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  1. Congrats Jinnie on being selected as the Valentino ambassador!! Love love love Jinnie’s Valentino looks and the Glass magazine pics!! Suits her so well. So beautiful and classy as always.
  2. @Intuition1 Jacqueline Kennedy was also a big fan of Valentino! Now I can totally imagine SYJ in Valentino (wedding gown perhaps?!)
  3. BinJin really is the gift that keeps on giving! Love love love their joint CF and their message to the smartees. So much happiness, love and their closeness for all to see. BinJin are so cute together. Hats off to you Smart for making it possible. To think that last year, many on this forum were wondering about the chances of a joint CF, and now here we are! We are truly a lucky fandom. Hearing it in English was such a treat. BinJin pulled it off flawlessly. The double meanings behind the words, I feel speaks to BinJin fans... “Inevitable”, “Do you believe this is po
  4. Binnie’s Under Armour x GQ Korea, hot hot hot! Was it just my imagination or did we see even more of Binnie’s biceps in the longer version?!
  5. In case anyone is looking, the CLOY photo book is in stock and can be ordered online from the Kinokuniya international websites. https://usa.kinokuniya.com/worldwide For example: https://united-states.kinokuniya.com/bw/9784344037434 https://australia.kinokuniya.com/bw/9784344037434 https://singapore.kinokuniya.com/bw/9784344037434
  6. If BinJin ever decide to offer online fitness training, please sign me up For sure there’s Pilates activewear brands too. Love all the new CFs. What a great start to the week!
  7. In response to Binnie’s Smart CF question: Oh yes we believe! With BinJin anything is possible! Very excited for the Hyunbinhand holding the Sonflower that is coming soon! We truly are a lucky fandom!
  8. The LITC cliffhangers and the wait for the next episode is like torture for me! But the anticipation and wait is worth it especially when you get something as good as episode 14. Agree with all the comments already mentioned. That fight scene was funny, emotional and romantic all in one. About time LEO made the move, you go girl! There’s a bit of SYA in her after all. I also liked the scene where PJW checked out her posts on social media, so real. Since they have to they work together, maybe they will try to keep it secret, and then get busted by their friends
  9. Love love these latest pics of SYJ, she is so gorgeous! And the vid of handsome Binnie! BinJin are getting more good looking by the day. The visuals of them are just The Crocodile Ladies items SYJ is modelling will sell out for sure.
  10. Hi everyone! Now I have more time I just wanted to say hello and say that this drama is a breath of fresh air to see the realistic portrayal of love, relationships and friendships. This show covers the beautiful moments, the sad and embarrassing moments. Love and hate are flip sides of the same coin. Just because you love someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to like them all the time, because there will be moments when they will annoy and frustrate you, and times when you just don’t understand them. The last few episodes really brought out those themes. The lead characters a
  11. Ahh that eps 13 car scene!! When is the OST coming out? Super enjoying watching this series, the lead couple and the support cast, so good
  12. Of course Binnie’s purchase can be explained logically. In 2020 due to COVID, many people felt that their place was too small, or that they wanted a tree change to be closer to nature. So he upgraded for more space and to breathe fresh air. (We also know who he wants to breathe that fresh air with... which means... ICBM!)
  13. I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts today! So many comments I kept nodding to in agreement. The more I reflect on Binnie’s speech the more I think it was perfect in how he managed to convey his sincere thanks to his fans and colleagues in a professional and grateful way, and also acknowledged/shared his moment with his best partner in a sweet way without losing the professionalism. That was a lot to pack into an acceptance speech and Binnie did it so well, bravo! I just love the tandem of BinJin and how they complement and support each other equally in their own indivi
  14. Big congratulations to Binnie on winning the APAN Daesang!!!! Well deserved and he looked so handsome up on stage. He thanked Jinnie too in his speech, awww! And congratulations to Jinnie and KKT as well!! It was lovely to see BinJin’s great acting and the wonderful drama that is CLOY being recognised (even if it didn’t win best drama).
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