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Well, neither did I.


 I saw him in the preview but I was sure he will be fine. It was too early for the number one villain to disappear. :D



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I’m a simple woman: I see a hot lead in uniform , I click         

I saw Park Sung Woong is four dramas before Rugal and I remember him playing good guys and not so good (the funny Devil). His new role in Rugal is the villain of the villains. He is so ruthless here b

What I understood is that he is accused of killing his wife because of the evidences found (planted?) at the scene... and then he stabbed his own eyes?  I don’t understand how the police can come to t

“Rugal” Actors Give Their All In Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Impressive Action Scenes

TV/Film  Apr 15, 2020  by S. Park
“Rugal” Actors Give Their All In Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Impressive Action Scenes

“Rugal” has captivated viewers with its exciting action scenes!

On April 15, the OCN original series released behind-the-scenes photos that showed the actors’ charisma and efforts on set.

At the end of episode five, Kim Da Hyun and Choi Jin Hyuk upped the suspense with their fighting scene. The two actors rehearsed several times in order to act out a realistic fight between two “human weapons.” Jo Dong Hyuk also increased his character’s charms by revealing the backstory of his character Han Tae Woong and a fierce look in his eyes.



Jung Hye In and Park Sun Ho’s powerful action scene was also captured in the behind-the-scenes photo. They took out Argos agents who had been relentlessly attacking them in one fell swoop, and Park Sun Ho’s charisma shines through in the photo. Rugal’s teamwork and the actors’ synergy has strengthened as the story has progressed, making viewers look forward to the storyline.

A source from the drama said, “The teamwork between the actors who are perfectly portraying their characters and the martial arts crew who’s in charge of the action scene details is very good. The passion of the actors and staff is creating good synergy. Please look forward to various action scenes that will make the project more entertaining.”

“Rugal” airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:50 p.m. KST.










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I was under the impression that I would have so much time to watch all the dramas I want with all this lockdown and stuff , how wrong I was . Finally started on this. 
TBH eps 1 and 2 did not exactly capture my interest as the story felt rather straightforward - not particularly groundbreaking plotwise. But I did like the end of eps 2 when another cyborg ( can I call them that) came to the station and blew it up. Ahh I thought maybe finally there's some depth and complexity to this drama. Fortunately for me @icemaid that CJH and the Rugal gang are lovely to watch :lol:


Anyway I hope that there's more to PSW's character than just being the big villain here. Off to catch up on the rest of the episodes.

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9 hours ago, triplem said:

Anyway I hope that there's more to PSW's character than just being the big villain here. Off to catch up on the rest of the episodes.


I don`t think there is more about Park Sung Woong`s character. He is the chartoonish villain who is just crazy and  his evilness won`t  be explained. I had zero expectation to see a complex villain here so it is OK. But I like to see Park Sung Woong on screen even when he plays crazy. Not many things to talk about this drama, just watching. I admired his toned body in the last episode. Not only our heroes have nice abs. :lol:

I also love the friendship between Rugal team. That`s what interests me so far.

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Rugal: Episodes 7-8 Open Thread

by missvictrix


Our fighters at Rugal continue to wage war against Argos, and this week they have to contend with things like necrosis, spontaneously combusting enemies, and multiple kidnappings. To make things just a little more wild, our hero also starts to experience some troubling memories.




We’re at the halfway point in Rugal. That means we’ve reached the point of some crucial rising action, and that the conflicts that have been fleshed out are now bringing some interesting developments and reversals to light. Right? Well, not really.

Last week we left off with Duk-gu writhing in pain after getting shot with fatal poison and a bullet to his abdomen. It looks like he’s gonna die, and Ki-bum is fine with that, but a few things happen to prevent it. The first is zombified Min-joon who fights Ki-bum back with Terminator-level strength in a flashy, physics-defying fight scene.

The second, and far more troubling, is that our hero’s bionic eyes tell him not to leave Duk-gu for dead. “If you leave him it will be murder,” says the eyeballs. However, when Director Choi tunes into the feed from Ki-bum’s eyes and sees the scene he says, “Good job, Kang Ki-bum.” I’m not sure what the aim of Rugal is at this point. Killing bad guys? Not killing bad guys? Do they even know what their goal is?



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On 4/19/2020 at 11:14 PM, larus said:

I admired his toned body in the last episode. Not only our heroes have nice abs. :lol:

same here! That scene took me by surprise, ahahah:lol:, in fact i should get used to such scenes as the team often bear their toned bodies...

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While I like the fight scenes and the eye candy, the story only boils down to the fight between Hwang Deuk Goo and Kang Ki Beom. The former cannot forgive the latter for ruining his dirty and corrupt operations while the latter was still a police officer.


Park Sung Woong, as an actor, is milking his role, trying to be remembered as an actor who can be a good cop and an evil villain as well.

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