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  1. The ending of ep.97 is pathetic! How can GS get hit on the back of the head with a pipe coming from the left side and have a bloody temple and forehead on the right? Go ahead, please send him on to Kdrama heaven with that stage work. I've never liked his weak-minded character anyway. Maybe the hit will make him man up or have permanent amnesia. As for YS, I've never liked her character either or the way she treated others. Masked in all that doormat pseudo- sweetness, I see selfishness.
  2. Just what is the age difference? It has to be more than ten years. I don't think YS was 10 years old when the show began, and KS was in his late 20s. How can she be in her late 20s and he in his late 30s?
  3. As one who thought that I would not like this type of drama, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not understanding the big deal about the romance. There is so much that has happened and kept me coming back, that I could care less if the two leads end up romantically involved. I have appreciated learning about this genre, and I hope to see more like it. I am not familiar with the lead actress but am a fan of SJK because I have not seen him in a role that did not suit him. I'm good with the bad guy getting rid of the worse guy and all the tenants getting a share of that gold. The End!
  4. Although I don't want to see any of the characters dead, I really have NO sympathy for any of them. At this rate, I may put this drama down because of its ridiculousness. No one ever gets punished, not even known murderers.
  5. This drama has me confused. Is it a comedy or not? I'm watching initially because I love listening to Joon Ki's voice. However, I can't stand the over-the-top bad acting or character of the lady attorney. I was really hoping the storyline was more like the beginning, but I'll stick with it for now. So, this is black comedy?
  6. I'm sorry, but I had to let this one go. It's officially the worst Kdrama I've ever TRIED to watch.
  7. 1. YR's mother andYR 2. No, Mr. Abs death was not necessary. 3. No, I would not watch this drama again. 4. I don't like any tropes becaule.se they are always predictable.
  8. What I hate most about this drama is the disposability of SJ. He was never an actual person but a tool although he had the purest heart of all the adults in this drama. It would have been nice to see his character develop into a more meaningful role.
  9. My question is, If she can put in so much effort into killing SJS, why can't she kill HYR? It's like the thought hasn't crossed her mind.
  10. I couldn't agree more. SJ did not deserve any of what those three did to him. Besides MW, SJ has had the purest heart in this drama. I'm glad he's waking up, though it's a bit late.
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