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Found 4 results

  1. I compiled all the news about our POWER COUPLE here from SYJ's thread (from page 601). Lets our ship keep sailing until it reach the destination. Credit : fchopin / thi2018 / Binnie Jinnie Facebook Page. News| 2019•01•10 Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin Are Rumored To Be Dating and Go Together For A Vacation, Agencies Respond Son Yejin and Hyun Bin's agencies responded to the rumors. On January 10th, the two were wrapped up in dating rumors, claimed to have a vacation together in Los Angeles, California. There were also reports said that the two are meeting Son Yejin's parents, talking about their serious relationship. However, soon after the rumors spread, both agencies of the two actors quickly denied it. Son Yejin's label MSTeam Entertainment said, "Son Yejin is currently traveling alone in the U.S. She likes to travel alone. Son Yejin's parents are currently in Korea." Similarly, Hyun Bin's label VAST Entertainment also denied the rumors, "Hyun Bin is currently overseas for his promotions and works." The rumors started as the two have recently starred in box office 'The Negotiation.' Source (1) ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... |News| 2019•01•21 Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are Spotted Together at the Suppermarket in LA One of the netizens on the afternoon of the 21st posted a post with a titled "Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin Photo". In the post, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, who are looking at the groceries together, have a picture taken. Hyun Bin pushes the cart while Son Ye-jin looks at things. On January 9th, an online community claimed Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are dating by traveling together to United States and eating at a restaurant with Son Ye Jin's parents.However, the two sides denied that it was "absolutely not". "The contents are not true," a member of the MS team told Sports Korea, "and the parents of Son Ye-jin are present in Korea and denying that it is ridiculous to present in the United States." Hyun Bin's agency, VAST Entertainment, also said, "He is currently working abroad on a schedule"After the supermarket photo released, Sonye-jin's side said, "We will confirm with her," and Hyun Bin said, "We are confirming the facts now, and we will announce our position soon." Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were colaborated in the movie 'Negotiations', which was released last year. In the process of publicity, the netizens 'opinion that the two people fit well together.lunamoon @ sportschosun. .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Let's reminisce Hyun Bin's type of woman for the past couple of years! Hyun Bin's interview after KSS drama "My ideal type is a kind person, eats well and could understand the fact that I'm an actor." Hyun Bin: The girl I like, she'd have to understand the nature of my job, and she'd have to have a healthy appetite. Age doesn't matter, as long as she's not older than my mother. Would you fall in love with a 30-year-old woman in reality? Hyun Bin's answer "If I really like her, if my mother doesn't disagree, why not?" When I set the first look on a girl, and when I'm speaking to them, I do not look at her face. The first thing I'd look is her hands. I think I could see whether a girl is capable of becoming a good wife through her hands. He said, "Actually, I don't care much about the appearance, the most important thing is having a kind heart." If I really like a girl, I'd want to be a man who could understand her and take care of her. Don't all girls like this type of guys? Relationship that my parents disapprove of is an absolute NO. Actually, I'm the MOST realistic person ever. Regarding what kind of husband he'd want to be, Hyun Bin already has a very specific thought, "Whether a woman is considered pretty depends on her cooking skill, the way she dresses and her husband. Which means, when a woman cooks well, wears sexy clothes, and there is a charming husband standing beside her, she'd look exceptionally pretty. I hope I could satisfy one of the three requirements in order to make my woman prettier. The first two requirements she'd have to work hard on her own, I'd be responsible for the last one." .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... For the Chinese (original) version by Yi Soon Translated by Soah-Bin of soompi Hyun Bin's interview after SeGa dramaQ: What type of woman is your ideal?HYUN BIN: Well, the woman I'm waiting for is someone who would understand and respect my job as an actor. Because of my job, I have an irregular life pattern. And I just want someone to be here for me and to understand that and stay with me. There have been women who seem to understand this part of my life and respect it, but I think they will actually have to live the part when they aren't able to handle it. So I'm just currently waiting for the woman who can do that for me. He later stated that he wishes to get married before he turns 40 years old. He stated, “I wish to be married before I turn 40. Just like everyone else, I believe a marriage is one of the most important moments in one’s life. It changes your life in many ways. I envy my friends who are married and have a family (although they may envy my freedom in life).” .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Translation for the very top post (From Binnie Jinnie FB Page) They said: This dating rumour is really a hot topic in SK. There are hundreds of articles talking about them that is impossible to read them all. They don't know whether these are real or assumption - 1. One post has a title "I have a clip showing hb and yj hand in hand". The owner claimed the clip is in his/her phone but don't know how to upload. Many people commented how to upload it but the owner never did and disappeared. 2. One post said "I saw hb in person." The writer claimed seeing hb at a very close distance. His face is not big. He's very handsome, just like looking at an art work. I also saw Son Ye Jin." No one knew where or when the writer saw her and no one asked those questions in the comment section. This was posted on January 22. 3. Another post "Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin is rumored they got married since September 2018". There was a picture captured from some blogs posted by someone who has fortune-telling ability. The picture has the post as follows : ● On September 12: "I have posted about Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin recently". I kept getting questions if these 2 have a dating rumor, what would be their horoscopes. Both of them will surely have good news. They will not like friends, best friends, acquaintance or dating. They will get married. I'm happy for the handsome man and the beautiful lady. If you ever hear a dating rumor of these 2, please come back to me. ● On January 10 (1st dating rumor) "Did I not tell you? Son Ye Jin Hyun Bin". Definitely there will be news about marriage. If not, I will stop here. Comments at the bottom : -arrggg..goosebumps -very good to have captured these pictures -Did Son Ye Jin write this? -the end 4. Another post "Hyun Bin looks exactly like Son Ye Jin's dad". See picture Comments -yes very alike -Son Ye Jin picks lover who has to look like her dad -same from being in marines to having dimples. Exactly alike -this is definitely destiny No wonder they look alike. She looks like her dad and Bin has many beautiful features like her dad. SK news started to discover this and some began to write about it. Source (1) According to the same FB account, the above is the original post on January 9 from an anonymous person started the rumor ●right now Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are in LA, with Lee Jin Woo ●why are they there, any events? Who is Lee Jin Woo? ●really? are they really close? If not, are there any events? After researching, fb owner said Lee Jin Woo is HB's senior served in Marines. Also, when they were spotted last year (on August 11, 2018) at the golf course, the name of the golf course was blacked meaning someone actually saw them there at that particular golf course. There was one comment on YJ's IG "I saw you in LA" and another one "wife Son goes vacation to US with Hyun Bin?" Son Ye Jin's ideal type is the same: she wanted someone who understands her job. **Skip the greetings part** Not only people saw Yejjn and Hyunbin in US at the beginning of January like the news were talking about, some actually also saw them in SK around November 2018. Then the supermarket pictures revealed. At that time, reporters believed they will admit dating because of the pictures, but they still denied firmly. The reporters have tried to find out why they were in US but their agencies only stated personal trip. They also asked about the relationship of the acquaintances who were with them but only got the silence from their agencies. The reporters are very suspicious based on these vague responses. Some said it would be better to meet the acquaintances at the restaurant rather than at the supermarket. So their conclusion is leaning more towards the two people went to supermarket to get daily supplies + snacks + cooking ingredients for both, rather than for a whole group. Hong Seok-chon (a bald guy who has wide relations) said celebrities usually meet their friends through SNS communication. So this can possibly happen, especially they went to the supermarket without covering their face. Aren't they too confidence (not afraid to be exposed if someone see them together )? Another reporter said maybe because this is not the first time and they probably came to the same supermarket several times with no obvious threats so they felt somewhat comfortable without using masks. One female dancer or singer said she also met her colleague in US. They also met their acquaintances and all of them went to eat and then to the supermarket just like yj-hb's case. Both weren't dating. Another female reporter responded based on her personal experience. If 2 famous celebrities who already had dating rumor had their pictures taken together outside the country like that, the chances of them dating is really high. Then she talked about how everyone supports them being together as a couple. Then they talked about the movie "Negotiation". Yj-hb are enemies in the movie but they look very close during the promotion period. The reporters also mentioned that during an interview last year, YJ honestly said I'm not always working without dating. Her ideal type is someone who she's comfortable with, reliable, and gives her good attention, also someone who is hard working, enthusiastic, and take good care of himself. In conclusion, this is yj-hb's privacy so even if they are dating or not, they are currently denying so we just have to believe that. The celebrities say it's possible for friends to meet abroad in the supermarket. On the other hand, the reporters are not convinced and continued to keep their suspicious. The writer's opinion : Hong Seok Chon said 2 celebrity friends from the same city can communicate through SNS to meet outside of the country is possible ~ this part doesn't make sense because hb doesn't have SNS, it's even more impossible for hb to find where yj is through the 1st dating rumor and then met her there with a few acquaintances to talk about the "nonsense" dating rumor about them.....etc... ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Chris Chan is the hostage taker in The Negotiation. The one that killed Min Tae Gu's sister. ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin in talks to reunite in a new drama by scriptwriter of 'You Who Came From the Stars’ According to reports on April 3, same-age actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are currently in talks to work together again in a new tvN dram by scriptwriter Park Ji Eun!Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, who are close 1982-line friends, worked together for film 'The Negotiation' last year and received such rave reviews about their chemistry, that they even became involved in dating rumors. Meanwhile, scriptwriter Park Ji Eun is considered a star in the romantic-comedy genre of K-dramas, being the master mind behind 'Queen of Housewives', 'My Husband Got A Family', 'You Who Came From The Stars', 'Producer', 'The Legend of the Blue Sea', and more. She is currently working on her new tvN romantic comedy in top secret, traveling back and forth from Korea to the U.S. The new series is expected to premiere some time in the latter half of 2019. Source (1) .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin Confirm For New Drama From Writer Of “The Legend Of The Blue Sea” TV/FILM May 22, 2019 by R. Jun Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have both confirmed for the drama “Crash Landing of Love” (tentative title) from writer Park Ji Eun, who penned “My Love From the Star” and “The Legend of the Blue Sea.” The drama is about a wealthy heiress named Yoon Se Ri (played by Son Ye Jin), who, while paragliding, is forced to land in North Korea due to high winds. A North Korean officer named Ri Jung Hyuk (played by Hyun Bin) hides and protects her, and in doing so, comes to love her. In addition to the unique story from the hit drama writer, the casting of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin — who previously worked together in the 2018 film “The Negotiation” — already has viewers excited. Hyun Bin will have no shortage of heart-pounding, charismatic scenes as an elite officer, and Son Ye Jin will be putting her rom-com sensibilities on full display. Joining the drama is director Lee Jung Hyo of “Good Wife,” “Life on Mars,” and “Romance Is a Bonus Book.” “Crash Landing of Love” is set to air sometime in the second half of this year on tvN. Source (1) Pics leaked : 21st Jan Drama confirmation : 22nd May Release date : 23rd Nov Nice date
  2. tvN Drama Crash Landing on you Network: tvN Genre: Romance Episodes: 16 Airdate: December 14th, 2019 - Airtime: Sat & Sun @ 22:55 KST Director: Lee Jung Hyo, (Romance is a bonus book) Writer: Park Ji Eun (My love from aother star) Story: The drama is about a wealthy heiress named Yoon Se Ri, who, while paragliding, is forced to land in North Korea due to high winds. A North Korean officer named Ri Jung Hyuk hides and protects her, and in doing so, comes to love her. Cast: Hyu Bin as Ri Jung Hyuk Son Ye Jin as Yoon Se Ri Kim Jung Hyun as Goo Jun Hee Seo Jin Hye as Seo Dan Oh Man Seok Teasers: Press conf OST 01.Soompi code of conduct | SOOMPI RULES FOR KDRAMA | MOVIES | ACTORS' & ACTRESS' SECTION Don't post any requests for subs! Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. Don't quote images. 01.Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately.02.Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods.03.Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, Etc.. should be report to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here.04.Those who are caught breaking the soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their Id/IDs reported the mods. 05.Those who are caught promoting/posting illegal streaming links with subs ( those without permission from the orginal subbers and doesn't have copyrights like, Viki, Dramafever, or Crunchyroll) will have their ID's reported to the mods for endangering Soompi to legal issues for illegal streaming sites promotions. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO WHERE CREDIT IS DUE
  3. ~ Son Ye-jin 손예진 ~ [ CrashLandingOnYou WrapParty on February 16, 2020 | Cr:TD ] Name: Son Ye-jin [손예진] BirthName: Son Eon-jin [손언진] Born: January 11, 1982 | Sang-dong, Susung-gu, Daegu, South Korea Body: 165cm | 45kg | 235mm | Type A Family: Parents, 1 older sister (2 years older) Education: Daigu Susung Elementary School > Bummul Girls’ Middle School > Junghwa Girls’ High School > Seoul Institute of the Arts (Film / dropped out) Religion: Roman Catholic (Baptismal name: Dominica) Debut: 1999 CF Somang Cosmetics ‘Flor de Man’ Agency: MSTeam Entertainment [ Homepage | Facebook | Instagram | Posts.Naver | TV.Naver | Vlive | YouTube ] Official SNS: [ Homepage | Instagram | Facebook | Weibo (c) | YeJin’s Schedule ] Links: [ DaumCafeShine | DC | OfficialFC-Hamil@Youtube ] (more below) Character: Calm and introspective Personality: Can be talkative & easy going with people I feel close to, but tend to be a bit shy & find it difficult to befriend people I don't know well. As a result, people sometimes see me as cold and reserved. Personal Interest: Traveling, reading books, listening to music, watching movies Hobby: Swimming, jogging, mountain climbing, photography, yoga, pilates Habit: Nothing particular, but sometimes talk in my sleep Treasure: Watch, hat, mobile phone, digital camera FAVORITE Sport: Soccer Color: Beige, ivory, pastel tones Food: Tteokbokki (spicy stir-fried rice cakes), jjigae (stew), seolleongtang (ox-bone soup), galbitang (beef short ribs soup) Pet: Puppy (had a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese) Flower: Flowers in full bloom || Baby's breath (common gypsophila) Season: Spring (not good with cold weather) City: Paris, France (old buildings, night views) Ideal Man: Someone who Memorable Movie: Moulin Rouge, Life is Beautiful, Lost in Translation Actor: Hwang Shin-hye, Choi Min-sik, Song Kang-ho || Go Doo-shim, Kim Young-ae, Shim Eun-ha, Jeon Do-yeon Fashion: Jean & T-Shirt. Prefer simple/cute accessories over flashy ones [ 20th BusanInternationalFilmFestival on Oct 1, 2015 | Cr:HeraldPOP ] [ 29th BlueDragonFilmAwards Best Actress | HandPrint ] [ Autograph | Cr:CrashLandingOnYou OST ] ***** PROFILE ***** [kofic] SON Ye-jin demonstrates the vulnerability of a woman who is in desperate need of protection. From <Lovers' Concerto> to <A Moment to Remember>, she had long stuck to this image. She has played tragic characters such as Soo-in whose ill-fated love ended with her death in <Lovers' Concerto>, Ji-hye in <The Classic> who missed her first lover, and Su-jin in <A Moment to Remember> who suffered from Alzheimer’s and gradually forgot her husband, [Jung Woo-sung]’s character. <April Snow> was the movie that transformed her from an innocent girl to a woman. It was <April Snow> that repositioned her as an actress who could express rich emotions and <Alone In Love> showed her strong character. <Alone In Love> marked a watershed moment in her acting career as she broke her stereotype as a virtuous woman by portraying an individualistic woman. SON has expanded her acting range from a sexy pickpocket in <Open City>, an adulterous but forgivable wife in <My Wife Got Married>, and a mysterious fame fatale in <White Night> who held the key to a murder. The fall of 2011 saw a countless number of romantic comedies being released in Korea, with the box-office champ among them being <Spellbound> starring SON. Thanks to her shamelessly cunning performance including cutesy drunken behavior, the film gathered more spectators in its second week versus its opening on its way to become a box office hit. She took on her first blockbuster role alongside SUL Kyung-gu in the inferno disaster film <The Tower> in late 2012. SON’s next role was the lead in the thriller <Blood and Ties>, a modest performer in late 2013. She returned to blockbusters with a new image when she took on the role of a pirate in the big-budget 2014 swashbuckler <The Pirates>. Following the massive success of <The Pirates>, SON next starred in the China-Korea co-production <Bad Guys Always Die>. The year 2016 saw her both experience commercial success with HUR Jin-ho’s Colonial Era drama <The Last Princess> and critical acclaim with LEE Kyoung-mi’s kidnap thriller <The Truth Beneath>. In 2018, SON paired up with SO Ji-sub for fantasy melodrama <Be With You> and HYUN Bin for hostage thriller <The Negotiation>. [ Complete Filmography | Cr:DCSonYeJinGallery ] FILMOGRAPHY MOVIE (Src: kobis) Opening Year | Title | Role | Total Admissions (people) 2018 ’The Negotiation 협상’ as Ha Chae-yoon 하채윤 [1,967,721] 2018 ’Be with You 지금 만나러 갑니다’ as Im Soo-ah 임수아 [2,602,273] 2016 ‘The Last Princess 덕혜옹주’ as Princess Deokhye 덕혜옹주 [5,599,229] 2016 ‘The Truth Beneath 비밀은 없다’ as Kim Yeon-hong 김연홍 [250,650] 2015 ‘Bad Guys Always Die 나쁜놈은 죽는다’ as Im Ji-yeon 임지연 [14,942] 2014 ’The Pirates 해적: 바다로 간 산적’ as Yeo-wol 여월 [8,666,046] 2013 ‘Blood and Ties | Accomplice 공범’ as Jung Da-eun 정다은 [1,766,285] 2012 ‘The Tower 타워’ as Seo Yoon-hee 서윤희 [5,181,014] 2011 ’Spellbound 오싹한 연애’ as Kang Yeo-ri 강여리 [3,009,356] 2009 ‘White Night | Baekyahaeng 백야행: 하얀 어둠 속을 걷다’ as Yoo Mi-ho 유미호 [956,767] 2008 ’My Wife Got Married 아내가 결혼했다’ as Joo In-ah 주인아 [1,788,748] 2008 ’Open City 무방비 도시’ as Baek Jang-mi 백장미 [1,613,728] 2007 ‘Yobi, The Five-Tailed Fox 천년여우 여우비’ (animation) as Yobi 여우비 (voice) [482,988] 2005 ‘The Art of Seduction 작업의 정석’ as Han Ji-won 한지원 [2,342,232] 2005 ’April Snow 외출’ as Han Seo-young 한서영 [809,191] 2004 ’A Moment to Remember 내 머리 속의 지우개’ as Kim Su-jin 김수진 [2,565,078] 2003 ’Crazy First Love 첫사랑 사수 궐기대회’ as Joo Il-mae 주일매 [2,339,410] 2003 ’The Classic 클래식’ as Yoon Ji-hye 윤지혜 / Sung Joo-hee 성주희 [1,545,107] 2002 ’Lover's Concerto 연애소설’ as Shim Soo-in 심수인 / Kyung-hee 경희 [589,743] 2002 ‘Painted Fire | Chihwaseon 취화선’ as So-woon 소운 [434,108] 2000 ‘Secret Tears | Bimil 비밀’ (supporting role) [22,168] TOTAL ADMISSIONS: 44,524,616 people AVERAGE ADMISSIONS: 2,226,231 people DRAMA (Src: namu) Year | Network | Title | Role | Rating (highest rated episode) 2019~2020 tvN ’Crash Landing on You 사랑의 불시착’ as Yoon Se-ri 윤세리 [21.7%] 2018 JTBC ’Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food 밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나’ as Yoon Jin-ah 윤진아 [7.3%] 2013 KBS2 ’Shark 상어’ as Jo Hae-woo 조해우 [10.7%] 2011 SBS ‘Secret Garden 시크릿 가든’ episode 20 as herself (cameo) 2010 MBC ’Personal Taste 개인의 취향’ as Park Kae-in 박개인 [16.2%] 2008 MBC ’Spotlight 스포트라이트’ as Seo Woo-jin 서우진 [12.2%] 2006 SBS ’Alone in Love 연애시대’ as Yoo Eun-ho 유은호 [17.4%] 2003 KBS2 ’Summer Scent 여름 향기’ as Shim Hye-won 심혜원 [19.2%] 2002 SBS ’Great Ambition 대망’ as Choi Dong-hee 최동희 [27.7%] 2001 MBC ‘Sun-hee and Jin-hee 선희 진희’ as Shim Sun-hee 심선희 [15.0%] 2001 MBC ‘Delicious Proposal 맛있는 청혼’ as Jang Hee-ae 장희애 [30.9%] ALBUM [2006-05-23] Tears Song 눈물송 “Thank you” (episode 15 of SBS drama ‘Alone in Love’) ENTERTAINMENT [2018-12-02/09] SBS ‘Master in the House 집사부일체’ Ep 46-47 (Master #22) || Watch [ 46 | 47 ] [2018-03-14] ‘Actor & Chatter’ Ep 19 || Watch[c] [2016-07-15] MBC RADIO ‘Two O'Clock Date with Park Kyung-lim’ || Watch[c] [2014-06-14/21/28] MBC ‘Infinite Challenge 무한도전’ S4 Ep 383-385 (2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Cheerleading Squad) [2011-05-12] SBS FM ‘Gong Hyung-jin's Cine Town’ || Listen [2008-05-14] MBC ‘Golden Fishery 황금어장 - Knee-Drop Guru 무릎팍 도사’ Ep 93 || Watch[c] (Under construction) [ ‘The Classic’ (2003) | Cr:kobiz ] [ ‘A Moment to Remember’ (2004) ] [ ‘Alone in Love’ (writer: Park Yeon-seon & PD: Han Ji-seung) | 2006-04-03~5-23 on SBS ] [ ‘Crash Landing on You’ (writer: Park Ji-eun & PD: Lee Jung-hyo) | 2019-12-14~2020-12-16 on tvN ] ***** AWARD ***** [2020-06-05] The 56th Baeksang Arts Awards: TikTok Popularity Award (Crash Landing on You) [2019-xx-xx] Faro Island Film Festival [Golden Carp Film Award - Korean & Japanese]: Favorite Actress (Be with You) [2018-11-12] The 2nd Elle Style Awards: Super Icon - Woman [2018-10-27] The 2nd Seoul Awards: Best Film Actress (Be with You), Most Popular Film Actress (BWY, Negotiation) [2018-10-24] The 9th Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards: Prime Minister’s Commendation [2018-09-03] The 13th Seoul International Drama Awards: Hallyu Drama - Outstanding Korean Actress (Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food) [2017-05-24] The 22nd Chunsa Film Art Awards: Best Actress (The Truth Beneath) [2017-05-03] The 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Film Actress (The Last Princess) [2017-01-18] The 8th KOFRA (Korean Film Reporters Association) Film Awards: Best Actress (The Last Princess) [2016-12-27] The 53rd Grand Bell Awards: Best Actress (The Last Princess) [2016-12-20] The 3rd Film Producers Association Awards: Best Actress (The Truth Beneath, The Last Princess) [2016-12-07] The 17th Women in Film Korea Awards: Best Actress (The Truth Beneath) [2016-12-02] The 17th Busan Film Critics Association (BCFA) Awards: Best Actress (The Truth Beneath) [2016-11-25] The 37th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popular Star (The Last Princess) [2016-11-08] The 36th Korean Association of Film Critics (KAFC) Awards: Best Actress (The Truth Beneath) [2016-10-07] The 25th Buil Film Awards: Best Actress (The Truth Beneath) [2015-04-13] The 4th KOPA & NIKON Press Photo (Korea Online Press Photographers Association) Awards: Most Photogenic [2014-12-19] Korean Film Actor’s Association Awards: Top Star (The Pirates) [2014-11-21] The 51st Grand Bell Awards: Best Actress (The Pirates) [2014-07-17] The 18th Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan): Producer’s Choice Award [2010-11-26] The 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popular Star (White Night) [2010-08-13] The 5th Asia-Pacific Producers Network (APN) Awards: APN Award [2010-03-26] The 46th Baeksang Arts Awards: Instyle Fashionista Award [2010-02-23] The 1st Seoul Arts & Culture Awards: Film Actor Grand Prize (White Night) [2009-02-27] The 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Film Actress (My Wife Got Married) [2008-12-15] The 4th Korea University Film Festival (Uniff): Best Actress (My Wife Got Married) [2008-12-09] The 25th Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards: Best Dressed Female Movie Star [2008-12-08] The 1st Korea Jewelry Awards: Diamond Award [2008-11-20] The 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Actress (My Wife Got Married) [2008-11-20] The 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popular Star (My Wife Got Married) [2008-11-20] The 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Couple with Kim Joo-hyuk (My Wife Got Married) [2008-10-30] The 1st Style Icon Awards: Style Icon - Actress, Fun Fearless Female [2007-12-12] Korea Fashion & Design Awards: Fashion Icon Award [2007-11-23] The 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Dressed [2007-04-25] The 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Best TV Actress (Alone in Love) [2007-01-19] 2006 (The 2nd) Asia Model Festival Awards: Model Star Award [CF category] [2006-12-31] 2006 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actress, Top 10 Star (Alone in Love) [2006-11-24] The 51st Asia-Pacific Film Festival: Best Actress (April Snow) [2006-10-28] The 15th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival: Best Actress (A Moment to Remember) [2006-06-29] The 4th Korea International Jewelry & Watch Fair: Best Jewelry Lady [2004-03-18] The 9th Moscow International Love Film Festival: Best Couple with Jo Seung-woo (The Classic) [2003-12-11] The 24th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popular Star (The Classic) [2003-06-20] The 40th Grand Bell Awards: Best New Actress (The Classic), Popular Star [2003-03-26] The 39th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Film Actress (The Classic) [2002-12-02] The 22nd Korean Association of Film Critics (KAFC) Awards: Best New Actress (Lovers’ Concerto) [2001-12-30] 2001 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actress (Delicious Proposal) [ 26th BlueDragonFilmAwards on Nov 29, 2005 | Cr:Chosun ] [ 29th BlueDragonFilmAwards on Nov 20, 2008 | Cr:StarToday ] [ 15th BusanInternationalFilmFestival on Oct 7, 2010 | Cr:StarToday ] [ 51st GrandBellAwards on Nov 21, 2014 | Cr:OSEN ] [ 20th BusanInternationalFilmFestival on Oct 1, 2015 | Cr:OSEN ] *** ACHIEVEMENT *** [2019-10-xx] Culture & Art Magazine (volume 64) - ‘Korean Cinema 100 Years‘: Best of 21st Century [2019-04-17] NewWomanClub’s 100 Years of Korean Movies [1919-2019]: 1st Love Film BEST 10 [2008-12-23] Korea Gallup Poll '2008 Best Film Actress' [2006-12-xx] 2006 t-Awards: Best TV Actor (Under construction) ***** ENDORSEMENT ***** [ Cr:ma:nyo ] 2020: ‘YOUNGLIM 영림‘ (home improvement) || ‘Jenny House Re;BAK Style Repair Shampoo & Treatment’ || 2019: ‘ma:nyo factory 마녀공장‘ (skincare) || ‘VANAV 바나브’ (beauty device) || ‘Neuramis 뉴라미스’ 2018: ‘Hyundai Insurance 현대해상’ || ‘Missha 미샤’ (cosmetics) || ‘VANAV 바나브’ (beauty device) || ‘Ganeshi 가네시‘ (jewelry) 2017: ‘Hyundai Insurance 현대해상’ || ‘Missha 미샤’ || ‘BESTI BELLI 베스띠벨리’ (women’s clothing) || Skin Inc 2016: ‘Hyundai Insurance 현대해상’ || ‘Missha 미샤’ || ‘BESTI BELLI 베스띠벨리’ || ‘Clash of Kings 클래시오브킹즈’ (simulation game; with So Ji-sub) || ‘Tarra 타라’ (black tea) 2015: ‘Missha 미샤’ || ‘Cashslide 캐시슬라이드’ (app tech; with Hwang Jung-min) || ‘NH Life Insurance NH 농협생명’ || Marier Skincare (Korea-based; campaign in HK) 2014: ‘Missha 미샤’ || ‘NH Life Insurance NH 농협생명’ || ‘Chatelaine 샤트랜’ (women’s clothing) || ‘Wild Rose 와일드로즈’ (outdoor) || ‘Sony Alpha NEX-3N’ (camera) || Pandora (Danish jewelry brand) 2013: ‘NH Life Insurance NH 농협생명’ || ‘Chatelaine 샤트랜’ || ‘Wild Rose 와일드로즈’ || ‘Sony Alpha NEX-3N’ || ‘LG VOV 보브’ (cosmetics) 2012: ‘NH Life Insurance NH 농협생명’ (with Jang Hyuk, So Ji-sub) || ‘Sony Alpha NEX-F3’ (camera) || ‘Chatelaine 샤트랜’ || ‘SK VIEW’ (apartment) || ‘VOV 보브’ || ‘S.T. Dupont 듀풍’ (casual fashion) 2011: ‘LG O HUI 오휘’ (cosmetics) || ‘SK VIEW’ || ‘Chatelaine 샤트랜’ || ‘VOV 보브’ || ‘Piaget 피아제’ (Swiss watch/jewelry) 2010: ‘O HUI 오휘’ (with Kim Nam-gil) || ‘SK VIEW’ || ‘Chatelaine 샤트랜’ || ‘Good Downloader 굿다운로더’ (campaign; with Hwang Jung-min, Lee Byung-hun, Kim Yujin) 2009: ‘O HUI 오휘’ || ‘Danon Activia 다 논 액티비아’ 2008: ‘Pocari Sweat 포카리스웨트’ (beverage) || ‘CUCKOO Rice Cooker 쿠쿠 밥솥’ || ‘O HUI 오휘’ || ‘Samhwan Nauville 삼환기업 나우빌’ (apartment) 2007: ‘Pocari Sweat 포카리스웨트’ || ‘Kooksoondang Baekseju 국순당 백세주’ (alcohol; with Jo Seung-woo) || ‘CUCKOO 쿠쿠’ || ‘O HUI 오휘’ (with Kim Ah-jung) || ‘Nauville 나우빌’ 2006: ‘S-Oil‘ (oil refiner; with Cha Seung-won, PSY) || ‘CUCKOO 쿠쿠’ || ‘O HUI 오휘’ || ‘Nauville 나우빌’ || ‘Floce 플로체’ (clothing) || ‘Ginza Bonheur Synergy Soap’ (JP cosmetics; with Gam Woo-sung) 2005: ‘Woongjin Daesilro Brown Rice with Raw Seaweed 웅진식품 다실로현미생초매실’ (beverage) || ‘Korea Unification 롱일부‘ || ‘Gwangmyung ShineVille 광명 샤인빌’ (apartment) || ‘Georgia Canned Coffee 죠지아 캔커피‘ (JP) 2004: ‘LG U+ canU 유플러스캔유’ (cellphone) || ‘San Soju 산소주’ || ‘Koaroo 코아루’ (apartment) 2003: ‘Omphalos 옹파로스’ (clothing; with Park Yong-ha) || ‘LG Telecom LG 텔레콤’ || ‘LG U+ canU 유플러스캔유’ || ‘Foreign Exchange Card 외환카드’ (credit card) || ‘BRAVO Cone 부라보콘’ (ice cream) || ‘Dongsuh Brown Rice Green Tea 동서식품 현미녹차‘ || ‘Koaroo 코아루’ || ‘Wacle 와클’ (snacks) 2002: ‘Pocari Sweat 포카리스웨트’ (beverage) || ‘Pore Management Cosmetics B&F 모공관리화장품B&F’ || ‘Crown Confectionery Onu 크라운제과 오뉴’ || ‘Pantech & Curitel 팬택 & 큐리텔‘ (cellphone; with Yoon Do-hyun) || ‘Omphalos 옹파로스’ (clothing; with Han Jae-suk) 2001: ‘Pocari Sweat 포카리스웨트’ || ‘Pore Management Cosmetics B&F 모공관리화장품B&F’ || ‘CJ Petitzel 쁘띠첼’ (food) || ‘HewlettPackard Pavilion HP 파빌리온‘ 1999: ‘Somang Cosmetics Flor de Man 소망화장품 꽃을든남자’ (with Kim Hye-soo) [ MBC ‘Spotlight’ press conference on May 8, 2008 | Cr:Lemonlight ] [ tvN ‘CrashLandingOnYou’ press conference on December 9, 2019 | Cr:SPOTV ] *** PHOTO *** MSTeam-3 [ BROCHURE-All : NewspaperInterview | MagazinePictorial | Profile | Advertisement ] MSTeam-4 [ PERSONAL-All : OverseasPR-Activity | FilmFestival+AwardCeremony | Filming+ActivitySite | Daily/Travel | Childhood ] MSTeam-5 [ CLUB-All : 2013-2001 ] MSTeam-6 [ VIDEO-All : Film | CF | Radio | ClubSpecial ] ‘The Negotiation’: [ Vogue | MSTeam 2018-09-21 | VAST ] (Vogue Sep 2018) | ‘Be with You’: [ MSTeam 2018-04-09 ] | ‘The Last Princess’: [ MSTeam 2016-08-24 | ] ‘Bad Guys Always Die’: [ MSTeam 2015-11-24 | ] MSTeam-1 [ MOVIE-All : TheLastPrincess | TheTruthBeneath | ThePirates | Accomplice | TheTower | Spellbound | WhiteNight | MyWifeGotMarried | OpenCity | YobiTheFiveTailedFox | TheArtOfSeduction | AprilSnow | AMomentToRemember | CrazyFirstLove | TheClassic | Lover’sConcerto | Chihwaseon ] tvN drama ‘Crash Landing on You’: [ tvN | MSTeam2020 [ Series : 01-01(1) | 01-14(2) | 02-15(3) ] | WrapParty ] JTBC drama ‘Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food’: MSTeam2018 [ Series : 03-21(1) | 04-04(2) | 04-12(3) ] MSTeam-2 [ DRAMA-All : Shark | PersonalTaste | Spotlight | AloneInLove | SummerScent | GreatAmbition | Sunhee+Jinhee | DeliciousProposal ] SBS ‘Master in the House’ (Ep 46-47): [ MSTeam 2018-12-15 ] [MAG] 1st Look: Vol.154 May2018 [ MSTeam 2018-07-13 ] | [MAG] EsquireKorea: Feb2018 [ MSTeam 2018-02-26 ] | [MAG] JLOOK: Sep2015 [ MSTeam 2016-01-21 ] | [MAG] VOGUE: Sep2018 [ Vogue | MSTeam 2018-09-21 | VAST ] [CF] YOUNGLIM: [ 1 | 2 ] [CF] Ganeshi 2018: MSTeam 2019-07-06 [CF] Missha: MSTeam [ 2015-12-14 | 2017-03-28 ] [CF] Tarra: MSTeam 2016-11-24 [CF] BESTI BELLI: MSTeam 2016-03-11 MSTeam 2017-03-22 (Under construction) *** VIDEO *** Clips: OfficialFC-Hamil@Youtube Subbed Clips: English [ Sonyejin82@Vimeo | withBinjin@youtube ] | Chinese [ ] Romance Rumors: Son Ye-jin & Kim Nam-gil [ Y-STAR 2013-10-29 | ShowbizKorea 2013-11-13 (@0:35) ] Son Ye-jin & Hyun Bin [ SectionTV 2019-01-15 (Ep 947) | ] HouseInterior (100home_studio on furnitures inside SYJ’s house) ‘The Negotiation’ =>PosterShoot VAST [2018-08-09] [ShowbizKorea 2008-08-21] PressConf | [EntWeekly 2018-08-13] interview@theater || Vogue-Sep’18: [ Vogue | MSTeam ] ‘Be with You’ [ MSTeam: PosterShoot | ShowbizKorea 2018-03-02] PressConf | Trailer | ] =>FMV: MyLoveBesideMe ‘The Last Princess’ [ [ShowbizKorea 2015-08-31] Casting | InternationalTrailer | CharacterIntro | Showbiz Korea 2016-07-22 | HallyuWorld 2016-08-30 | VLive 2016-08-02 ] ‘The Truth Beneath’ [ [ShowbizKorea 2014-09-10] Casting | [ShowbizKorea 2016-06-07] PressConf | [EntWeekly 2016-07-25] Guerilla Date | ChannelVMovie - Meet The Actor ] ‘The Pirates’ [ PosterMaking (MSTeam) | ShowbizKorea 2014-06-12 | [Showbiz Korea 2014-07-22] PressConf ] ‘Accomplice’ [ [ShowbizKorea 2013-10-14] PressConf ] ‘A Moment to Remember’ =>FMV: ‘The Classic’ =>FMV: ParkSaeByul - LoveThatIsTooPainfulWasn’tLove | Jatanpung - MeToYou, YouToMe tvN drama ‘Crash Landing on You’ =>Pre-Premiere: PosterShoot (MSTeam) | ScriptReading | Interview | =>PressConference: PressConf | Kakao | ForeignPress [ PH | Thai | TW ] =>SWOON: PLAYLIST-All : MissionPong | CouchTalk | DIY FanLove | ComplimentMe | BTS [ 1-24 | 2-2 | 3-2 ] | Clips [ SwoonWorthy | ] => Post: WrapParty (2-16-2020) | =>Stylings [ [AllureKorea 2020-01-18] Hair+Makeup | ] =>MV: =>FMV: WindzOz | JTBC drama ‘Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food’ [ [ShowbizKorea 2018-04-08] PressConf ] KBS2 drama ‘Shark’ [ [Ent Weekly 2013-05-23] PosterShoot | [Showbiz Korea 2013-05-28] PressConf | Ent Weekly 2013-06-06] PressConf | [StarNewsPlus 2013-05-24] ] =>MV: [ LimJungHee - PoisonLove | JungDongHa - 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[2020-01-08] Film stars rush to small screen as entertainment horizons widen [2020-01-07] Blockbuster movie, TV series spark controversy over idealization of N. Korea [2020-01-07] Despite rumors, HyunBin-SonYeJin still focus on work [2019-12-31] Hit drama Crash has caused some controversy for depicting a love story in North Korea [2019-12-20] I Spent 7 Minutes With 'Crash' Stars HyunBin-SonYeJin [2019-12-19] SonYeJin-HyunBin Talk About Their Characters in "Crash Landing on You" [2019-12-18] Romance rumors add to onscreen chemistry of Crash stars HyunBin & SonYejin [2019-12-09] "Alleged couple" HyunBin & SonYeJin display chemistry at new film's press conference [2019-12-09] Actor Hyun Bin shows affection for his romantic comedy role [2019-12-09] HyunBin-SonYejin appear in TV series after romantic rumors [2019-12-09] Secret love story between HyunBin-SonYejin takes place in North Korea [2019-11-18] Sneak peek into romantic drama [2019-11-17] "Tycoon lady" SonYeJin beautiful+elegant in still cuts of new drama [2019-11-15] HyunBin-SonYeJin Interview Each Other For Their Drama “Crash Landing On You” [2019-11-08] HyunBin-SonYeJin-More Introduce Their Characters At Script Reading For “Crash Landing On You” [2019-09-14] SonYeJin-HyunBin’s Drama Heading To Mongolia To Film [2019-08-20] HyunBin says he felt goosebumps seeing SonYeJin's acting [2019-08-19] HyunBin Reveals He Wanted To Act With SonYeJin Again After Their Movie [2019-07-31] HyunBin-SonYeJin’s Drama To Film In Switzerland [2019-05-22] Top Hallyu Actors HyunBin-SonYeJin are Starring in a New Drama [2019-05-21] HyunBin-SonYeJin Confirm For Drama From “LegendOfBlueSea” Writer [2019-04-04] "New Work Written By Park Ji Eun Currently Under Consideration" [2019-04-02] SonYeJin-HyunBin In Talks For Drama From “LegendOfBlueSea” Writer [2019-01-21] HyunBin-SonYeJin’s sides explain dating photos [2019-01-21] Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin spotted in LA [2019-01-21] Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin both deny dating rumors [2019-01-20] HyunBin-SonYeJin Spotted Grocery Shopping Together + Agencies Respond [2019-01-11] Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin dating? [2019-01-09] SonYeJin-HyunBin’s Agencies Deny Rumors Of Them Traveling Together [2018-09-27] Son Ye-jin focuses on the little things: For ‘The Negotiation’... [2018-09-25] SonYeJin posts video celebrating HyunBin's birthday [2018-09-25] SonYeJin-HyunBin Celebrate “Negotiation” Surpassing 1 Million Moviegoers [2018-09-20] Thriller shows off new sides of familiar faces [2018-09-18] Actress Son Ye-jin Already Looking Ahead After a Busy Year [2018-09-18] SonYeJin Talks About Moving On From Melodrama/Rom-Com Image In New Film With HyunBin [2018-09-17] SonYeJin Talks About JoInSung-ChoSeungWoo + Movies Premiering On Same Day [2018-09-17] HyunBin-SonYeJin promise to meet in a romantic film [2018-09-13] SonYeJin Talks About Her Efforts In Maintaining Her Appearance [2018-09-12] SonYeJin Says She And HyunBin Would Make A Great “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” [2018-09-11] HyunBin Reveals What SonYeJin Did That Really Shocked Him While Filming “Negotiation” [2018-09-11] (Review) 'The Negotiation': A gripping suspense thriller [2018-09-10] SonYeJin can't choose favorite co-star [2018-08-09] Hyunbin-SonYejin collaborate for 1s time for JK Film's new thriller [2018-08-09] SonYeJin-HyunBin Talk About Acting With Each Other In Upcoming Film [2018-05-28] (Interview) Son Ye-jin says maturity not necessarily proportional to age [2018-05-28] Son Ye-jin shows why she is queen of romance [2018-05-28] ’Something in the Rain’ press meetings [2018-04-27] Son Ye-jin has never been so blissful as she is with ‘Something in the Rain’ [2018-04-10] [TV Review] Son Ye-jin conquers Korean cinema, TV [2018-03-27] Lee Jang-hoon’s debut film is a labor of love [2018-03-18] So Ji-sub shows off his sweet side [2018-03-18] ’Be with You’ Interview [2018-03-16] Son Ye-jin Returns to Her Signature Melodramatic Role in New Film [2018-03-16] [INTERVIEW] So Ji-sub has full year ahead with film, TV drama [2018-03-14] Korean romance film sold to 17 foreign countries [2018-03-13] [Interview] Son Ye-jin has special place in heart for melodrama [2018-03-13] [Interview] So Ji-sub wants to be a good man than a good actor [2018-03-13] [Review] Just to ‘Be With You’ [2018-03-09] (Interview) 'Melodrama queen' back to silver screen with J-film remake [2018-03-08] Capturing the most precious moments of love [2018-03-08] Actor So Ji-sub wants to make people laugh and cry with 'Be With You' [2018-01-10] Son Ye-jin to return to small screen after 5 years [2018-01-10] Son Ye-jin to return to small screen [2017-11-10] Son Ye-jin to meet fans at romance film exhibition [2017-11-02] Actor Kim Joo-hyuk laid to rest in Seosan [2017-09-07] SON Ye-jin and SO Ji-sub Come Together for Melodrama BE WITH YOU [2017-06-23] Son Ye-jin, Hyun Bin begin shooting new police thriller [2017-06-09] Film about Korea’s last princess to open in Japan [2017-05-25] Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin to star in ‘Negotiation’ [2017-05-22] Son Ye-jin, to Serve as First Brand Evangelist for Skin Inc [2017-05-04] 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards Release Final Voting Breakdown For Each Category [2017-05-04] 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards: List of Winners [2017-01-19] KOFRA (Korea Film Reporters Association) choose winners from domestic films [2017-01-16] K-cinema focuses on male-centric plots of crime & political corruption [2016-12-29] Top 10 Korean Films of 2016 [2016-12-27] 2016 Grand Bell Awards [2016-10-24] 2016 Korean film critics' award [2016-10-08] Son Ye-jin calls acting a 'marathon of consuming emotions' [2016-08-24] 'The Last Princess' tops 5 million in attendance [2016-08-17] Interview: LEE Kyoung-mi of THE TRUTH BENEATH [2016-08-04] Hur Jin-ho talks finding muse other than heartbreak [2016-08-03] [Interview] ‘Last Princess’ is career-defining film, says actress Son Ye-jin [2016-08-02] Tragic life of Korea's last princess on screen [2016-07-31] [Review] ‘The Last Princess’ a refreshing historical drama [2016-07-29] (Review) Life is swept away in historical turmoil in 'The Last Princess' [2016-07-29] (Interview) Son Ye-jin says she gave her all as Princess Deokhye [2016-07-28] Korea’s ‘Last Princess’ comes alive in new film [2016-07-27] Son Ye-jin confesses blaming director of 'Deok Hye Ong Ju' [2016-07-18] Big 4 Korean films vie for summer crown [2016-06-29] Son Ye-jin reveals difficulties in playing historical figure [2016-06-19] Son Ye-jin reveals her dark side [2016-06-16] ’The Truth Beneath’ goes beyond cliches [2016-06-15] ’The Truth Beneath’ tries too hard to avoid the typical [2015-12-03] Son Ye-jin tells all on why she is single [2015-11-19] Son Ye-jin to return to screen as ‘Princess Deokhye’ [2015-10-14] 52nd Grand Bell Film Awards will take place on Nov. 20 [2015-10-02] Son Ye-jin hungered for road movie [2015-09-23] Celebrities rake in cash from ads [2015-09-10] Hong Kong gives big welcome to hallyu actress [2015-01-30] Son Ye-jin to act in ‘Bad Guy’ [2014-08-18] Son Ye-jin to lead in political thriller [2014-08-11] Historical flick ‘Pirates’ takes audience on entertaining journey [2014-08-04] Pirate’s life for Son Ye-jin [2014-07-31] ‘The Pirates’ almost manages to hold water [2014-07-30] SonYeJin wishes good luck to JungWooSung for new film he is producing [2014-06-04] Son Ye-jin cheers on ‘Infinite Challenge’ [2013-10-29] Actors Son Ye-jin, Kim Nam-gil deny dating rumors [2013-09-27] ’Emotional, skirmishing scenes exhausted us’: ‘Accomplice’ actors [2013-05-22] Kim Nam-gil back to being bad [2013-01-23] 'Tower' exceeds 5 million mark in attendance [2012-12-26] Son Ye-jin a pillar of support in ‘The Tower’ [2012-12-21] Interview: THE TOWER's SOL Kyung-gu & SON Ye-jin [2012-12-20] ‘The Tower’ stands tall as a classic disaster film with a human side [2012-12-17] Queen of romance returns in disaster flick [2012-10-18] Son Ye-jin to Debut Dark Family Saga [2011-12-23] Actress Son Ye-jin's Movie Picks [2011-12-01] Son Ye-jin casts her spell over new romantic comedy [2011-12-01] Son Ye-jin Eyeing Melodrama After 'Chilling Romance' [2011-11-24] Romance lost between spooks and laughs [2010-08-10] Lee Byung-hun, Son Ye-jin, Bong Joon-ho to win APN Awards [2010-05-17] [10LINE] Actress Son Ye-jin [2010-04-16] “Personal Taste” will gain flavor, says Son Ye-jin – Part 1 | Part 2 [2009-11-19] Film adaptation of hit novel adds unique colors [2009-11-16] Son Ye-jin: 'Ordinary Sinister Roles Lack Charm' [2009-11-12] Love Lurks in Shadows in Baekyahaeng [2009-11-11] (Review) Film adaptation of literary masterpiece brings unique colors [2009-10-24] ’White Night’ features all-star cast [2009-10-21] Son Ye-jin, Ko Soo to Bring Mystery Romance [2009-10-21] Son Ye-jin not worried over provocative roles [2009-09-30] Son Ye-jin Picked for Jury at Asiana Film Festival [2008-05-13] Spotlight Shows Lives of Reporters [2008-01-08] Dramas Feature Professionals, Comics [2007-12-12] The 2007 Fashion & Design Awards [2006-09-01] [X’s Review] Alone in Love [2006-05-24] Are you ‘Alone in Love’? [2005-12-28] Films Starring Sohn Ye-jin Attract 10 Mil. Viewers in Korea, Japan [2005-12-14] A Moment to Remember breaks Japanese record [2005-11-16] Korean films strengthening influence in Asia [2004-12-23] Son Ye-jin to Co-star with Bae Yong-joon in ‘April Snow’ [2003-06-10] Love and Destiny, ‘Summer Scent’ Set to Lure Chinese Audience [2003-01-05] Young, Charming and Innocent? What More Could You Want? ===Under construction=== Data was gathered/translated/updated from namu | kobis | kobiz | misc (my personal collection: reports, magazine-clippings over the years) News articles from [ Yonhap | Ilgan | Chosun | Herald | Koreatimes | Donga | StarN | Vlive | ] Images re-uploaded from Naver, all copyrights/credits belong to the original sources & creators (as labeled on the pictures). For corrections/suggestions/updates, please DM me. Thank you. RULES [ Soompi ForumRules | K-Dramas/Movies/Actors/Actresses ForumRules ]
  4. ===UNDER CONSTRUCTION. This post is being edited. UNDER CONSTRUCTION=== Kim Nam-Gil & Son Ye-Jin 김남길 & 손예진 | 金南佶 & 孙艺珍 [ KNG+SYJ@Soompi | Tieba | Weibo ] ~ Kim Nam-gil (김남길) ~ ~ Son Ye-jin (손예진) ~ ***TIMELINE*** (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) [2008-11-20] The 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards [2010-03-26] The 46th Baeksang Arts Awards [2010-04] OHUI Hydra Formula CF [2010-07-15 ~ 2012-07-14] Kim Nam-gil’s military service [2013-03-07] ‘Shark’ casting offers for Kim Nam-gil & Son Ye-jin [2013-03-25] Son Ye-jin confirmed [2013-04-05] Kim Nam-gil confirmed [2013-04-10] ‘Shark’ script reading [2013-05-11] ‘Shark’ to Okinawa, Japan for press conference & filming [2013-05-11] ‘Shark’ press conference in Japan [2013-05-15] Kim Nam-gil & Son Ye-jin considering ‘The Pirates’ [2013-05-] ‘Shark’ leaving Okinawa, Japan [2013-05-21] ‘Shark’ press conference in Seoul [2013-05-27] ‘Shark’ premiering [2013-07-26~28] Kim Nam Gil Presents ‘Olympus Ensemble’ Classic Concert in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya) [2013-08-05] ‘The Pirates’ ritual ceremony [2013-10-29] Romance rumors [2014-07-02] ‘The Pirates’ press conference [2014-07-18] ‘The Pirates’ showcase at Lotte World [2014-07-23] ‘The Pirates’ press premiere at Geondae Lotte Cinema [2014-07-29] ‘The Pirates’ VIP premiere at Geondae Lotte Cinema [2014-08-06] ‘The Pirates’ opening day [2014-10-02] The 19th Busan International Film Festival [2014-12- ] recording Commentary for ‘The Pirates’ DVD [2015-10-01] The 20th Busan International Film Festival (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) ***NEWS*** (Under construction) [2013-03-07] Kim Nam-gil and Sohn Ye-jin courted for revenge drama [2013-03-25] Son Ye Jin Swims to Small Screen with “Shark” [2013-03-26] Sohn Ye-jin confirms melo, awaits her hero [2013-04-05] Kim Nam Gil Joins Son Ye Jin in New Drama [2013-04-09] Revenge drama Shark completes casting [2013-04-10] Son Ye Jin, Kim Nam Gil, and Honey Lee Finish First Script Reading of “Shark” [2013-05-08] Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin’s “Shark” Releases Visually Stimulating First Teaser [2013-05-12] Son Ye Jin Describes Kim Nam Gil as Cute [2013-05-13] “Shark” Releases Second Trailer Featuring Son Ye Jin [2013-05-15] Kim Nam-gil and Sohn Ye-jin consider reuniting on the big screen [2013-05-22] Kim Nam-gil back to being bad [2013-05-30] Kim Nam-gil to Make Singer Debut Japan in July [2013-06-10] ’Shark' Kim Nam Gil kisses Son Ye Jin [2013-07-02] Son Ye-jin learns of Kim Nam-gil's true identity [2013-07-03] Kim Nam-gil and Son Ye-jin Cast in New Adventure Pic [2013-07-16] Laughter Blossoms on Set of Kim Nam-gil and Son Ye-jin's "Scar Kiss" [2013-08-19] Kim Nam Gil Visits Hospital After Suffering From Exhaustion [2013-09-06] Kim Nam-gil Sustains Minor Injury during Filming [2013-09-06] Actor injured during filming [2013-10-14] Son Ye Jin: I hope to marry in two years [2013-10-16] “Son Ye Jin Is the Best!” Kim Nam Gil Surprises Movie Screening with Lively Cheers [2013-10-28] [Breaking]Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin Reported to Be Dating but Their Agencies Deny [2013-10-29] Netizen Reaction - Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil Deny Dating Rumors [2013-10-29] Kim Nam Gil And Son Ye Jin: Close But Not Dating [2013-12-12] Kim Nam Gil Talks About Relationship with Son Ye Jin [2014-07-24] Actor Kim Nam Gil Explains How the Failure of “Shark” Influenced Him Positively [2014-07-24] “Pirates” Actress Son Ye Jin Reveals Her Love For Hidden Camera Pranks [2014-07-29] [Herald Interview] Kim Nam-gil returns in perfectly tailored role [2014-08-01] Kim Nam Gil talks about actresses that he has worked with during his career [2014-08-05] Pirate’s life for Son Ye-jin [2014-08-05] Sharks & Pirates! Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin Reunite [2014-08-11] Laughter on the high seas [2014-08-23] “Pirates” Starring Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin Puts the Brake on “Roaring Currents” Winning Streak [2014-09-01] Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin to Keep “Hug and Drinks” Promise to Fans After “The Pirates” Reached 7 Million Viewers [2014-09-10] “Pirates” Starring Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil Hits 8 Million Viewer Mark [2014-11-22] Son Ye Jin Intrigues with Reply Regarding Question on Relationship Status [2016-12-07] Kim Nam-gil uses his fame for good [2018-12-13] Son Ye Jin And Kim Nam Gil In Talks For “The Pirates” Sequel [2019-04-10] Kim Nam Gil Turns Down “The Pirates” Sequel + Lotte Entertainment Responds To Halted Production Reports [2019-04-21] [Exclusive] Kim Nam-gil shines yet again as furious and comical priest in The Fiery Priest [2019-04-29] Kim Nam Gil - Why He Turned Down “The Pirates” Sequel [2020-04-23] Forbes Korea Names Top 40 Power Celebrities of 2020 (under construction) ***PICTORIALS*** Cine21 NO. 965 (2014-07-29 ~ 2014-08-05): [ 1 ] Magazine M vol. 73 (2014.7.25-7.31): [ 1 | 2 ] MAXMOVIE (August 2014): [ 1 | 2 ] O HUI Hydra Formula CF: [ 1 ] Fans’ Creations: [ 1 | 2 | ] Shark Fan Arts: [ ] ***VIDEO*** Subbed Clips: English [ ] | Chinese [ ] ‘O HUI Hydra Formula’ CF Version 1 | Version 2 BTS [ 1 | 2 ] KBS drama ‘Shark‘ Poster Shoot: [Ent Weekly 2013-05-23] | Press Conference: [Showbiz Korea 2013-05-28] | [Ent Weekly 2013-06-06] News: [StarNewsPlus 2013-05-24] BTS: [ BTS Playlist | ] bts MV: [ LimJungHee - PoisonLove | JungDongHa - SadStory ] Subbed FMV: [ [FMV] JungDongHa - SadStory | [FMV] NaYoonKwon - CountlessDays | [FMV] BoA - BetweenHeavenAndHell ] Movie ‘The Pirates’ News: [ [ShowbizKorea 2014-06-12] SYJ’s acting transformation | ] Poster Making: [MSteam 2014-07-09] (SYJ)] [2014-07-02] Press Conference: [Showbiz Korea 2014-07-22] | [2014-07-18] Showcase: [2014-07-18] Showcase at Lotte World [2014-09-03] ‘Hugs&Drinks Promise’ Fulfillment (7+ million views): [2014-09-03] ThankYou event at LotteCinema Magazine Photoshoots Cine21 NO. 965 (2014-07-29 ~ 2014-08-05): [ 1 ] MaxMovie August 2014: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ] Romance Rumors [ [Y-STAR 2003-10-29] | [ShowbizKorea 2013-11-13] (@0:35) ] ===UNDER CONSTRUCTION. 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