds me of Robocop a bit. And it sounds a bit like the recent Vin Diesel movie Bloodshot. Choi Jin Hyuk doesn't have that presence of an action star y'know what I mean LoL? Tae Woong does imo, and hot damn what a body!:w00t:

     Is it too much to ask for a Tae Woong/Mi Na romance eheheh??:wub: Deok Goo is such a textbook villain but then again this is based off of a webtoon so.. My expectations are really low for this one tbh. I'm just watchin' this to help me get through the whole pandemic lockdown.      

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I just started watching this drama. So far, I'm really enjoying it. It's not perfect by any means but the action and acting is good and the characters are enjoyable. 

I know the show isn't tagged as romance, but two episodes in an I'm already shipping Ki beom and Mina. 

The holding breath under water training scene with him and Mina was short and simple but it made my heart flutter.  

Tae Woong and Ki Beoms bodies are definitely impressive to look at :wub:


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I know the first 2 ep had alot of exposition & info so alot of the things might be incoherent or confusing so I'm going to make a quick rundown comparison of the drama vs webtoon just for insights & put things into perspective.(*spoilers ahead) 


Kang is a happy married man with a wife. Since he is someone who's deadset in putting Argos away in prison, he was framed by the police. I'm assuming since most of them has some connection with Argos/Red Ants, as Kang told the commissioner higher ups that they are to feeble & silent on Argos. Kang does not know Hwang Deuk Gu. His wife gets murdered by Red Ants. He then goes to prison on these charges. He receives a ear piece by Choi from outside help, thus train his senses to escape. He gets sprayed purposely & transferred to a hospital bed & plans his escape with Choi's help by earpiece. He gets attacked by Red Ants & saved by Taewoong & GwangC & takes him to meet with Choi & Oh at K hospital. In the webtoon -


He was married but also had a daughter who was about 5. He was on a case to put Hwang Deuk Gu's brother away in prison but failed. Red Ants knew where he lived so they murdered both his wife & daughter & gutted his eyes out. He gets charged for murder & put into a psychiatric ward for prisoners, not a prison. Kang is someone with sharp senses & is regarded as a top detective to many. He receives an NIS confidential goverment mail/a letter with braille by Choi who works for NIS to tell him how to move around & escapes the ward then gets hit by a car lol by lady doctor Yoon, who was with Section Chief Oh. They bring him to the Bravo hospital.


Chairman Ko & Yewon has a wedding but-


the webtoon, there was no scene but she was his partner. Yewon was the head leader after Chairman Ko dies. This happens super early on from the get-go. 


Argos Chairman Ko was shot by Hwang Deuk Gu because of power struggles to take control over Argos company. In the webtoon-


Ko actually died of lung cancer in the very beginning. He was sent to Bravo Hospital where the doctors couldnt save him so Fire Ants destroyed the place & they kidnapped the dean of the hospital because they need him for human experiment. 

Hwang Deuk Gu kidnaps medical workers of K hospital & puts them in a metal storage crate. The old man is a dean of K hospital who specializes in medical research/procedures. 


Kang woke up in K hospital when he meets Section Chief Oh & Choi. In the webtoon-


It's called Bravo Hospital. The place specializes in top notch medical research & greatest medical institution where Chairman Ko died.


Taewoong is the team leader but if you saw the tattoo on his arm, this indicates that he was-


A former Argos/Red Ants underling. I'm not sure if he had a sister in the webcomic as I did not read that far lol.


@anng @ktcjdrama

Song Mina was shot in the head by Hwang Deuk Gu in the drama but it doesnt show how she got to Rugal. In the webtoon she -


was on a case following Red Ants & they brutally assaulted her but Taewoong, who was already part of Rugal, saved her. She's put in charged to help Kang assimilate into Rugal with his new abilities. She helps train him throughout until his first mission as Rugal Team. 


Rugal is a project to lead enhanced human to take down Argos/Red Ants-


It is a project funded by the NIS/government to take down Fire Ants. Choi gives him a document & consent form which Kang stamps his thumb on in approval to let them experiment on him.


Bradley & Suzan are Biochemical Engineers/Mechanic -


In the webtoon, they are best-friends who are the snipers of 'Rugal'. They shoot. Both of them are Biracial. Bradley is White Australian/Korean

& Suzan is Black/Korean. Suzan is a

double-amputee. They enlisted and were in the military before in contact with Choi for Rugal project.

They're my favorite characters in the webtoon. 


Lee Gwang Cheol is a cop-drop out -


In the webtoon, he's actually a tech mechanic who specializes in tech/gear & a North Korean defector.


The show shows Kang & Taewoong & Gwang Cheol enter a bathtub-


It's called a modification bath in the webtoon. It has substance that heals wounds & physical pain.


Rugal Base is in the outskirts-


It's in the city in the comic.


Argos/Red Ants have a hierarchy of leaders-


Choi Yewon is number One. There's 3 others. They are a massive crime organization that controls various provinces is SKorea. Argos /Red Ants goes by the name Fire Ants. They have a huge black tall building.


If you like the show, the webtoon is super great. It definitely has much more depth in terms of dialogue & characterization, diverse cast of characters, & alot of super engaging events. It's much more grander in scale, more grit too. It might be over the top but it's fun lol with alot of twist & turns.



Cho Dong Hyuk is great isnt he lol. If u like him as Tae Woong in here you'll definitely like him as Tae-soo in Badguys. He has a great physicality. Yep, his face & built exudes action-driven characters. There is no romance unfortunately lol.



Park Sun Ho's character Lee Gwang Cheol is a cutie. I like his gym fits. Such neat jackets. 



I know right lol. WOW. The physique is, like Gwang Cheol say, "stunning body, inverted triangle" lol. 


I prefer the webtoon 100% lol overall. The drama is more of a loose adaptation, which is fine. Theres things that live action can't accomplish from webtoon/comics, unless you have a movie level budget for a tv show. I like the action sequences. Theres alot of prologue moments & heavy exposition. Although dialogues is rough & alot of straight cuts too. The directing is good so far. I really enjoy the music. The sound design is great for the vfx part. The acting is fair. 

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I'm here for Team Leader Han!

Based on what happened to KKB, I'm not sure if I can take Team Leader Han's back story of how he become part of the team.


First 2 episodes are awesome but too violent in my opinion. 

The whole sci-fi and iron man part 3 feel is strong and I'm liking it! :joy:

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22 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:
  Reveal hidden contents


# Why we need to avoid social gathering :D


Thank you dear    Yeah that covid19  :angry::angry:    It needs a good hard slam   EfyUarP.gif

gosh it’s been only a few weeks for the stay-home order but I’m beginning to feel this heavy steam coming out of my ears from this daily puttering around in the house.  











On 3/28/2020 at 12:58 PM, Ameera Ali said:

I’m a simple woman: I see a hot lead in uniform , I click :mrgreen:


You and me, sister. You and me... :joy:


Let me join ‘I click' :mrgreen: : You and You and me  :joy: whahaha   

Such joy of clicking    I feel like dancing.  Since I have no dancing feet, this dancing ajumma group will do for me.   Yup it seems k-pop spirit has no age barrier :tounge_xd:  haha  


Ajummas Turn Market into Dance Floor









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I re-watched that scene like three times already lmao. Hands down one of the best kdrama bodies I've ever seen. 

I might wait till this show is finished before continuing. The quarantine situation makes the week long wait for two episodes unbearable :sweatingbullets: 

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