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[OFFICIAL] Hyun Bin ❤️ Son Ye Jin (BinJin Couple)


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After reading other thread I feel the need to speak whats on my mind.


I will post on this thread and the other thread as well.


Im a binjin shipper since cloy and have known shk long ago from her drama autumn in my heart. Not shk fans but admire her work and beautiful face. I’m pretty sure many people are like me (binjin shipper, admire kyo).


To me as binjin shipper, this confirmation is truly just an “Amen” to what we have been seeing these past 2 years. Do I feel happy? Of course!!! I have been smiling from ear to ear since yesterday. But even before the confirmation I was 100% sure that they have been dating. (I’ll explain why).


And to me as someone who is neutral towards Kyo (not antis / not fans), Kyo supporters should feel somewhat relieved and happy with the news.


I feel sorry that I have to say this.. but to ship or support HyunBin with Kyo or any other woman is somewhat mean.


The amount of HB association / closeness with Yejin has been so overwhelming.

-walk together post Baeksang

-Walk towards Yejin in baeksang grup photo

-Hold one baeksang trophy (when they have one each)

- same ralph laurent outfit

-CF together (manyo, smart)

-Repetitious Syncronized post (outfit / date)

-Mention yejin on metrostyle, esquire interview (remember how smitten he was with yejin compliments about his skin & hair)

-Yejin post a cake with HB picture


I read on twitter, in one interview Yejin said that she was overwhelmed by the support for her to date HB.

Even Yejin feels overwhelmed! If BinJin is not dating why would they want to always be linked with each other. What would you feel if your boyfriend is always associated with Yejin? I would seriously be a grumpy and jealous girlfriend.


It is now only make sense that Hyun Bin has been showcasing his closeness and do not mind being associated with Yejin because she is his girlfriend afterall.

I would totally smack him If he is Kyo’s or someone else boyfriend but acting that way with Yejin. 


So please, the confirmation should really be a joyous moment for Binjin Shippers but also a relieved for Kyo’s supporters.

No one should go through the pain of seeing his / her boyfriend / girlfriend being too close with other man / woman.




ps: happy that Hb is loyal and protective of Yejin and Yejin being proud and shy shy admitting her relationship is just awwww

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Found myself creating an account to join the celebration with you all!

Really hoping that both of them will have a strong relationship given they are friends before anything else.

But my instincts are telling me their relationship is wayyyyy beyond which is currently reported. 



I'm even more giddy and excited as SYJ will be celebrating her birthday this year. 

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Hello everyone.. I just wanna express my excitement together with you guys. I've been shipping them for about a year and a half now and when I found out their real score, I had this "Awwwww" inside me that wanted to scream! But anyway, I'm so happy for them, like beyond words. They look so good together and they definitely bring out the best in each other which is a crucial part in a relationship. I hope nothing but the best for both of them! 

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