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  1. OMG that last scene in ep 10 made my heart skipped a beat, I've been rooting for them since seeing their chemistry together the first few episodes and its finally happening! What is the name of this new song as their background? I love it so much! I really like the direction of the drama how each episode reveals new details about each character and their own turmoil. I can't wait to see what's next!
  2. Ok honestly, it's been a bit hard to focus on Kdramas these days with all the uncertainty and sad news around the world right now. After ITAEWON, I've been looking for a drama that will draw me in and make me forget about the real world and this is the one. First ep was good! Not a single dull moment with all the suspense and building up to that last scene. Can't wait to see what's next!
  3. I'm just a bit confused right now, not sure if I missed something but where is Yu Ri staying at? And how can she afford to buy food and pay for her living expenses. That part confuses me. Other than that, I really like the flashbacks and stories with her Mom. It's quite touching.
  4. Really liking the first two eps so far, curious as to why he remarried when he couldn't get over her. Can't wait to see next week eps!
  5. Love this drama so far, the flow of the story, dialogues and acting - everything is really well done. I love how his character has a long term plan to come back for revenge, unlike other dramas how they would portray the main lead becoming a rich guy from out of nowhere. Can't wait to see what happens next!
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