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  1. That kiss was unexpected! But they're so cute together. I don't want to see them taking turns getting arrested anymore, time for the real fight now!
  2. Ok I like the cast and the storyline but there are a bit of plot holes here and the indecisiveness direction of the drama if it should be serious or comedic mixed in with sci-fi. Other than that, I am enjoying the more emotional parts of the leads and think they look great together!
  3. Ok I guess what I thought about Mo Wan Joon is right I am looking forward to the old case to be revealed and the leads get their justice!
  4. Really reminds me of her older drama with Jang Hyuk where she also plays a single mom on the countryside. But I really like the flow of this so far, very simple and nostalgic with beautiful scenery. I just wished her character was more outspoken and stronger instead of so timid.
  5. Why isn't there more discussion on this???? I really liked the first episode, such a strange comedy, I can't wait to see more!
  6. I'm starting to think one of the brothers is the son of the TOP lady, I just don't see why she is fighting so hard to get the inheritance on the father's side and that's the only logic I can think of.
  7. Just started watching this a few days ago and love Lim Soo Hyang's character here, such a contrast from ID Gangnam Beauty and the male lead here matches her a lot better in terms of maturity and acting. The storyline is moving at a really good pace, never a dull moment - hope it gets even better!
  8. HY goes behind his back and cheated? HUH??? Wasn't Sun Oh the one that went after the girl in HS after knowing his friend has been liking her for years. And that's right to you? I don't know why you think she's using them and that both Jojo & HY have to cater to Sun-Oh's feelings, oh wait maybe they should because he is clearly very sensitive and immature. How is he even protecting HY. HY clearly told him, hey I'm going after her man to man, after 4 years they all have moved on and he clearly told him his feelings. That's not going after anyone's back, they weren't denying or hiding anything. Obviously, Sun Oh is the perfect character to you and can do no wrong. Sure, but some of us beg to differ.
  9. High school love vs Adult love - her choice in the storyline makes sense to me.
  10. Everything is great about this drama, the only complaint I have is the antagonist's story...I don't think they show enough of his character for me to realize his true motive. His side story is kinda confusing to me and sometimes appear out of nowhere just to show that he's up to no good, same goes with the nurse that works with him.
  11. Ahhhh what is going to happen next week!!??? I am worried about the outcome of this seeing the preview. Their spouses are now really getting on my nerves, they clearly said they want a divorce and want to leave but those two just won't let it be. What is the point of keeping them, is divorce such a big embarrassment that she rather die??? And there is no way that she is pregnant. JW needs to stop letting her step all over him and make decisions for him. But at this rate, he will probably believe her and go back to being a dull husband, I just want to slap him sometimes for being so nice! Poor JE, I really don't want to see her devastated.
  12. I don't think married couple would know from the get go how their married life would be like. Some couples can grow apart or just not sexually compatible once they wed. People grow and love will change, the spark will no longer be the same if both sides don't work on it. JE is a very simple girl, I think traditional and complacent as well so meeting JW really lure her into the path that she would never dare to walk on. Without him, she will just live her life as an unhappy housewife until her husband does something about it, but now it's too late. As for JW, he might have married his wife out of pity and he seems pretty indecisive as well, his character let the situation/environment take control of him. But with JE, she brought out the more assertive him. These two characters are really meant to be together, it's just at the wrong place and the wrong time right now.
  13. Loved the episodes this week as heartbreaking as it is. The crying scenes esp between JE & her husband was done really well, you can feel her pain when she said she loves another man. And JW's wife - what is up with the threat??? If something is not yours just let it go my gosh, it's not love even if you trap him by your side. I wish JW would be more aggressive with her and fight back and not let her have her way all the time. She's spoiled to the core. One loophole I noticed is that, why did he post public pictures of JE's back on his Facebook??? And why isn't he friends with his wife on Facebook, their relationship is just so strange to me. I guess it's a good thing everything is out in the open now so they can figure out the next step, I am still hoping for that happy ending for these star-crossed lovers.
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