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[Drama 2020] Rugal, 루갈


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 I just watched episode 14. I did not fast-forward like I used to do in other episodes.

No, Choi Geum Cheol, what you have done to Ki Beom was grotesque. You justified it as a greater good? No way. Seeing who reports Choi Geum Cheol Iost all faith in the "good " side. Man, I want Ki Beom to distroy both Argos and Rugal. They are both wrong. With these damn experiments. And Choi Geum Cheol created crazy Hwang Deuk Goo.

It was sad to see Ki Beom against his fellow Rugal team mates but I understand his anger.

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[MV] 한승희 - Never Cry [루갈 OST Part.1 (RUGAL OST Part.1)]





[MV] KLAZY - 타인의 눈 [루갈 OST Part.2 (RUGAL OST Part.2)]





[MV] 민경훈 - Lost Life [루갈 OST Part.3 (RUGAL OST Part.3)]


[MV] 타이비언 - No Limit (Feat. KLAZY) [루갈 OST Part.4 (RUGAL OST Part.4)]


[MV] 데이먼 - Rising Force [루갈 OST Part.5 (RUGAL OST Part.5)]


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Son Hyun Joo Shows Support For Choi Jin Hyuk’s Drama “Rugal”

May 12, 2020
by S. Park

Choi Jin Hyuk got a sweet surprise on the set of “Rugal”!

On May 11, the actor posted a photo of him in front of a coffee truck sent by Son Hyun Joo.

He wrote, “I’m late, but this is the truck sent by Hyun Joo. Everyone enjoyed the drinks. Also wishing the best for Son Hyun Joo in ‘Model Detective.'”

The banner on top of and next to the truck wished the best for Choi Jin Hyuk and the staff of “Rugal.”


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I'm in the middle of Ep. 14 and planning to watch Ep. 15. Even if I intend to watch this drama until the end, it's one disappointing sci-fi, crime, action drama. It's such a disappointment, considering that it showed promise in the first two episodes. It's also a waste of talent, though of course they got paid for it. I've watched several OCN crime and action dramas that hooked me, but this is such an utter waste.


There's no real bond among the characters, except for the job they have to do, which is based on their gratitude toward Rugal. For all their hi-tech facilities and other devices, they rely on an on-the-spot detective for information. Sheesh. Rugal could have been an independent organization that goes after all the criminals local police force cannot touch. They should have blanket authority, instead of relying on the instructions of higher ups that can also be corrupted when money (lots of it) does the talking.


And why do those in-ear communication pieces keep scattering all over the place for the enemies to find? Aren't there implants that they can turn on and off?


By the way, the actress playing Mina has such an fine body shape. I'm envious!


I always forget to add this comment. The actress playing Ye Won is as stiff as stone. She's got just one look - pouty. That's all. Oh, yeah, she makes her eyes bigger to show surprise but nothing else changes. The other actress looks more like a mob boss than Ye Won. The way she delivers her lines is like someone reading the script. That's how deep she's into the drama. LoL

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Rugal: Episodes 13-14 Open Thread

by missvictrix


As hinted previously, nothing is as it seems in Rugal. This week, everything our hero believes is turned upside down, and he’s left shaken. Losses are repeated, trust is broken, and mayhem (and a new hairdo) is unleashed.




We left off last week with another tense Duk-gu/Ki-bum confrontation and the sense that things were not what they seemed. Duk-gu boasts that he’s planned this whole elaborate reveal for Ki-bum, and wanted to be the one to tell him: his wife is alive. Ki-bum runs off to the seedy joint where she was last located, but she’s nowhere to be found.

It’s a powerful reveal and totally unexpected, since the death of his wife was the start of this whole story. However, this game-changing reveal would have been better with a little less pointless cat-and-mouse. Ki-bum keeps confronting Duk-gu, but we never seem to get anywhere, and when he finally goes AWOL from Rugal, Ki-bum does the same exact thing he’s been doing since day one: chasing down and confronting Duk-gu. Their push-and-pull is mostly about cool car chases and fight scenes, and it takes an entire half of an episode to Ki-bum to be reunited with his wife, which is what we really care about, right?


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/05/rugal-episodes-13-14-open-thread/


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Park Sung Woong, Choi Jin Hyuk, And More Share Final Thoughts As “Rugal” Approaches Finale

Park Sung Woong, Choi Jin Hyuk, And More Share Final Thoughts As “Rugal” Approaches Finale


TV/Film   May 16, 2020  by S. Cho

OCN’s “Rugal” is coming to an end, and the cast has shared their final thoughts.


Choi Jin Hyuk, who plays superhero Kwang Ki Bum, shared, “While filming for over seven months, despite having many action scenes, I was able to complete them without any large injuries thanks to the staff members’ consideration and help. I want to tell them that I am really thankful. We are running towards the end. Gratifying action scenes and an unbelievable twist await so please look forward to it lots.”


Argos’s top villain Hwang Deuk Goo is played by Park Sung Woong, who commented, “Since we filmed for so long, it doesn’t feel real that we are finally done. ‘Rugal’ is a project that I paid special attention to while immersing into my character. The actors and staff did their best while filming, so I hope you look forward to it until the end and enjoy watching.”


Jo Dong Hyuk portrayed Rugal’s powerful captain Han Tae Woong. He shared, “Since everybody did their best while filming, it was a really special time, and I feel satisfied. I think I will be able to show viewers a good ending that reflects how hard we’ve worked. More exciting situations and subjects await further into the second half. Please don’t miss the finale.”


Jung Hye In received lots of love for her portrayal of girl crush superhero Song Mi Na. The actress shared, “I don’t know how the time passed from when I first greeted everyone to our last filming. When ‘Rugal’ is over, I think I will feel very empty. Thank you so much for watching ‘Rugal’ from the first episode. The actors and staff all worked hard on to film the drama, so please stay with us until the very end.”


Argos’s president Choi Ye Won is played by Han Ji Wan who shared, “I have come to adore this project to the point where I cannot believe we are at the end, and I want to keep filming. It is a project that I am very thankful for. Please watch ‘Rugal’ lots until the very end. Please also give Choi Ye Won lots of love.”


As director Choi Geun Chul, Kim Min Sang provided “Rugal” with many twists. He shared, “I want to send my applause to the staff and actors who worked so hard during this time. I also want to send my thanks to our viewers who have watched ‘Rugal’ until now. With only two episodes left, I’m sure they are very curious as to what will happen to Ki Bum. Please show us lots of attention and support.”


Kim Min Sang also raised tensions by teasing the finale. He commented, “Please watch out for the conclusions in the finale, including Kang Ki Bum who loses his memory, Choi Geun Chul whose past comes to light, and the final duel between Rugal and Hwang Deuk Goo. I also hope you will keep an eye out for whether the Rugal team is able to sustain itself.”


Playing the youngest of the Rugal team, Park Sun Ho commented, “Thank you to the actors I worked with, the director who guided me, and all of our staff members. We filmed while cheering each other on. While acting as Lee Gwang Chul, I attempted the action genre for the first time. It was always fun, and I was glad I was able to show my positive energy. Now that there’s only a bit of time before I have to send him off, I feel sad. In the finale, there will be even more extravagant action and a fast-paced development. Gwang Chul’s various transformations will also offer viewers lots of fun.”


Rugal airs its finale on May 17 at 10:50 p.m. KST.



“Rugal” Choi Jin-hyuk vs. Park Sung-woong, “Final Round” initiation “Now we really have to do our mission”






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Park Sung Woong And Choi Jin Hyuk Prepare To Face Off In Their Final Battle In “Rugal” Finale

May 17, 2020
by J. Lim
May 17, 2020
by J. Lim

OCN’s weekend drama “Rugal” has shared new stills of the final battle between Choi Jin Hyuk and Park Sung Woong.

“Rugal” is based on a popular webtoon of the same name and as an sci-fi action hero drama where a special organization named Rugal, which turns humans into weapons using biotechnology, fights against the terror organization known as Argos. The drama centers around the conflict between Kang Ki Bum (Choi Jin Hyuk) and Hwang Deuk Goo (Park Sung Woong).


The previous episode had followed the dissolution of the Rugal organization. Kang Ki Bum and Han Tae Woong (Jo Dong Hyuk) were locked up. Song Mi Na (Jung Hye In), Lee Kwang Chul (Park Sun Ho), and Bradley (Jang In Seop) believed Choi Geun Chul (Kim Min Sang)’s promise to get them out soon, but then took matters into their own hands to get their teammates out.

Afterwards, Kang Ki Bum left on his own to Hwang Deuk Goo’s secret lab and at the same time, Hwang Deuk Goo attacked the Rugal headquarters. Lee Kwang Chul tried to fend him off but was defeated and dragged back to the secret lab, and Han Tae Woong faced off against Choi Geun Chul, enraged when he realized that Choi Geun Chul had used the Rugal members to go against Argos.

With all of this happening, the final episode is set to be a whirlwind as bitter enemies face off for the final time as the story wraps up. The new stills show Hwang Deuk Goo and Kang Ki Bum facing each other. Although Hwang Deuk Goo has always seemed to be at ease when facing Kang Ki Bum in the past, he is more serious and cold than ever as they go against each other one final time. Other stills show Choi Geun Chul holding a gun as Han Tae Woong looks down on him, eliciting curiosity for what will happen to the two people who will decide the fate of Rugal.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1400890wpp/park-sung-woong-and-choi-jin-hyuk-prepare-to-face-off-in-their-final-battle-in-rugal-finale

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Thank you so much for your postings :)  I know this drama turned out to be quite a letdown.  But I’m not that picky about this kind of action movie. As long as it isn’t a total wreck, I can stick around and finish it.  :P hehe  
Have a good day  b6re5Ng.gif 


real_jinhyuk all of you who watched “Rugal”! Thank you!










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On 5/13/2020 at 10:37 PM, reddragon said:

I always forget to add this comment. The actress playing Ye Won is as stiff as stone. She's got just one look - pouty. That's all. Oh, yeah, she makes her eyes bigger to show surprise but nothing else changes. The other actress looks more like a mob boss than Ye Won. The way she delivers her lines is like someone reading the script. That's how deep she's into the drama. LoL

true! Is she a newbie? Anyway, i still have 3 more episodes left....though i doubt that it will be get any better judging by what i have read so far....

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Park Sun Ho Talks About “Rugal” + Giving Acting Advice To “Produce X 101” Friends Lee Jin Hyuk + Kim Min Kyu

May 24, 2020
by E. Cha

In a newly published interview, Park Sun Ho shared his thoughts after wrapping up his OCN drama “Rugal”!

The actor recently starred in the sci-fi thriller as Rugal’s youngest member, Lee Kwang Chul, who possessed a body with special abilities created through biotechnology. Looking back at his experience filming his first action drama, Park Sun Ho humbly remarked, “I do feel a bit regretful about my acting, but I was able to gain so much experience, and I’m grateful for the time [I spent filming ‘Rugal’].”

Park Sun Ho also shared that the drama’s cast had created a fun atmosphere on set, recalling, “After we became a team, we laughed, chatted, sweat, and got emotional together, and we shared a cheerful energy with one another. We were able to find strength in an atmosphere with happy vibes.”

When asked to name the scene in “Rugal” that he found most memorable, Park Sun Ho named his confrontation with Park Sung Woong’s character, Hwang Deuk Goo.

Park Sun Ho explained, “During rehearsal, Park Sung Woong spoke in a relaxed tone of voice while acting, but once we actually began filming, he yelled loudly and even banged his head in order to convey his emotion. I was momentarily overcome with shock, but I tried not to back down, to show that Kwang Chul could hold his own. Later, I found out that [Park Sung Woong] intentionally held back during rehearsal in order to bring out my real, uncalculated acting [during filming].”




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