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  1. Although I don't want to see any of the characters dead, I really have NO sympathy for any of them. At this rate, I may put this drama down because of its ridiculousness. No one ever gets punished, not even known murderers.
  2. This drama has me confused. Is it a comedy or not? I'm watching initially because I love listening to Joon Ki's voice. However, I can't stand the over-the-top bad acting or character of the lady attorney. I was really hoping the storyline was more like the beginning, but I'll stick with it for now. So, this is black comedy?
  3. I'm sorry, but I had to let this one go. It's officially the worst Kdrama I've ever TRIED to watch.
  4. 1. YR's mother andYR 2. No, Mr. Abs death was not necessary. 3. No, I would not watch this drama again. 4. I don't like any tropes becaule.se they are always predictable.
  5. What I hate most about this drama is the disposability of SJ. He was never an actual person but a tool although he had the purest heart of all the adults in this drama. It would have been nice to see his character develop into a more meaningful role.
  6. My question is, If she can put in so much effort into killing SJS, why can't she kill HYR? It's like the thought hasn't crossed her mind.
  7. I couldn't agree more. SJ did not deserve any of what those three did to him. Besides MW, SJ has had the purest heart in this drama. I'm glad he's waking up, though it's a bit late.
  8. Is it me, or is it hard to embrace this little girl. She comes off as manipulative to me. There are so many wonderful child actors, and I know they have to start somewhere, but could they not have found a better or more seasoned actress for the lead child's role? This child is just so EXTRA! I wish her the best, and I'm sure she'll improve with age and experience.
  9. I really despise the character JE and the way she is so nasty to SJ. I think he was too mature for her. She was a spoiled brat who couldn't get her way. Her family was exceptionally cruel to him, but she wanted him to cower to them. I hope she gets everything from JM's father that her family dished out to SJ. Okay. I'll go back to the real world! LOL
  10. Ro Na is nothing but a spoiled BRAT who needs a good old-fashioned butt whoopin'! She is so disrespectful to her mother. What took the cake for me was when she screamed at her mother saying she MADE her go to that school. Mom is weak! She lets EVERYONE including her daughter get away with saying anything they want to her without argument, defense, or hands. I'm not a violent person, but I could be when it comes to my child.
  11. Try as I might, there is absolutely NOTHING I like about the YJ character. I get that she does not like SJ, but they were wrong on so many levels to hurt him that way. I hope their regret eats them alive and SJ recovers without turning bad.
  12. I really thought this would follow the same vein as “Sky Castle,” but it doesn’t come close. “Sky Castle” was somewhat believable to me. This show is absurdly ridiculous. The actors are great, but I just can’t buy into the storyline. I don’t know if I can stand watching it. Just my opinion
  13. Didn’t the male and female friends In the yellow vests play husband and wife in another drama?
  14. Please, don’t take offense. I only posed a “what if” because these situations do occur in real life. I am not saying I agree or disagree — just playing “the Devil’s advocate”.
  15. We know the terrible trio said that Ha killed PJ’s husband. I really hope he set it up for them to take the fall, or he that he has proof of them giving the orders to do the deed.
  16. Ok. I’ll dare to go there with these questions. For those who think it’s okay for Hwan and Ye Ji to be together, IF it was your brother or sister that shared the same bed with your wife or husband, would that not be a problem for you? Could you bare the mental images of them making love or sharing what you deemed special and private while you were together? Would that not torment you? Just curious
  17. I haven’t read comments yet, but I’ll say what I thought all along. Even through his selfishness, I believed Jin loved YJ more than she loved him. It took the entire drama for her to say it. He was just a means of escape for her. I’m glad she chose neither brother.
  18. I thought they said the sisters are fraternal twins. Are you suggesting a baby swap at the hospital? Also, YJ turned her back on TP so that her mother would tell her where the baby was. She was still wrong, but I get it. She should have told TP even if he couldn’t fully grasp the idea.
  19. This is STILL BY FAR the saddest, most pitiful drama I’ve ever watched. I’m begging for a glimmer of sunshiny rain instead of all this gloom and doom!
  20. I’m simply old fashioned and can’t get behind those two ending up together. She needs to move on by herself and become her own person.
  21. Didn’t BH tell SK to not suffer alone? I guess that doesn’t apply to her, and she won’t tell him that his “mother” told her to ditch her children.
  22. @UnniSarah, You are so right about wimpy fathers. Let’s not forget all the clueless, never know what’s going on fathers who miraculously are the CEOs of big corporations.
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